Lord of the Wind
by Teddylonglong

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However, the remaining months of their sixth Hogwarts year passed uneventfully. They only heard about Malfoy and his followers attacking Muggles through the Quibbler; however, the evil wizard neither showed up at Hogwarts again, nor did he attack anyone during the students' Hogsmeade visits. 'I wonder what he's planning,' Gaoithe mused. 'I can't imagine that he is going to give up so easily, neither his search for Draco, nor his wish to take revenge on me. Merlin should have got rid of him, so that I could fetch Draco back to this time,' he thought repeatedly.

"Gaoithe, take it easy," Severus told him equally often. "It's Draco's own fault that he cast an unforgivable spell at his father. He's very lucky that you rescued him and took him to the past, so that he could begin anew, and I believe that he appreciates it very much. When you go back to the past for your seventh year, your mother and I will accompany you, and I'll have a conversation with Draco."

"Thank you, Dad," Gaoithe said, feeling very comforted and happy that he could speak with his parents about everything.


At the beginning of the summer holidays, Luna and her father travelled to the past together with the Snapes. While Ceridwen and Gaoithe studied for their NEWTs together with Draco and Gawain, the Founders gave Luna, her father, and six-year-old Uisce special introductory classes. Ceridwen and Gaoithe remained in the past for their whole seventh year, and both of them managed to pass their NEWTs flawlessly.

"I am very proud and happy for you," Helga told them, successively pulling them into bear hugs. "I understand that you want to live in the future, but please don't forget about us and come back here at least once a year."

"Of course we'll do that," Gaoithe promised, while Ceridwen was busily wiping her eyes. "Professor, why don't you come with us and stay for our second seventh year?" he asked kindly.

"I'll do that," Helga replied right away.

"Will your parents come as well?" Gaoithe asked eagerly. 'I'd love to have them all with us. I really like the Hufflepuffs,' he thought, gently laying his arm around Ceridwen's back.

"They wouldn't want to go now," Helga said slowly. "In fact, I talked to them about the matter, and they told me that they wanted to be there for Draco and Luna, at least until Luna finishes her NEWTs next summer. I don't know if Draco told you, but he is going to be our new Flying instructor from the new school year onwards, and Luna will teach Care of Magical Creatures as our new elective subject."

"Wow, that's wonderful," Gaoithe said in amazement. "Thank you so much for giving them this chance here in this time."


When Gaoithe and his family returned to the future at the beginning of his seventh year, the Quibbler was full of attacks on muggles, halfbloods, and even muggleborn students. 'Does he want to get to me with that?' Gaoithe kept wondering until Malfoy chose to attack directly during the last week before the winter holidays.

Gaoithe was just sitting in the Potions classroom, brewing one of the potions, which were often topic of the NEWTS, when Minerva's voice sounded through the castle. "All students and teachers, please gather in the Great Hall immediately. No exceptions. Hurry up, everyone!"

Severus waved his wand over the classroom, banishing all potions from all the cauldrons at once, before he said, "You heard the headmistress. Go to the Great Hall. We'll clean up here afterwards."

'Is Malfoy attacking Hogwarts?' Gaoithe mused, casting a questioning look at his father, who was, however, wearing a blank expression and seemed to be as calm as usual. 'Maybe I should rather flash into the control room,' he mused. He pulled Ceridwen with him to Severus and said, "I'll flash the two of you. I want to know what this is about quickly."

Minerva was already waiting for them. "Thank Merlin there you are," she said as Gaoithe flashed in together with Ceridwen and Severus. "There is a dragon attacking the castle. He already damaged parts of the Hufflepuff tower."

"A dragon?" Gaoithe asked in surprise. "Do you think Malfoy sent it? Oh well, I'll go and speak with it."

"No Gaoithe, don't," Minerva said firmly, glaring at her son.

#Mum, I promise to be careful,# Gaoithe, who had already transformed into his phoenix form, trilled back and flashed outside. 'Wow, that thing is huge,' he realised as he envisioned the dragon. He hurriedly changed into the same kind of dragon and quickly approached the large animal.

=Hello there, what are you doing here?= he asked gently.

=Who are you? I didn't know that there were other dragons around,= the dragon replied in apparent confusion, letting go of the wall of the Hufflepuff common room for a moment.

