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"Let's go!" - Regular Speech

'Oppai!' - Thoughts

[BOOST!] - Sacred Gear/Ddraig Speech

Chapter 2: Questing for Answers

After discovering that his erstwhile assailant had been murdered rather brutally, the shopping he had been sent out to get had fallen to the wayside until the inspector left, but Issei handed the bag of food over to his mother just after that, and sure enough…

[Quest Complete!]

Gofer Shopping: You have successfully completed your mother's shopping!

Quest Reward: +50 EXP, ¥1000, +100 reputation with your mother.

It was rather odd to suddenly look inside his wallet and see that he had an extra thousand yen note. Compared to the weirdness that had been inhabiting his life since the previous day, however, Issei was easily able to roll with it.

The question was, what should he do about the attempted murderer getting murdered? Issei could easily imagine whoever had ordered the other man killed ordering Issei's death as well, which wasn't a pleasant thing to imagine.

Just as he was thinking that, another blue screen popped up.

[Quest Alert!]

Defence for the Defenceless: Dungeoneering for Life!: You are concerned that you are going to be attacked by whoever silenced your attacker from yesterday. Go conquer a dungeon to become stronger!

Quest Reward: +400 EXP, ¥3000, Random Reward.

Quest Failure: +200 EXP



Issei just stared at the screen for a moment. Seriously? He's worried about his life being at risk, so the stupid system tells him to go and risk his life. Paradox much?

With a sigh, he hit 'Y'. There wasn't anything else he could do and you never know, he might actually survive if he did this. He'd better leave right now.

"Issei! Lunch is ready."

Correction: He'd leave as soon as he'd had lunch.


Streets, Kuō Town

The instant he set foot outside his house, a blue path appeared on the ground, leading away who knows where. Judging by the lack of a panic, Issei guessed that he was the only one who could see it.

'Well, what's one more weird thing today?' he thought philosophically as he trudged along.

He had been walking for the least fifteen minutes and he was hoping that the 'dungeon' wasn't too far away. Just a minute or two ago, he had received a notification that his effort had granted him an extra point of STA.

Issei paused as the blue path veered off into a wall, for some strange reason. He inspected it and noticed that a blue square was on the wall, so he stepped up to examine it.


You are about to enter the dungeon [Nest of the Ratlord] (LV4)

Once entered, you must clear the dungeon in order to leave.

Do you wish to enter?


"Rats…" Issei said with a grimace. He didn't like the little buggers, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. He hit the 'Y' button.

Almost at once, the box vanished, along with a doorway-shaped segment of the wall it had been on, revealing steps leading down into the darkness.

"Eerie…" Issei whispered, before squaring his shoulders and walking down the stairs. Fortunately for him, as he walked, fiery torches lit the stairway every few meters. Behind him, Issei heard the sound of stone grinding as the entrance was sealed behind him.

At length, he reached the bottom of the stairs, in a circular room made of roughly hewn stone. Lying in the centre was a skeletal body wearing rags, slumped over a wooden chest.

"Ah. Starter kit." the Sekiryūtei nodded. Standard fare for early parts of most RPG games these days was to give the main character basic weapons if they were unarmed or basic armour if they were armed.

He wasn't planning on using the [Boosted Gear] until the dungeon boss as he didn't really know what would happen once the he used up the time limit on the consecutive boosts. No, it was best to use it as a trump card for the moment…or at least until he have evolved it from being a [Twice Critical].

Walking over to the skeleton, Issei clapped his hand before offering a prayer to the skeleton before gently removing it from the chest and opening it up.

Inside was a single bronze sword, complete with a leather sheath.

"Bronze? Really?!" Issei tsukkomi'd. As he (reluctantly) picked it up, a message appeared.

You have acquired [Bronze Short Sword]!

Do you wish to equip this item? Y/N

Hitting the 'Y' button, Issei blinked when the blade seemed to teleport into his right hand. He wondered if there was any way to view its stats.

[For information on this weapon, please open the Equipment menu]

Bemused, he did so.

Right Hand: Bronze Short Sword

Left Hand: (Empty)

Head: (Empty)

Body (Layer 1): Ordinary Red T-Shirt

Body (Layer 2): Kuō Academy Uniform

Arms: (Empty)

Legs: Kuō Academy Trousers

Feet: White Running Shoes

"Err…oops…" he said, looking down at his clothes. He'd accidentally worn his school outfit today. Force of habit, he supposed. Issei dismissed that and touched the only weapon he was equipped with.

