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West Wing 4x23: Twenty Five

Faith was very relieved as she was portkeyed into the White House bunker area. She was going to give her cousin the hugging of her life and then yell at her for not using that portkey that she knew she was supposed to be wearing.

Faith, as a family member of the President's family, was using the one which she had been given years before.

The Secret Service agent on duty nodded at her. "Ms. Lehane. Welcome to the White House. Your Uncle and Aunt are on their way to visit Zoey in Virginia. She is at an Emergency room there."

Faith nodded. "Have we found out why she didn't use her portkey necklace?"

The agent nodded. "She was still drugged from her kidnapping. If she had become coherent, we hope she would have remembered."

Faith's face took on a look. "She was drugged?"

The agent became a little nervous but answered, "Her boyfriend thought it was Ecstasy. Instead it was GHB. It was a conspiracy with the boyfriend's drug dealer involved."

She felt like killing something. "Any demonic involvement?"

The agent replied, "It was Mekros who found her so as to maintain the Truce. He reported that his people would be taking care of any on his side who were involved." The Agent paused. "Your workout room is available if you wish to vent." The Secret Service had learned not to leave Faith without an outlet. "Or we can let you on the next chopper on it its way to Virginia – it's two hours by car but only a 35 minute chopper ride to where your family is. They will be there for a few hours while Zoey is treated."

Faith sighed. "Let me call Uncle Jed and see what he wants. What's the fastest way to reach him?"

She pulled out her cell phone and entered the number the agent gave her for the agent that was closest to her uncle at the moment. "Hello? This is X5." She always almost laughed when she gave her codename which was named for a character in the Dark Angel TV series. "Can I speak to Eagle? … Hello Uncle Jed. I'm at the bunker. … Okay. … I can catch the next chopper they send to you or wait here … Really? Okay. I'll stay with Annie and Gus and the other two Charmed Ones. … Don't blame me, it was your Secret Service which named them. … I know: It was an inside joke about three sisters. Just be happy they haven't been calling them Phoebe, Piper, and Prue. … Yeah, whatever. … Give my love to Aunt Abbey and Zoey. I'll see you all when you get back … Love you too. Bye."

She hung up and said, "They're still 10 minutes out but left the rest of the family here, so I'm going to stay with them in the residence. Can you radio ahead so they know I'm coming?"

The agent nodded and did as he was asked. As he did that, Faith started emptying her arsenal into one of the plastic tubs on hand.

The agent said, "They're ready for you." He paused as Faith pulled off her scabbard and put it with the other things. "It's always unnerving watching you disarm."

She looked at the agent and said, "And I only am doing it now because I will never take a chance of my little cousins accidentally hurting themselves. Uncle Jed and Aunt Abbey know what I am and have approved my carrying in the White House."

"I know. I'm just saying." He watched as Faith switched out her current portkey with an identical one that was fully charged.

Faith chuckled as she waved goodbye to the agent on duty there. She picked up her normal escort on the way up to the residence.

When she entered, she saw her cousins and Liz's family. "Hello, guys!"

Gus, who really love Faith 'cause she would always play with him when she visited, jumped up. "Auntie Faith!"

She smiled at the boy running toward her and easily caught him and lifted him up. "Hey, Munchkin! You making trouble for your mom and dad?" Gus nodded with a grin. "Good boy!" She tickled him even as she held him.

Liz rolled her eyes. Since they had met Faith she had been determined to spoil her kids rotten. The two sisters moved to give their cousin a hug, as did Annie who was now all of 16.

Faith would never tell Liz that the two often talked when Annie wanted advice about boys.

Once she had hugged the kids and the women, she nodded at Liz's husband. "Hello, Doug."

"Hello, Faith. Have you got word?"

She nodded. "I just talked to Uncle Jed. They're still ten minutes from where Zoey is. Because," she paused not wanting to alarm the kids, "of the medicine she was given she will be out of it for a while longer before she can be transferred closer. So we probably should get some sleep because they won't be back before at least 6 or 7 in the morning."

