Welcome fans and followers to a new story, this one is being done because of a challenge I discovered, a Zoids story with an immortal Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, issued by jivablab, the only thing I'm changing is that instead of Zi being in a different dimension, it will be a far, far, far, future version of Naruto's world, a seal mistake on Naruto's part makes it so he gets sent to the future, and the Bijuu he contains become Organoids. He will be a part of a special team, a combination of Bit Cloud, Leena Tauros, Jamie, Brad, Naomi Flugel, Leon Tauros, Vega Obscura, Sarah Obscura, yes she will be his mother in this one, Dr. Tauros, Stoller, Sanders, and Pierce. Naruto will actually have nine different Zoids, one for each Bijuu Organoid, a Kyuubi Fox, made from a downed Shadow Fox prototype, an Ichibi Tanuki, made from an old and broken, one of a kind, Raze Raccoon, my own creation, a Nibi Cat, made from a broken Saber Fang, a Sanbi Turtle, made from an ancient and completely rusted Cannon Tortoise, a Yonbi Ape, made from an Iron Kong, a Gobi Horse, made from a prototype Orudios zoid, a Rokubi Slugger, made from parts of a Molga and a Gustav, a Nanabi Beetle, made from parts of a Saicurtis and a Double Sworder, and a Hachibi Ox, made from a Dibison. Although many of this is likely to change as time goes on, but I digress, hope you enjoy the story, also if you haven't guessed yet, this takes place during Zoids New Century Zero, and a bit after the series going on about their S-class adventures, one more thing the 'Zoidians' are actually people that can use Chakra, so Naruto is considered a Zoidian, same for Bit, who is a descendant of Van and Fiona in this story, and Sarah and Vega who will be descendants of Raven and Rease, Naruto will not teach them Chakra or shinobi moves other than for infiltration, mainly because they aren't needed anymore. And the Organoid systems for the Berserk Fury, or Berserk Führer in Japan, and the Liger Zero are Shadow and Zeke, respectively. Now, BEGIN THE PROLOUGE!

Konohagakure, Seven hundred years after the Fourth Shinobi War

A twenty year old man is seen running across the roofs of multiple skyscrapers, eventually he comes to a stop to gaze at the local monument.

"Konoha sure has changed, but what can you expect after seven hundred years." He said looking at the one thing that hadn't changed in his long life, Hokage Rock.

"Will you stop reminiscing about becoming Hokage and do your job or are we going to have to do it for you Naruto-baka!" yelled an angry female voice.

"Calm down Kurama-nee-chan, a lady shouldn't yell." said a gruff male voice.

"What the heck do you know about women Gyūki-baka!?" the now named Kurama yelled at Hachibi no Gyūki

"Knock it off you guys, I'm starting to get a headache." Naruto complained.

"Well then, if you don't want me to keep yelling then GET MOVING!" Kyuubi no Kurama said yelling the last part of her sentence.

"Alright just stop yelling Kurama-kun." Naruto said as he used his Chakra to speed down the side of the building in a blur.

If you're wondering what's going on with our currently only protagonist(die fourth wall, die!), after the end of the Fourth Shinobi War, nine beings of pure Chakra known as the Bijuu were released, all except Kurama who decided to remain with her Jinchuriki(Human Container), while the other eight Bijuu roamed the world in peace, but this new peace was not to last, as the Elemental Nations began to grow desperate for power in case another Great Shinobi War took place and began hunting the Bijuu in hopes of sealing them away in new Jinchuriki, all except Konohagakure who had their own Jinchuriki, and chose to remain neutral in this hunt and do nothing to help the other Nations, but instead helped the Bijuu themselves in evading the hunters constantly, eventually only one choice remained to keep them out of the other villages hands, the current Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kurama, sealed the other Bijuu into himself in secret, and made it appear as if he had killed himself, but Konoha knew differently, Naruto was still alive and now was the Jinchuriki of all nine Bijuu, and remained hidden from all the Nations but his home, and became Hokage once more, but under a new appearance and name. What he found out, however, is that holding each of the Bijuu had a very bad side effect, true immortality, no longer able to age, Naruto decided to step down as Hokage and give the position over to his son, Boruto, and explore the world looking for a way to seal himself away forever to ensure that he and the Bijuu couldn't be exploited by madmen and power hungry tyrants, his efforts were in vain until he decided to create his own seal, one that was sure to do the job he designed it for, he has come closer than ever before, and now believes he has created the perfect seal, one that would seal him away and destroy itself so no one would be able to undo it. The only thing to do now is to test it on himself.

"Alright, this should be far enough away from the Village, let's hope it works this time." Naruto said with a voice that sounded both depressed and hopeful at the same time.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it'll work." said Yonbi no Son Goku.

"Arigatou, Son Goku-nii-san." said Naruto. "Yosh, ikuze!" he said as he started making the seal.

(Minor Time Skip)

"Alright, it's done." Naruto said as he looked at the completed seal.

"Alright gaki-kun!" said the Nibi no Matatabi.

"Thanks Matatabi-nee-chan." said Naruto.

"NOW LET'S DO THIS THING!" yelled Gobi no Kokuō.

"Don't yell Kokuō, you know it gives me a headache." said Naruto.

"Kokuō apologize to Naruto-nii-san!" said Rokubi no Saiken.

"It's okay Saiken-imouto, he doesn't need to apologize, and she's right, let's start." said Naruto.

"Well hurry up we're not getting any younger here." said Ichibi no Shukaku.

"Alright, don't get your tail in a twist Shu-nee-san." Naruto replied to the impatient female.

"Do you remember all the hand signs Naru-otouto?" asked Sanbi no Isobu.

"I'm pretty sure, I did invent this after all." Naruto said.

"Anything that can go wrong might go wrong, it's a fact of life." said Nanabi no Chōmei.

"I know Chō-nee-chan, but stop worrying." said Naruto.

"Now then, Fuinjutsu: Eien no keimusho!(Sealing Art: Eternal Prison!)" Naruto yelled.

At first nothing happened and Naruto and the Bijuu thought it didn't work until the seal began to glow in an unnatural way.

"Um, I think I may have made a mistake." Naruto said in minor fear.

"No crud genius, hurry up and stop it kit!" said an angry Kurama.

"Kai. Kai! KAI! It's not working!" Naruto screamed as the seal began sucking him in.

As they were dragged into the seal they all shared a single thought, "Kami help me!".

Alright that's the prologue, tell me what you think, and the name of the team is Team Konoha, or Team Shinobi, or Team Bijuu, or maybe it will stay the Blitz Team, leave your opinion in the reviews, and no, this currently isn't a harem fic, I don't do those kinds of things.