Evening was falling and two sisters where trekking through a forest, the oldest of the two seemed a little eager to get somewhere whilst the younger one jogged behind trying to keep up.

"Can we go back now Savannah?" the younger girl who looked to be older than Six years old complained "I'm getting tired and Mommy and Daddy will be cross if we're not back soon."

"Not yet Francesca, we're nearly there" the older sister replied, her name was Savannah and she was Eleven years old, a rather feisty young girl who wasn't afraid of a little bit of adventure.

"Don't call me Francesca" her younger sister whined, folding her arms "I don't like that name."

"Sorry, Frisk" Savannah replied with a smirk as little Frisk pouted in response "but we're almost there, come on, hurry up." Savannah grabbed Frisk by the hand and the two sisters headed further into the forest.

"Tell me, why are we going to Mt Ebott?" Frisk questioned, her Six year old mind unable to process why her older sister wanted to go to the Mountain and why she insisted on bringing her along. Before long, the two girl's finally arrived at the base of the mountain and Savannah looked up with a grin whilst Frisk looked a little worried.

"Here it is" Savannah said "this is the place where the legends come from, anyone who climbs this mountain never ever returns. Well, let's see if they true or not."

"What are you doing Savannah?" Frisk asked as the older girl began climbing "you're not going to climb it are you?"

"Of course I am" Savannah replied with an eye roll "I want to see if those stories about people who climb this never returning are true."

"Please, don't leave me here" Frisk whined "I don't want to be here by myself."

"Well, you could always come with me you know" Savannah offered "see for yourself if the stories are true" and with that, Savannah began to climb and it wasn't long before little Frisk was following behind her. The two girls climbed until they reached a small cave halfway up where by then it was getting dark and Frisk was complaining of being tired, asking if they could take a little break.

"Fine, let's sit down for a little bit outside this cave" Savannah agreed as the pair of them took a little break outside the cave and savannah gazed at the view whilst Frisk stood near the entrance to the cave, not noticing that she was standing to close to the edge of what looked like a bottomless pit "wow, the view looks simply amazing from up here, I could just sit here all day and look at" she was interrupted by a squeal coming from behind her and savannah turned round to see Frisk dangling over the edge of the hole in the cave, slowly slipping into it and thinking quickly, Savannah jumped to her feet, ran over to the hole and grabbed the Six year old by the wrists.

"Don't let me fall Savannah" Frisk pleaded, a look of pure fear on her face.

"I won't, just hold on" Savannah replied as she attempted to pull her sister out from the hole but it was no use, Frisk was already falling and before Savannah could pull her out any further, the younger girl went falling into the seemingly bottomless pit, taking Savannah along with her and it felt like they were falling for hours until both girls finally landed in a bed of yellow flowers which broke their fall. The bottom of the pit was silent save for Frisk sobbing and whimpering as Savannah slowly got to her feet and looked around, trying to figure out where they were.

"Man, what the heck is this place?" she thought as Frisk continued to sob and savannah walked over to her, helping her to her feet "don't cry Frisk, every things going to be okay, I'll figure out a way to get us out of here" she looked up to where the gaping hole was only to see that it was far to high for them to reach "although, I don't think we can go out the way we came."

"We're not going to be stuck down here forever are we?" Frisk asked.

"No, we just need to see if we can find another way out of this place" Savannah replied as she looked around, trying to see if she could a find a way out until she found a doorway which was at the other end of the corridor they were standing in "come on, let's see if there's a way out through that doorway." Savannah took Frisk's hand and the pair of them headed to the doorway at the end of the corridor and when they walked through, the sisters found themselves in another small room and right in the middle, on a small patch of grass was a yellow Flower and as the girls approached, they noticed that it had a face, a face that was smiling at them.

"Wow, check out this flower" Frisk said as she walked over to it whilst Savannah eyed it suspiciously, she didn't know why but she could feel that there was something not quite right about this strange smiling flower.

"Howdy" it chirped in an almost child like voice "I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower, hmm, you two are new to the underground aren't cha, golly, I bet you both must be so confused."

"Well confused pretty much covers it" Savannah replied as Frisk stood in front of the talking Flower.

"Well, I reckon someone should teach you girls how things work around here" Flowey offered "as you know, down here in the underground, we share a lot of love" Savannah and little Frisk watched as small white seed like pellets appeared in the air "down here, love is shared through these little white friendliness pellets. "

"What do they do?" Frisk asked as the so called "friendliness pellets" hovered in the air, the Six year old becoming fascinated by them.

"Well if you catch them, you'll find out" Flowey urged her "go on, try and catch as many as you can, the more you catch, the more love you'll get." Smile widening, Frisk was about to grab a handful but Savannah grabbed her hand before she got a chance to.

"Savannah, what are you doing?" the younger girl.

"I don't think we can trust this, Flower" Savannah pointed out "and besides, how often is it that you see a talking Flower, there's something pretty off about all this."

"Don't be dumb" Frisk replied, pulling her arm away "he seems pretty harmless" Savannah looked over at Flowey who was smiling sweetly back at her, swaying from side to side, petals ruffling "now are you gonna catch some of these pellets too."

"I think I'll pass" Savannah replied, still suspicious of Flowey but Frisk was reaching her small hand out, ready to catch the friendliness pellets but as she caught some of them, a sharp searing pain surged through her small body and the Six year old went flying across the room, landing painfully on her back, crying out as Savannah rushed over to her.

"You idiot" a voice said from behind the two girls, a voice that sounded almost childlike and demonic at the same time causing Savannah to whip her head around to see that Flowey's friendly expression had now changed into an evil and malicious grin "in this world, it's kill or be killed" Savannah pulled Frisk closer to her in a protective hug as the younger girl whimpered in fear as the once friendly, now evil looking Flower focused his attention on Savannah "you're pretty smart huh, you already suspected what I was planning" he gave a sarcastic eye roll "good for you."

"I thought you was a nice Flower" Frisk stated as Flowey let out an evil cackle, causing the six year old girl to huddle closer to her older sister for protection.

"And that's why, you're an idiot" he chided "seriously, didn't your Mommy and Daddy ever tell you not to trust strangers" he extended his stalk so that he was close up to the two girls "especially talking flowers" he then chuckled as a circle of "friendliness pellets" surrounded the two sisters, trapping them "now enough chin wagging for today, it's time for you to little brats, to DIE!." Flowey then cackled manically as the ring of Friendliness pellets slowly closed in on Savannah and Frisk, trapping both girls with no way out.