"I didn't ask for this...the great pizza war. At the time I was just a child who thought she could talk to animals. Wow how dumb I was. Then of course THEY attacked...Pizza Hut. I have tried my best to forget that day, the day everything blew up in my face like a cherry pie, the day my childhood ended."

It was a cold dark night in Mexico, Dora was walking with boots wearing stereotypical Mexican clothing after a long day of adventuring. "Boots you silly billy you got us lost again!" Dora laughed out then gave a long sigh. "It's okay Dora , we'll just have to swim across the ocean back to Spain" They found a nearby tescos and decided to grab some shopping while they where there.

They picked up some Doritos and Mountain Dew and continued their journey one awful musical number at a time where they bumped into their worst nightmare...a floating Pizza Hut logo. Boots said excuse me since the logo just rushed pasted him so the Pizza Hut logo grew a giant lazer and completely destroyed boots. He was now dead. "Oh no" said Dora. "I dropped my purse in tesco" she cried out.

The logo then started to destroy the forest and caused the first pizza war. Dora ended up in a coma since a part of a crumbling building knocked her out. That and the fact that she was very dumb. She woke up two hundred years later in 40xx in the Pizza Hut torture chamber. They force fed her pizza and their awful pasta and salad which Dora hated since she was part Mexican and only ate tacos.

Just as they were gonna make her drink tesco branded lemonade she was saved by pepsiman, but sadly the damage was done and she was mentally destroyed by the lack of tacos and Mexican food. One Michael bay explosion later and she found out her parents were now cyborgs and worked for the resistance known as the dominos pizza crew which served her family Doritos, Mountain Dew and of course taco pizza.

Dora knew she wanted revenge against the Pizza Hut logos and so was then trained by pepsiman to become a full on meme artist and Kung fu master. She mastered all four elements, got all 7 chaos emeralds, became the dragon warrior and now was now doraman the memeinator v2.7. It still couldn't get her out of her depressing and life-changing backstory but after some Pepsi she felt all better.

Dora knew the only way she could get boots back is if she went into the afterlife and the Pizza Hut had the only portal there. Thankfully she had a plan. Destroy Tokyo and turn into a 50ft giant. With her Kung fu powers she made the Pizza Hut base explode due to her awesomeness. Dora then grabbed a hotdog and the legendary rocket launcher and destroyed the metal gear who created the demon Pizza Hut logo who managed to escape the battle.

Turns out it was just Donald Trump so she kicked him in the face and threw him off a cliff. She found boots in the afterlife and fed him a packet of Doritos and a can of Pepsi. Boots didn't want it so Dora threw boots back into the afterlife. She blew up the portal using her lazer vision which she stole from boots.

Dora has since dedicated her life into bringing back pepsiman after he disappeared from her tv screen. She spends the majority of her time now trying to escape Mexico and get back to the past. Thankfully she found a man with the exact same goal...Micheal Jordan!

End of act 1/94