=I am half human and half dragon,= Gaoithe lied, speaking in a soft voice. = Please don't destroy our castle by the way. If there is any way we can help you, you only have to tell me what you need and we'll do what we can.=

=Do you know the human Dark Lord? He cast some spell at me and instructed me to destroy this castle, but the spell must have somehow broken. He told me I had to do it before I'd go and meet other dragons. Why should I destroy the castle?= The dragon rubbed his front legs together, seemingly confused.

=If I might offer something to you,= Gaoithe said thoughtfully, =I'll help you find your way back to where you come from, if you help me destroy the Dark Lord.=

=You will really help me back to my family?= the dragon asked with excitement, causing Gaoithe to inwardly chuckle.

=Yes,= he promised. =My good friends' brother works in a dragon reserve in Rumania, and I'll ask people to fly with brooms to take you there later today.=

=Thank you so much,= the dragon replied. =I am only a child, and I miss my family. I don't know how I happened to get lost and ended up here.=

=No problem,= Gaoithe said, smiling as the dragon excitedly breathed a small flame of fire. =Do you know the way back to the Dark Lord's residence?=

The dragon nodded eagerly. =I don't like him,= he admitted in a small voice, =but he made me obey somehow.=

=I understand,= Gaoithe reassured the other dragon, before they took into the air together. They were just crossing the apparition border, when a huge wave of flames hit them from behind.

'What's that?' Gaoithe thought, terrified, and turned his head backwards. 'Thank Merlin I'm a dragon. Otherwise, I'd have been badly injured by that.' When he looked closer at the two dragons that were following them, he realised that it was the two dragons that he was keeping in the zoo. 'How could I be so stupid?' he wondered. 'I completely forgot about them.' He quickly explained to the dragons what they were going to do, and both agreed to help with their fight against Lucius Malfoy.

Gaoithe noticed soon that he couldn't keep up with the dragons' fast speed and decided to flash to Malfoy Manor and hide, while he waited for the dragons to arrive. 'My phoenix form is better anyway, because it enables me to sense if Malfoy is at home at all,' he thought. 'Yes, he is. Thank Merlin Draco's mother is living with her sister now, so she won't be injured if we destroy the Manor.' As soon as he saw the dragons, glad that he could see them from far away due to their size, he transformed into the dragon once again, and together, the four dragons attacked Malfoy Manor.

Gaoithe smiled happily when he saw Lucius Malfoy step out into the garden and shout at them. 'Wait until I show you something,' he thought and, using an ancient spell, he conjured an image of an oversized golden phoenix up in the sky above Malfoy Manor. The phoenix turned around itself, spitting out the letters, 'the Lord of the Wind.' Feeling contented with the display, he turned around to see what the dragons were doing. Realising that they were slowly taking off the roof of the Manor, he looked down at the tall, blonde man in the garden and quickly provoked a hurricane just above the evil wizard.

'I'm sorry, no, I'm not,' he thought when he saw Malfoy collapse on the ground. He toyed with the idea of killing the badly injured man; however, he decided against it. Remembering that Dumbledore had promised to lock Malfoy into Azkaban as soon as someone caught the slippery wizard, he telepathically thought to the Minister of Magic, 'Professor Dumbledore, please send a few Aurors to Malfoy Manor. Malfoy is here, and he is badly injured.' While he was waiting for the Aurors to arrive, he instructed the dragons to stop attacking the Manor and to fly back to Hogwarts.

=May I stay at Hogwarts as well?= the smaller dragon asked pleadingly. =I already became good friends with the two of them, and I'd love to remain with them.=

=Of course you may,= Gaoithe replied, smiling. =Our magical zoo is large enough for everyone.=

When Gaoithe flashed back to Hogwarts an hour later, he happily told his parents that the Aurors had taken Lucius Malfoy to Azkaban, where he would receive the kiss from the few, remaining Dementors right away.

"Thank Merlin you're back," Minerva said in apparent relief, while Severus gave Gaoithe a sharp look.

"Gaoithe, are you completely unharmed?" he asked sternly.

"Of course," Gaoithe replied, chuckling. "That was actually fun."

"That was no fun," Uisce threw in, sounding very angry. "Ceridwen and I were very worried."

