Chapter two

Danny p.o.v

Danny glanced down at my watch, with the numbers 9:00 AM staring back at him. It had been less than 24 hours since his parents had found out, since he ran away, since the GIW finding out about him being a halfa, and since his life became a living nightmare.

he had been walking all night, trying to keep moving so that it would be easier to hide. Danny couldn't relax, all he could do was try his best to not break down. Him being able to transform into a human was what threw the GIW off the most. They couldn't find him because a human can't be half dead, or at least they think. Scratch that, or at least they thought. Now that his cover was blown, there was nowhere to hide.

Danny sighed, and then stiffened up. He glanced around, and then locked eyes with someone that was staring right at him. The man grinned at Danny, and that grin sent shiver down Danny's spine. He lifted his phone to his ear and spoke into it. Danny quickened his pace, and turned down an empty alley. As soon as the man was out of sight, he began sprinting as fast as he could, taking random turns down alley ways. As he turned a corner, something shot into his shoulder. He fell back with a gasp of pain.

"Well, if it isn't the ghost freak. Ready for some painful experiments?" Whoever was talking, Danny couldn't see. The pain in his shoulder was making his vision blur, and he could feel himself slowly blacking out. Someone grabbed the front of his shirt, and pulled him up roughly, but then dropped him. The pain in his shoulder exploded, and he momentarily forgot to breathe. The last thing he saw was a figure standing over him, reaching his arm out to him.

As Danny woke up, he expected to see his room, with his NASA posters, and his rocket and planet models, and his desk sitting in the corner with a stack of unfinished homework assignments that Mr. Lancer had given out. But here, that was not the case. He was in a bed, with an IV tube in his arm, along with bandages wrapped around his left shoulder, and (thankfully) no hospital gown. He jerked into a sitting position and reached to take out the IV tube.

"Well look who is up?" Danny jerked his head towards the voice and saw a man with brown hair and glasses wearing a white coat over his clothes. "Who are you? Where am I?" Danny shot out before he could stop himself. The man blinked in surprise. "I'm Doctor Rigor, and this is the SHIELD headquarters." The boy stayed tense, and then tried to sit up but Dr. Rigor pushed him back down. "You have a very bad burn on your right shoulder that needs to get healed and we need to ask you a few questions, Mr. Fenton." At the sound of his last name, Danny sharply inhaled. With that, Dr. Rigor stood up and went out the door, most likely to go and get who ever was to question him. As soon as the door closed, Danny nimbly jumped out of bed, swiftly pulled the IV tube, and pulled the closet door open, and luck be with him, there was a shirt and jacket folded up. With that, he entered the closet and tried to make his escape.

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