Judy glowered over the city from her apartment view. Five floors wasn't much to look over, but she could still make out the basic shapes of the shorter buildings and the animals walking the streets. She pulled her knee to her chest, balancing against the headboard of the bed.

At that moment, Nick walked into the room. He was dressed in the typical Zootopia police uniform, the navy blue one that looked rather handsome on him as Judy had said repeatedly.

He leaned against the door frame, arms crossed, gazing at his beautiful wife. He noticed her solemn expression and droopy ears.

Nick felt his heart drop; his wife would no longer be able to carry on normally. Her job would be quite different as she wouldn't be able to chase anyone down by foot, let alone drive. If Chief Bogo was gracious enough, she might be given a desk job or one similar to Benjamin Clawhauser's.

But he knew that his wife would never stop trying to get back right where she left off.

Nick walked to their bed and sat down. Judy hadn't known he was in there until she felt the bed dip on the other side and her balance was shifted a little.

"So I made you some breakfast," Nick said, handing her a plate of sweet carrot waffles and blueberry tea. "And I'm going to talk to Bogo about any job placements today. Maybe he'll try to find you an easier position while you recover."

"Yeah," Judy replied, not even giving him a glance, "I suppose." She was grateful for his help in her heart, but the rest of her revolted anything that screamed "can't do it yourself".

Nick sighed in defeat. "Alright then, I'll just head out. Do you want me to bring you anything else?" Judy shook her head. With that, he stood up and prepared to leave.

Judy smiled sadly, and locked her eyes onto Nick's. "I love you," she whispered, just loud enough for him to hear.

Nick smiled back saying, "I love you too, Carrots." And with that, he walked out of the room, locking the apartment door soon after.

As soon as Judy heard the jingle of his keys disappear and the sound of his footsteps diminish, she practically inhaled her food. Nick would be making fun of me right about now.

Once she finished, she grabbed the nearest bed post and hopped onto her one leg. She stumbled a bit, but managed to keep off of the ground due to her death grip on the wooden post.

Taking in her surroundings, Judy hopped with her right hand grasping anything within reach: the remaining post of the bed, the night stand, the door frame and finally the couch's arm rest. She was completely out of breath by the time she got to her favorite chair in the living room.

On a normal day, she was an agile creature; she hadn't been this out of shape since before the academy. And even then she could still do the typical athletic things an animal could.

It's probably because of that time in the hospital. I couldn't even work out then or eat anything remotely nice. And now that I have this good-for-nothing stub of a leg, I probably won't be back up and running for a while.

She sat down deciding what she would do with her day. If she were completely recovered and had access to her new prosthetic leg, she could attempt some house chores. However, with neither crossed off of Judy's list, she decided to instead watch whatever was on the news. She grabbed the clicker and hit the power button.

An advertisement popped up for a new lawn care service. Judy relaxed back in her chair watching the pictures of satisfied customers roll through the screen. The news and it's ads weren't necessarily a favorite past-time of Judy's, but seeing as there was nothing else to do, she sat patiently awaiting the current story.

After another three or so minutes of ads, the opening number for the ZNN began to play, indicating the newscaster was about to make an appearance.

"We have received updated news on one of our most enticing stories as of lately. Officer Judy Wilde has been reported in good health after the grueling incident last Thursday morning in Tundratown." Judy sat up a little straighter, having no prior information to the public knowing about her situation.

The cameras began to roll footage from the near-by "Zootopia 1st Bank and Commerce" video camera as the newscaster narrated the events in the background. "Officer J. Wilde and her partner Officer N. Wilde were in pursuit when a disturbance was reported to the ZPD. Here, it is seen that the officers were approaching the victims to discuss the matter, when a bear pulled out his pistol. Officer J. Wilde took out her own gun for the purpose of safety and was brutally shot four times: three in the leg and one in the mid-torso. She was immediately taken to the hospital where she was reported to be released yesterday."

The footage showed everything from the blood that poured out of Judy's leg and painted the sidewalk, to Nick running after Judy with a pained look on his face. A tear slipped down her cheek as she continued to listen to the report.

"Here we have a near-by witness to share what he saw," the newscaster said, pointing the camera to a sheep. The same sheep that was in the fight with the bear.

"Mr. Whitehead, we have heard from you that during this attack, you were standing directly next to Officer Wilde. Can you describe what happened?" The microphone was brought towards the face of the sheep.

"I was simply walking around with my frail grandmother when a bear came up and attacked us! Officer Wilde was there to save us, but was shot a few times. I can only hope that she's okay." The sheep smiled, taking in his 15 seconds of fame.

Judy rolled her eyes in disgust. If Mr. Whitehead hadn't provoked the bear, none of this would've happened. Judy would just be working another day in the force. She wouldn't be missing a freaking leg.

"We are live at the Zootopia Police Department, where we have one of our interviewers on the site."

The camera showed Chief Bogo and Nick trying to walk into the building, but failing from the thickness of the crowd.





Nick was wearing his shades, holding his hands up. Chief Bogo appeared to be furious at the demand of answers.

"WE HAVE NO COMMENT," Chief Bogo yelled.

The random animals and press lined up continued to scream for answers.

Judy could tell that Nick had heard enough of it, when he looked straight towards the camera and said, "My wife is at home recovering. She will be okay. Now please, let me get to my job." Nick began to ouch through until he and Chief Bogo made it to the door.

Judy turned off the TV and hopped off the chair. For a split-second, she forgot that she was missing a leg, and tumbled to the ground. She landed face forward, grunting when she impacted.

After the shock of her fall had passed, she decided to lay there, waiting for a miracle to pull her right back onto her feet. Maybe if she prayed just hard enough, she could be lifted up by an angel and be granted a new leg.

Judy rolled over onto her back and propped her arms behind her head. Maybe if I close my eyes, she thought, I can take a good nap. Yeah, that sounds nice.

Judy closed her eyes and fell asleep, dreaming of her life with two legs.

Nick's keys jingled as he unlocked the front door of the apartment. He pushed the door open and walked in slowly. He was absolutely exhausted.

Nobody would stop asking about Judy, not that he minded hearing his wife's beautiful name every time he turned a corner, but that it made his worrying skyrocket. He had been questioning himself all day, wondering if it was a good idea to leave her alone.

He closed the door and walked inside the hallway to the living room. When he arrived, the first thing was Judy sprawled out on the floor.His stomach flipped.

He ran to his wife's side and dropped to his knees. What happened? Is she okay? What if she's dead? He shook Judy's shoulders while yelling, "Judy!"

She groaned and rolled closer into his arms as he sighed in relief. The grey rabbit's eyes blinked open; she hissed when the light flooded her eyes. "What are you doing, Nick?"

"You were on the ground, a-and I didn't know-"

"I tripped earlier and was too lazy to get back up," Judy yawned while talking, "so I took a nap."

Nick laughed, despite still being in shock from thinking that something had actually happened to her. "You sly bunny," he exclaimed.

"You dumb fox," She threw back. "Oh, by the way, how was your day? I happened to be watching ZNN when you were on it. Tough crowds."

Nick groaned remembering the awful day he'd had. "That's a story for another time, Carrots."

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