"Oh I'm so sorry, sweetie," Gaoithe said, smiling at the upset girl as he pulled her into a bear hug, before he leaned over to Ceridwen and kissed her.

"I don't know if Draco and Luna want to come back to this time, but I think I should at least go and ask them," he said thoughtfully, glancing at his wrist watch.

"Gaoithe, can I go with you?" Uisce asked eagerly, causing Gaoithe to chuckle.

"May I go," Severus corrected the girl, before he added in a no-nonsense voice, "Neither you nor Gaoithe will go anywhere today. Gaoithe did enough magic for one day, and it is near your bedtime already."


Finally, Gaoithe took a short trip to the past alone, while he was awake very early on Christmas morning. He informed Draco and Luna about Lucius Malfoy's fate, handing them the special edition of the Quibbler that confirmed that Lucius Malfoy had been given the Dementor's kiss at Azkaban.

"I'm sorry, Draco," he apologized to his friend in a small voice. "As evil as he was, he was still your father."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Gaoithe, how many times did he try to kill you? I even wanted to get rid of him, so there is certainly no need to apologize. Considering your offer to take us back to the future, I need to discuss this with Luna. She agreed to become my wife next summer, and we have to decide about our future together."

"I'd prefer to stay in this time," Luna threw in, looking dreamily at Draco. "The animals and the people here are just wonderful."

"We stay," Draco told Gaoithe, smiling proudly at his fiancée. "Come back for our wedding on the first of July."

"I will," Gaoithe promised and returned to the future, glad that his two friends were so happy in the past.


During the remaining months of their last Hogwarts year as students, Gaoithe and his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was on an evening in April, when Ceridwen was assisting Helga and Poppy in the hospital wing, that Minerva and Severus told Gaoithe they wanted to discuss something with him.

"All right," Gaoithe replied, immediately putting his quill down.

"Gaoithe, have you ever thought about what you'd like to do after taking your NEWTs?" Severus asked gently, giving his son an assessing look.

"Err... I thought that I could continue teaching computer classes?" Gaoithe replied, looking questioningly at his parents. "I love teaching; it's fun."

Minerva let out a snort, while Severus smirked. "It's good to know that I have a fun job," he commented dryly.

Minerva let out a long sigh. "I know that you like teaching, and you're doing a great job. Even the Minister is very pleased with the courses you gave at the Ministry. However, I was thinking about setting up a new subject, 'Ancient Magic,' provided that you'd be willing to teach it."

"Ancient Magic?" Gaoithe repeated in surprise. "I'd like that," he said thoughtfully; "however, I'm not sure if I'll be able to teach that."

Severus smirked again. "Well, you'd have to make a detailed lesson plan first, but your mother, Ceridwen, Professor Hufflepuff and I would all be willing to help you if necessary, and the Founders would be more than happy to advise you on what to teach."

"Well, setting up the lesson plan is probably the most difficult thing," Gaoithe agreed. "All right then; if the two of you deem me adequate for the job, I'll do it," he said, smiling, before a thought crossed his mind. "In this case, are you going to ask Hermione to teach the computer classes?"

"That's what we intended to do," Minerva said gently. "Is that all right with you?"

"Of course," Gaoithe said excitedly. "It would be great to have her and Neville here at Hogwarts with us. They've been our best friends for ages."

Unbeknownst to Gaoithe, Severus observed his son with amusement. 'It's remarkable how Gaoithe has changed since he first came to Howarts,' he thought proudly. 'He is still as sweet and loving as he was, but he has become an amazing young man.'

Too soon for Gaoithe's liking, his last Hogwarts year came to the end. As glad as he was that his NEWTs were over, as much he regretted that all of his seventh year friends except for Ceridwen, Hermione and Neville would leave Hogwarts in a few days' time.

"I'm going to miss Merlin house," he said, a sad expression on his face, when he and Ceridwen were having tea together with his parents and their colleagues in the Snape quarters after the Leaving feast.

"Gaoithe," Professor Pomfrey said gently, "I meant to ask you earlier, but I always forget it. Even if Ceridwen is a wonderful assistant and I'm glad to have her, I am still very busy, and I'd really be glad if someone took over the head of house duties. Would you be willing to become the Merlin head of house?"

Gaoithe stared at the Healer in shock. "I don't know," he said slowly. "Well, yes, I'd love to become the Merlin head, but I don't have any experience what so ever and..."

