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April 26th, 1997

"The fact that we actually let them move into the house that is next to us-the only house, might I add, is near us for miles-is what is making me upset!" 8 year old Artemis stated in a heated argument against his parents. Although young, he already knew how to defend himself professionally.

"It's not that bad, Artemis." The boy's mother defended after swapping glances very quickly with her husband. Artemis caught it, but ignored it instead of bringing it up. "The family has a child around your age. Won't it be fun to have someone to play with?"

Artemis glared icily at his parents for a moment at the word "fun", "Doubtful. If you are going to force me to interact with our soon-to-be new neighbors, then that means you have not noticed that I am not the most sociable person on the face of this planet."

"Son, you can not dictate your social skills based on the fact that you do not participate in extracurricular events at St. Bartelby's. You rarely go anymore because of what you state to be, 'the teacher's incompetence for initiating recess.'" Artemis Sr. sat down next to his wife, looking over at his son who was sitting across from the two. "This way, you will see these people almost every day."

Artemis rolled his eyes. "I understand, father. However-"

"However nothing, Artemis Fowl!" Angeline declared, standing back up. "You are to interact with these people when you see them. In fact, I am going to invite these new neighbors over for dinner next weekend and you are doing to be friendly and eloquent instead of the cold persona you always are." She crossed her arms over her chest. "It is done, Arty. They are moving in next door to us and we are not going back on our word just because you do not like the fact of anyone near you." The woman closed the argument by turning around and leaving the room fuming silently.

Artemis, as a young child, knew that pouting and throwing a tantrum was not only unprofessional but also extremely childish as well. He sighed instead, deciding to sulk to himself silently instead.

"She is right, Artemis." His father said quietly after a moment of silence. He sighed as well, "Maybe this will be good for you." The man stood up and walked out of the room as well, leaving Artemis alone.

The young genius crossed his arms over his chest and sat back in the white love seat he was residing in the middle of. He shook his head, thinking deeply. They don't know anything He assured himself, Their arrogance will probably end with buying those people out of that house for them to go away.