[Bronze Short Sword]

A short sword forged from bronze, it bears no makers mark and is of average quality. It seems to be taken directly from the Bronze Age.

Short Sword

Slashing Damage: S+10

Piercing Damage: S+5

So basically, it was an ordinary starter weapon. Other than the fact it was from about 700 B.C.

Swinging it experimentally, Issei was surprised that it wasn't heavy, considering it was a western-style sword. Shrugging, he noticed that a door had appeared opposite the staircase…with another blue box floating in front of it.

[Nest of the Ratlord #1]

In order to confront the Dungeon Boss, you must defeat all of his minions and pull two levers that open the way to his chamber.

OK…that sounded relatively easy.

He cautiously entered the main part of the dungeon and was immediately confronted by one of the enemies. It was a rat the size of a ten-year-old child…standing upright on its rear legs. It wore rags and had a club made of wood in one hand.

Ratman Slave LV3


It shrieked in fury as it spotted him and charged forwards with its weapon raised to strike.

"Crap!" Issei dodged to the side to avoid the strike of the club, then struck out with his own weapon, the blade severing the demi-human's tail in a spurt of blood, eliciting yet another shriek, this time of pain, from the ratman.

It whirled at him, a mix of pain, fear and rage in its eyes as it attacked him once again. Issei smacked the club away and ran the ratman through its chest with his sword. The thing choked, shuddered, then died.

You have defeated a [Ratman Slave]! You earn 50 EXP!

Do you wish to loot the body? Y/N

Hitting 'Y', Issei watched as a list was made on a blue screen in front of him.

Filthy Robe X1

Filthy Loincloth X1

Splintered Club X1


All of it completely useless barring the money. Looks like he couldn't depend on getting useful drops from the slaves. This prompted yet another screen to pop up.

Do you wish to sell these items for 50? Y/N

"Hell yeah!" Issei muttered and pressed the appropriate button.

Ratman Minions Dispatched: 1/30

He wondered, as he continued on in, if it was his [Gamer's Mind] that was stopping him from freaking out over the fact that he had just taken his first life. Very likely, it was.

Issei discovered, on his little sojourn through the rat nest, that the slave he had killed had been one of the better equipped members of the slaves. The majority of the rest were clad in loincloths and wielded flint knives, for crying out loud. Those he kept, mostly because he liked the look of them.

"Keeeee!" a slave shrieked as it charged him, knife bared, only to have its head separated from its shoulders by a well-placed strike of Issei's blade.

"Shut up, damn it." Issei spat.

You have slain a Ratman Slave! You Receive 50 EXP!

Ratman Minions Dispatched: 17/30

You have levelled up! LV4-LV5!

You have 5 Attribute points to spend!

You have sold your drops for 500

"Nice." Issei grinned. He opened his menu and spent the points. Usually, he would save them, but he was a bit too weak to hoard points like that. Choosing to up his STR and DEX by three and two respectively, he immediately felt stronger once he closed the window.

He spotted a lever ahead of him, a crude one made of wood and wrapped in rags. Very gingerly, he pulled it down until it clicked into place and retracted into the wall.

"That's one down." the Sekiryūtei muttered as he turned and walked back the way he had come. The nest would be better described as a warren, one with numerous corridors leading to sub-chambers dug through stone and rock. He had been scratching an 'X' next to the tunnels he had gone down because there were so damn many of them.

Moving up the main passage, he made a mark on one side of another side junction before entering it. Eventually, he came to a room which had an altogether different breed of enemies for him. Unlike the Ratman slaves, these were not weedy specimens, but healthy and muscled. They wore armour, albeit not a lot of it, over their smocks; copper spaulders, vambraces, leather brigandines and the occasional open helm. They carried copper swords as well.

Clanrat LV4


This…would be harder than the seventeen slaves he had killed.

With a shriek of anger, one Clanrat spotted him, drawing the attention of the other four present. They rushed him en-masse, brandishing their swords threateningly.

Issei backed up into the passage, limiting the Clanrats to come at him two at a time. It wasn't easy, as he had to parry and block more than attack, but he cut through them nonetheless. In about ten minutes, five ratman corpses lay at his feet as he stood panting above them.

You have slain X5 Clanrats! You earn 300 EXP!

