Nick Wilde and- the newly- Judy Wilde were happy.

It was easy to be happy when everything had fallen into place for them over the course the years.

Five years of partnership at the ZPD. Four years of solid friendship. Three years of love. Two years of being together. One year of marriage.

They had taken on the world, not only as lovers, but as a team. They were unstoppable, unpredictable, undefinable.

Everything was in place.

Judy Hopps had grown up knowing that the things in life were a precious gift. She knew that many were not as blessed as she was to live in such a beautiful way.

She had been raised on a farm being taught to believe her dreams, but not to chase them. She defied that.

She had trained to become a police officer, her dream job since she was a kit. Not only did she manage to pass her school with flying colors, but she was valedictorian, even though she was told she wouldn't make it past stage one. She defied that as well.

She became the first ever, rabbit police officer to join the force (and manage to escape the title "meter maid") all while solving a case that was difficult for even the best to solve. Yes, she defied even that.

What she didn't defy was her love for Nicholas Wilde, the brave and cunning fox she had met in Zootopia on her first escapade. He had tricked his way through life, ending up falling for the amethyst-eyed bunny that had hopped into his heart.

Together, they saw life as their own. They often took their lives for granted as they could change their fates and determine their futures. Together, they defied the laws of life, making the world a better place.

Another day on the force, another day working as partners.

Judy Wilde drove through the streets of Zootopia scoping out danger. It was a normal thing for the city to be quiet in the suburb of Tundratown. Although she was shivering, she could almost guarantee her complete safety.

Her husband sat next to her in the passengers seat, glancing out of the window in boredom. It was a tedious job at times, but Judy made it worth it.

"Hey Judyyyyy," Nick sang to his wife, turning to look at her.

"Yes?" Judy responded keeping her eyes on the road.

"I'm borrrrred," Nick drawled out.

"Can't fix that."

Nick smirked and slyly said, "Of course you can."

Judy stopped at the red light, flashing a smirk. "How so?"

"By... This!"

Nick poked his fingers into Judy's right side. She screamed from the tingly-torture, laughing as she slid into her seat.

"NICK!" She gasped for air, seeing that the light had turned green, "STOP!"

Nick continued to poke her until a blaring honk ruined the moment. He pulled back his fingers and she quickly composed herself to drive.

"Wilde," she gritted through clenched teeth as she began to pull through the intersection, "there were people behind us."

"I'm sorry, Wilde..." Nick sported his resting face, a mix between a smirk and a sarcastic look.

The next few minutes were filled with a content silence, a love between the couple.

Nick eventually rested his left paw on Judy's right thigh, a comfortable gesture between the two. Judy relaxed, letting her tension leave.

"Officer Wilde, we have an incoming 415 near your location, Avenue 21 Ice Park 1734."

"Officer N. Wilde and Officer J. Wilde in pursuit. Locating suspects." Nick turned off the pager as Judy turned down Avenue 21.

Almost immediately they spotted a small group of animals crowded around two others. They appeared to be arguing viciously.

Judy pulled up to the scene, unbuckling her seat belt and jumping out of the car. They both walked towards the incident preparing for an easy break up.

"Officer Wilde," Nick stated flashing his badge, "what seems to be the problem here?"

A medium-statured sheep complained, "This animal marched right into my poor grandmother and knocked her down rather harshly, all with out even apologizing! And now he's trying to run off with her purse!"

"I didn't see her and I was trying to give her back her purse, not steal it." The taller bear growled.

The small crowd around them all started mumbling how rude the bear was, saying that he should've helped her.

Judy sighed, a (hopefully) easy problem to solve.

"Now sir, I think it's a bit unreasonable to not help her up after the fall," Judy turned to face the sheep, "but is don't see how this is that big of problem. Is your grandmother okay?"

"NO! She is most certainly NOT okay! That predator could've killed her!"

The bear, raged with hearing the discrimination, whipped out a gun, pointing it at the sheep.


Nick immediately pulled out his pager, "we have a 417. Request for possible back up?"

"Request for back up granted, sending Officer Buck and Officer Horn into pursuit."

All while this was going on, Judy stepped in between the feuding animals, her hand resting on her gun in case.

"Now sir," she said cautiously looking at the bison, "we don't need to be unreasonable. Please release the gun."

"NO. HOW DARE THIS SHEEP THINK HE HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY SUCH THINGS." The bear was hyperventilating, full of anger and hatred.

"Sir, please release the gun!" Judy commanded, pulling out her own gun.

As soon as the large predator laid eyes on her gun, four large shots rang in the air.

As Nick was putting up his pager, pulling out his taser in case, the gun was fired. His head snapped up in time to see the bullets fire straight into his wife.

"JUDY!" He heard himself scream.

Three bullets planted themselves in her upper right thigh while the last one was in her abdomen.

The bear ran away immediately, trying to escape the screams and the new sirens from the back up.

Judy fell to the ground following impact. She cried out in pain, blood gushing out of the new wounds.

Nick ran to his wife's side, pulling her to his chest. Her screams and tears engulfing his mind.


"Medical assistance being sent your way!"

Judy continued to whimper as her blood soaked into Nick's shirt. He ran her to the police car, placing her in the back seat reaching for the first aid kit. Tears soaked his cheeks as he wildly flailed to help his lover. Judy's screams filled his ears as he tried to wrap her leg and torso as best as he could.

Rather quickly, Judy was soon pulled from his care by the medical team into the ambulance.

"Judy!" Nick heard himself scream.

"Sir, please let go of her and follow us to the hospital." Judy was placed on a stretcher and the doors were slammed shut, letting the ambulance ride off to the hospital.