"...Wait, wait, wait..." He was silenced with a grind of her pelvis, making him groan. His hands fell from her shoulders where they'd pushed her back slightly braking their kiss only seconds ago. His fingers were now dinging into her hips. They left her hips to pull at her top when she started whispering come on's in various languages. "I have waited, I have waited to taste you...to truly appreciate the flavor of your skin...your manhood..." At least he believed that was what she had said. She was rather distracting, especially her scent. He couldn't get enough of it, and at the same time wished it out of his head completely. He'd thought to himself over and over, she won't say yes, this isn't really going to happen. It couldn't be, he wouldn't let go past friendly conversation. It would be so simple but nothing about her was. And the way she had performed, how she had handled herself. He could see her in his minds eye, the fluid motion of her muscles. The beautiful body he was now holding. He desperately wanted to see more of it.

But the spell of lust was broken when her hands move to undo his trousers. "WAIT!" He shouted in a half strangled voice. It made his voice even more gravely, which at the present, was the most sensual thing she had ever heard. Even if he was trying to stop the sex she had been wishing for since she first heard him speak. She rolled her eyes as she was pushed away once more. This time she didn't struggle. Instead of fighting and bargaining until he finally made up his mind, she walked away.

They had stumbled through servant entrance, various halls to his personal quarters like two horny teenagers. Her eyes were closed for the most part focusing on the sensation of pleasure and passion of the moment. While tuning out everything Alfred was saying she looked around, taking in the space he called home. She was most drawn to the books, they made her smile, having read many of them. Whatever he was saying was winding down, or she hoped it was so she interrupted.

"Can I just lay down somewhere?" She hated being so frustrated, she rarely cried when she did it was out of frustration. Physically she remained calm, and her voice hadn't betrayed any emotion, but her eyes were starting to shine with tears. Making an attempt on his life would be less awkward then her bursting into tears at this point. She believed Alfred was still half expecting her to do just that. She knew he noticed, his whole demeanor changed, imperceptibly to anyone less observant then the two of them.

But like most men didn't know why she was close to crying. She felt bad for him, truly. All the thoughts that must be spinning in circles in his head. It was his fault, he had to make it complicated. "Somewhere out of the way, dark..." She quickly looked away avoiding making eye contact. She squinted up at the light hanging above them while quickly finishing her sentence. "...if it's not a bother, the light is hurting my eyes." She refused to look at him, he made no attempt to force her to do so. Just stared, and stared at her. When heavy silence continued for a few heart beats she rushed to push past him. "I'm just gonna go.." He caught her arm in his strong grip. Her jaw tightened and nose flared in anger. Realizing his mistake he let go immediately.

"No... please" It was almost a whisper. His voice was strained, all that escaped his kiss swollen lips were raspy whispers. As if he had been yelling at her instead of kissing her "... please if... you would..." 'Still not looking at you!' she thought while grinding her teeth, folding her arms across her chest in response to his attempt to touch her hand. She was happy for the anger, she could focus on it. He cleared his throat and stood a little taller. Alfred her would be lover was gone, the butler was now standing next to her. Even if his coat was laying on the hall floor and his shirt mostly unbuttoned, cufflinks and tie Lord knows where. Or that her bra and panties were gone and she had had to readjust her top so her breasts were no longer exposed.

"I must insist on you staying the night, or calling a cab for you." She's done some shots but was far from drunk. None the less she knew she shouldn't drive. She was a little short with him as she answered.

"I'm not leaving my bike here!"

"Well then, if you would follow me... I will bring you the rest of your..." He swallowed hard, making her smile. "...things once you are settled." She replayed the last hour, hours, days in her head while they walked in silence. "Will this be alright Miss?" She snorted at the Miss, and a smile twitched the corn of his mouth.

"Could you lend me a shirt to sleep in?" His eyes darken at the mental image of her wearing his night clothes. When he returned she was sitting in the same place on the bed. He set the pristinely folded bed clothes next to her and said good night. She did not reply.

There was no way she was wearing those ridiculous pajamas, so she opted for going O'natural. She knew they should have gone to her place! She was trying to make him comfortable, if his wayward son, or charge...or whatever were to call...or need him...

It was all his fault really. He came back to see her. Even though she had no more information, Cat was too smart to use her as a contact again. He had stuck around til the end of her sparring match. He said he barely recognized her. Was he so hang up...so bent on self torture ... Fuck It!

She might as well get herself off, she had already begun to cry form frustration. First, she did her best to sooth herself. Taking her mind off the situation by tickling her skin then smoothing away the tingles by massaging, rubbing her erogenous zones. Thinking back to his touch, his smell lingering on her skin. For some reason her moans and whimpers of pleasure sounded sad and tearful. She thrashed and shuttered, she was still crying, harder even. Which only caused her frustration to mount, completely absorbed in her request for satisfaction she was oblivious to the piercing blue eyes watching her every move. She stopped, suddenly giving up, she pulled a sheet to cover her sweat slicked body to keep from getting chilled. She wasn't sure how long it took to regained control of her shuddering breath. Once she did she waited silently, in the dark, for her almost lover to drop off her bra and panties. She amused herself wondering if he would launder and iron them first. She hadn't a clue he'd been watching, wanting just as much as her, for her to reach her release. He had barely blinked, remaining completely still...watching, wanting and waiting.

48 hours ago...