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"Ted X Diana for the win!"

I think we can see what's the most popular ship right now.

I'm just wondering where are all my Ted X Sucy people at? Did you guys have a ship war that I wasn't aware of, and all them died?

I wake up in my bed to the sounds of my alarm. Wiping the crust from my eyes, I get up, turning the device off. Beginning my morning routine, I make my bed, all the while slowly slipping out of sleepiness. It's minutes into this that I realize something. Today's the day of the parade.

Tonight Akko and the others are going to the town, hopefully giving the villagers a show. That is, of course, if she's up to it. The last time I saw her, Akko seemed anything but joyous. I hope that, like Lotte, she's allowed time to heal her metaphorically. It'd be a shame to see a friendship such as theirs ruined.

As I button up the uniform, sling my satchel on, and make my way to the door, I notice something. Poking out of the bottom of the door is a note. But what kind? Could it possibly be a letter of admiration?

Perhaps my role as the only male in this school is starting to take a toll on the female student body. Could it be from a girl unknown to me, or a close friend? Maybe my burn temperature wasn't the only thing that made Melisa hot and bothered. It might be from Lotte, or better yet...Diana?

With my curiosity only growing, I pick up the letter. I feel my face become a little warm as I read the name. It's from Akko!

I guess she wants to firmly grasp my Shiny Rod.

I read the note with haste, my whole world brought to a halt, as my full attention is directed at the paper. Akko's a bit too energetic and dull minded for my taste, but-

Oh wait, it's just a parade plan.

I feel my blush subside, thanking the gods and goddesses above that no one was around to see this embarrassing misunderstanding.

Still interested, I look over the note.

The paper is folded into four sections. On the side facing me, the words 'Happy Time Project!' are written in red marker. Looking on the back side, the words 'Prade Plan' are written in blue marker. I smirk at that. Looks like she spelled parade wrong, so Akko.

Around the words are crude drawings of all of us. There's one of Akko, Lotte, Sucy, Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka, and I, my head gone, but replaced with a huge nose, stretching from one side of the page to the other. How accurate.

Finally opening it up, I am met with four individual drawings, one for each square.

'Fireworks!' Is what's written on the first square, accompanied by a drawing of fireworks.

'Float!' Is written on the next box, followed by a picture of all of us laughing, as we sail through town on a parade float.

'Music!' Is what's next, a few music notes drawn all around the single word.

'Friends!' Is on the last box. It's accompanied by a picture of all of us, in a sort of group hug, smiling ear to ear.

Flipping it around once more, I notice something written on one of the boxes that was previously covered. It simply says 'Meet me at the school garage. Let's give the town a parade they'll never forget!'

I grin at this new news. Well, it looks like Akko has her groove back.

Putting the pamphlet into my satchel, I leave my dorm, walking towards Akko's suggested destination.

So, it looks like Akko, Lotte, and Sucy have hung up their differences to dry. But what about the other three? I haven't seen Jasminka show any signs of mutiny towards the project. But then again, we've hardly spoken to each other. It seems all that girl ever does is eat her fill and then some. But at least she's one of the nice ones.

Constanze seems to just go with whatever Amanda says or does. Same applies to Jasminka. Amanda seems to be the Akko of their group.

I don't know much about any of them. But then again, they have a reputation for being problem children, so that might be for the best.

As long as they don't rub off on me, they're fine-

"Yo bud, behind you!" A familiar voice calls.

Turning around, I see Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka walking up to me.

"You got the letter?" The redhead asks, holding up a copy of what was under my door.

"Yeah." I answer, taking my note out and showing her. "I guess she wants us to meet up in the school's garage. Is that where you were going?"

"Ya know it. I'm not going to leave this girl hanging, especially when she's so passionate about it."

"Being threatened with repeating the year also helps." I point out.

She gives an uneasy grin, saying

"That it does."

We begin walking down the halls together. After a few minutes of silence, Amanda asks

"So, did you ever find out what happened between those three?"

I nod, saying

"Yeah, it turns out Akko accidentally tore up a music sheet that's been in Lotte's family for a long time."

"That would be a tension starter." Amanda reasons.

"But after venting her grief to me, Lotte seemed better. She even said she'd join up with us once it gets dark."

"Is that why you bought that bear?" She asks.


She smirks at me, and with a little wink asks

"Oh, a little lady's man?"

"I was just helping a friend in need." I reply.

"Oh come on, don't be like that! This is the time for hormones to rise! Surely the thought of a manual stimulation must've crossed your mind once or twice? Hell, what do I know?! Maybe it was ten or more."

I glare at her, embarrassed that she would mention such a thing so casually with someone she barely knows.

"That's none of your business."

She shrugs, muttering


We enter another section of the building, the garage the Akko specified.

Looking over the railing, we see a very exhausted Akko on the ground level floor below us. She seems to be working on a crude, but big wooden skeleton of what looks like a parade float. She must've spent all night working on it!

Not yet noticing us, Akko casts a levitation spell, lifting up nearby boards of wood. Through exhausted grunts and groans, the wood floats over to the float, in an attempt to attach the boards onto the skeleton. Exhausted, Akko loses control, the boards falling to the ground with a loud thunk, pieces of the parade float also fall off.

Undeterred, Akko shakes off her failure, casting the spell once again, this time having to lift both the boards and the pieces of the parade skeleton.

Amanda shoots all three of us a look, while pulling out her wand. Understanding her gaze, we follow her league, pulling out our own wands. We point them at the parade float, Akko still struggling with her task. With the added help of our own magic, what was once a strenuous task for the lone witch, is now a simple group effort.