Gus immediately protested. "I want to wait up so I can see Aunt Zoey!"

Faith chuckled at her cousin. "Sorry, Munchkin. Aunt Zoey won't be back until at least tomorrow. Why don't you and Annie come to my room and we can have a sleepover? And then when you wake up, maybe we can get permission to go visit her. What'cha say?"

Gus thought about it and said, "I want hot chocolate with marshmellows!"

"Let's ask your mom."

Liz nodded with resignation. "One small cup and then it's to sleep."

Faith led the two siblings to the kitchen as she stage-whispered, "We'll have a big one!"

Liz would have protested but Faith was good about not actually letting Gus be too ridiculous. What Faith encouraged was actually pretty mild – much better than if Gus came up with how to 'be his own boy'. And because Faith obviously loved her kids, she just let it go.

As Faith woke up, she felt the weight on her stomach. Her enhanced senses picked up the scent of "little boy" – it was distinctive to her – and she realized that Gus had fallen asleep on her.

She sat up carefully and noticed that Annie, on her own side of the bed, was sleepily opening her eyes. Quietly she said, "Hey, girl. I'm going to pass the octopus to you and find out what's going on."

Annie sleepily nodded and accepted her brother's small frame. She cuddled him to her, her arms wrapping around him protectively, and went back to sleep. Faith gave the two a smile as she watched them for a minute before getting up to find out what was going on.

She walked into the kitchen area and saw Ellie and Liz were already up. "What's the word?" she asked quietly as she sat at the table.

Ellie put a plate in front of her and said, "Dad got back a couple of hours ago and is napping after giving a short press conference. Mom is staying with Zoey at the Hospital. Dad will be up in a couple of hours to be in the office by 10:00. Zoey should be alert enough by about 6:00 tonight for visitors. So we're going to take Marine 2 then or Marine 1 if Dad comes with us."

Faith nodded. "Okay. I'm just happy she's back. I don't have so much family that I can afford to lose one. At least it still feels like that to me."

Ellie, knowing how broken Faith was before she was found, moved to stand next to her and throw her arm around her shoulder in a half hug. Faith smiled at her and went back to eating the food in front of her. Ellie watched as the Slayer-sized breakfast disappeared in front of her.

It always amazed Ellie how much Faith could eat.

After eating, Faith took the elevator down to the area where her exercise room was located. Actually, it was designated as a Secret Service training room as far as the rest of the world was concerned but it was rarely used by anyone other than Faith.

The on-duty agent watched in admiration as the attractive young woman moved through the obstacle course on the outside of the room like a gymnast moved through the air. It wasn't a big obstacle course (the White House didn't have the room for more), but it forced her to jump and run and slide like an Army course condensed into a small room.

The lithe woman then moved to the center of the room and began working on the heavy bag. The Kevlar re-enforced bag groaned in protest at the abuse it received.

Feeling her need to punch things sated, Faith them moved to take up her practice sword and moved to the wooden dummy.

This large contraption was a wooden barrel with arms extended so that one could practice hits or swords. It was on a base which turned. This one was different than most in that it turned with a spring action. It also was made out of Brazilian hardwood so that it could take far more abuse than most.

Faith turned the crank which set the spring and then dropped the lever which let it go. The large dummy turned and Faith moved to practice dodging and hitting the dummy with the sword. When the spring uncoiled and coiled the other way, the dummy stopped moving and starting rotating in the opposite direction.

It wasn't a real opponent but it gave her a chance to practice her reflexes on a moving target.

Finally, she was done. She moved to the shower and cleaned up, putting on the clothes she had always waiting in the workout area. Her sweaty clothes would be washed and returned later.

She made her way upstairs and smiled in joy when she saw her uncle. "Uncle Jed!"

