Hello! When you see this {break} that means I'm switching scenes or points of view! To help my readers out a little I hope you enjoy the chapter!

If Nick pressed the gas pedal any harder the bottom of his foot would have gone through the bottom of the car. His heart was about to burst with fear and panic, his white canines were showering through the reflections of the patrol car, the veins of his knuckles were popping out as he gripped the steering wheel.

Hang on Judy

Nick had been tailing the van despite their efforts of trying to outrun the cops. If Jessica was yelling at him he couldn't hear her, he was numb.

That until Jessica slapped him upside the head and Nick turned to her in a fierce growl.

"Focus Nick! Or we are going to lose them!"

"We can't!"

"Think for a moment, chasing them isn't doing us any good, we need to cut them off!"

She was right and he hated when she was right.

"We will get her back Nick" Jessica whispered

Nick nodded as Jessica gripped her receiver

"Higgins keep tailing them! we are going to cut them off"


Nick swerved off into the fields.

Hold on…I'm coming


Judy gasped as the panther's grip grew tighter, sweat dripped down her face and neck, panic slowly starting to rise.

"Are we losing them yet!?" yelled the panther

The mystery driver hissed as the car began to swerve.

Judy felt nauseous at the sudden movements as the weasel slowly began to wake up.

"Ow….my head…what? Where am I?" The weasel shot up as he made eye contact with Judy

"YOU ! You stupid bunny!" he seethed

"Weaslton, now's not the time! we have cop's tailings us" The panther tightened his grip on Judy's waist

"What?! How did that happen Rick?" The weasel dusted himself off as he tried to regain his balance.

"You tell me, why were you stealing the flowers in daylight you idiot!"

"Um….because the boss told me too! Why do we have the rabbit?"

"The boss wants her, she's Wilde's girl"

"Wilde's girl huh? Then I hope he doesn't mind some bruises, this stupid rabbit is going to pay for knocking me out!" The weasel hunched his back and showed his teeth.

Judy coughed a little and laughed, "Oh you're so scary…."

"Shut your mouth Rabbit!"

"Enough! Both of you!" The mysterious driver finally turned around and glared at the passengers in the back. The driver was a fox, his fur was slightly darker than nicks, his eyes were yellow orbs that sent a shiver down Judy's spine.

"They are going to cut us off, we can't risk them getting the evidence, Weaslton gather the flowers and the photos and get out of here! We'll deal with her and the cops"

The weasel nodded as he gathered up the supplies in the duffle at his feet.

"No" Judy whimpered as she watched him pack away the photos on the van wall, including the one of her and Nick.

He was getting away

Judy squirmed, she wanted to kick that weasel's ass

The panther opened the side of the car as the weasel was ready to jump out.

"Bon Voyage cottontail, I'm sure we will meet again" he grinned as the weasel's body disappeared into the dust.

The van jostled as Judy peered under the panthers hold and saw a police car ready to block them at the cross roads….ready to cut them off.

"This is it" yelled the fox, "embrace for impact"

The panther used his arm as a protective shield around Judy as she could hear the sirens coming closer and closer until…


Nick hunched over the wheel, his body embraced for the impact of the van. He could hear the loud pitch screech of the tires as it was trying to stop.

And it did.

Nick peered up to see the van…. centimeters away from the hood of the car. Nick wasted no time and hopped out of the car and pulled out his tranquilizer gun. Jessica followed him as the other officers pulled up behind the van.

"Come out with your hands up!" Nick yelled


"Give her to me" the fox growled

The panther didn't hesitant as he passed Judy over to the fox as she squirmed.

"Let me go you cowards!"

The fox looped his arm around her neck as her head was under his chin. He was strong, she will give him that. Her hands flew up to protect her throat but the fox tighten his grip on her.

"Don't move, you hear me?"

The fox got out the car as the sun blinded Judy's eyes as she saw her surrounding

The car was surrounded by officers, guns up and ready to shoot. But they hesitated when they saw the hostage in his arms.

The fox laughed, "Wilde, long time no see?"

Nick growled, "Let her go….now"

"No can do, you see the only thing between me and getting knocked on my ass is this cute bunny here" he used his free paw index finger to draw a line down Judy's cheek.

Nick flinched

"I can see why you like her Wilde….she is beautiful" The fox licked his chomps

Nick growled with fury

"Now. Now…can't we get along? Let me pass and the bunny won't get hurt, fail to do so and I will snap her neck like a toothpick….and Wilde you know I can" The fox grinned at Nick with malice

Judy saw Nick's eyes on her, his arms starting to relax as he was considering letting the criminal go.

"Nick" Judy gasped, the fox tightened his arm around her throat

" I will shoot you…don't think I won't" Jessica sneered

The fox loosened his grip a little as Judy used this as an opportunity. She swung her hind legs above her with all of her might and kicked the fox right in the jaw. She could her his teeth clamping down around the flesh of his tongue as he howled. He dropped her and Judy fell to the ground as the wind was knocked out of her.

Her energy was gone, hear heart was sucked dry, her vision was disappearing as her eyes began to shut. All she could hear was ferocious growls from all directions and she could feel a warm body and arms protectively holding her on the dirt road.