Confused, Akko looks around the room, wondering what could've made this time easier. Her gaze eventually finds her way to us.

"You're here..." Akko whispers, her eyes glistening with delight, lips curved upwards in a smile.

"Course we are!" Amanda responses, as all four of us walk down stairs to greet her.

As we reach ground level, Akko loses it, jumping at all of us in a tight hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Akko quickly cries out, her hold on us tightening with every thank you.

How can she even hold all four of us?

"No prob, after all, we're in this together." Amanda says.

"We're stuck with each other more than caramel." Jasminka adds.

"I told you I'd help, Akko." I say.

Constanze nods at all of our statements.

Amanda ends our embrace, grinning, while declaring

"Enough hugs, this float ain't gonna make itself!"

Akko's eyes widen as she remembers something.

"But where are Lotte and Sucy?" Akko asks.

"I talked to them yesterday. They said they'd join us once it got dark." I inform her.

"I hope Lotte's okay. I really didn't mean to tear it." Akko admit. She looks down at the floor with slight shame, before asking "Do you think she's still mad at me?"

"She was fine when I talked to her. Don't worry about it. Next time you see her, just apologize. I'm sure she'll forgive you. She already has."

"Hey you two!" I hear coming from Amanda.

Looking over at her, both Akko and I see her and the others already engaged in the construction of the float.

"Stop dragging your feet, and lend us a hand!" The redhead says, a grin on her face.

Akko and I exchange a friendly nod, before joining them in our shared endeavors.

"Do you really think that'll work?" I ask Akko.

"How else are we going to use magic during the parade? If we can take magic from The Sorcerer's Stone, and store it into The Shiny Rod, just think of all the cool effects we could do!"

"It just seems like a long shot." I admit.

"I won't know unless I try." She responds.

"I'm with Akko." Amanda says. "We can't do the parade without magic. Besides, what else do we have to lose?"

"It could work." Jasminka points out.

Constanze nods at this.

Seeing as I'm outnumbered here, I give in to Akko's theory.

"Alright fine. But how are we going to get to The Sorcerer's Stone?"

"Someone could just fly me up there." Akko suggests.

"Who?" I ask.

"Well, since you can't fly, I'll go with Amanda." Akko answers.

The other three witches flash me expressions of confusion, while Amanda asks me

"You can't fly? Jeez, I thought you were supposed to be a top notch student, or something."

With all eyes on me, I rub the back of my head, slightly nervous.

"Well, I started the school year not being able to fly, yes. But I learned a few months ago...from a friend."

"Sweet." Amanda says, a grin spreading on her face. "I've always loved a good broom ride. Clears the head, ya know-"

"Whaaat?!" Akko spontaneously questions, shoving her face close to mine. "You absolutely need to teach me! Please, I'm begging you! Everyone here has been flying since they were kids! But you get what I'm going through, right?! Please, show me your ways!"

"Yeah, okay, relax Akko. I'll teach you later." I say, gently pushing her away so as I can see something else besides the desperation in her eyes.

"Tomorrow, when the parade is over!" Akko urges.

"Okay, I'll try to teach you tomorrow."

"Do you promise?"


"Pinkie promise?"

"Yes." I respond, my patience beginning to grow thin.

Unaffected, Akko holds out her pinkie, a big goofy smile on her face, excitement bursting at the seams.

A sigh later, I lift up my pinkie as well. We lock fingers, completing the ritual.

"Cross my heart, and hope to die." She says, smile never leaving.

"I don't want to die."

"Say it!" She impatiently shouts.

"Uh fine. Cross my heart, and hope to die."

"Great!" Akko beams, satisfied with my forced commitment.

"So, are we going to do this thing, or what?" Amanda asks, looking back at Akko.

"Oh yeah, right!" She responds, getting up from her seat, as Amanda followers her outside.

"And what are we supposed to do?" I ask.

"Just sit tight till we get back!" Akko replies, both her and Amanda out of sight.

I glance back at the two remaining witches. Constanze has taken out bits of tech from her pocket, and proceeds to work on them. Perhaps a new project? Jasminka does what it seems she always does, eating from a bag of chips, the mechanical grease from her hands not affecting her snacking. It seems like the both of them are off in their own world, while I am left alone.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly a talk machine myself, but normally it isn't verbally quiet. Normally Akko and her conversations with the others provide excellent background noise. But she's not here right now, nor Amanda. It's just us three students, who are notorious for our lack of communication.

As much as I beg for peace and quiet when Akko's on max volume, this silence feels off. Constanze is definitely not going to break it, and I doubt Jasminka can speak when she continuously shoves snacks down her throat. If anyone were to end this shared silence, it would be me. Besides, I was just wondering earlier about these two characters. This is the time to satisfy my inquiry.

"So, how have you two been?" I ask.

The munching of chips stops.

"Oh, I've been fine." Jasminka responds. "The parade is so close. I'm excited."

Constanze gives a simple nod, her eyes never leaving her work. I guess she's doing fine as well.

"What are you looking forward to, Jasminka?"

"All the candy!" She responds gleefully, tiny bits of chewed chips flying out of her mouth.

"And you Constanze?" I ask.

She finally looks up, pointing one of her gloved fingers at the parade float.

It takes me a few seconds to realize what she means.

"Oh, you're excited to try out the parade float, aren't you?"

She nods, returning back to her work.

Well, this is about what I expected. Me asking something, them giving a brief answer, then returning back to their work.