The President turned from the counter in the kitchen to see his visitor. "Faith. I'm glad you came." Jed Bartlet opened his arms and Faith smoothly moved to hug the stuffing out of him. "Ooomph. I think you're getting stronger."

She pulled back with a grin and said, "You're just getting older."

He smiled at her and said, "Uh. Uh. Let's show some respect for your Commander-in-Chief."

Faith rolled her eyes. "I sass the Royal Family when I visit out of Watcher Headquarters. You're not getting more respect than the Queen. This is me: Live with it."

Jed grinned. "I like you as you, so that's okay I guess." His face changed into a different look. "I wanted to thank you for being you – your reputation among certain elements got Zoey back before she could be hurt more than being drugged. Let me tell you, having a Slayer as a niece paid our family quite the dividend."

Faith smiled at her uncle and said, "Whatever I can do, I'll do. I like having family far too much to allow anyone to mess with you guys."

Jed smiled at her with affection. "I'm going down to the office. Walk with me."

Faith followed the President out of the residence down to the West Wing. Faith told a few stories of her recent activities and the President listened. The two entered the Oval Office to find the Senior Staff waiting for the President.

"Oops," Faith said. "I think you have things to talk about I don't need to know about," she said to her uncle.

He smiled and replied, "I don't think there's anything too secret happening." He looked to Leo, who nodded in agreement.

Faith shrugged and moved to stand off to the side but protectively.

"Okay, folks. We dodged a bullet. Where are we on VP?"

There were a few names tossed out and issues with some of them. Josh Lyman volunteered the name of the Secretary of State with some enthusiasm. Faith snorted.

Everyone looked at her. The President said, "You have something to add, Faith?"

Looking slightly contrite she said, "Sorry. But," and her face became more animated, "the guys on the other side aren't going to allow you to get someone who is too powerful. This Barryhill guy, if he became Vice-President, could easily win in the next election. That's why you want him, right?"

Josh nodded. "Yeah. We wan't to keep the White House. A strong VP gives us our best shot."

"Yeah. Not going to happen. They won't let it. So get someone who you like, who agrees with you mostly, and who the other guys will underestimate. Someone who might not run in the election but would be valuable as someone who the people listen to for advice." She paused. "Like that guy who was running in the last election – that old guy. He was popular enough to get some of the people who supported you when he was running and it was a big deal when he pulled out and gave you his support. Someone like him – the Republicans think they can beat him but he's a good guy who won't reduce your credibility. Imagine if they forced you to put in some Podunk guy from, I don't know, Colorodo or something. Besides – who would you trust if something – God forbid – happens to Uncle Jed?"

Toby's face grimaced for a moment. The President saw it and asked, "What was that, Toby?"

"Sorry," Toby said. "I can just imagine the Majority leadership forcing us to nominate Bingo Bob Russell – the Podunk from Colorado. I'd much rather have Stackhouse."

After a moment of shuddering at the idea of Bingo Bob for VP, the room contemplated Faith's suggestion. Finally the President called out, "Debbie!"

His secretary arrived at the door. "Yes, Mr. President? You bellowed – even though you have an intercom right there?"

Faith chuckled. "I like her."

The President smiled at his niece. "Yeah. Whatever. Can you get me Senator Stackhouse on the phone?"

Josh looked around. "So, Stackhouse?"

Leo nodded with a small amount of enthusiasm – only noticed if you really knew him. "Yeah, Stackhouse."

Jed nodded. "Thanks, Faith. Maybe we can put you in Josh's position. Scare the Republicans that way."

Faith fake shuddered. "Deal with politicians all day? He .. Heck, no. I'd rather deal with my normal life any day."

In the room, only the President and Leo knew what a scathing remark that was about politicians in general.

Debbie returned to the doorway, "Senator Stackhouse on Line 2."

