Ciel woke up one morning. It was still dark out. Nonetheless, he got up and got dressed. Ciel glanced at the paper on his bedside table. No. He didn't need to write a note. He would be back before anyone woke up. Ciel walked to the door and opened it to the long corridor, making sure he closed it behind him. He began walking quietly down the hall to the main hall. Ciel tip-toed down the stairs and approached the front doors. Quietly, he opened one door and walked out. A light breeze of wind engulfed him as he closed the door and made his way down the steps.

Sitting down on the last step, he noticed a black cat with blue eyes cross his line of vision. Ciel studied the small animal for a minute before getting up to shoo it away. The cat however, ran over and pawed at him.

"Stop that!" Ciel whisper shouted.

The cat looked up at him.

"Get out of here," Ciel snapped.

The cat hissed and scratched Ciel's leg.

"Ow, what even!" Ciel said angrily, going for the cat.

The cat slipped away before Ciel could grab it and ran down the path. Ciel followed after it.

The cat disappeared into the forest and Ciel in after it.

He followed the cat to a clearing, the sky becoming a stormy grey.

Ciel slowed to a walk, looking around for the cat.

"Show yourself bastard," Ciel said.

He heard a crash and jerked his head to a broken vase by a house. Ciel walked over to the vase and turned his head, feeling like he was being watched.

"Who's there?" He said.

A small figure walked out of a shadow, slowly changing form. The cat from before became a human girl, then approached Ciel.

"Hello Ciel," She said.

Ciel turned around and threw a rock at her. She moved and caught the rock. Laughing darkly, she adjusted her hood.

"You…what do you want?" Ciel spat.

"After three years this is how you greet your best friend?" Said the girl.

"We were never friends, Clara," Ciel glared. "You used me."

"Correction, I told a small lie," Clara smirked.

"You did not!" Ciel snapped. "You tricked me!"

"Are you sure?" Clara teased, her smirk growing.

Ciel growled in rage.

"Do not mess with me Chasefield!" He said angrily. "I will have you killed."

Clara chuckled darkly.

"You can't kill me," Clara said, her eyes flashing pink.

"Of course I can!" Ciel said. "I don't care if you're a demon or not, you can and will be killed."

Clara gripped his collar and pushed him up against the wall.

"And who will do that?" she spat. "Last time I checked, you're alone Phantomhive!"

Ciel wiggled his patch off and shoved Clara off.

"Sebastian, I order you, come now!" he said.

Clara jumped up and pulled a gun out of her pocket, aiming for Ciel's head.

"I didn't want it to come down to this Ciel, but you've left me no choice," Clara said.

They both heard a noise and Clara smirked. She quickly put the gun in Ciel's hand and changed back into a cat. She sat on the ground and looked innocently at him as Sebastian approached.

"Young master!" he cried, rushing towards the cat. "What ever would make you shoot this innocent specimen?!"

"I wasn't-This isn't even…I would do nothing of the sort!" Ciel said.

"You have the evidence in your hands, my lord!" Sebastian said,

Ciel looked down at the gun.

"I swear, this is not mine, the cat-She's-she's a demon!" Ciel said.

Sebastian just shook his head and held Clara close. She smirked at Ciel and winked devilishly.

Ciel narrowed his eyes at her and threw the gun down.

"Come now, we must get back to the manor," Sebastian sighed, walking away.

Ciel huffed and stomped after him.

~Hey guys…This is kinda my first kuroshitsuji fanfic. I hope you liked it. It was really fun to write. Also this takes place after the angel madness. This may or may not have small yaoi moments here and there. But, that depends on how much you like it ;) Let me know what you think in the reviews. byeeeeeeeeeeee.~