Jasminka at least gave a verbal response, even if it was muffled by chewed food and her own natural quietness. Constanze just nods. That's it, a nod, a head shake, a muted grunt if I'm lucky.

All three of us get along fairly well, but don't expect us to lead any minor conversations or small talk. We end up tripping on each other.

I guess there's nothing left to do, but sit here with my thoughts until-

"Ah, there you are Theodore." I hear from a familiar voice.

There's only two girls I know who call me by my real name, and this one is too posh to be the other.

I turn around, facing whom I consider to be my best friend at this school.

"Hey Diana, were you looking for me?" I ask.

The witch walks in, taking a seat next to me, Constanze and Jasminka not minding in the slightest. I guess it's only Akko that holds contempt for her.

"Yes, I was." Diana says. "With the parade beginning in only a few hours, I wanted to inspect your progress. It seems as though Akko has shifted the parade to meet her own self righteous goals."

"I wouldn't put it exactly like that." I respond. "A show of lights and sounds is definitely preferable to how it once was, wouldn't you agree?"

"Although I detest the past parades, that doesn't mean I'm content with Akko's childish idea. I'm against the entire parade to begin with. The history of witch oppression is absolutely humiliating. I've considered many times about appealing directly to the headmaster to have it taken out of the school's regulation."

A brief period of silence follows before she asks

"What do you think about this? Do Akko's ideas align with your own?"

"I'm not sure." I admit. "I'm only helping them out since they're friends. If it were anyone else, I would've said no. I agree with you completely, the oppression of witches and wizards was a horrible time, my family knows that from experience. But, as I thought about it more, I believe that Akko's parade could actually be beneficial. If we can pull off this parade correctly, it's definitely a step in the right direction."

She scoffs, before saying

"Sometimes I wonder who's side you're on."

I turn to Diana, and without thinking, ask

"Diana, can we talk outside, in private?"

Constanze and Jasminka both shoot each other confused stares, before returning to listening in on the conversation.

Diana looks back at me, her brow furrowed in confusion.

After a moment of thought, she nods, standing up as I join her outside, out of earshot of the other witches.

"So Theodore, what's on your mind?" Diana asks.

"I just wanted to say thank you."

She furrows her brows once again.

"Whatever for?" She asks.

"For everything. Thank you for saving my life, not once, but twice."

Diana lets out a light and little laugh, asking

"Oh Theodore, are you referring to the dragon incident? It was simply my duty to evacuate the students safely."

No, she's done so much more, much more than she realizes.

"That's not all. When we stumbled on each other in the woods after the whole Mendacius incident, we were nothing more to each other than acquaintances, people who just acted friendly towards each other. In that moment, I wasn't very stable, both emotionally and physically. I was in a dire state of mind..." Slightly embarrassed at admitting this, I drift my eyes towards their ground. "I'm not sure what I would've done if someone I barely know emerged from the woods covered in blood and lashes. Scream and run away? Perhaps. But comfort them? That's something only a great friend can do."

"Theodore please, you're beginning to make me blush..."

Looking up, I see that her face does indeed have a slight red tint to it.

I guess she's not used to this, to real affection, not the obviously fake praises that Hannah and Barbara dish out. But honestly, can I stop now? There's still so much left to thank her for.

"Even when you were ill informed on the matter, you still helped me through. Although I wasn't exactly in my right mind, I remember you helping me prepare the potion for Lotte's dad's resurrection, even when you frowned upon necromancy. Whether it was emotional therapy or simple study help, you've always been there for me. I've never thanked you for that, for any of it. So, thank you very much Diana."

She smiles at me affectionately, saying warmly

"Well then, you're very welcome. I'm glad I've had such a positive impact on you."

Silence falls onto us. However, this is not the same silence that Constanze, Jasminka, and I shared. This is a silence that only those who don't need words to know what one another are thinking can share.

We both gaze at each other, smiling, enjoying one another's company.

Without warning, Diana gently grabs hold of my hand, the one with the cast.

My face turns a little red by her unexpected and forward attitude. She's not holding it like one would do when lovers go on a walk, but is instead studying the bandages themselves. My heart beat increases, as I begin to grow anxious. She has never held my hand before, I don't think any girl who wasn't my mom has. Diana has hugged me before, sure. But this outward affection, a face of Diana unknown by most of the students and staff, is something that has been presented to me time and time again. It's definitely a true rarity to see this side of her.

She continues to look it over, her compassionate curiosity accompanied by a light smile.

With her free hand, she reaches into her satchel, pulling out a black marker.

She uncaps the pen with her mouth, and writes in her perfect penmanship 'Diana'.

I stare at the new decoration on, until I look back at her in question.

After a moment of thought, she returns her marker to my cast, writing something else.

Only when she removes her marker, am I able to make out her new changes.

The dot on the 'i' in her name has been replaced by a heart.

I turn my gaze to her now, as she lets go of my hand, returning her marker to her satchel.

Diana returns to her smiling state as if nothing happened, and says

"I've considered it, and I will be viewing the parade."

I look at her signature on my hand, then back to her. Whatever just happened here, it was definitely a moment that Diana just doesn't share with just anyone.

These past few days have surely been a flurry of emotions. First the feeling of anger caused by those kids at the market, then an unplanned experience of sentimentalism with Lotte, and now this unknown warmness that I'm experiencing at this very moment. Hell, and this was just during the parade's preparation. Who knows what tonight will hold?

"That's great, I hope to see you there." I respond.

Diana looks back at my arm, asking

"So, when is it that you get your cast and bandages off?"

