Hello! Because I needed a break from my other story, I decided to work on this Doctor who/Lunar Chronicles crossover that I think is well-needed. Have Fun reading it and feel free to let me know of anything off-canon or grammatically incorrect! Disclaimer: I don't own the fabulous works of BBC or Marissa Meyer.

Warning: this chapter is super-short… Sorry!

Chapter One: A surprise visit

Clara Oswald was having a good day. Her students were well-behaved, for a Friday, and Danny Pink had asked her out later that night. Right now, she was just relaxing on her bed and watching a little bit of tele, waiting for 6:00 to roll around so she can start getting ready for her date. Suddenly, a strange breeze rifled through her room and she quickly sat up in bed as she heard the familiar materialization sounds of the TARDIS. In a few seconds, the tall blue box had appeared in her room and Clara was already getting her shoes on. She stood up, shoved her phone in her back pocket, and walked into the blue box.

The Police Box was bigger on the inside, but Clara had been in it enough times that the silver control room was familiar and comforting. "Doctor-" "Clara!" The Scottish voice came from the other side of the control panel. "I could use your help if you're not too busy!" Knowing he wouldn't take no for an answer, Clara headed over to find the Doctor tinkering with the underside of the control panel. She bent down to have a look, and asked if anything was wrong with the TARDIS. "Nope, just giving her a tune-up." He took his head out from under the panel and gave Clara a grin. He had grey hair and blue eyes, and dressed in simple clothing that made him look a little like a magician. "Then what do you need my help with?" asked Clara, crossing her arms. "Because whatever it is, I need to be back here by 6, because I have plans." "Plans involving ol' Danny boy, I presume?" The old Time Lord. "You got me." "Alright then. I'll get you back for your date. Now today, I have a special destination in mind," the Doctor was now pressing buttons and pulling levers on the console. "We're going to the moon!"