The entire school looked more like a house. The outside was brown bricks, with white pillars on each side of 3 sets of doors. Kids flooded the porch as the rain poured down angrily. I took a deep breath and enter my new school that I'd be attending for the last 10 months of school. I rolled my eyes at that thought. It was ridiculous to go to a new school your graduating year, but my mom fell in love with Roger from the La Push reservation and my opinion mattered little when it came to my mother.

It didn't matter that I loved my old school or the Soluiet reservation. Or that our reservations were constantly feuding. All that mattered was my mom's happiness and, now Roger's. Supposedly Soluiet's wanted to befriend the "cold ones" knowing that being aligned with them would be better for the younger generations to come. The Soluiet tribe wanted a treaty, but one that stood on friendlier terms than the Quilete's. The Quilete's saw this as a threat and betrayal and have been warned against us ever since. Apparently, not well enough seeing as Roger came to our reservation to visit and old friend and was immediately captured by my mother's serene beauty.

My mother was extremely young to have an almost 18 year old, but she never let the dirty looks or harsh comments get to her. Everyone knew she had a daughter and yet she still was able to capture the attention of men everywhere we went. It wasn't hard to see why. My mother was 5'8 with Auburn hair, hazel eyes and chiseled jaw that every model would kill for. Her cheeks were round and her skin was flawless. From the compliments I got from relatives I had received my mothers looks. Although I did have the same hazel eyes, my hair was a dark red, that when captured in sunlight would sometimes look black and purple. It was odd. No one knew where I had received my hair color from but always complimented it anyway. It hung down the bottom of my shoulder blades in soft curls. My face was sculpted pretty nicely and I was told countless times I should be a model but honestly? Like I had the body for that. My huge boobs and lack of ass wasn't the usual model stature. Nor was the fact that my fashion sense changed every week.

As I walked through the hallway I immediately found the office. When I walked in the old lady at the front desk looked at me immediately with a glare. A little taken aback, I instantly put on a kind smile.

"Hello, I'm Jocelyn TrueBird, I just moved here a week ago." I said. The old lady continued to glare at me.

" Yes, I know who you are." She muttered harshly under her breath. Probably not knowing that I heard her call me a filthy slut in her language. " I can't believe they let your kind join this school. Here's your schedule and locker location. Get out of my sight." In all honesty I was completely appalled. Weren't faculty members supposed to pretend to like you? Honestly as rude as this old hag was I was kind of impressed. At least this school was going to be interesting.

After giving her a smile, I walked out of the office and went in the direction of my locker. Once I got there I happily realized that my first class was across the hall. I noticed fellow students staring at me, girls giving the usual glare I got and boys smirking. I took a deep breath. I knew I had to be strong but it was so difficult dealing with the attention. I had friends back home that never let me notice, knowing what it would do to me, but here I had to control myself all on my own. When I slammed my locker shut I was faced with brown eyes, the typical tanned native skin and a big white smile.

"Hi, I'm Dustin." The semi- cute guy said. I smiled. This would be fine, Luke wouldn't mind if I made friends with another guy. He knows I loved him and that I didn't really like the opposing tribe men.

"I'm Jocelyn," I said politely sticking my hand out. I wanted to see if I could get a good read on him. He shook my hand and smiled even bigger, revealing cute dimples.

"It's nice to meet you, I've decided to take it upon myself to be your tour guide." His voice was deep and I'm sure was meant to be charming, but the quick shock that ran through our joined hands told me otherwise. I internally rolled my eyes.

Why were all boys dickheads?

"Thanks, but I think I'll be fine on my own." I turned away from him and immediately ran into my class. When I looked around the class I noticed that the teacher wasn't in yet. The room was small, as expected, but looked even smaller with a group of 3 guys that were built like Greek gods. They all looked like variations of one another and I wondered if I should have put on more makeup.

Whoa...where the hell did that come from Jocelyn? YOU HAVE A FIANCE!

Not that it was any excuse, but these boys were gorgeous. They all had cropped black hair that was in a spiky array. T-shirts that emphasized there perfect muscles and laughs that made me smile. The guys here were very different than the guys from back home. Back home the guys were all tall, and lanky. Very few had muscles and if they did it had taken years to get them. Forgetting where I was I slapped myself to get out of the inappropriate thoughts. Apparently they heard me because all three of them turned around. One of them smiled at me and the rest looked on amused.

"Ms. Truebird, would you like to take a seat?" A chubby man in an ugly brown seat said. I turned around to smile.

"Yes, my mistake." He immediately smiled back. I laughed in my head. And grabbed the first spot I saw. The teacher walked towards the board and started writing.

"Don't worry, every girl has that reaction to those guys." The girl next to me said. I turned to look at her and sheepishly blushed. She was pretty, typical raven black hair, amber eyes and a pointed nose that was pierced much like mine. I extended my hand to her.

"Jocelyn Truebird." I smiled she took my hand and I felt the sincere energy rush within me.

"Bree Song." She smirked back. "Don't worry, Mr. Shopam is a total pushover. He tries to be a hard ass but doesn't take long for him to lose the mask and be the true softy he really is." I laughed quietly.

"That's good, because this class is Mandatory and in my judgment, stupid." Bree raised her eyebrows in shock then smiled.

"I like you." She said.

"Same." I smiled back and turned back to the lecture of world geography.