"I had a checkup with nurse PagetDaPanda a few days ago. She said I could take them off at anytime, I just haven't gotten around to it yet."

Diana's smile widens.

"Well, that's just marvelous. It pains me to see them, even when my name is inscribed."

"I'm not much of a fan either-"

"Yeah, we got it!" I hear someone yell from above.

Looking up, we both see the silhouette of two people flying away from The Sorcerer's Stone tower on a broom. Well it doesn't take a genius to guess who that is.

Diana also recognizes the voice.

"Well Theodore, I believe that's my cue to depart. Unless of course you want all these positive emotions replaced with drama." She jokes, grinning at me.

"No, it's fine. I'll look forward to seeing you at the parade." I say, returning her grin.

"Till we meet again." Diana says, before turning around and leaving before a certain someone ruins this happy time.

Lights, people, tents, sounds, and smells run amuck.

As we all stand in the float, in the middle of town, an entire festival appears to be taking place. The vendor's booths that once dominated the town square are now replaced by giant tents. While the selling of items remains the same, the items themselves have changed. Flowers have been replaced by festival food, fireworks have taken the place of furniture, and beds have been replaced by balloons.

The whole town square is lit up by small decorative flags and Christmas lights strung up on wire, connected to streetlights and temporary festive torches, reminding us all that tomorrow is the start of winter break.

Street performers, men in costumes, and eager tourists swarm the square like ants. There's even a rumor that the mayor himself is here.

As people walk by, they cast an occasional glance at our float before moving on to something more exciting.

"Okay, done." Amanda sighs out, having finally finished the final installments on the float.

Constanze, manning the helm of the ship shaped..., pulls a lever in response. A giant wooden claw mechanically folds out, stretching towards the night sky. In it lies The Shiny Rod, filled with The Sorcerer's Stone's energy.

"Whoa..." Akko mutters, mouth wide, impressed by her own idea coming to life.

"Well Akko, give it a shot." Amanda suggests, smirking at it as well.

"Okay." She enthusiastically replies.

Pulling out her wand, Akko casts a yellow colored spell on nearby wooden brooms. As if taking on a life of their own, the five brooms on each side of the ship stand straight up, like soldiers ready for further command.

"It worked!" Akko happily confirms.

"Yeah, maybe it can work the way we planned it." Amanda ponders. "Your idea of letting Shiny Rod absorbing magical energy and using it in town seems to be working."

"Akko, that was really smart." Jasminka compliments.

"You can be pretty resourceful when it matters." I add.

"Yeah?" Akko asks, face pink from embarrassment at our praises.

"Here, have this." Jasminka offers, holding out her reward, a single chip from her family sized bag.

"Oh, thank you." Akko says in a slightly surprised tone, taking the gift.

"Hey, at least we don't have to worry about running out of power anymore." Amanda says, before waving at the silly little short fellow still positioned at the helm.

"Constanze!" The redhead calls.

The girls whose full name I still can't pronounce pulls the wheel into its proper position, before taking out her wand, and putting it in a hole. As if by magic, multiple wooden rods slide out of the wheel, allowing proper gripping when controlling this giant monster.

"Let the party begin!" Amanda eagerly shouts. "Let's go, Constanze!"

"Wait a minute!" Akko objects. "Lotte and Sucy aren't here yet."

"Lotte and Sucy?" Amanda asks, as if forgetting about those two's participation.

"They said they'd be here after dark." I remind her.

It's strange though. It is after dark and yet they haven't appeared.

"It's way past the time when we were supposed to meet." Jasminka points out.

"We can't really wait forever." Amanda adds.

Akko impatiently fidgets in place, before asking

"What if those boys come back?"

Amanda snorts at this, saying

"Nah, I've been in my fair share of fights. After Ted humiliated that big guy, I don't think we'll have to worry about them anymore."

"Like taking out the alpha of a wolf pact." I comment.

"Fine, we'll wait for a little bit. But, if those two are a no show, there's no point in waiting. Hey Ted, you said Lotte and Sucy will come at dark, right?" Amanda asks.

I nod to her question.

With that, everyone goes about their own thing. Constanze pulls out one of her electronics, playing with that, while Jasminka continues eating her chips. Amanda sits on the edge of the ship, her feet dangling over the side, and Akko continues to pace around, anxiously waiting for her two friends.

Finding my own way of passing the time, I pull out 'The Brink of Salvation'. As I opened it up, ready to ingest my daily bread of knowledge, I hear Amanda call out.

"Hey bud!"

Turning to her, I see her patting the edge of the float next to her.

"Come on, pop a squat right here." Amanda requests.

I put my book back, sitting down next to her.

Amanda looks me over, before asking with a grin

"So, how are you doin'?"

"I'm fine. How are you?"

Her grin grows into a smirk.

"Any Luna Nova ladies stealing your heart yet?" She asks, not answering my previous question.

The thought of my engagement with Diana flashes through my head. The hand holding, the smiles, and of course her signature.

"Nah, I don't think so." I say.

Amanda chuckles, pointing at my arm.

"Well, that's not what your cast says."

I hold up my arm, looking at the cast in question. The heart is definitely a brow raiser.

"Diana Cavendish..." Amanda ponders. "Who would've thought she was such a charmer?"

"She just signed my cast." I respond defensively.

"Just signed your cast? Bah, yeah right! A girl doesn't sign something with a heart unless you make her moist."

"Please, don't talk like that." I request.

"Just make sure Akko doesn't see that thing. We have enough room for problems without her screeching at you over your little forbidden love."

A brief pause floats through the air.