Ratman Minions Defeated: 22/30

Do you wish to loot the bodies? Y/N

Hitting the 'Y' button, Issei grinned as the list grew.

Dirty Hemp Smock X5

Copper Short Sword X5

Copper Spaulders X5

Copper Vambraces X5

Leather Brigandine X5


Skill Book (Unknown Skill)

Marking everything but the smocks to be kept, he sold the hemp clothing for ¥60. Then he wondered where the items he'd chosen to keep had gone, prompting a window popping up informing him of his inventory. Opening it, he pulled out the skill book, which opened yet another window.

[You have acquired the [Basic Swordsmanship] Skill Book!]

Do you wish to learn this Skill?


"Looks like a good skill." Issei commented, "Meh. Why not?"

After hitting the 'Y' button, Issei was shocked when the book dissolved into shards of blue light. He was even more shocked to see them fly and disappear into his chest.

You have learned the skill [Basic Swordsmanship]!

[Basic Swordsmanship] (Passive) [LV1, 00.00]

Throughout the entirety of the world, the one weapon that is used the most often, barring the human body itself, is the sword. No matter what kind of sword it is, from Rapiers to Broadswords, from Dao to Katana, the sword has rightly earned its name as the Queen of Weapons throughout humanity's long and bloody history. Basic Swordsmanship is, as the title suggests, very basic thrusts and cuts.

- Grants the user the ability to carry a sword with ease.

- Passively grants the user +1 to [Slashing] Attacks.

- Passively grants the user +1 to [Piercing] Attacks.

"OK…this is cool." Issei said and hefted his bronze sword in his hand. It had felt somewhat awkward up until a moment ago, but it now felt…right…in his hand, for lack of a better term.

Shrugging, the Sekiryūtei wandered out of the room after searching it for anything useful. Seriously, he was beginning to think he'd get nothing out of this place. The ratmen were the epitome of low-level trash mobs, with sub-par drops to top it off. Yeah, he needed the experience points, but he also needed better equipment.

The next couple of rooms he searched were empty of both enemies and anything useful, which actually wasn't much of a surprise to him. There were only eight enemies left, not counting the boss. They'd be near the other lever, if he guessed correctly. The only problem was finding it.

"Ah, there you are." Issei smirked as he entered the second-from-last room and saw the eight remaining enemies. Six of them were Clanrats, armed in the same way as the last lot, but it was the other two that gave him pause.

They were half-again as big as the Clanrats and looked twice as mean. Black fur covered them and long sinuous tails lashed behind them. The armour they wore was made of what looked like iron and covered the same areas protected by the Clanrats' armour. Clasped in their hands were, for them, halberds. For a human, they'd be axes.

Stormvermin LV5

[Black Rat]

This…wasn't going to be easy. Those two were the same level as he was and had better equipment than he did. Those halberds were made of iron as well. Issei may not be the best student at history, but he had read a manga called Red River, which showed exactly what happened when bronze tried to compete with iron.

Bronze lost in the long run.

"Kill-kill!" one Stormvermin squeaked as it spotted him. Much to Issei's surprise, only the Clanrats attacked. The larger ratmen stayed back, guarding the lever.

Issei hacked and slashed his way through the Clanrats with greater ease than before. His height and reach advantage were complimented by his new [Basic Swordsmanship] skill. The Clanrats, despite their numbers, couldn't even touch him. Although they did cut his shirt and trousers more than once.

Only once the last Clanrat expired did the Stormvermin move. Wielding their iron halberds, they stalked towards Issei with slow deliberate steps designed to intimidate.

Issei noticed that they were angling to catch him in a pincer move, which was not something he was eager to let happen. He whispered, "{Inventory}" and readied himself.

"Die, Man-thing!" the one to his right squealed and charged, as the one to his left charged as well, albeit silently.

Quickly, Issei reached into the Inventory screen and pulled out a [Copper Short Sword] that he had taken from a defeated Clanrat. He then parried both attacking weapons with his own. The Copper sword bent from the impact, as expected, but it was enough to throw the Stormvermin off-guard.

He kicked the left-side one in the face before turning back to the right-hand ratman and shoving his bronze sword into its throat. The Stormvermin choked and died.

Returning his attention to the last remaining ratman minion, Issei was surprised to see it running at him, a crazed look in its eyes. He blocked another swipe of its iron halberd with the copper sword. This proved too much for the blade, as it snapped in two. Issei didn't hesitate to throw the handle and what little remained of the blade still attached to it in the face of the Stormvermin, making it flinch long enough for him to repeat the death of its companion.

