Blind Fury

Have you ever had that feeling of fear when you don't recognize a place?

You suddenly find yourself lost in a wave of uncertainties. You just realize you got lost. You have no idea where you are, or have no straight plan on going back home independently. You're just shrouded in mystery, frighteningly thinking to yourself that you're alone around this sea of people. You feel vulnerable. You feel lost. You feel alone. All in that moment of realization.

Maybe you were told to be at a place by someone you know, someone you trust, and they never arrive on time. And this place is in crowds. You're just lost. Did they come already? Did I see them on accident and think it's not them? Am I just blind?

Well, for Pearl, she is blind.

Waking up somewhere you don't recgonize would give you a heart attack. But, if you don't have one of your vital senses, and you're left with the other four to figure it out... smell, touch, hearing and taste... you might figure it out in a moment, right before you calm yourself down after realizing you couldn't see. But Pearl has been blind for years, she had trained herself to maximize the uses of her other senses. It took Pearl the instant she knew she was awake that she didn't know where she was.

It freaked her out.

The cushions she was lying on were made of leather. She knew that. Some of it feel aged, scratched off. She could feel the springs in the couch she was lying on. The pressure she was applying and how it silently creaks with every small movement she made. She has never laid on this couch before. She didn't recognize this couch. It didn't feel like anything she felt before. It felt like some cheap, second-hand, old, leather couch someone took in out of pity. It felt like shit.

The smell of liquor didn't help. She didn't drink. Well, not that much, but still. She wouldn't have this strong a smell of liquor in the house. It smelled bad. She fought the urge to throw up. There were hints of other smells in the room. Pearl could smell oranges, blood, and medicine. On second thought, maybe that wasn't really liquor she was smelling. It was alcohol. Mostly used for cleaning wounds. Pearl berated herself for not figuring it out sooner.


She understood why she could smell blood. She could smell it because it was hers. And she was hurting, she was badly wounded. All her stitches grazed her skin. Those hurt like a bitch. Those old wounds she had were attacking her. And in comparison, the new wounds were murder. The feeling of dried blood stained her skin, and she could feel that all over. She could also feel some new cloth over her body that she knew wasn't there before. These were new bandages and gauze.

There wasn't much light in the room. She could tell from how her eyes didn't strain much adapting to the light. Hmmm... something's not right.

She could taste copper in her mouth. It was not merciful.

Pearl could sense the person walking over to the room she was in. She could tell it was female. There was a purse, rattling with objects in it. Her footsteps were light, and Pearl almost couldn't discern them. There was the light smell of perfume, and other chemicals. And... the smell of washed off blood? It smelled recent... not Pearl's blood.

The blind woman tensed.

What the hell happened last night?

She was... trying to save... a young kid. She fought against two groups. Successfully defeated group A, but group B definitely beat her up. She fell. Somewhere in a ditch.

Wait. Where was her... mask? She berated herself again, reaching up to touch her frail, but firm face. She could trace bruises over her cheeks and eyes. But she wasn't wearing her mask. She wore a mask so that people wouldn't know she was a woman! So that people would fear her! So that—


The door knob turned.

Immediately, Pearl flipped over the couch and rushed over to the door. Her movements were stiff but quick. The damage to her body was severe, but not severe enough for her to keep pushing. Once she reached the door, she could hear it was too late.

"Oh, my god..." Pearl heard the woman mutter. "...You're awake."

Pearl snapped her head towards the woman's voice. She felt the woman gasp, the air currents changed when that happened. There was a small stop in the woman's heart beat. It must be intimidating when a blind woman with bruises over her face suddenly snaps at you.

"You're... You're hurt..." the woman said worriedly, her breathing rising. Pearl could hear her heart racing from the unknown. What was Pearl gonna do? To her or the house or anything? This woman didn't know her. The woman continued, "You need to stay still... or... or..."

"You have blood on your hands." Pearl noted, huffing. She knew it wasn't the woman's. The woman carried herself without any hint of physical pain. Minus her back and the stress on her legs from pacing.