"So, how's your elbow? You really jammed it hard into that dude's face yesterday." She asks.

This again?

"It's fine, and I hope that kid isn't."

"Look out, we've got a badass here." Amanda jokes, raising her trembling hands as if to surrender.

I don't respond. Instead preferring to watch people as they walk by.

"Look man, you really laid into that kid. I'm sure your elbow of doom knocked a few teeth loose. Trust me, I know what it's like to take a hard one to the face." She jokes, winking at me.

At least she's joking about it.

"I have no regrets for my actions." I reply coldly, still staring off into the crowd.

Amanda frowns, sensing that comedy isn't really my thing and instead attempts seriousness.

"Look, I really don't care who you scrap with, just don't do it around me, okay? I don't want to be involved in that stuff."

When she first brought this subject up, I half expected her to let loose and yell like yesterday. This is a welcomed alternative. At least the air between us has now been cleared. Besides, why would I let those five unnamed and unwanted kids make me an enemy out of Amanda.

"Fair enough." I say, now looking back at her.

"Good." Amanda replies, her smile returning.

She digs into her satchel, pulling out a small green package labeled 'Kool'. I might not be a native born English speaker, but I'm pretty sure it's spelled with a 'C', not a 'K'.

To my surprise, Amanda pulls from the package a small white cylinder. Only when she puts it to her lips, do I know full well what's in her possession.

"Is that a cigarette?" I curiously ask, pointing at the object.

"Yeah." Amanda casually responds, lighting it. "Why? You wanna puff?"

She holds it out to me.

"Aren't you worried about getting caught?" I inquire her.

"Constanze and Jas already know about my guilty hobby, and as you can tell, they aren't exactly loudmouths."

She shrugs, saying

"Besides, we're almost adults. I can just say I'm eighteen."

Still a little hesitant, I say

"I'm sure this isn't new news to you, but smoking's bad for you."

"Being a wimp's even worse." She counters, still holding out her offering.

Peer pressure and my own curiosity getting the better of me, I accept, taking hold of the burning paper tube.

I eye the cigarette, the smoke flailing out, and disappearing into the nighttime air.

I push the cylinder between my lips, and take a drag.

My mouth begins to numb as the smoke takes full effect, clearing out my nostrils. This must be a menthol.

Once satisfied, I inhale, the smoke passing through my throat, into my lungs, then back out my mouth.

That was surprisingly smooth. I expected a bit of a coughing fit.

Confused, I look back at Amanda, hoping that she has some kind of answer to this anomaly.

It's a menthol, I definitely should've been hacking out a lung or two.

She thinks for a bit, before bursting out in laughter.

"Well no wonder! You've been hangin' around Sucy for too long. You're used to toxic chemicals!"

That's slightly worrying.

Amanda takes her cigarette back, taking another puff.

"Coming, not coming, coming, not coming..." I hear Akko repeat over and over.

Both of us turning to her, we see Akko holding a broom, ripping out a piece of straw, before saying her mantra, and repeating her actions, mimicking the 'He loves me, he loves me not' trope.

Ripping out each individual bristle on that broom? That's definitely going to take some time.

Amanda looks back at me, saying

"Well man, let's just hope those two get here soon. I'm tired of waiting."

"I'm sure they'll be here soon. I doubt Lotte is the one to lie."

"Yeah, yeah..." Amanda mutters, beginning to grow impatient.

She takes another drag.

"Why don't you pester Constanze for a bit? I like to deep think when I smoke." Amanda requests.

Understanding her plight, I nod, standing up.

Who doesn't love a good thought experiment?

I make my way to the silly little short fellow, walking up the steps to the helm of the ship.

I see her engaged in a videogame of some kind. It's like that old arcade starship game with the asteroids, but the ship itself is replaced by a witch. She seems to be really into it.

I walk up behind her.

"So, how's that game going?" I ask.

Without turning around, she gives me a quick thumbs up, before returning to her game.

Next to her is another control, one that's not plugged in and is currently idle.

So my options for passing the time are contracting second hand smoke from Amanda, playing a game with Constanze, trying to talk to Akko in her current panicked state, or listening to the sounds of Jasminka eating. Yeah, I think we have a clear winner.

"Mind if I join?" I ask, sitting down next to her.

Constanze looks at me, slightly surprised that I'd want to join her. Whether it's the idea of friendship, competition, or just her wanting me to shut up, she leaves her current game, before plugging in the new controller, and handing it to me. I'll take that as a yes.

As she starts up a new game, I eye in the corner her top score for this game, 146500. Yikes.

The game starts up, and immediately we're met with an obstacle. In front of our two characters, flying witches on brooms, a giant eye hovers in front of us. It throws two fireballs at the both of us. Constanze dodges her's, while my unfamiliarity of this game causes me to take the attack. My health bar drops from five to four.

So I guess the goal of this game is survival. To try to outlast your teammate in this one-sided game of dodgeball. Alright, challenge accepted.

Both of our characters buzz around the screen like gnats, bobbing and weaving our way through an endless map, trying not to get struck down by the eye's projectiles.

As if we entered a new level of difficulty, our opponent begins catapulting fireballs towards us at an alarming rate.

Constanze's character takes a dive to avoid one, but ends up slamming into another, all the while my character gets assaulted by two. Constanze's health has been dropped by one, while mine is now at two hearts.

Another volley of fire later, and our health is now even, both of us at one heart.

As the next level comes along, we grip our controllers in determination, both of us eager to wear down the other.