You have slain X6 Clanrats! You earn 360 EXP!

You have slain X2 Stormvermin! You earn 240 EXP!

Do you wish to loot the bodies? Y/N

Hitting the 'Y' button, Issei grinned as the loot piled up.

Dirty Hemp Smock X6

Copper Short Sword X6

Copper Spaulders X6

Copper Vambraces X6

Leather Brigandine X6

Dirty Leather Tunic X2

Pig Iron Spaulders X2

Pig Iron Vambraces X2

Crude Pig Iron Cuirass X2

Stormvermin Pig Iron Halberd X2


Selling the Hemp Smocks and Leather Tunics for a profit of ¥102, the rest went to his inventory. Issei then strode up to the lever and pulled it down.

Ratman Minions Dispatched: 30/30

"Right." he muttered as the lever clicked and was then retracted into the wall, "Now to find the boss' room."

It wasn't that hard at all; the pair of stupidly-large doors open at the end of the corridor that had swung open were a dead give away. Issei cautiously entered the room. It was full of straw dummies, human in shape, but with extra additions. Some had black bat-like wings on the back, while others had feathered wings of the feathered variety, coloured both black and white.

"Devil…Fallen Angel…Angel…" a snickering voice came from a shadowed area at the far side of the room. Issei peered forwards and managed to make out a figure sitting in a throne-like seat.

"These things?" Issei jerked his head at the dummies, "Are you telling me these guys exist?"

"Yes-yes, Man-thing…" the figure replied with another snicker, "Devil-things troublesome. Saving them for last. Fallen-things immoral and hide well. They'll be second last. Angel-things weakest of all. Destroy the Church-things and they're helpless."

"While hearing your plans is nice and all, we'd better get to the part where I kick your ass." Issei said challengingly.

The figure roared in laughter. "Kekekekekekekeke…foolish man-thing. You cannot defeat me, defeat Byral Warfang! Yes-yes…I shall enjoy your cries of pain…"

Bylan stood up and strode forward into the light, allowing Issei to gauge his enemy. Standing a head above even the Stormvermin, Byral Warfang cast an imposing figure for something that didn't even come up to Issei's chin. He wore a conical helm over his head, with a sheet of chain mail going down the back to protect his neck. His chest was protected by a steel cuirass, with pauldrons on his shoulders and a fauld going around his waist. Over his shoulders, a ragged brown cape fluttered.

With a sneer, the dungeon boss drew the sword at its hip. One side of it was straight, while the other half was curved like the waves. All of its equipment was steel, which meant trouble for Issei.

Byral Warfang LV6

[Lesser Ratman Warlord]

Great. Just great. Not only did the bastard have better equipment than he did, it was also a level higher than him. Perfect.

Issei readied his bronze sword and withdrew a copper sword from his inventory as well. He knew that if iron was a bad match up for his bronze and copper weapons, then steel was even worse for him. That sword would cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

'Well then, I'll just have to avoid hitting his blade or armour.' Issei thought as he shifted his grip on his weapons, 'This fight can't last long.'

With a shrieking warcry, Byral leapt forwards, sword raised to strike. Issei sidestepped to the left and struck out with his blades, cutting a line across Byral's arm.

The warlord shrieked again and lashed out with his sword, forcing Issei to block with his copper blade. The steel ripped a chunk out of the blade, but it held…for now.

"Weak-weak!" the rat cackled.

The Sekiryūtei responded by kicking the rat where no man wishes to be kicked, making the ratman's already squeaky voice go up another octave. Issei would be surprised it that was the right note to shatter glass. He took the opportunity to try and cut the bastard's sword arm off, but the little git actually managed to block his bronze sword with his steel sword.

With a curse, Issei then stabbed awkwardly with his copper sword, managing to bury the blade into its leg. Sadly, the weapon snapped in half, leaving most of the blade embedded in the warlord's leg.

Byral Left Leg Crippled! -50% Mobility!

Byral is suffering from the [Bleeding] status!

"Hop along, rat boy!" Issei taunted the ratman as he fell back out of sword range, discarded his sword hilt and pulled another copper sword from his inventory.

"You dare mock me?!" Byral snarled, "You pay, Man-thing!"

