In the Shadow of the Vampire

By: Psychotic Tanuki

AN: AU Kaoru/Battousai /Kenshin, Megumi/Sanosuke, Misao/Aoshi and it is a vampire fiction. I hope I haven't overdone it…^^; Misao comes out a bit OOC... maybe Kenshin is a little OOC……I took his angst to the extreme…T-T;



Disclaimer: Does not own Kenshin….wish I did…

Prologue: "And the waters turned red…like blood"

The smell of blood wasn't something that he could forget easily. It tends to hang in the air, like a curtain of metallic perfume that could be tasted in the mouth and felt in the nose. It gave him a type of mind numbing effect, a state of complete nothingness, yet filled with complete pleasure. It was that same feeling of pleasure that disgusted him, and made him wretch inside. It was the reason why lay curled up in his apartment corner, with only his eyes daring to peak out into the night.

His internal reverie was cut short as his 'other self' growled in anger. He sighed in his corner; he hadn't killed anything in a week, preserving his instable sanity. Death brought upon the beast, it was an addiction worse than that of any drug.


His dark blue, almost violet, eyes glanced from underneath his arms that a rat had entered his line of view.


The memory of the smell filled his nostrils, sickening him. The memory of the taste filled his mouth. Oh, how he longed to vomit. His mind lay in unease, it propelled him forward. You are not that pathetic. He fought the urge and unconsciously, his leg began to twitch up and down. His breathing began to become labored and his whole frame shook.




He reveled in the blood as it dripped down his forearm, and into his eagerly awaiting mouth. Using his lengthy fingernail, he tore open the rat's skin and plunged his face into its blood. Blood splattered over his white shirt, and dotted his pale face. Miniature intestines lay discarded on the floor, yet he was not hungry. No, a vampire of his age did not need to feed every night…even now; he was not swallowing the blood. The taste of it on his tongue was enough.


He threw away the rat from him, and it skittered across the floor, spewing blood. The dark blue, almost violet, eye color slowly receded into their pupils, as hauntingly beautiful gold spewed back out of them. A feral grin tugged at his mouth; once again, the killer of man was free. His gentler self was getting better; he had been incapacitated for a week and a half. Running a slender hand through his long, burgundy, blood-colored hair, he swept it up into a high ponytail, unruly bangs falling forth. When Himura Kenshin had died, he had been born.

The Hitokiri Battousai is back.


Takani Megumi sighed. Rubbing the bridge of her nose, she set down the newspaper she had been reading gently onto the table. Honestly, they didn't pay her enough money to keep this dilapidated ICU unit running. With Genzai-sensei gone, Ayame and Suzume to take care of as well as her patients, she began to feel this week's toll upon her. She stared at the unmerciful clock, of all weeks to place this upon her, the fates chose this week. Her long black hair had been tied haphazardly into a ponytail and her russet eyes diverted their attention. She looked at the newspaper she had just set down, its headline boldly staring back at her.


He was back. The bastard was back. Closing her eyes she sighed in defeat. She was not strong enough, nor was she up to this. Damn it all, one doctor was not going to be able to bring down the most feared killer in all of Japan. Worst of all, this killer happened to be an undead killer. How do you kill something that's essentially, already died? Slumping in the chair, she sighed. She was not involved in these things anymore, her involvement ended when Tomoe had died. The young vampire slayer had depended on her to mend her wounds, and help occasionally with potions and such, but Megumi could not do it alone. Tomoe had done the actual killing and she'd been cheering from the back lines.

"You dumb fuck." She threw the newspaper into the trash, Tomoe had fallen in love with the Battousai, who did not return the sentiment, and he had only fooled her, deceived her and then killed her.

Why was he back in Tokyo? Wasn't it bad enough that 5 years ago he had plagued their city, killing over 5,000 people? Of course, Megumi felt awful about Kyoto's recent trouble with him and his vampire posse going around, killing innocent people. However, was it wrong to hope that he would just leave Tokyo alone? With a heavy heart, Megumi rose out of her chair and proceeded to the room which held the world's last hope of killing the Battousai.

Ironically, the only thing that could kill such a powerful monster was a sickly, poverty-stricken, diseased, and dying girl Kamiya Kaoru. Megumi shook her head; Kaoru had been dropped at Tokyo Hospital for the Terminally Ill by her parents, afraid of her and unwilling to take care of her. So for the last seven years, since she had been placed at the hospital, she never once left her bed. Kamiya Kaoru, the girl with long black hair, cobalt blue eyes and attitude had been less than pleasant to deal with the first few months and for many weeks Megumi had been tempted to throw her out to the Battousai. Only the memory of Tomoe and Enishi stopped her. Well, that and the law.

