Author's Note: There were going to be a couple more chapters, including The Dresden Files, Doctor Horrible, and Welcome to Night Vale, but I went to a convention and couldn't finish in time. If any of you would still like to see those, however, let me know and I'll write them. Hope you enjoy!

'Twas the night before Easter and all through the 'Verse,

Hardly a creature was stirring but Anne, a scheme in her purse.

It was late night when I snuck out to meet Kinners. She was oh-so-casually leaned against a tree just down the street, awaiting my arrival. "Did you get it?" I asked, wincing inwardly at the cliché opening of all clandestine dealings.

Kinners beamed. "It's on the next corner. All I had to do was say I needed it for a special mission." She paused, hesitant. "This is a special mission, right?"

"Of course." I grinned evilly. "You're going to love it. I already have the necessary supplies, so let's get started."

We set off down the street. Roughly five minutes later we emerged from the Tardis, which was parked right where Kinners said. She was trying so hard to stifle maniacal laughter that she might be in very real danger of spontaneously combusting. Truth be told, so was I. Every now and then a strangled titter would escape, threatening to set us both off and wake the neighbors. Choking on our own laughter, we each bid the other good night and went home with a camera, whose memories held the key to our merriment.

I could just picture their faces.