The eye appears once again, flinging fireballs in our direction. After my past experiments of trial and error, I've gotten fairly good at this game, as I dodge the attacks with almost as much agility as Constanze herself.

However, it doesn't matter, as I end up losing a few seconds later.

Constanze shoots me a little victorious smirk, something I've never quite seen before.

"Come on, best two out of three." I request.

As she goes to push the restart button, the whole ship sudden shifts to the left. As both of us lose our balance, Constanze grabs hold of the wheel, accidentally pressing a few buttons.

Pink fireworks blast out of a couple cannons, attracting the attention of the nearby celebrants.

"What are you doing?!" Amanda barks at Akko.

What did that girl do this time?

"What's going on?" One of the onlookers asks.

"Is the witch parade starting?" Another questions.

"Well, now we can't stall any longer." Amanda declares. "Come on let's go!"

We all quickly scramble, gathering up all the brooms into their previous positions, while Constanze takes her position at the wheel. I take my own position by the cannons, ready to rearm them with fireworks once the time comes, while Amanda stands in the center of the brooms, prepared to lead her wooden dance unit. Akko quickly puts on her witch hat, happily declaring to the audience

"Okay, it's starting, Luna Nova's witch parade! So let's all have a happy time!"

Akko readies her wand, declaring

"Flara Bina!"

Compartments on the sides of the ship that would normally house cannons open up. However, speakers are in their place, as they blare out a musical tune that I hear Akko humming often. The brooms burst into life, taking on the form of crude straw dolls. The ship rises like a hot air balloon, giving the illusion of seafaring on the sidewalk. This modern marvel of a parade float is emphasized by stage lights, making our ship highlighted in this huge festival.

"Here we go!" Akko declares.

The platform that Amanda stands on is elevated to great heights, the stages lights making her very obvious to the crowd. In rhythm to the music, Amanda begins dancing and flipping around through the air with great skill. Seriously, if she used half of this effort into her school work, she'd be on par with Diana and beyond.

The ships begins to slowly cruise through the road, fireworks exploding out of the cannons, the crowd loving every second of it.

"Wow, look up there!" I hear someone cry in reference to Amanda.

Another roar of fireworks later, and I load in the next shots, all the while Jasminka throws candy at the crowd. As Akko stated, this is truly a happy time.

However, even as we drift through town, the adoring shrieks of the crowd following, I can't help but feel like something's missing. Where's Diana?

While I'm sure she would've go back on her word, especially after that moment we shared, it still makes me wonder. No, she's here, her image is probably just lost in this endless sea of faces and cries.

Without time to think about this more, I busy myself, loading in another volley of fireworks, ready and waiting for whenever they may be needed. Amanda continues to dance, Jasminka continues to hand out treats, while the crowd continues to enjoy.

Our happy time is abruptly ended as screams begin to arise from the audience, not screams of delight, but screams of terror.

Like a record player being interrupted, our parade is grindes to a jolting halt.

"What's going on?" Amanda alarming shouts, flying down from her high rise.

We all turn our gaze towards the source of all the sudden chaos, spotting the statue that was once the tomato battleground from yesterday. The giant curved stones that once pointed at the sky, are now clenched in the shape of a fist, the wrist of the thing also visible. The whole things is surrounded by a red aura that reeks of dark magic.

"That's a..." Akko begins.

"It's a titan!" I hear someone declare.

Looking in the direction of the sound, I see Diana levitating stationary on a broom next to us.

"Huh?! Diana?!" Akko questions, equally confused by this situation.

"The titan The Great Witch Jennifer contained, resurrected because of Shiny Rod's energy!" Diana informs us.

Jennifer again? Why can't she just leave me alone?

"What?! A titan?!" Akko yells, her confusion replaced with fear.

The red aura begins to move away from the statue like snakes, and begins to embed itself in every inanimate object. Fire hydrants, the mayor's statue, telephone poles, cars, and even things like drumsticks and tea cups take on a life of their own. While some objects begin to attack the nearby people, others just parade through the streets. Multiple people already have their phones out, documenting this whole thing unfolding.

"What's going on here?" Someone asks.

"Something's not right." Another proclaims.

Yeah, that's a given. I can only wonder what this could mean. An old stone circle, dedicated to Jennifer the Witch, revealing its true nature as a titan after it was brought back by The Shiny Rod's energy, now giving life to consumer goods, and attacking people in the streets. I never would've believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

"You're attention!" I hear from another familiar voice from above.

As everyone, townsperson and witch included, looks up, we see a tiny image of Ms. Ursula on her broom, a conjurated pink megaphone allowing her voice to be heard.

"The legendary titan has been resurrected, the whole town is in danger because of black magic! But everything is going to be fine, the witches are going to protect us!"

"Oh, it was all apart of the parade as well." Someone in the crowd claims.

"It's just a show?" A female onlooker asks.

Let's hope that we can wrap this whole thing up before the townspeople wise up. It'll be just another reason for them to dislike us.

Ms. Ursula flies over to our parade float, whispering to Constanze and Jasminka

"Hey, I need you two to help me set the mood."

Constanze turns on the music speakers from before, as Jasminka points the stage lights at the stone hand.

The hand opens up, firing the same magic from before. The red tentacle like magic begins to fly in our direction.

"Oh no! If the titan gets The Shiny Rod, then it's all over!" Ms. Ursula informs us over her megaphone.

Although I would enjoy a more active role on her part, at least she's keeping us in the loop. So it's just a game of keep away?

The tentacles close the distance, slamming into the ship, and wrapping its appendages around the sides, like The Kraken.