The President nodded and picked up the phone. "Howard? Hello, this is Jed Bartlett. … Yes, it's good to speak to you as well. Anyway, do you remember the conversation that we had during Red Mass? … That's right. We talked about staying the course. I'm calling you because we can use your help to do just that."

Faith contented herself with sticking around her uncle the rest of the day. Most would assume that it was because she was visiting and her uncle was indulging her – which was true – but it was mostly because she wanted to keep an eye on her uncle until things settled down.

She had already called Buffy and her regular responsibilities with the Watchers and Slayers Assembly were being taken care of while she was protecting the President. She had also been given permission to deliver a message to a certain Ambassador after she had explained what she had learned and what was likely to be happening over the next few days.

CJ stood at the podium and made her announcements. "At 3:30 today, the President will be speaking to the Majority and Minority leadership regarding items of importance to Congress. At 4:00 today, the President will address a closed Joint Session of Congress regarding matters of National Security. With him will be a number of advisors and experts on the subject he will be speaking to. … No, until it's deemed ready for announcement to the American people, I can tell you that my office has no information as to exactly what will be discussed. … The President will be speaking to the nation tomorrow night. … You'll have to wait until the President speaks. Thank you."

Speaker Walken looked at the group which entered with the President to the meeting with the Leaderships. He tapped his aide, "You see that woman dressed like a Secret Service agent? … No, she's not. That's his niece. … If anyone tried to kill the President, she'll prevent it by any means necessary – we don't say a damn thing. She's probably the most lethal person in Washington DC right now. Tell the others – the subject is NOT to be discussed. Trust me."

Finally the room had settled down. "Good afternoon," the President began. "A few items before I address Congress. First of all, thank you for providing the invitation at our request. It makes it much easier. I wanted the Leadership on both sides to be ready for what we are announcing. First of all, the FBI has collected evidence that the kidnappers who took my daughter were sleeper agents trained in Qumar at one or another of the madrasa there. There is no evidence that the Sultanate was involved, but we'll get back to that in a moment. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and my National Security Advisor have recommended surgical attacks on terrorist training camps disguised as madrosses. We also have another five-man sleep cell which has been under surveillance which has fallen off of the map. We will be announcing their identities and stepping up security around military installations and public venues. Now, last year, in an operation sanctioned by myself and which followed the laws and practices which have been put in place for such activities, the United States military executed the assassination of Abdul ibn Shareef, former Defense Minister for the Sultanate of Qumar. He was personally responsible for the ordering and/or organizing most of the terror attacks against our military and civilian installations that have occurred in the last eight years. He also was responsible for an attack against the Golden Gate Bridge which was foiled by Law Enforcement. This information is, unfortunately, about to come out due to the hard work of a reporter in the White House press corps who stumbled across the most remote sources. We can't stop the information from becoming public, and so we're going to tell the world that we did it at my order. Are there any questions so far?"

Haffley, the Majority whip, asked, "The Sultan wasn't aware?"

The President replied, "There has been no evidence that the Sultan was involved in any way. All the Sultan is guilty of is criminal blindness and allowing more radical elements too much rope. We're going to use that rope to hang them. I hope that we can count on Congress's support for an appropriate response?"

There were murmurs of agreement from the room.

"Now, on another matter: As the Speaker knows, we dodged a bullet yesterday. The Presidential line of succession nearly threw the leadership of Congress out the window due to the necessity, at that time, of me recusing myself during the crisis of Zoey Bartlet's kidnapping. The Speaker can attest that he was literally seconds away from resigning so that an irrational father in fear for his daughter's life was not in charge of the most powerful military in the world."

Everyone looked to the Speaker who nodded. "I had the pen in my hand and about to write my resignation when the third party who helped resolve the situation contacted the President."

One of the Democratic leadership asked, "Who was the third party?"

The Speaker and the President looked at each other. The President replied, "From Congress, only the Gang of Eight is cleared for that information. Even my Senior Staff, outside of the White House Chief of Staff, isn't cleared to know. Josh Lyman does, due to special circumstances, but he'd be the first to tell you – you're better off not knowing."