"Nonsense," Severus threw in. "When I became the Slytherin Head, I had even less experience than you have. Apart from that, I'm sure that Professor Pomfrey would be willing to assist whenever you need help, and your mother and I are here as well."

Minerva thoughtfully cleared her throat, before she said, "There are a few things, which I'd like to change from the beginning of the next school year anyway."

Seeing that everyone looked at her in expectance, Minerva continued, "I'd like to set up a system, so that every head of house has an assistant, who can jump in at times when the main head is busy or otherwise incapacitated. I also wondered if it might be better to have a female and a male head, because teenagers might feel more comfortable to speak about certain problems with a teacher of the same gender."

They agreed that Gaoithe should become the main head of Merlin, while Poppy would become his assistant. The teachers also decided that the assistant head did not necessarily have to be someone, who came from the same house, so that Neville became Professor Sprout's assistant even as head of House, Hermione became Professor Black's assistant as Gryffindor head, and Severus asked Ceridwen to become his assistant for Slytherin.


Two weeks into the holidays that were spent with preparations for the new school year, a huge group of people consisting of the Snapes and several of the teachers, travelled into the past to participate in Draco's and Luna's wedding.

'Luna looks wonderful in her white wedding robes with the flowers in her hair,' Gaoithe mused as he absentmindedly listened to Godric's words as the Founder performed the ceremony. 'Ceridwen will look even more beautiful.' He glanced over to where his parents were sitting and thought to his father, 'Dad, will you go with me to the Hufflepuffs and ask them if I may marry Ceridwen next year?'

'I shall ask them for an appointment, before they return to their home later today,' Severus promised, and Gaoithe noticed that his father sounded very happy.

'I am happy, too,' he thought. 'I just hope that they'll agree and that Ceridwen really wants to become my wife.'

The conversation with Ceridwen's parents took place on the following day, and to Gaoithe's great relief, the Hufflepuffs agreed and suggested to hold the wedding ceremony exactly one year later. "We'll prepare everything here in this time, and we'll also provide the robes for Ceridwen and Gaoithe," Heather said gently.

Severus inclined his head and thanked the Hufflepuffs, before he promised to buy the wedding rings and everything else that was deemed necessary for the wedding in the future.

"I'll ask Ceridwen right away," Gaoithe told Severus on their way back to the castle.

Severus chuckled. "Good luck, son," he said without even the slightest hint of doubt that Ceridwen might not agree. "Don't forget that you have to take everyone except for us back to the future later today."

"Oh right, I'll do that right after I speak with Ceridwen," Gaoithe promised and returned to his room to fetch the small package with the ring, which he had bought in Hogsmeade on the day after his last NEWT exam. He went to search for his fiancée, who was helping her sister to rearrange her potions shelf. Gaoithe waited patiently until Ceridwen interrupted her work and looked at him in expectation. "Err… sorry to disturb you," he said, suddenly feeling very excited. "Do you have a few minutes?"

"Of course she has," Helga replied, grinning broadly. "Thanks for your help, Ceridwen. Now go and enjoy yourself."

Gaoithe led Ceridwen to the unicorns. "Let's go for a ride," he suggested, smiling when Moonlight happily licked his face.

They mounted the unicorns and greatly enjoyed their ride in the beautiful sunshine. "Where are we going?" Ceridwen asked, apparently noticing that Gaoithe was strangely agitated.

Gaoithe merely smirked and led her to a spot, which he had discovered during his seventh year in the past, when he went for a unicorn ride together with his father. It was on one of the mountains that looked as if it was far away from Hogwarts; however, from one spot of the mountain, one could see the castle, the grounds, and even the lake as if they were situated just at the foot of the mountain. They got off the unicorns and sat next to each other in the grass.

"This is a beautiful place," Ceridwen said kindly. "I wonder why no one ever took me here."

"Maybe no one knows about it," Gaoithe replied. "Dad and I only discovered it by chance." He slowly pulled the small box out of his robe pocket and motioned for the girl to close her eyes. When she complied, his mouth searched her lips and pulled her into a kiss to distract her, while his hands opened the box and slid the ring over her ring finger.

