/-`| -Prologue -|´-\

Smoke filled the absences of luminescent green splattered about the corridor and the limp, dead Yautjas. A few were slumped against the walls, others in a vaguely discernable heap of bright green blood and viscous liquid. The sirens wailed and echoed throughout the Yautja ship, red lettering flashing, sparks flickering somewhere off to the back of the corridor creating an ambience of death and destruction. She recognized the crew, scattered about, gashes, claw marks and shredded flesh from the monstrous teeth covering their bodies nearly completely. Only two were unaccounted for.

Artemis warily stepped over the once brutish R'roark, his burgundy stripes that once stood vividly against the ivory cream of his skin bathed in green and brown slime. Only his decorated tendrils was the form of identification she could make out. She shuddered, making her way to Thorakk's quarters, accounting for each member of her crew; Truv'ah, Shinjo, Kat'rrak, Grakk, K'jon...

-Kielithk! That cowardly fuck.-

Though she was grateful not to see Thorakk, she knew Kielithk had to be responsible for this. He managed to drag a dead Kiande Amedha onboard after the hunt. Normally, this would not be allowed but the pitiful coward managed to sway the mighty head Yautja of the ship to let him, since it was his only kill. Anger and fear pumped through her blue veins.

She froze and swung her claws around, slashing the black serpent free of it's inner mouth and bottom jaw. It reeled back in both shock and pain. Acid blood fizzling out, flooding into one of the pools of green blood on the floor. A hiss from behind her brought her attention behind her. Too late did she react and did not bring her arms up in defense in time. The ripping of her flesh from the demon's claws sent her red blood spewing from her blue veins. Gasping, she screamed and brought down her gleaming two blades on top the creature's head. It's life spewed from it and collapsed in a black heap in the floor.

The near mouthless repulsive serpent lunged at her and she leapt up into the air, bringing her feet over her head and landing atop it. In one fluid move she sliced her blades through it's neck and launched to the metal door.

It slid open, seemingly fresh air burst from his quarters, and she skidded to a stop within. It slid closed violently, with much more force than needed. Her strawberry blonde dreads swung around her as she searched the room for Thorrak. As she came in view of his bedding, a dark mass stood at the edge of the fur covered bed. The lights provided little light of which to discern his features, dreads were visible, so hi back was turned.


She was hesitant in her approach. Perhaps because she was astonished he was alive or more so surprised he had not left his room to fight the hideous black demons in the ship. A hiss cracked the silence from his dark figure. Then a black, bladed tail flicked the air behind him. She stopped as his figure shifted and turned, slowly, menacingly.

The beastly shape drew in a sharp breath at the completion of it's turn, face to face with the mutant female, and hissed a rumbling growl. Other hisses and shadows filled the room, and Artemis drew in her bladed claws, and took the first swing.

The dark Yautja-like hand caught her swing, so she lashed with her other, and the hybrid abomination caught it. She kicked it in attempt to break free, but failed, the beast stumbled back, catching balance by using the density of the bed. It's grip was unaffected, possessing every bit of Thorakk's strength. Despite how much she struggled against it, her efforts were in vain. It dragged her in close, the shadows and hisses encircling them. She was outmatched in strength and in numbers. Hope dwindled beneath terror and fading anger as the monster locked her arms and used her own body against his to restrain her. With it's unparalleled strength, it kept her locked as it took away a hand and grabbed her by the back of her head with his clawed, giant hand. She stared into it's horrid inner mouth as it worked from it's mandibles. Then, the creamy pink, long tailed spider crawled into view over it's thick, spiked, black shoulder.

"No… No. NO!" she clenched her jaws, eyes mashed shut, suppressing her hopeless tears.