The eight Congressmen who were in the know all nodded, telling the others that it was not information that would be shared. Josh Lyman was also nodding heavily in agreement. Those who didn't know were curious as to what in the world could scare Bartlet's Bulldog that much.

"Back to the matter at hand. We can't afford this happening again. If for some reason I have to step back due to illness or crisis, we need a VP who can handle it and who can keep the American people focused. I am informing you right now that I will be nominating Howard Stackhouse, former five-time Senator from Minnesota for the position of Vice President. He will be flying in from Minnesota tomorrow from his home where he had retired to. Air Force Two and a contingent of Secret Service agents are on its way to pick him up and he will be protected as of the beginning of the Joint Session. My Press Secretary will be announcing his nomination from the White House Press Room at that time."

The President looked at the Joint leadership with resolve. "Whoever takes my place if the worst happens needs to be able to withstand the pressures of whatever crisis caused my absence and we all know to what length Howard Stackhouse will go in the interests of the American people. Having spoken to him, this means that there will be a completely clear field on both sides for the next election – he was enjoying being retired and doesn't want to spend the next seven or eleven years in Washington – but the leadership on both sides will just have to accept that I am ignoring future politics in the interest of National Security. This cannot happen again, no matter what."

The various Congressmen considered the name and most were accepting of the idea – Stackhouse was highly respected among Democrats and not too scary to the Republicans.

"Okay. I will leave you all to discuss things with your various caucuses. If the Minority caucus has questions for me I will answer them – as long as we can start by 4:00."

The President and his retinue withdrew from the room. There was a quick discussion between the two parties and then the various Congressmen and Congresswomen moved to speak to their own parties and House members.

It was 4:00 and the Speaker of the House called the Joint Session of Congress together. With the Chambers cleared of any public, it was a somewhat solemn affair.

Some representative were shocked at the evidence, but most were well-versed enough with the Middle East situation that nothing presented truly surprised them.

The announcement of the assassination of Abdul ibn Shareef and the reasons were actually the most shocking – many Republicans had not been aware that the scholarly Josiah Bartlet had the stones to order such an action. There was a great deal more respect given toward the President when it was all laid out.

The proposed response was explained in detail by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Percy Fitzwallace. Dr. Nancy McNally, the President's National Security advisor backed up the plan as well as the actions that would be taken domestically to tighten security.

Finally, the President addressed Congress. "I asked to speak to you today, in Closed session, because as much as I have the Constitutional Authority to command the Armed Forces to take these actions without a formal declaration of war, I cannot hide the fact that much of this action is the result of an attack against my own family. Our children should not be involved in international politics and the cause of military action – except where their safety would be compromised by not taking such actions. I cannot recuse myself because I have no Vice President in place to take such actions as are necessary.

"And so I appeal to the system of checks and balances set up by our nation's founders and formally ask for permission from Congress to take these actions. The best military and legal minds deem this a necessary action. But, in the end, it is the people who must decide.

"On a separate but related matter, to prevent the situation from possibly recurring, I am nominating former Senator Howard Stackhouse, five-time senator from the Great State of Minnesota, for the position of Vice President of the United States of America. Howard Stackhouse has been a public servant for over 30 years and is a man of integrity and dignity. He has long been a champion of the American people who would not hesitate to risk his all in the interests of those who he serves. His track record speaks for itself. God-forbid, should I ever fall or be unable to discharge the duties to which I was assigned by the electorate of these United States, I could rest content that my people would be led and sheltered by such a man.

"I thank you and the Leadership of both houses for the opportunity to address you and I will now return to the Executive Mansion and await word on you decisions. God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America. Thank you."

There was a surge of applause as the President withdrew, shaking hands on both sides as he went. Faith was surprised that a few of the people nodded respectfully to her in her position as bodyguard.