Ceridwen slowly pulled away and looked at her left hand in shock. "Gaoithe, what… Oh wow," she interrupted herself. She looked at the golden ring with the pattern of various herbs in amazement. "This is absolutely fantastic."

"Ceridwen, will you marry me?" Gaoithe asked softly. "Your parents agreed to our wedding next summer."

"Of course I will," Ceridwen responded in an equally soft voice, before she asked, "Next year? That's so far away."

Gaoithe chuckled at her slightly disappointed tone and happily covered her mouth with his lips. 'The year will be over so quickly, especially considering that I have to teach Ancient Magic and haven't even made as much as a lesson plan,' he thought. 'I'll ask Professors Gryffindor and Ravenclaw for their advice,' he decided, while he gently laid his arm around Ceridwen's back and absentmindedly enjoyed the sunshine.


As Gaoithe had predicted, his first year of teaching passed very quickly, especially since he was extremely busy with the preparation of his classes and his head of house duties, even if Poppy took over for him very often, knowing from experience that the first year of teaching was always the busiest for a teacher.

Gaoithe realised soon that it was much fun to teach the students about the things, which he had learned in the past, and he found that the younger students in his House, especially the ten small first years, were absolutely cute. 'I wonder where Uisce is going to be sorted,' he thought, smiling as he observed his sister practise the charm, which he had just taught her, with her children's wand. His parents had counted the months that Uisce had spent in the past and, realising that she was already nine years old in spite of the official six and a half, had decided to change her official birth date, so that she would officially be eleven next summer and could enter Hogwarts as a student. 'Well, considering that she more or less already finished her first Hogwarts year in the past, she won't have any problems, even if she's a bit younger than her classmates,' Gaoithe thought, feeling very proud of his little sister, who still absolutely adored him and tried to step into his footsteps in every possible way.


If everyone had been amazed by Luna's and Draco's wedding, they were stunned at the beautifully decorated Hogwarts grounds and the display that the unicorns performed at Ceridwen's and Gaoithe's wedding.

Gaoithe was extremely excited when his parents led him out onto the grounds. Ceridwen was still nowhere to be seen. Gaoithe followed Minerva and Severus and looked around in awe, grateful for Uisce's babbling that distracted him, until a collective gasp could be heard when Ceridwen appeared in the entrance doors. She was beautiful. 'She's going to be my wife in a few minutes,' Gaoithe thought happily, taking in her white dress robes that were decorated with an all over pattern of real flowers in awe. He instantly stepped over to her, remembering right in time that he had been instructed to not kiss her before the ceremony was over.

"You're wonderful," he said to the girl in admiration.

"Thank you," Ceridwen replied, smiling the most beautiful smile that he had ever seen. "You're, too. These green dress robes suit you really well," she whispered back.

While Godric performed the ceremony, Gaoithe was unable to concentrate on anything but how happy he was to marry Ceridwen, so that he completely missed Godric's words and looked up startled when Uisce climbed on his lap and whispered, "You must answer, Gaoithe."

"Gaoithe Snape, do you want to take Ceridwen Hufflepuff to your wedded wife and love her with all your magic until death parts you?" Godric asked, apparently for the second time, considering his slightly impatient tone.

"Yes sir," Gaoithe replied firmly and shot Ceridwen an apologetic look, sighing in relief when she responded positively as well. A huge smile appeared on his face as he accepted Ceridwen's ring from Godric and carefully slipped it over her finger. Ceridwen did the same for him and Godric announced, "Herewith I declare you man and wife. Mr. Snape-Hufflepuff, you may now kiss your wife."

Under huge applause, Gaoithe leaned over and gently kissed Ceridwen.


When Ceridwen and Gaoithe returned to the Snapes' quarters and entered Gaoithe's room, they looked around in surprise. They found themselves in a living room, similar to those of Helga's or the Snapes' quarters.

Helga and Minerva, who accompanied them, chuckled at their stunned expressions. "We thought that you should have your own quarters," Helga explained gently, pointing out that the living room was connected to both their quarters.

'It's strange but somehow cool,' Gaoithe thought as he led Ceridwen into the bedroom to explore their new quarters.


In the same way, Severus and Minerva provided Ceridwen and Gaoithe with their own quarters with a connecting door to their living room in the future.

"This does not mean that we're throwing you out of our quarters," Severus said, smirking. "It is just in case you need a bit more privacy."

