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A floor. An entire freaking floor. Danny's mind was blown- no, no it was split down the middle and cut completely in half. A floor all for himself.

He turned towards Bruce, mouth agape.

"Does Dr. Stark have a hidden camera show he secretly funds? This can only be a prank. Please be a prank, I don't know what I would even do with an entire floor."

"Yeah, it's a bit… much for the first time. You'll get used to it though, it'll be like having your own house." Bruce paused, "Or close to one."

"...my own house? I'm 16, at this age I should be looking at getting a Drivers License, not getting my own house!"

"That might have not been the best comparison…"

Bruce said to himself as he walked over to the couch, guiding Danny with a hand on his shoulder. He gestured for him to sit on the couch and went into the kitchen section of the floor. Danny leaned back into the couch that probably cost more than Jazz's college tuition and took a deep breath.

"Peppermint or Lavender tea? Or maybe not tea, I think we have hot chocolate. What'll help you calm down?"

"Uh, Peppermint. I can make it myself though, you really shouldn't trouble yourself Dr. Banner." Danny pulled himself off the couch, talking as he went to the kitchen, "I'd hate to be in the way I'm sure you're busy."

"Please, call me Bruce. Plus I always make something to help calm me down after dealing with anything government."

"He's borderline allergic, I swear he's seconds away from breaking out in hives after every meeting. Personally I'm the same." Danny turned from where he was leaning against the kitchen island and found Tony Stark walking through the door.

"And no Danny, I don't own a hidden camera show but I will save that footage for when I need a laugh."

Danny gaped and looked at Bruce, " Will I be filmed the whole time I'm here?"

"No, Tony's just being dramatic. Here's your tea Danny, it's hot so be careful. I'm sure he will not record anymore footage without your permission from now on." The last part was said with a pointed glare sent Tony's way, in which he responded with his trademark smile and pulled up a chair next to Danny at the island.

"Yeah, no worries kid. There are cameras in the room but unless it's an emergency or the first 5 minutes of someone seeing the room, JARVIS is the only one with access to the cameras."

"And I hope you appreciate that I do sir, the amount of times you have fallen asleep during precarious mechanical work is astounding."

Danny openly gaped at the voice after it had finished speaking. People had been wondering for ages if Tony Stark was kidding about the artificial intelligence he said he created. Most thought it was a grab for attention because of the fact that he always brushed off questions pertaining to it, but Tucker would always vehemently argue that Dr Stark (Tucker said the man earned the title therefore he should use the title) was A) smart enough and B) had a love for technology that rivaled Tuckers which could certainly make him passionate enough to create one. Jazz thought that if he did, it was because of either spite or to show off.

"You- You actually made an AI. That's an actual AI right?" When Tony shrugged and nodded Danny gave a startled laugh, "Tucker is gonna explode."


"Tucker's one of my best friends, he's a huge fan actually. Oh, and Sam is too! Only recently though, she really hated it when you made weapons. She's all for your clean energy products now, she could rival Tucker for number one fan," Danny chuckled, and then paused, and then the grin that had slipped onto his face slipped off again just as fast," I- I'm sure once this gets figured out they'd love to meet you."

A beat passed, Bruce obviously tense with the reminder of why Danny was there and Tony staring at the counter with an unreadable expression. After a moment, Tony looked up and smiled at Danny.

"Do they know about the whole 'highschooler by day, dead kid by night' thing?"

"Yeah, they do."

"Well, anyone willing to stick with you when your life turns into the Twilight Zone is good in my book."

Bruce, who had been sipping his tea without comment decided to pipe up, "I thought you didn't believe in ghosts Tony."

"That! That is a good point Brucie-Bear, let's talk about that. How much science was considered when you decided you were a ghost. Also, are you dead?"

"I don't think you decide if you're a ghost," Danny looked over his shoulder to see Hawkeye and Black Widow enter through the door as Hawkeye was speaking. "I think that gets decided for you."

"I hope you aren't tormenting the kid Tony, it's his first day." Black Widow turned to look at Danny and smiled gently at him, "If he's bothering you just remember I can hide a body."


"When!?" Tony gaped at the still recovering Danny, "When, Nat, when did the new kid become your favorite?"

A knock interrupted the conversation.

"Would you like me to get the door for you Mr. Fenton?" JARVIS asked.

"Uh, sure. Thanks JARVIS. Can I just...What?"

"Cool huh? He's hooked up all over the tower, he can basically do anything so don't be afraid to ask." Tony said, seeing the surprise on Danny's face.

"No, I was- I mean not that that's not cool but- I was asking about the fact that Black Widow-"

The door swung open on it's own, and Captain Steven Grant Rogers came through the door.

"Heard you were having an impromptu welcome party, figured I'd join. How are you handling everyone Danny?"

"As well as I can when I'm surrounded by the Avengers."

"I knew it, he's a fanboy. Pay up Nat!" Clint crowed with a grin on his face.

"I said 'no' to the bet Clint, he had close to literal stars in his eyes when he saw Steve. Why would I bet he wouldn't be one."

"OK, back to the topic at hand; ghosts." Tony interrupted.

"Yeah, still think it's bonkers." Clint piped up from where he was making coffee.

"'Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they can't understand it.'" Said Steve as he settled on a stool at Danny's other side. "So go on, let's see if you can't wow Stark to the point of a couple minutes of quiet."

Encouraged by Captain Rogers' words, and ignoring Dr. Stark's unimpressed look aimed at the captain, Danny started on the science of it all.

"Well, it's actually pretty interesting when it comes to the science of ectology because it changes how we view the world…"

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