Seven months later

'Thank you all so much for the gifts, they're beautiful and very thoughtful.' Mary Margaret smiles at everyone, David sitting beside her with his arm around her. Killian watches them both touch her stomach every so often, grinning at each other when they feel the baby kick.

'It's a good thing you exchanged the stuff I bought at Toys R Us.' Emma whispers to him from her perch on his lap. David and Mary Margaret are still at their loft apartment and between the moving boxes for their new home, the gifts for the new baby and all the guests for the shower, there wasn't much space left in the small apartment.

'The baby hasn't even been born yet, a chemistry set for 8 year olds wasn't exactly the best gift.' Killian teases quietly, his hand sitting comfortably on her hip.

'I've never even held a baby, how would I know what to buy for one?' Emma replies, a smile on her lips before she considers her words. She dips her head and he moves his hand to caress her arm, seeing sadness cloud her expression as she thinks of the baby she gave up all those years ago. It's not the time or place to have a serious conversation and he tries to comfort her as much as he can in the presence of a happy, expecting couple and all their friends.

The four of them had kept in contact, catching up through email every so often. They hadn't become fast friends or anything but after David and Margaret offered their home to them when they were strangers it was nice to touch base with the friendly couple. Gold's trial had only finished last week and it had been nice to get out of the city after a stressful time in court for both of them, although Storybrooke hadn't exactly been their first choice destination.

'We know that everyone got gender-neutral gifts but we actually just found out we're having a baby boy.' Mary Margaret says cheerfully, bringing Killian out of his thoughts and back to the happy gathering. David rubs her stomach proudly, clearly looking forward to having a son and Killian holds Emma a little tighter.

The group slowly splits off into smaller ones, the expecting couple making their rounds to thank everyone personally and get ideas for names. Emma and Killian stay together, exchanging polite introductions with the other guests but otherwise staying back from conversations.

Emma pulls his left arm around her middle, her fingers delicately brushing over the scars on his wrist. He had gotten a prosthetic hand but was now used to not having two hands and found the prosthetic to be almost as disorientating as losing his real hand had been. He wears it on occasion but found that he didn't need or want to wear it as much as he thought.

David and Mary Margaret make their way around to them eventually and he can feel Emma getting restless on his lap, wanting to leave but not wanting to be rude.

'We heard Gold's trial has been going on.' David mentions and Killian freezes, not anticipating this discussion (which, of course, was foolish, David had been there that day they arrested Gold after all).

'Yeah it just finished last week. He got various sentences for all his crimes, but he'll be serving a life sentence with no chance of parole so at least he's locked up for the rest of his life.' Emma says, David nodding with approval. Emma had been sharing this information with people at work for the past week and was more versed in talking about it than he was, which is why it still shocks him to think about it.

'It's good to hear that nasty piece of work won't be able to hurt anyone else.' David says and both Killian and Emma simply nod in agreement, seeing no need to open up the can of worms that was the Jefferson incident a few months ago. Fortunately that had been the only incident and both Jefferson and his daughter Grace were safe and unharmed. The FBI had also managed to track down more associates in the drug ring and arrested most of those involved, although Emma had told him that the FBI were communicating with international security and police to track down the shipments from other countries.

As terrible as Gold's other crimes were, Killian at least felt vindicated that the life sentence he received was for Milah's murder. He probably would have gotten out eventually on the other charges but the murder of his wife was the thing that will keep him behind bars until he dies.

'Anyway, congratulations on your baby boy! Do you have any name preferences yet?' Emma asks with a smile, which sends Mary Margaret off on a whole list of names and David vetoing the bad ones. Killian listens but his attention keeps getting drawn to Emma and he sits up so he can kiss her cheek lightly. She blushes but otherwise ignores him as she continues listening and offering suggestions of her own.

Their friends call them over to cut the cake and David and Mary Margaret smile and head over to the group gathered in the kitchen.

'Do you want to grab a slice of cake and then head out?' Emma asks him as she stands up. Killian grins and Emma gives him a look of innocence in response.

'Does that mean you want to leave?' He replies, kissing her forehead and stretching out his legs as he stands up too.

