Judy grumbled in her bed, pulling her sheets over her ears. She thinks it's morning, but it's probably sometime around three in the afternoon. She feels crappy, like seriously crappy. Her body aches, her head hurts and she is constantly tired. This is what she gets for chasing criminals and getting kidnapped….



The hospital discharged her two days ago and her parents were frantic to take her home and rest. She has been under house arrest and she is on the end of her rope. Her mother hovers, her father's worries and she has drunken more soup than she can bear.

She peered at her phone screen, awaiting another text from Nick. They were technically a thing….

Yes ,Nick was her boyfriend and her heart took flight every time she thought that.

She hadn't seen him in two days and two days were long enough. He had been working on the Greystone case and the grocery robbery with Jessica and Higgins, integrating the fox and jaguar who had kidnapped Judy.

Judy told Nick everything she overheard in the van, the pictures of Mr. Greystone and the pictures of both of them. She also told that the robberies knew who she was and were planning on taking her to their boss. Nick grew tense and promised her safety, but ever since then he turned into serious police mode.

He would check in every few hours on her health, but Judy was just itching to get back out there and help him.

A light knock on the door

Judy rolled over pretending she was asleep as her mother laid a bowl of soup on her dresser and shut the door quietly. Judy peeked under her blankets as she weakly sat up to drink her soup, it tasted like stale cough syrup, a deep shudder ran up her spine and she drank some more.

A light buzz

Judy checked her phone to see a text form Nick.

"Hey love, how are you doing?"

Her fingers flew over the key boards, "Just fine, how's the case coming along?"

Another buzz,

"Don't worry about that now, all you need it rest".

A lump in Judy's throat began to form,

"Let me help you…."

10 seconds past

"Let me handle this" Nick replied.


So sorry I have fallen of the face of the earth, I graduated and moved. Very busy, also sorry for the short chapter. I needed a bridge for my next one. Until then…..BYEEEEE