The woman stood there in shock. "You're... blind."

Pearl grimaced. She didn't like having her disability spelled out for her. And she didn't like the ambiguity of this woman at all. Standing around would get them nowhere. And the pain in her stomach won't stop. She wanted answers.

"What are you?" Pearl asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Wh-What am I?" The woman sounded offended. "What are you? I-I... you... can't see, yet..."

Pearl rolled her head, trying to figure the woman out. "Are you a doctor? A professional? Are you the one who patched me up?"

Pearl could hear her breathing slow down. The fluttering of her eyes blinking could be felt in the air. Her posture stiffened. The woman was trying to level herself.

"I'm... not a doctor, no." the woman finally admitted.

Pearl listened for her heartbeat. It didn't waver like a lie. It was steady like the truth. That still didn't make any sense to her. Who was this woman?

"I'm... a nurse."

That made sense, Pearl thought. Who else would have proper medical equipment and technique? She was finally content with an honest answer. Pearl gulped down the spit she didn't realize soon enough that engulfed her tongue. This was the woman who fixed her up probably.

"Can... I... get in... my house?" the woman asked cautiously, fearing the blind one would snap.

Pearl had a few pained breaths, her head focused on her. "Y-Yes... Sorry, ma'am."

The blind woman stepped away and let the nurse enter her home. She closed the door and locked it, which Pearl noted because she was waiting.

Pearl let out an audible sigh. What was she doing now? She was supposed to be out beating up bad people, and here she ended up in a nurse's apartment. She didn't even thank her yet for letting her stay, keeping her away from authorities and fixing her up. All she did so far was scare her into thinking she was some blind lunatic.

"Thank you," Pearl finally said above a whisper. "For... everything."

"Oh. Uh. You're welcome. But you better sit down or... you'll damage all my work." the nurse informed, talking about Pearl's bandages and stiches. She was putting down her purse and roaming around her place to grab some medical supplies.

"Yes... I... kinda got that already." Pearl replied as she touched her burning waist. She walked over to the leather couch, and she swore she could feel the nurse's stare fixated on her. The woman seemed surprised Pearl could maneuver around her place. "What?" the blind warrior asked firmly.

After a while, the nurse replied. "You're blind."

"I am, huh?" Pearl sighed as she sat on the couch, her muscles starting to rest. "You want an explanation for it."

"You... walk like you know the place." the woman continued slowly, her cheeks heating up. Pearl could feel that. "Did you... explore?"

"No. I don't delve into things that aren't mine." That was a lie. She does delve into a lot of things that weren't hers. Like fights or battles. Anything violent. She delves into those things. But she doesn't do delving someone's personal and private stuff, she could already sense where everything was.

"Well, uh... I... it's weird... having to take care of a blind woman whose all bloodied and wore a mask and doesn't seem to be blind at all." the nurse informed shakily. She kept cautious around her, seemingly lost. "Well, erm... What's your name?"

Pearl kept silent for a moment.

The nurse frowned. "Is... Is that private, or..." she felt fear choke her a bit, like the next bit of realization would be life-changing for her. " don't have a name?"

"I... it's Paula." Pearl lied, inwardly chuckling a bit about the thought of having no name. Those baddies probably think she didn't have a name. She went into silence again, listening to any detail that wasn't out of the ordinary. Heart beat, breathing, the neighbours, anything. The nurse seemed to want small talk, so she decided to give her some. "What's yours?"

A/N: Due to my incessant Daredevil hype, I started this short series.

Yes, and it's Pearl. I like Pearl. I'm sorry Pearl, that you had to be blind. I decided she was going to be human because Gems don't have much weaknesses. And I don't think Gems can be blind? So, it became an AU now. Dang, me and AUs. I can never make anything remotely canon.

I'm sorry guys, I'm gonna have to slow down Steven Lazuli for this. I hit a block on that, and I just kinda had fun with this thing. I still have no idea who the nurse is, so... yeah, you guys could probably help me out.

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