Welcome back to another chapter fans and followers, the story is the same except I have new news for you all, a friend of mine called ZGzoids on YouTube has allowed me to use his custom Zoids, the Zoids are as follows Liger Zero Advance, and it's three CAS/CAU, Flux, Onslaught, and Nova, there will be two Liger Zeros, but only the Liger Zero Advance will have the Organoid System, and the Berserk Fury will also have different armors, these will be taken from the Zoids Saga video game series, and Naruto's Transport Zoid will be a Poseidon, another custom Zoid made by ZGzoids, which will also double as a Combat Zoid here due to its small size, compared to other Transport Zoids like the Whale King. Yes the Liger Zero Advance will have Zeke as his Organoid System don't worry, and Bit Cloud will be piloting the Liger Zero Advance instead of the Liger Zero, Sarah Obscura will pilot that one. If you're curious about the Liger Zero Advance and it's CAS/CAU and Poseidon look up ZGzoids on YouTube he won't disappoint.

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Millennia have passed since the seal mistake on Naruto's part and his world has changed drastically, the Elemental Nations have been destroyed after the Thirtieth Great Shinobi War, the continent split and drifted to five areas around their planet, each one gaining landmass as they reached their final positions. The Land of Fire became the Central Continent, the Land of Lighting became the North Continent, the Land of Wind became the South Continent, the Land of Water became the East Continent, and the Land of Earth became the West Continent, each one thrived save the Central Continent because the Thirtieth Great Shinobi War destroyed what was left of the Land of Fire's final village, Konohagakure, leaving it in nothing more than ruins.

As time went on the summoning creatures began to have their own wars, and they, like the Shinobi, nearly killed themselves, until the truly smart ones of each of the summoning tribes decided to leave with their loved ones and hid away in what was once the Nations, the Toads, Slugs, and Snakes remained on the Central Continent, but the other tribe traveled around the world, over the next few centuries the tribes began to evolve into biomechanical organisms called Organoids, for the ones that remained the size of humans, and Zoids, for the ones that were taller than the tallest man, eventually many of mankind lost the gift of Chakra in exchange for advanced weapons and technology which lead to the making of man-made Zoids created from the former summoning animals, but humans took it one step further and made new Zoids based off myths and legends, and eventually ancient prehistoric animals.

Many great heroes and villains have lived and died in the age of the Zoids, heroes like Van Flyheight and his wife Fiona Flyheight, a Zoidian, a person with strong bonds between Zoids and Organoids, or as her race should be called, Shinobi.

Zi's Central Continent Ten Years Before Zoids New Century Zero

A wasteland with Zoid parts as far as the eye can see is the scene we open up to, unfortunately, and this also happens to be where the sealing accident occurred, suddenly the seal appeared and spat out ten objects which landed in a circle around the seal before it faded from existence.

" Ow. Okay, I'm now absolutely certain that was my worst screwup yet." Naruto said as he sat up and rubbed his sore head.

"NO, I think it was absolutely ingenious." a voice said sarcastically from his right.

"Kurama-kun?" Naruto said confused as he looked to his right and saw a mini Kurama next to him made from organic metal.

"What?" Kurama asked as she looked at his shocked face.

"WHAT?!" Naruto screamed.

"Stop yelling Naru-otouto, I have a headache." said a voice across from him and Kurama. Naruto and Kurama looked where the voice came from and saw each of the Bijuu in the same condition as Kurama.

"What the heck happened to all of you?!" Naruto asked his adoptive family.

"Onii-san, please don't yell at us. We don't know what happened either." said Saiken.

"Sorry Saiken-imouto, I'm just confused and worried." Naruto said apologetically.

"We'll find out what happened later Naruto, the more important thing is to figure out where and when we are." Said Gyūki.

"What do you mean 'when'?" Naruto asked confused.

"It was a sealing jutsu, who knows how long we were in there." Gyūki said irritated by the blonde's slow thought process when it wasn't about ramen or creating something.

"Oh, right." he said rubbing the back of his head.

"Naruto-nii-san, I can go look around and see where we are." Saiken offered.

"Sure, but take Shu-nee-chan with you." Naruto told her.

"Okay Nii-san, come on Shu-nee-chan." said Saiken to her one-tailed big sister.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Shukaku grumbled under her breath as she followed her little sister in a random direction.

"So, now we wait and see if they find-" Naruto started before he was interrupted with a, "NARUTO-NII-SAN/NARUTO-GAKI!" courtesy of Shukaku and Saiken, making him jump up like a jackrabbit and run off after them.

"Shu, Saiken, what's wrong?!" Naruto asked as he and the other Bijuu stopped next to them.

"Konohagakure." Shukaku said in shock as she and Saiken stared forward.

"It's destroyed." she said with some kind of liquid running from the area where her eyes should be.

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