Em and The Sounds

Evie Jaqui Benton Pacheco/ Em / Fraternal Twin of Gemma

Gemma Jaqui Benton Pacheco ( 2 Minutes Older ) / Fraternal Twin Evie/ Goes to Different School with Carlos, Nadia, and Paris

Parents : Jerrica Benton ( Owner of Starlight Music ) and Rio Pacheco ( Deceased )

Kristine '' Kristy '' Jaqui Harrison Benton
Kristy Look; Black Pixie Cut

Parents : Kimber Benton ( Single Mother/ Executive of New York location of Starlight Music/ Song Writer Duo with Mary ) and Sean Harrison ( He doesn't know )

Theodore '' Theo '' Elmsford Julian

Parents ; Shana Elmsford and Anthony Julian

Daniela Alonso Rogers

Parents ; Carmen '' Raya '' Alonso and Chris Rogers ( Ex - Husband/Co Parent )

Crow Leith Phillips

Parents : Aja Leith and Craig Phillips

Friends of Em and The Sounds

Sara Marie Philips

Parents : Mary '' Stormer '' Phillips ( Song Writer Duo with Kimber at NY Starlight Music location ) and Jacob Kane ( Fiance of Mary/ Soon to be Step Dad / Bio Dad Unknown )

Nadia Haven Dovark

Parents ; Giselle Dovark and Stefan Horte

Carlos John Victor Montgomery

Parents : Vivian Montgomery and Donald Stevens ( Engaged )

Paris Vanessa Cesaire

Parents : Regine Cesaire and Jeff Wright ( Co Parents )

The Revolutions

Kendra Gabor

Parents : Phyllis '' Pizzazz '' Gabor ( Single mother / Married and Divorced five times/ Took over Stingers Music renaming it Gabor Beats, Owner of Gabor Beats )

Raven Pelligrini

Parents : Roxanne '' Roxy '' Pelligrini ( Engaged )

Jenny Burns

Parents : Shelia '' Jetta '' Burns ( Divorced for second time )

Richard Destiny Llewelyn

Parents : Rory '' Riot '' Llewelyn and Lily Stone ( Seperated/Co Parent )

Friends of The Revolutions

Monty Kruger

Parents : Ingrid Kruger and Techrat ( One Night Stand/ He doesn't know he is father )

Michelle Ashe/ Twin of Micheal
Micheal Ashe/ Twin of Michelle

Parents : Pheobe Ashe ( Single Mother )

Charlie Buzz Montgomery ( Adopted Daughter )

Parents : Constance '' Clash '' Montgomery ( Not able to have kids/ Infertile )

Other Bands

Fashion Dreams

Leather Mania

Space Case

Lust Lizards

Collab Band '' The Under Dawgs ''

Other Cast

Jess Smith ( Owner of Global Music )

Parents : Janet Smith and Eric Raymond ( One Night Stand/Unknown to Jess )

Gail Nye Davidson

Dean of Evie's Performance Arts Boarding School/ Long Lost Estrange Mother of Phyllis '' Pizzazz '' Gabor who abandoned her/ Long lost grandmother of Kendra Gabor