Akko, holding The Shiny Rod, begins to freak out, running into me as I'm the closest to her.

"Ahhh! Quick, get us out of here!"

I grab one of the brooms previously used for the dancing. As I get myself onto it, Akko impatiently jumps onto my back like a frightened child, and it's not hard to see why.

The tentacles are now on the deck itself, slithering their way towards us.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry!" She urges me.

With Akko screaming in my ear, we both take off into the air, narrowly escaping their grasp.

The tentacles continue to follow us, cutting through the sky in an attempt to firmly grasp The Shiny Rod.

The flight itself is a slight strain on me, which is no surprise considering I haven't flown much, nor have I flown anyone besides Bruno. How much did he weight? Well, he was a dog, and thus weighed as much. I'm sure Akko weighs more than a dog.

"How much do you weigh?" I ask her.

"Are you calling me fat!?" She demands, my accidental insult making her forget about the impending danger at hand.

Do we really have time for arguments at a time like this?

"No, I'm-"

"You're calling me fat, aren't you?!" She screams, angrily swinging from side to side.

All of her commotion causes me lose control.

We both fall, the broom tumbling too far out of reach, falling closer and closer to the ground until my descent is suddenly halted.

"Just hold onto my hand." I hear.

Looking up, I see Diana, our hands locked, her hair blowing in the wind, as we continue to fly across the sky.

Still concerned about the safety of my previous passenger, I spot Akko continuing to fall, meer moments from being in the titan's hand's grasp, until someone new flies by, catching Akko in the nick of time. Even at such a great distance, I can tell clearly who Akko's savior is. It's Sucy!

So, it looks like she's finally made it. But what about Lotte? I don't see her anywhere.

With Akko now safe, I turn my attention back to Diana.

"Well, looks like you've saved me once again. Thank you Diana." I say, smiling at her.

"No problem, I wasn't about to let you fall to your death. You're too special to me." She replies.

"And if I wasn't?" I joke, as she pulls me up onto her broom.

I wrap my arms around Diana, holding onto her, as we continue to fly. Well this is nice.

Whatever the reunion between Akko and Sucy was like, it ends with her losing her grip on The Shiny Rod. As if falls, a group of creatures wait below to grab it.

Not wasting a moment, Diana quickly flies us by, me catching the rod before the creatures could.

"Nice catch." Diana complements me.

Now that the rod is in our possession, the dark magical tentacles from before now focus their attention onto us.

"Hold tight!" Diana orders.

We soar through the sky, the tentacles gaining on us quickly.

One comes at us from the left, and Diana responds by throwing us to the right. Another comes from above, and we plunge down, barely avoiding our heads from being swiped. Damn, that was a close one. If it weren't for the fact that Diana is piloting, that would've given me a scare.

"Hey Ted, pass it!" I hear Amanda, riding her broom next to us, demands.

I throw it at her. She catches it, flying with skill as the tentacles now target her.

Diana flies us to the outer side of the square, a safe place to watch this whole thing unfold.

"Close your eyes, old earth." An almost angelic voice utters from the sky.

Who could be singing such beauty in this destructive setting?

The whole square is brought to a dead calm, as everyone and everything turns their undivided attention to the singing witch on the broom, to Lotte.

"Rains down flowers, pretty and white. Passing down peace with the tenderest look. Mother's kindness moves our soul. Softly it will move. Softly it will move."

As Lotte concludes her sonata, she raises her wand in the air, casting a blue spell that lightly flashes through the possessed things. The animated inanimate objects, begin to lose control, falling over as if struck dead. Individual blue spirits appear out of the objects before slowing burning away. All is now quiet.

"Lotte!" I hear Akko cry out, running over to the Finn as she lands.

"Akko!" She responds.

"Lotte!" Akko repeats, the two meeting up in the middle of the square.

"I'm sorry, I know I'm really late." Lotte politely apologizes.

Akko becomes timid, rubbing her thumbs together, while staring at the ground in shame.

" know what, uh I..."

"It took time to make it by hand, huh?" Sucy asks, joining her two dorm mates.

"Make it by hand?" Akko confusingly asks.

Lotte pulls out a mock Shiny Chariot hat, the materials looking very familiar. What a that the bear I gave her?! Is that what she meant when she said she 'already knows what to do with it.'?

Lotte puts the handmade hat onto Akko's head, saying

"I know the reason why you wanted to become a witch. It was because you saw Shiny Chariot's magic, and she cast a spell on you when you were little, right? That's why I think you should have this-"

Akko bursts out crying, blubbering like a baby, and embracing Lotte in a tight hug.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I was only thinking about myself, I never thought about your feelings!"

She continues to cry on her shoulder.

"There there." Lotte says in a comforting voice, lightly returning her hug. "But because of that, you can do some stuff that I could never do. You don't look back, and you have unwavering determination. It's what makes you you."

Sucy joins in, gently grabbing Akko by the shoulder, smiling all the while. Akko responds by slinging one of her arms around her, now hugging both of them.

Touched by this moment, Jasminka grabs her two dorm mates in a bear hug, much to their shock.

I look over at Diana, or I guess the only part I can see, being her back and blonde hair. I wonder if she wants to hug? I guess I practically am right now, holding onto her for safety, and all.

Amidst all this love and happiness, the ground begins to shake and crack. I'm glad I'm up here.

"What's happening?!" Someone questions.

"What was that?!" Another adds.

"W-what is it this time?" Akko stutters out, wiping away her fresh tears.