While the President and his staff were waiting patiently (or not) for word back from the Hill, Faith visited the residence where Zoey had been returned after becoming lucid. Abbey and Zoey were quite thankful to her for whatever she did that got things handled so fast. Zoey explained that one of the kidnappers was getting more and more violent (from what she could remember) and was goading the others into allow him to "teach her her place."

Only the fact she was still fairly incoherent from the drugs used had saved her.

After Faith had yelled at her about remembering the portkey, Zoey almost broke a couple of bones from Faith's hug. It was emotional all around.

In the Oval Office, Josh came in. "They just finished, Mr. President. They will be driving it over in 20 minutes."

The President nodded. "Any indications?"

"The Minority Leader of the House sent his congratulations on an effective argument. Apparently, approval was pretty bi-partisan."

Leo and the President looked at each other in relief. Leo added, "I wonder what took so long. A vote and a document don't take that long."

Josh shrugged. "All I was told is that you'd be quite happy."

Leo looked at his watch. "Okay. Get everyone in here, the entire senior staff. We've got work to do to pull off tomorrow." He turned and addressed the President, "Nancy and Fitwallace are waiting in the Situation room. Should we tell them to get started?"

The President contemplated it. "Let's wait the twenty minutes it takes for them to drive the resolution over – an exact wording will give our limits."

Twenty minutes later, the nervous kid from downstairs was presenting the two signed resolutions for the President's signature.

The first was expected: It authorized the bombing of the different camps in Qumar. The president ordered Leo to get the Qumar Amabassador into his office at 11:45 the next morning – the bombings would start minutes later.

The second resolution was a shock: In a full meeting of the House and Senate, the votes of the two Houses were taken as regards the nomination of Howard Stackhouse. With a 70 to 28 vote in the Senate and a 270 to 129 vote in the House of Representatives, the nomination of Howard Stackhouse as the new Vice President had been passed. There was a note: "Congress will be available for the oath to be administered in the customary place until 10:00 tonight."

Josh was in awe. "I don't believe it!"

Leo looked it over after the President finished. "Believe it." He turned and asked the President, "The new VP hits Andrews at 8:00 and will be here by 9:15. We need to send the motorcade to the Capital Building. The traditional place is the west front terrace there."

"Okay. Call the Leadership and give them the schedule. Alert the cabinet and the Press Corp that we will be visiting the Capital at 9:30 tonight for a special announcement. The Secretary of State will administer the Oath of Office. The hubbub will draw attention away from the military advisers coming and going to prepare for the operation tomorrow," the President said. He turned to Leo. "Get someone to make certain whatever family he has with him is brought with him. Where were we putting him up, anyway?"

"Blair House," Leo answered.

"Okay. Inform One Observatory that the new VP will be moving in and find out how long before they can be ready," the President ordered. "If they can't be ready tonight, we'll go with Blair House. If he has more family with him than One Observatory can handle, we can still put the rest there."

He took a deep breath. "Quietly inform the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House that they shall receive a written statement from me at 11:55 tomorrow morning recusing myself so as to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest in this matter. The newly sworn Vice President will be invested with full Executive Authority according to the 25th Amendment. He will be giving the orders regarding the actions taken against Qumar. Also inform them that they should receive another written declaration by 6:00 tomorrow night that I will be taking back my Constitutional authority at that time. I will address the American people at 7:00 tomorrow night as scheduled."

He looked around. "That means that tomorrow afternoon, I will legally not be allowed to act with Executive Authority. Anything which requires the President will have to be answered by the Vice President until the second declaration is delivered. Do you all understand?" There were nods all around. "Okay, let's do it."

"Thank you, Mr. President," most in the room murmured before making their way out to their various duties.

At 11:45 AM, the Qumar Ambassador was ushered in to the Oval Office. The President stood up and shook the man's hand. "Ambassador Usef. Thank you for coming."

