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"The Lone Traveler: Young man who tried to change the past and save those he loved… plan failed and became the Lone Traveler, wandering through time and reality, making a difference wherever he went… very powerful… defeated a powerful Dark wizard styling himself a Lord… swept along the path he walked by a spectacular aura of blue light."

'Legends & Myths of the Wizarding World' by Gertrude Yolanda

FF St ID 2673584 – Chap 9 – The Professional Modified FF St ID – Chap 58 - Dunuelos

Josh Lyman was a bit tired. The Deputy Chief of Staff for Legislative Affairs was having a rough week.

The second year of President Bartlet's term was just getting started as far as legislation was concerned. The President's approval rating was much lower than it should be, and this was mostly due to the mutterings about Family Values.

Forget the fact that there was a projected budget surplus. Forget the fact that there were no major crises occuring. Forget the fact that his boss was a dyed-in-the-wool Catholic with deep religious convictions. No, the Religious Right was stirring up trouble and he was supposed to play nice with these people. When all he really wanted to do was to tell these people to shut up.

He decided to put it out of his mind even as he left the White House for the night.

As he walked out of the White House grounds proper toward where his car was parked, he looked out toward Pennsylvania Avenue. Suddenly, he stopped dead at the sight of someone who looked familiar. He cocked his head and thought back over 20 years earlier for one of his most defining memories.

After a moment of contemplation, he walked back toward the Security Checkpoint. "Hello, Jack," Josh said to the Security Guard on duty. "If you look toward the fence, do you see that guy in the jeans and leather jacket?"

Jack looked out and scanned the fence line until he saw the person Mr. Lyman was talking about. "Yes, I do."

Josh nodded. "I need you to get a Security guard to him and ask him if his name is Harry. If it is – I need him invited into the White House to see me."

Jack look confused. "Sir? Do you know who he is?"

Josh smiled a small smile and said, "I think he's the guy that saved my sister's life." Jack's eyes shot up at that. "If he's who I remember, I definitely want him invited inside."

Josh watched as Jack made a phone call. Soon, the two saw a white-uniformed security guard walk casually up to the man at the fence. The two exchanged a few words and then they saw the guard motion to the man and the two started walking toward the staff entrance gate.

Josh started to get a little excited.

Harry had been surprised when the security guard walked up to him and asked him what his name was. Knowing that there was no Wizards in this dimension, or at least no Ministry of Magic or any such equivalent, and that there was no alternate to his family, he had given his proper name.

As soon as he gave his name, the guard told him that he had been invited into the White House to see a Senior White House Staff member.

Thank God for his varying luck – someone obviously recognized him.

He had been considering how to reach someone to help with the absolute stupidity he had found when he had first appeared in this dimension.

Appearing in Sunnydale, California, on the West Coast of the United States, he had found himself smack-dab in the middle of what in this world would be a magical cluster-fuck. Even though there were no witches and wizards, or at least any of his type of witch or wizard, he HAD found magic.

He had also found Demons and Vampires and, due to his propensity for running into the weird, a government-run organization which was messing with things it didn't really understand.

He had spent a few days investigating. A combination of disillusionment, offensive magic, wards, legilimency, and odd luck, he had sussed out an apparently super-secret project and the illegal actions it seemed to be performing.

Being unusually likely, in his many travels, to meet Heads of State and those who were, as they say, in charge, he felt no compunction about showing up at the home of the country's leader and trying to figure out a way to speak to the man.

Harry Potter, Lone Traveler, had left his desire to "be just a normal guy" and to "not get involved" back somewhere on his many Travels. He also knew that the fastest way to handle things was to go to the top.

So, after making sure there was no Magical government which dealt with such things, he had found himself outside of the White House, contemplating how he would get inside.

Thus, the invitation was – in his mind – just what the healer ordered. Mentally checking what he had on him, he was thankful that the holsters he had eventually obtained which held the wands which he had obtained through his travels (his originals were lost long, long ago – thank God for wandless magic) were of the type that disillusioned themselves once the wand was put in the holster. He only carried a conjured wallet, and an ID which he had transfigured to match what this world's Great Britain used, as well as a few pounds and dollars which he had obtained since he got here.

Harry had a lot of practice setting himself up in a new world, and no compunction about taking advantage of the surplus of ready cash that the criminal element often had on hand: Needs must, and all that. Plus he always enjoyed contemplating a criminal watching the temporarily conjured money he sometimes left in place of what he took just disappearing in front of their eyes, or getting in trouble for trying to pass of counterfeit money.

Deciding there was nothing that would be found on a security check, he smiled as he followed the security guard.

The two, after being signed in at the gate, walked over to the side of the stately building. Harry finally saw two people waiting for them: One was a security guard dressed exactly as his escort was, the second looked to be a man in a suit suitable for working in the building.

The security guard said, "Mr. Harry Potter, as requested."

The man in the suit said, "Thanks." He then addressed Harry. "Wow. You look exactly like you did when I was a kid – right down to the coat and jeans."

Harry gave a small smile. "I don't tend to change much." He then looked curious. "How did we meet again?"

Josh looked at him and said, "You save my sister from a fire."

Harry thought back for a moment. Surprisingly, he remembered – surprising because he often hadn't run into the incidents he was often told about. "Young girl – maybe fourteen? Faulty popcorn maker?"

As Harry spoke, Josh's grin grew wider. "Yeah! I knew I recognized you. You disappeared after I snuck outside to talk to you."

Harry shrugged and smiled again. "Places to go, things to do."

Josh, grinning that he was right, asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Er. I need some help. From someone near the top if possible."

"You came to the right place. I'm Deputy White House Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, diplomatic equivalent of a three-star-General. My boss answers directly to the top. That high enough?"

Harry sighed in relief. "I think that might do."

Josh led Harry back to his office, still smiling. Even though Harry seemed quite serious about needing help, he was happy to meet again the person who had helped himself and his sister all those years ago. This was the man who inspired him into public service.

Harry's talk about helping people without regard to personal cost had been a defining moment of his childhood. Not having the physical abilities to excel in the Armed Forces, he had taken his prodigious intellect into the political field to fight for those politicians whom he felt could make a difference.

Thus his defection from Hoynes when he realized Jed Bartlet was "the real deal."

Donna was just finishing up when she spied her boss. "Josh? I thought we were done."

Josh smiled at his assistant. "This is something else – don't worry about it. This is an old friend, Harry Potter. I'll see you tomorrow."

Curious despite herself, she nodded. "Okay. See you tomorrow."

Harry almost snickered to himself upon seeing her reaction to Josh's full-blown smile. His, almost automatic now, ability to read surface thoughts sussed out the truth and he found it quite amusing that both were quite smitten with each other, though each tried to hide it from those around them and each other and even themselves.

Josh led him into his office and closed the door. "Okay. What do you need help with?"

Harry sighed as he sat down. "Who do I talk to about a clandestine military operation experimenting on US soldiers and other highly unethical practices?"

Josh looked at his visitor in shock. His voice called out, quite loudly, "DONNA!"

A few seconds later, the door opened. "Josh?" Harry was surprised as he had thought she was leaving. Josh wasn't surprised at all she was still there.

"See if Leo is free," he said quite seriously.

She nodded and closed the door.

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