One day, Arthur and Buster were watching the latest episode of The Bionic Bunny Show. They were captivated.

"Hey Buster, wouldn't it be great to save the world!" Arthur said.

Buster wasn't so sure. "But we don't have any guns or anything!"

"Yeah, but remember the time you saved the cat from the tree. That was a real great thing you did then" Arthur replied.


After this, Arthur and Buster then decided that they would try and steal a gun from their local neighbor, Mr. Venkman. They had heard from many people that he had a crew that used a gun type device called Proton Packs'. Mr. Venkman and his crew, the Ghostbusters, previously worked in New York City, but they recently decided to go to Elwood City after they were requested from the Mayor.

However, Buster thought that they should get proper guns. "Aren't those Proton Packs meant to be catching ghosts, I've never seen a ghost in my life!"

Arthur wanted to use the Proton Packs for something which would save his favorite TV series.

"Have you seen the paper this morning? There was an outbreak of ghosts where Bionic Bunny is filmed!" Arthur was so sad that he was nearly crying.

"If we don't catch those ghosts, we will never see Bionic Bunny again!" Buster was shocked as well.

"Surely we can just wait for the Ghostbusters to catch them" Buster didn't want to get into trouble.

Arthur was determined to catch them. "But what if they don't get there in time!".

Arthur finally convinced Buster to get the Proton Packs and go.

When Mr. Venkman was out, Arthur and Buster sneaked into his house, as he had left his window open. Arthur's eyes widened as he saw the Proton Pack just lying on the large kitchen table.

"There it is!" Arthur whispered to Buster.

But then they saw someone very familiar, it was Brain.

"Brain! What are you doing here?" Arthur excitedly said.

But Brain looked at Arthur very angrily.

"I am looking after Mr. Venkman's house while he is out. What are you doing here Arthur?" Brain wasn't amused.

Arthur replied "I just thought that, seeing as there are Ghosts at the Bionic Bunny studios. We could get rid of them before the Ghostbusters get there."

"I guess that sounds alright to me, just give me back the Proton Pack before 7:00pm" Brain waved goodbye to Arthur and Buster.