He reached into a pouch at his waist, pulled out a small bottle and ripped the cap off. Issei wrinkled his nose at the foul smell that was emanating from the container.

"Witchbrew…drinking this will make me lose my mind…but I will kill you!" the warlord snarled before downing the container in one swallow. The effect was immediate. The eyes of the warlord turned bright red and his muscled bulged out.

"Oh hell." Issei muttered.

Byral has been affected by the status effects [Fury] and [Berserk]!

"I figured that much out for myself!" Issei tsukkomi'd automatically.

When the ratman warlord roared, he decided that it was time to get serious.

"[Boosted Gear]!" Issei called out. On his command, the red gauntlet appeared on his left arm in a flash of red light.


You have been affected by the [Boost!] status effect! Your power has been doubled!

Right as it appeared, Bylan charged at Issei and slashed down with his blade. Issei deflected it with a backhanded swipe of his armoured hand and countered with a swipe with his bronze sword that clanged off the helmet that the ratman wore, which only seemed to piss it off even more.

Byral snarled and howled incomprehensively as he lashed out again and again with his sword, forcing Issei to block more with his own weapons and gauntlet.


You have been affected by the [Boost!] status effect! Your power has been doubled!

[Boost!] limit reached! Starting countdown.




'Craptastic! I'd better finish this now!' he thought.

The problem was that the berserk Byral wasn't giving him much room to manoeuvre. He could barely attack without having to dodge that damned sword or the warlord's ravening maw.

Issei finally lured the warlord into a trap by letting him bit his armoured hand then stabbing him in the throat while he was trying to bite through Issei's Sacred Gear.

"Man…-thing…you…!" Byral choked out before slumping to the floor, dead.

"Thank god…!" Issei hastily disengaged the [Boosted Gear] before the timer could hit zero.

You have defeated Byral Warfang! You receive 600 EXP!

Please select your drop from the boss:

[Rapscallion Wave Blade] [?]

[Helm of the Corsair] [?]

[Mantle of the Rat Horde] [?]

Issei looked at the selection with worried look on his face. His first instinct was to grab the sword, but…

He reached out and touched the question mark next to the sword.

[Rapscallion Wave Blade]

This sword was the personal weapon of Byral Warfang. It was made by a captured dwarven smith, but from mediocre materials and with substandard equipment. Nevertheless, it is still a cut above the rest.

Standard Sword (For Ratmen)

Short Sword (Human)

Slashing Attacks: S+20

Piercing Attacks: S+18

"Nice…let's see here…" he moved on to the next one.

[Helm of the Corsair]

A helmet worn by sea raiders, it offers protection to the head, but leaves the nose and mouth area exposed. This helmet has been modified for extra protection for the eyes, at the cost of reducing visibility.

Grants an Armour Rating of 15 to all covered locations and reduces visibility by 30%.

"Nah, not my style. Next."

[Mantle of the Rat Horde]

This ragged red cape is the indication of the rank of Captain or above in the Rat Hordes. To see an enemy wearing it makes other ratmen feel fear, knowing that the wearer has bested one of the more powerful members of their race.

- Non-Ratmen races wearing this cloak cause [Fear] in ratmen who are not captain-rank or above.

"So the sword it is." Issei concluded. He selected the sword and the rest of the equipment, plus Byral's body, vanished. As he placed the sword into his inventory, a couple of screens popped up after that.


As a result of repeated actions, you have learned the skill [Short Sword Mastery]!

[Short Sword Mastery] (Passive) [LV1, 00.00]

Short Swords are typically less than 60 cm (two feet) long. Developed before forging techniques could be made to create longer weapons of sufficient strength to be used in battle. Famous examples include the Scottish Dirk, the Roman Gladius, the Greek Xiphos, the Italian Renaissance Cinquedea and the Cutlass. Conventional thinking would put the short sword at a disadvantage compared to longer blades, but a true master can still cause quite a bit of trouble with one.

- While wielding a [Short Sword], you are granted an additional +1 to all damage dealt.

- Additionally, you have a higher chance of learning skills to do with short swords.

"Makes sense…I have been doing nothing but use these things all this time." Issei noted.

As a result of repeated actions, you have learned the Skill [Parry]!

