Chapter III: Penny's Meeting

After Gumball called Penny to come over their house, she came in with a knock as Arthur opened the door during a sunset after the school day.

"Oh, hello. How are you doing?" Penny said as Arthur opened the door.

"Very good, remember you said that you will come after a school day." Arthur said.

"Yeah, at least I promised." Penny said as she smiled at Arthur.

"I know that Miss Simian always tries to be not polite at me while you saw that in your class." Arthur said.

"Yeah, she is sometimes rude." Penny said as she walked in the hallway.

After that, Penny was very nice to Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Buster, D.W, and Arthur as she was doing so well during supper with the Reeds. As they knew that she is a fairy in which Gumball trusted her before she became a shape-shifting fairy.

Then in Gumball's room, Arthur took an small interview on Penny, who she in fact a fairy. After the interview, He went in the living room as Darwin was watching TV.

"Wow... I never knew you have Television in Elmore." Arthur said.

"Yeah, but how you never knew about Television?" Darwin said in a happy mood.

"Yeah, we have Television in Elwood City as we live there." Arthur said.

"Really, we had never been there." Darwin said.

"Really? I know that we have a school just like you have in Elmore." Arthur said in a nice mood.

"Yeah, you like our school." Darwin said.

"Yes, It was good in there." Arthur said.

After Arthur talked with Darwin, Gumball came in the living room with some Popcorn.

"Oh, hi." Gumball said to Arthur.

"Hello, I know that Penny is cute." Arthur said.

"Yeah, she is my girlfriend." Gumball said.

"Yes, I know that in the first place as I saw her first in the hallway at your school." Arthur said.

"Yeah, I must know that Penny actually likes you. This meeting was a successful." Gumball said.

After the talk, they went to bed as the night was so quiet and kind of creepy in the dark as Arthur was afraid of the dark, ever since that he is used to be afraid of it.

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