"Oi, tanuki-chan, wake up." Flickering on the lights, Megumi sighed as she watched Kaoru snore on, without even acknowledging her existence. Reaching a slender hand forward, she slapped her hand over Kaoru's mouth and pinched her nose shut. Seconds later, she had achieved a favorable result along with an annoyed tanuki.

"Megumi-san! Are you trying to kill me?!" Kaoru had shot up out of her bed, and now glared at her doctor, who had become the closest thing to a friend since her stay here.

"I was just merely waking you up, no need to get flustered about it." Megumi coolly replied gripping her clipboard. The hospitals would be the first place the Battousai would look for her, and soon, Tokyo Hospital for the Terminally Ill would no longer be a safe haven for either herself or Kaoru.

"WELL you COULD have woken me up NICELY." Kaoru pouted, crossing her arms over her chest, she set her baleful eyes onto Megumi.

"Don't look at me like that. Besides, not even YOU could hear above your snoring- Now roll up your sleeve, I need to take your blood pressure." Sending one last glare, Kaoru complied with Megumi's request and stared ahead at the clock on the white wall. It was 9'o clock in the morning, and Kaoru sighed. She always got up at 9'o clock; she always ate at noon, sat in bed all day long and went to sleep at 9 pm. Today would be no different and for the nth time, Kaoru wondered what she was doing in a hospital. She was healthy, 100% healthy and yet her poor excuses for parents insisted she stay in bed all day. Both Megumi-san and Genzai-sensei had also insisted the same, telling her she was doomed to die if she didn't. That the only place she was safe was in the confines of this very room.

"Good, 111/70, you're not in danger of hypertension." Kaoru snorted. Next, in her incredibly predictable life would be dream analyzing, which was something she was not quite comfortable with, at least, not today.

"So, did you have any dreams last night?" Kaoru glanced sidelong at Megumi. The doctor was not her usual calm, collected, conniving kitsune self. She seemed shaky, almost unsure as to her answer and Kaoru found, that she felt the same.


"Don't lie to me Tanuki." Megumi frowned, it was not like Kaoru to try and lie about her dreams, not unless they were disturbing. Today, was important, if Kaoru had seen something in her dream, it would prove whether or not Tomoe was right in announcing that there was another. If not, then Tanuki would gain her freedom in this instant.

Kaoru, on the other hand, knew her answer would decide her future. Depending on her answer, she would either be able to go free, like she'd always wanted, or stay here forever. However, could she lie? Could she forget their dead faces staring up at her? Could she forget the stench of blood? Could she live with herself if more of them died?

"They're dead. Twenty of them, dead." Megumi let out a shaky breath, Tomoe had been right in her prediction, and this confirmed it. She was now sure that the Battousai had felt Kaoru's presence last night, and now he would seek her out. Neither of them were safe, nor was anyone else in Tokyo for that matter.


He prowled through the streets ever so carefully. His followers would've surely felt his presence by now and he waited demurely, his plans had been set back significantly. Golden eyes narrowed, this would be much harder with the Rurouni in the way. Although, the Battousai pondered, to an extent, he is quite useful. He looked around him as people bustled about their own busy lives, some worried, some overly cheerful. He looked at where his feet had led him and smiled maliciously. The Headquarters of the Oniwabanshu.

The Oniwabanshu HQ, was the place where he would find one of his loyal supporters; Shinomori Aoshi. He almost snorted at the irony of it all; Shinomori was in debt to him, a vampire, when Aoshi was okashira of the most successful vampire slaying communities. Shinomori himself knew this, although those twits and Okina did not. His daisho was uncomfortable against his thin frame, constricted by the blasted trench coat, not unlike Aoshi's, only without that gaudy collar. He stared at the steps before decidedly walking down ever so slowly, his geta clacking along the concrete. The headquarters, most cleverly disguised as an underground store with a large wooden door waiting at the bottom of many stairs.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs, his cold golden eyes stared at the door. Willing the Rurouni to come out, the Battousai held a definitive rule over the body. He would not allow the Rurouni full control ever again. A week and a half out of commission, as well as a year of inaction was what it had earned him. At least, until last night. Shinomori would be most displeased. And with that final thought, he knocked on the door.