[Parry] (Active) [LV1, 00.00]

Parrying is when you redirect or deflect an opponent's attack. In order to accomplish a classic parry, you must strike an attacking opponent's blade at the base, just above the crossguard and direct the blade away from you. Most people would refer to any kind of deflection during swordplay as a parry, which is true enough. However, you will receive extra EXP to any [Sword Mastery] skill or [Swordsmanship] skill you possess should you accomplish this.

- 20% chance to parry an opponent's attack.

- 5% chance of performing a classic parry.

- 5 MP per use.

"Huh…I guess I was batting that nutjob's attacks away quite a bit." the Sekiryūtei mused, "Well, better have a look around here before heading-"

He was cut off by the door slamming shut with a bang.

"-out." he finished lamely, "Well hell. Now I have to find another way outta here. Jeez. It's just one thing after another with this [Gamer] business."

By and large, the room was barren of any traces of another exit. The only things remotely interesting were the mock-ups of the three supernatural races. It was when Issei investigated Byral's throne that he discovered something interesting. Next to it was a table with a map spread over it, one that showed a familiar town.

"This is…Kuō?" Issei whispered. His eyes danced over the paper, quickly finding where he thought the ratman nest he was currently in was located. It bore an odd mark, a rat's head. Scanning the map, he saw several other similar symbols dotted all over Kuō.

Deciding he'd need it later, Issei rolled the map up and stored it in his inventory before he examined the throne. It was a ramshackle affair, made of bits of wood knocked together with nails and covered with a mouldy red piece of velvet. Next to it was a lever.

Not having any other options, Issei pulled it.

With a great groan of turning gears, the wall behind the throne collapsed into the ground, revealing a dark passage.

"Here we go again." Issei sighed.

Having the presence of mind to grab a torch from one of the wall mountings, the brown-haired boy cautiously entered the dark passageway, only for the door to slam shut behind him, as he expected it to.

"Yep. Definitely RPG mechanics going on here." Issei muttered.

The passage wasn't very long, leading to a largish room with a desk, chair and light above it. On top of the desk was a single piece of paper. Curious, Issei investigated it.

"To Division Head, Project Rat King,

Central Command has given permission for you to carry out your plan. The bioengineered race you created, #456b (Ratmen), are weak, but pliable and should be useful for human wave tactics due to their large breeding pools and rapid maturation.

You are ordered to disperse the current specimens across several lairs in Kuō City so they can amass a large host each. Once this has been achieved, you shall receive further orders.

For the Purity of our species and our souls."

"What the hell is going on here?" Issei muttered. This certainly seemed like it came from the Purifiers, to judge by that last line. They were breeding an army of those ratmen? Why?

"I need to think about this."

With that muttered sentence, Issei placed the memo into his inventory and looked around for an exit. A set of concrete stairs looked like a likely bet.

As he headed up the stairs, the Sekiryūtei had to wonder what his life would turn into as he became more powerful.

He grinned. 'I can't wait to find out.'

Reaching a door with an empty mounting on the wall next to it, Issei slid the torch into it and twisted the handle on the door to open it. The daylight that shone through when the door creaked open was blinding after his time in the poorly lit lair of the ratmen.

A pleasant little jingle of music played as a screen appeared in front of him. It took him a moment to make it out due to his eyes being half-blind in their adjusting state.

[Quest Complete!]

Defence for the Defenceless: Dungeoneering for Life!: You have successfully conquered your first dungeon!

Quest Rewards: +400 EXP, ¥3000, [Mental Mapping] Skill Book.

You have levelled up! LV5-LV6!

You have 5 Attribute points to spend.

[Lesser-Draconic Charisma] has levelled up!

[Basic Swordsmanship] has levelled up!

"Whew…that's cool." Issei said as he looked around. He was in an abandoned warehouse of some sort. He returned his attention forwards as yet another window popped up.

[Quest Alert!]

Ratcatcher: You have discovered that the mysterious Purifier organisation has created an army of the demi-human ratmen through some unknown process. However they were created, they cannot be up to any good. Hunt down and conquer every ratman den, nest and lair in Kuō City.

Bonus: Gather information about Project Rat King as you conquer each den.

Quest Reward: +1000 EXP, +¥8000, +2 AP, Random Piece of Equipment, Title: Ratcatcher.

Bonus Reward: [Sword Talent] Skill Book.

Quest Failure: Death



"Great, another quest I could die performing." Issei muttered, "And, joy, I can't refuse it. I'm not doing it today though."

With that, he hit the 'Y' button and started heading home.


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