'The past few weeks have been crazy, I just want some time for the two of us.' Emma shrugs and Killian's chest tightens. Emma has been so stressed recently, crashing at his place late at night because she was too tired to make food for herself (although his lessons have been paying off and she is now actually capable of cooking a decent meal). She had been working her own cases alongside the trial, even going on a stakeout the night she testified despite him voicing his concerns. Emma had practically burned herself out and he could suddenly see her exhaustion so clearly.

'Me too, love.' Killian says, taking Emma's warm hand in his as they join the rest of the party by the cake. They have a slice each and join in with some of the conversations before politely saying goodbye to David and Mary Margaret, wishing them luck with the baby.

They walk back to the inn they're staying at, Emma shivering a little in the chilly breeze of the spring afternoon. Killian feels the chill setting in too and starts building up the logs in the fireplace when they get to their room. There were a few hotels along the main street into town but Emma had wanted to stay somewhere small and quiet, which Killian was now grateful for as the crackling fire was much more comforting than a modern heater.

'You smell smoky now.' Emma murmurs as he joins her on the bed. She's subdued, has been for a few days now and he's desperate to hear her laugh or see her smile longer than a second. She tucks herself into his side, her feet cold as they brush up against his own. He pulls the blanket at the bottom of the bed over them and already feels himself grow tired despite it only being the afternoon.

'I think we should go away for a bit.' Killian says, jolting when Emma's cold hands creep beneath his shirt.

'We are away.' Emma replies, her hands pressed firmly against him in a bid to warm up.

'I mean somewhere we need our passports.' He says, tucking the blanket around Emma a little more.

'Like a vacation?' Emma asks, lifting her head and raising her eyebrows.

'Aye, I think we deserve it.' Killian replies, smiling when he sees Emma's eyes light up.

'Somewhere hot and sunny and beautiful.' Emma smiles as she imagines it. He likes it too, the image of them sunbathing on a beach somewhere, away from the stress of everything and just the two of them.

'I have some time off now and flights are cheaper this time of year.' Emma adds thoughtfully, sitting up a little to see him better.

'Where do you want to go?' Killian asks and Emma raises her eyebrows again, tilting her head in a way that makes him grin.

'So many places.' She replies and he nods, feeling the same way. They talk for hours about traveling and exploring until the fire dies down and Killian moves to build it back up. Emma's stomach rumbles and he laughs, handing her the small menu of home-made food the inn provides. Killian lays out the blanket by the fire and they alternate between eating fries and onion rings and searching destinations on Emma's laptop.

'Are we going for a relaxing vacation or exploring? I'd love to go to so many of these places but I don't have much time off, or that much money.' Emma sighs, scrolling down the list of destinations and vacation packages.

'We can always save up for the bigger vacations. For now it's just a little getaway.' Killian replies, tucking her hair behind her ear as she looks longingly at the picturesque destinations. It's another hour before they decide and with nervous laughter book their tickets to the Dominican Republic. It's everything they want for now and they leave in only a few days. Emma finds a last minute hotel room and they exhale once everything is booked and paid for.

'We're really doing this.' Emma murmurs, looking up at him with excitement. He had spent a good amount of time reassuring her about getting on a plane (when her eyes had grown wide at the diagram of seats he had realized she had never been on a plane before) but her fears hadn't made her any less excited, in fact she was looking forward to flying for the first time.

They spend the rest of the evening cuddled up by the fire, looking through things to do and see on their vacation. Emma is smiling more than she has the whole past month and Killian is relieved that he has managed to cheer her up.

'Killian, look at all the lights down there.' Emma murmurs in amazement as she looks out the window as they take off. Her hand is squeezing his tightly and she's furiously chewing away at some candy but she's handling it rather well.

'It's great seeing the city from up here, isn't it?' Killian replies, leaning over to look out at the view. Emma hums in agreement and continues looking out the window until they're so high it's just darkness outside. She rests her head on his shoulder and starts playing about with her TV screen and looking through the movies.

Killian feels himself begin to drift off, the airport adrenaline dying down and the low light of the night flight making him sleepy.