The young couple appreciated Gaoithe's parents' thoughtfulness; however, even when the new school year began, they always spent their free time in the Snapes' quarters. It was a year later, when Ceridwen's and Gaoithe's first baby was born, that the family life began to shift from the Snapes' quarters to the Snape-Hufflepuffs', especially since Uisce, who was about to finish her first Hogwarts year, was spending the evenings in the Merlin common room.

Gaoithe was absolutely delighted when his sister was sorted into his own house, especially as it gave him the opportunity to speak with her almost every evening, when he spent some time in the common room, instead of only seeing her in class.


The baby was born during the last week of the school year. She had light brown hair, and also the structure of her face resembled that of Ceridwen and her sister, although she had inherited Gaoithe's green eyes.

"Let's name her Helga," Gaoithe suggested, and Ceridwen happily agreed, which reminded Gaoithe that he had promised Helga to fetch her immediately when the baby was born.

"What do you think about Fred and George as godparents?" Ceridwen asked, before he could voice his thought.

"I think that's a brilliant idea," Gaoithe replied, and to everyone's surprise, the first present, which the newborn girl received, was an unlimited life-long voucher for the famous joke shop Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes.

"I can imagine that many students envy you for this, little one," Severus said dryly, smirking as he turned to the twins. "Come to my office tomorrow night. I have a new recipe for you."


It was more difficult for Ceridwen and Gaoithe to find godparents, when Ceridwen gave birth to triplets a year later. The happy parents decided to name them Salazar, Godric and Rowena and made Neville, Hermione, Draco, Luna, Gawain and Uisce the godparents. When Gaoithe travelled into the past to fetch Helga and her parents as well as the three godparents from the time of the Founders, the grandparents Heather and Heath decided to present their small home at Hogsmeade to Luna and Draco and to move into the future to look after their four grandchildren.


Severus observed with amusement how his son was completely engrossed with the invention of a new prank potion that he wanted to try out on Salazar Slytherin, who was visiting them in the future together with Helga.

"Dad," Gaoithe said excitedly, holding out a recipe to him. "Do you think that's going to work?"

Severus skimmed the recipe with interest that turned into disbelief. "You want to extinguish candles with that?" he queried, quirking an eyebrow at his son, who began to chuckle.

"Well, one of the twins' potions gave me the idea. I want to make Salazar drink the potion and make him cause all torches to dim as soon as he enters a room," Gaoithe explained, looking questioningly at his father.

"I believe that might work," Severus replied thoughtfully. "However, you won't be able to actually brew the potion today. In fact, your mother and your wife expect us to be outside in a few minutes."

"Why?" Gaoithe asked in surprise. "Uisce promised to entertain the kids, and…"

"Anyway, let's see what they want," Severus said firmly, grinning inwardly at his son's complete ignorance.

Gaoithe glared at his father but obediently cleaned his workspace and followed the older wizard out of his lab and out onto the grounds, wondering what his father was up to. When he stepped outside into the sunshine, he noticed in surprise that the lake was decorated with colourful balloons, displaying the number '30'. Before he could guess the reason, a multiple "Happy Birthday, Gaoithe!" penetrated his ear.

"My birthday?" he asked in surprise. "I completely forgot about that."

"I know," Ceridwen said, chuckling as she pulled him into a bear hug. "But we didn't."

Gaoithe looked around in amazement, seeing that all of his friends from this time and those from the past, who were visiting over the summer, were gathered around them, waiting for their turn to congratulate him and hand him a present. 'My robes will be black if I survive all these hugs,' he thought and grudgingly let go off his wife.

The highlight of the day, which could barely be topped by an enormous firework display performed by the Weasley twins, was an Animagus display, arranged by Uisce and her four nieces and nephews. Aunt Uisce, who had just finished her NEWTs and was going to be the new Charms teacher from the next school year onwards, had taught the triplets and their sister to become phoenix Animagi, knowing from Ceridwen that all four of them were natural Animagi like Gaoithe. Together with the four children, she transformed into her own phoenix form, and the five beautiful birds performed a fantastic show in their different kind of phoenix forms, before they landed safely on the grounds, transformed back into their human forms, and shouted simultaneously, "Long live the Lord of the Wind".

The End

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