The sun blazed perfectly on a spring day, the air was crisp and the grass flowed and danced among the hills. The Bunny Burrows was beautiful in spring, everything was in harvest and in bloom. Spring was also Nicks favorite time of the year.

Nick Wilde, first ZPD fox officer, but also not the last. Sitting next to him was Jessica Stream, the first female artic fox on the force. Their mission for the day was to report to a local grocer who reported that items have been stolen from his inventory over the past month. Nick was somewhat pleased to be able to get away from the city for a while, even though he grew up in Zootopia, there was only so much city he can take.

Jessica on the other hand, was infuriated, she loved the missions that were more dangerous and exciting, he admired her determination, but she was stubborn and hot headed, most of the time he was saving her butt. She had been his partner for 5 months now and everyone on the force knows she has a major crush on Nick. Nick however doesn't return the favor, of course he likes her as a friend but he has never looked at her the way she wants him too. The past couple of weeks have been a huge pain in his side, her flirtatious behavior had been annoying him, she would casually lean on him and fish for too many compliments.

Both him and Jessica drove through the Burrows countryside, Nick rolled his window down, sticking his arm out. Sometimes he actually enjoyed the peace and quiet, that until a piece of paper rolled up into a ball whack him on the side of the head.

"Earth to Nick, I'm trying to talk you" Jessica glared

"Sorry, what's up?" Nick sniffed, he would give anything to just be alone right now.

"I'm starving, want to get some lunch?" she winked

"We can't get lunch until we finish talking to Mr. Smith who owns the grocery store, we are about 15 minutes out"

"Ugh Nick, why did we get assigned to this case? It's so boring" she crossed her arms with a big huff.

"Because it's our job, so suck it up you big baby"

She glared at him, "Why can't you be nicer to me Wilde?" she gave him a sad puppy dog look.

"I'm nice" he retorted


Nick sighed, this was going to be a long day. Nick peered over to the side of the road where tiny bunny stands were set up, they sold vegetables and fruits. YUCK, I wish they had…. Then he saw the sign. BLUEBERRIES.

Nick skidded to a stop and pulled over the side of the road, he hopped out of the car.

"Hey, what gives?" Jessica snapped

"I will be right back, I'm going to get some blueberries" Nick pulled out his shades and put his hands in his pockets walking towards the bunny stand.

The stand read Fluff's famous fruits and vegetables. A chocolate bunny sat behind her stand reading a magazine until Nick walked up.

"Hello, can I help you?" she eyed Nick carefully.

"Yes, I was wondering if you sold blueberries here"

"I don't, but the best blueberries in the Tri-burrows is at the stand on the end, Hopps family farm" she pointed it out to him.

"Oh, thanks" Nick walked over to the last stand on the side of the road, a big pink stand perched under a tree, a couple of tiny bunnies playing around it. He could see two big baskets full of blueberries sitting behind the stand.


He walked up and didn't see anyone behind it, he pulled out his phone and started scrolling through his social media as he waited for someone to show up. Then there was a voice, a voice as smooth as silk, a voice that made his paw freeze on his phone screen.

"Hello Officer, may I help you?" Nick looked up to see the face that matched the voice, his heart had stopped when he met a pair of amethyst eyes. Nick had never set eyes on a more beautiful creature, she was a bunny with eyes that burned with purple fire. She wore a pink flannel that complimented the curves of her body and her gray fur perfectly. She wore light blue faded jeans and a faded yellow sun hat that flopped her ears down her back. The tip of her ears were a dark black, she was utterly beautiful. It was no longer gravity that was keeping him here, it was her.

Nick's heart was in his throat, thank goodness she couldn't see his eyes through his shades, but his mouth was hanging open. She laughed a little, "Sir? You alright?"

Snap out of it Nick

"Oh…Um Yes, I need a bag of your best blueberries please"

"Come right up" she turned around to gather up a bag for him, and this gave Nick a good chance to stare at her butt. No, man what's wrong with you! Stop looking!... I can't! look at that fluffy tail. Nick gulped, his hands feeling like limp noodles, he quickly shoved his phone in his pocket, trying to control himself. He lifted his shades so they would perch on the top of his forehead. She turned back around, she looked up at his emerald eyes and he could see that she was looking deep into them, embarrassed she quickly looked away to finish putting together his order.

Nick couldn't stop himself, "What is your name?" He HAD to know.

She was a little surprised by his question but she answered swiftly and beautifully, "Judy, Judy Hopps" she smiled, "And yours Officer?"

"Officer Nicholas Wilde at your service ma'am" he winked at her. He could see the blush forming in her cheeks. "Is this your stand Ms. Hopps?" Please tell me she isn't married.

"No this is my family's farm"

"Well, I hear you have the best blueberries"

"I would say we do" she grinned at him, "What brings you to the burrows Officer Wilde?"

"Please call me Nick" he stated


"I'm on a case for stolen goods from a local grocer"

"Sounds exciting, Mr. Smith will be happy to know he is in good hands" she smiled at him. She finished putting his bag of blueberries together. "I've always wanted to be a cop"

Nick was shocked by her statement, she wanted to be a cop? "Well, why don't you?"

She sighed looking up at him, "Well I was going too but life got in the way… happens" her eyes began to fall, he could see she was trying to hold her shoulders up to keep her from crying. This broke Nick into a million pieces. What could have happened to her?

"Don't give on up your dreams" Nick made eye contact with her, his face serious.

"I will try Nick" hearing the sound of his name stopped Nick's heart, I may need CPR.

"Here you go, Hopps best blueberries" she handed him the big bag. Nick took out his wallet but she stopped him.

"This is on the house, you don't need to pay, the police serve us in many ways and we are grateful for it"

Nick was caught off guard by her kind gesture, no one ever treated him like that. Sure there was the occasional thank you here and there, but not like this. He had an idea

"Will you accept another form of payment?" Nick smiled

"Like what?" she looked at him confused.

"Your number?"

She laughed putting her hands on her hips, "And why should I give you my number?"

She played hard to get, I like that.

"Because I want to get to know you better Judy"

She contemplated his gesture, "Alright, I will give it to you, only if you work for it"

Nick was taken aback, "What?"

"After your done with your little investigation, come and find me and I will give you my number" she grinned

Nick huffed, "How am I supposed to find you?"

"You're a cop, I'm sure you can figure it out" She fixed her sunhat as she bent down to carry a crate full of carrots. "I guess I will see you later Nick…maybe" she winked and carried the crate to her truck and put the carrots in the back.

"I will find you" Nick yelled out towards her, with a big smile on his face.

"Don't hold your breath" said Judy as she hopped in her truck, started the gas, and took off down the road. Not even a second glance.

Nick's heart raced as he thought about this beautiful creature, she was stunning, mysterious and he had to know more about her, he never experienced feelings like this before. Well, he did have one clue, her family farm. Nick walked back to his patrol car with a skip in step and a bag full of berries in his arm. Jessica glared at him as got into the driver's seat and started the car.

"What took you so long Wilde?" she grimaced.

Nick didn't even answer, he just wanted to get to Mr. Smiths and get this case over with, the faster he could get this done, the faster he can find Judy.