"Damn machine" Jessica punched the coin slot, waiting for her quarters to begin slipping out….but they never did. All she wanted was her coffee.

This stupid country bunny hospital needs to fix their machines

A light tap on her shoulder made her turn around.

It was Higgins

"Hey, I got you cup"

"Thanks" she smiled a little

"How's Nick doing?"

"Not sure, he is with her now, she is still unconscious"

"That poor rabbit, he really cares about her huh? I didn't know he was seeing someone"

Jessica eyes fell to the floor

"You okay?' Higgins placed a paw on her shoulder, she didn't shove it off, which surprised him.

"Yeah, I'm okay, what do we have on the panther and the fox?"

Higgins pulled out the folder as Jessica took another snip of her coffee.

"The Panther is Rick Vine, 32, criminal record for mostly stealing….the fox is Victor Bush, 40, and his criminal record is stealing and drugs. The van was cleaned out and the weasel wasn't there so I'm guessing he made a run for it with the evidence…sneaky ass holes.."

"Well at least we have the panther and the fox, we can interrogate them for information" Jessica grinned, that was her favorite part on the force,

"Well the fox is in critical condition with a dislocated jaw…..that rabbit did a number on him, she would be one bad ass cop"

Jessica nearly broke her coffee cup


Nick stroked Judy's arm as she laid silently in the hospital bed, her breathing was now stable and steady, they just now were able to remove the air tubes that helped her breathe from her nose.

Nick gripped her paw tighter

This is all my fault….I should have been more careful…I shouldn't have gotten her involved…maybe it would be best if I ….

"Officer Wilde?"

Nick turned to see the badger Doctor standing in the doorway

"A word?"

Nick looked at Judy and gave her paw another squeeze as he went out into the hallway.

"Doctor, how is she?"

The badger was no taller than Nick's hip as she began flipping through her clipboards.

"Stable, I was able to cool down her lungs as they were inflamed…I have known Judy since she was a baby, she is a tough one indeed, I just got off the phone with her parents, they will be here shortly" She laughed a little as she peered up at the fox who looked worried out of his mind.

"I'm sorry are you guy's friends?"

"Girlfriend" Nick smiled a little, they hadn't quite made it official yet, and Judy will most likely kick his ass if she was awake right now.

"Oh, that's wonderful….So I'm guessing you are aware with her condition?"

Nick's heart stopped

"Condition? What condition?"

"She was very sick Officer Wilde, for the longest time, her body is just now trying to heal from it"

How long was Nick holding his breath?

"From what?"

"Pneumonia, it nearly killed her"

Nick clenched his chest, his claws digging into his skin. His heart sank as he peered behind him.


This is why she hated hospitals…..This is why she couldn't become a police officer when she wanted too. She was very sick.

Nick had a lump in his throat, but he straightens his posture

"Tell me everything Doctor, I need to know everything"

"She was sick for 6 months in and out of the hospital, the pneumonia can do that to you, it weakens your immune system and fills your lungs with liquid"

Nick flinched as his hands balled into fists

"It nearly killed her…I remember that day…It was a horrible day for everyone including her family, but then a couple hours later her heart showed improvement out of nowhere….I would say it was a miracle"

"How is she doing now?"

"She is still healing, but whatever happened today was not good on her lungs so just keep an eye on that, but if she overexerts herself too much, her immune system could shut down for good"

Nick nodded, he would take care of her and protect her with his life

"Thank you" Nick whispered

"Your welcome, if she is doing well she may be able to leave in a couple of hours" the doctor smiled

Nick went back into Judy's room and resumed his place at the chair next to her.


Judy wiggled a little wincing at the pain, her chest feels like she was hit by a truck. Her eyes slowly began to open as all she saw was white…

Hell…I better not be dead!

Her ears picked up breathing as she quickly whipped her head around to find Nick smiling in the chair next to her.

"Ahhhh ouch…too fast" her hands flying up to her head

Nick laughed, "Good morning sleeping beauty"

Judy would have laughed too if she didn't realize where she was….she looked down at her arm as she saw the IV strapped in. She panicked, "Why am I here!? Get me out of here!" she tried to pull the IV from her arm but Nick's paw stopped her.

She frantically looked up at him, tears ready to pool out. But when she saw Nick's eyes, it was filled with trust, compassion, and even seriousness as she felt like he was looking deep into her soul.

"You know…" She whispered

"Yeah…I do" Nick took her paw and kissed her knuckles gently

He knows…. He knows about her now. The most venerable part of herself, the nightmare that had ruined her and her spirit, the sickness that kept her from being free, the sickness that had left a scar on her body.

She was ashamed of it, embarrassed by it, but when Nick looked up at her, all she could feel was butterflies in her stomach and heart skipping a beat and she no longer felt…..alone.

Nick cupped her face in his paws as he gently places his forehead on hers. She closed her eyes and laid her paws on top of his.

For the first time…in a long time... she felt stronger than she ever had before.

This chapter was very personal to me in numerous ways, I hope you enjoyed it.