The ground completely explodes, chunks of cement and parade procurements flying everywhere. From this newly created hole emerges another hand, this one being completely skeletal as compared to the stone fist from before. Both hands grab at the ground, the owner

The sidewalk debris, as well as chairs, cars, tables, and many other items levitate to the creature, morphing into a layer of protection, effectively making it an armored titan.

It emanates a threatening roar, like a lion warning a trespasser on his territory.

"Ahhh! The increasingly horrifying titan has completely awakened!" I hear from Ms. Ursula, returning to her magically conjurated megaphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please step back and enjoy from a safe distance!"

Taking initiative, Diana casts a yellow transparent curtain of magic between the crowd and the titan.

"Now the town's fate is in the hands of the three witches! Join hands, and defeat the wrath of the titan!"

Does she meet Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka? I don't think those three are qualified for such a task.

"What?! She's leaving it all to us?!" Akko questions.

Oh, she means Akko and her gang.

I wish I was there with them. It just feels wrong sitting here with my hands folded, while others risk themselves. Damn, I hate being a minor character in my own story. But how are they going to defeat that thing?

"Luna Lana!" Ms. Ursula bellows from her megaphone. "The spell that generates great power when the witch's souls are in complete harmony! That's Luna Lana!"

Oh yeah, that spell that Diana and Ms. Finnalin used to defeat that mushroom monster from class. That would do it.

Akko, Lotte, and Sucy hold their wands together, saying with passion

"Ein Ein Sof! Ein Sof Ohr! Luna Lana!"

Red, purple, and green magic collectively burst out of their wands, wrapping around the titan like rope.

It struggles to break free, its own black magic beginning to overwhelm the witches. A thick, oil like magic covers the witch's beautiful colors, growing until it almost consumes the three.

The townspeople erupt in cheers, chanting, yelling, and screaming their words of encouragement at their last hopes. Amanda and Jasminka join in, while Constanze blows on a trumpet.

"Believing is your magic!" I cry out, adding to the already overwhelming amount of good wishes being sent their way.

"Hang in there, girls!" Diana shouts, before covering her mouth, embarrassed by her own outburst.

"Oh no, the witch's seem to be in trouble!" Ms. Ursula communicates on her magical megaphone. "Please, lend them a hand, you need to be united together to believe in them!"

As if the very utterance of encouragement is a magic in and of itself, blue wisps of magic begin to emerge from the cheering crowd, adding themselves into the witchs' wands, giving their magical energy more power.

The black magic begins to lose ground, as it's forced back, the two opposing side's magic meeting in the middle. A huge ball of pure white magic holds the tide of evil. Even with this newly acquired victory, the cheers don't stop.

Through sheer muscle mass, the titan breaks free from this magical stalemate, raising one of its giant fists, punching the ball.

It explodes, the blinding light causing everyone to avert their eyes, or risk certain damage. I hide my face behind Diana, while she covers hers with a hand.

"Macmur Micmur Mactoral!" I hear from the fading light.

All three are wearing white witch outfits now, floating in the air, probably an effect of direct contact with the magical explosion.

"Come out, the bow of light!"

As Akko calls this out, a giant crossbow is summoned, Sucy and Lotte at each end of the bow stave, while Akko holds the trigger, the look of determination pounded into every crack and wrinkle of their faces. They're going to end this now.

"Shiny Ballista!" Akko begins.

The titan holds up the fist once more, readying another punch, screaming all the while.


They fire. The hallowed bolt thunders through the air. As it is about to make contact with the fist, it changes directions, wrapping around the arm, before impaling it in the heart.

Gray smoke escapes from the creature, as the evil energy is burned out. Crippled and defeated, it falls, lightly crashing on the ground, a thumb in its mouth. Is it sleeping?

Either way, the titan is defeated, and people cheer like mad. They bellow, and cry, overwhelming relief flooding their very being, the only comparison being Trump's presidential inauguration.

"We did it!" Akko proudly yells.

With the cheers now directed at the parade's end, and not as a tool of encouragement, the advanced magic the three have found themselves using becomes underfunded, canceling their levitation.

Before they have time to fall for even a second, they get caught by the others on their brooms, Jasminka by Lotte, Akko by Amanda, and Sucy by Constanze. Amanda coolly catches The Shiny Rod, not even taking her eyes off of Akko.

Diana lets out a sigh of relief, happy that all this madness is finally over.

Despite myself not having a direct hand in the titan's takedown, I can't help but feel a surge of pride for probably the wrong reason. Not pride in the titan's defeat, but the fact that it took a ballista to knock it down. A ballista! Of course it was a Roman weapon that saved the day!

The three sets of witches fly by the crowd, cheers accompanying their every move.

"Thank you! Thanks so much!" Akko replies.

With a sudden huff, Diana flies us over to the six witches.

"Akko! I have never seen such disgraceful magic." Diana replies scoldingly, before continuing with a softer, but still upset tone. "You created a more advanced spell than I did, and yet you ruined it."

We fly off, before Akko can formulate a proper responds.

"Did I detect a ting of jealousy?" I joke.

If I can see her face, I imagined she just rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, what on Earth do I have to be jealous of?"

Akko and the others land, the crowd surrounding them, clapping, whistling, and shouting compliments.

"What do you say? Would you girls be up for an encore?" Akko jokingly asks, waving at the fans.

Huh, all this admiration, all this love and respect for us, for witches. Whether they still believe that we just performed an elaborate parade for their entertainment, or know that we just saved their life, property, and family matters little. The cheers are still real, still full of life and good wishes onto us, something that I would've never expected. Maybe, just maybe, the town is finally starting to warm up to us.

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