'I love you.' Emma whispers before he falls asleep, tucking his headphones into the pocket in front of him so he doesn't lose them and kissing his cheek. He smiles lazily and finds her hand again, lacing their fingers together.

'I love you too.' Killian replies, closing his eyes once he's seen her smile back and settle herself in to watch a movie. The flight isn't overly long but he does manage to get a good nap in before the sensation of the plane descending wakes him up. Emma has fallen asleep too, curled up and leaning on the window. She wakes up not long after him, moving to lean against him instead.

'Are we almost there?' Emma asks, her voice rough with sleep and he smiles.

'Aye, another twenty minutes or so until we land.' He replies, brushing his thumb over the imprints on her cheek where she was resting on the sleeve of her sweatshirt. Emma's eyes meet his and his stomach flips. She still looks sleepy but her eyes are bright with affection, her gaze dropping to his lips as she bites her own.

The weeks leading up to Gold's trial had almost been as difficult as when it was actually going on and it had felt like their relationship was on the back burner. He understood why, but he had missed the easy flirtation and affection that they shared when they first started dating. Killian leans over to kiss her but a bout of turbulence makes him unsteady and he misses her lips. Emma laughs and despite the small flush to his cheeks he's pleased to hear that sound from her.

The next few hours are a whirlwind of getting off the plane, going through customs, getting their bags, finding a taxi and heading over to their hotel. Killian and Emma both look out the car window with wide eyes, taking in the streets and the people and the buildings. They check in at the hotel and take their bags to the room, Killian exhaling with relief at the air conditioning and free bottles of water.

'Look at this view.' Emma marvels as she steps out onto the balcony and he joins her with an appreciative glance over the sight of the beach and the sea ahead. The water is a beautiful blue colour and is framed by the palm trees and sandy beach that stretches for miles around them. When he had realized how much everything had cost Killian had made a joke about staying in America and just relaxing on the yacht for a week, but being here in the warmth and beauty of someplace new he was glad they had taken a vacation.

They go down to the beach and put down their towels in a quiet area, close enough to the water but a good distance from other groups and couples. Emma puts on sunscreen and lies down to sunbathe, her long legs and creamy skin on show in her small bikini. She looks up at him and grins, her fingers trailing along his thigh.

'You missed some sunscreen.' Emma says innocently, although her fingers keep moving even after the lotion has faded. There is absolutely no hint of stress or concern on her face and Killian smiles warmly at her.

'I do only have the one hand.' Killian jokes, lifting his left arm even though his point is obvious. This was the most exposed he had ever been in public, with no shirt sleeve or sweater to hide anything. His prosthetic would have required his brace, which would only draw more attention to his arm. He has learned to accept not having his left hand, and to not worry as much about what other people think. Emma knows the truth of what happened and loves him, that's all that matters.

Killian lies down on his towel beside her, his skin already soaking in the heat of the sun. Emma shuffles so that their shoulders and arms touch and she sighs, turning her head to look at him. She's wearing sunglasses and he can't see her beautiful green eyes but he feels her gaze and knows it's full of affection by the way her lips curve upwards.

'This is perfect.' Emma whispers, her fingers curling around his wrist. Sometimes he wonders if it still hurts or if he's gotten so used to the dull ache that the pain is now constantly a part of him. But he does know one thing about it. The pain is never there when Emma touches him.

Secretly Killian often thinks of Emma's touch as magic, which he blurts out without thinking and cringes. He thinks he sees Emma flush but she doesn't laugh or make fun of him, instead she moves her fingers gently along his scars.

'Am I making it better?' She asks nervously, like she actually wants to have magical healing powers.

'Always.' Killian replies.

'Then I'll always have to be with you, to make it better.'

Emma lifts up her sunglasses and meets his eyes, things unsaid passing between them. He leans forward to kiss her, slow and passionate and loving. The sound of the waves relaxes him and he lazily lounges in the sand with Emma curled by his side, napping in the soothing heat of the tropical sun. Killian realizes with a soft smile that this is what it feels like to be content, and he wants to hold onto it for forever.

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