The Qumar Ambassador recognized that there were no words of welcome. He also recognized the presence of Secret Service agents as not a normal thing. "You are welcome. May I ask the reason I was summoned?"

The President nodded. "Yes, you may. Please have a seat."

The Qumari Ambassador sat as was asked. "First of all, I am officially informing your government that the death of the former Defense Minister, Abdul ibn Shareef, was accomplished by United States Special forces, acting under my orders."

"What!? This is an outrage!" The Qumari Ambassador recognized his mistake in standing. The Secret Service was not standing so relaxed now – their hands were upon their weapons.

The president quietly said, "Please sit down."

The Ambassador did so. "I must express my government's outrage. There will be repercussions."

"I understand," the President replied, "but I am not done. First of all, I am giving you these." He pushed two large files over. "This is the collected evidences, without reference to how it was collected, which precipitated that decision: The financial records, the time tables, the recording of Shareef's own voice regarding the failed attempt of the operation that he ordered and paid for to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It's all there. You will be able to share this with your government because as of 7:00 tonight this will be shared with the American people."

The Qumari ambassador had grown quite pale as the President spoke. This was not good.

"Also there is this." The President pushed over another three folders. "This includes the arrest records of the Bahji operatives which accomplished the kidnapping of Zoey Bartlet – my daughter – and the evidence which was collected which proves it. It also contains their records as far as their training at various Madrasa in your country. It shows their financing, etc. etc. etc. Do you understand?"

The Ambassador nodded weakly.

"Now, my niece, Faith Lehane, will speak to you regarding another matter." He looked at Faith who was standing off to the side.

"Ambassador Usef. I am Faith Lehane, sometimes called the Dark Slayer. I represent the Watcher and Slayer Assembly, formerly known as the Watchers International. Do you know of us?"

The Ambassador was sweating now as he nodded.

"First of all, the family of President Bartlet is under my personal protection because they are my family. I will put forth all resources and efforts if they are threatened again. Do you understand?"

The Ambassador nodded once more. "Yes."

"I am also to inform you that our organization has determined that the education within the madrasa of Qumar has increased the threat to our people operating within the region. Without significant change, the Watcher and Slayer Assembly shall refuse to enter the Sultanate of Qumar for any reason, regardless of the threat, unless it threatens the survival of the world as a whole. Two years ago we were called to deal with an ifreet which was causing untold damage there. If things do not change, such threats, and any presence of agents if Iblis, will have to be dealt with by yourselves with no help from us in any way. Should a threat appear which threatens the world, the entirety of the several hundred activated Slayers worldwide, as well as all allied covens of the world, would descend on the Sultanate of Qumar – there is strength, after all, in numbers. Do you understand?"

Woodenly, the Ambassador nodded. "I understand, Dark Slayer. I shall inform my government."

Jed Bartlet nodded and looked at his watch. "I will tell you now that any response given within the next 6 hours will have to be delivered to our newly sworn in Vice President. You see, as of 11:55 – sixty seconds ago – I have relinquished all Executive Authority to Vice President Stackhouse. The actions that my advisors informed me were necessary to curb the Bahji threat are beginning as we speak. Terror training camps within your country are now being actively bombed. Because this started with the kidnapping of my daughter, I recused myself so as to ensure that our response was not the actions of an angry father but of cold, hard facts.

"No town ruled by the Sultanate is being targeted and no recognized Qumar military installation is being menaced or attacked: Only the Bahji and their places of which your government has long denied responsibility.

"I invite you to withdraw now and speak to your government. If the actions are finished by the time your government has a response, I will be available. If they are still ongoing, you will have to contact Acting President Howard Stackhouse. He, unfortunately, will be quite busy within the command center for our Armed Forces and might not be available for the next several hours. You may go now."

Okay … I'm done. I had a whole plan for how Stackhouse handles the underwater nuclear test and the NASA emergency but it's getting tiring to write. I'll finish it if enough people request it. It is really an omake.