Easter! For Dean Winchester, that meant only two things: invasively curious kids and sale-priced candy. Kind of like Halloween that way, only less creepy. So it was with a light heart that he woke that morning. In fact, he was smiling blissfully right up until the moment that he lifted his toothbrush and happened to glance in the mirror.

His smile immediately faded into a shocked expression, then turned to a scowl. Heading back into the motel room, he called out, "Real funny, Sam. You sure you want to start this up again? We both know how it's gonna end."

Sam opened his eyes blearily and, yawning, addressed his brother. "Morning, Dean. Start wh—huh." He chuckled. "I never knew you liked Easter so much. Where'd the sudden enthusiasm come from?"

Dean glared. "Cut it out, Sam. I didn't put these on. There's only one other person who could have done it, and he's wearing 'em too."

Even more confused now, Sam put a hand to his head. He pulled down a fuzzy headband complete with pink bunny ears. He gave Dean a look. "Really? Did you take a picture too?"

"Hey, don't look at me. You think if I put them on you, I'd be wearing them?"

A fluttering sound accompanied Cas's sudden appearance, interrupting the budding argument. "Dean, Sam, I have important news. I think there's..." he ground to a confused halt, staring at Dean's headband. "I'm sorry...is there some reason you're wearing false rabbit ears?"

Dean, who'd forgotten to take them off, suddenly remembered the ears on his head. His initial impulse was to remove them, but he suppressed it in an attempt to save face. "Yeah. It's Easter."

Sam stifled a laugh.

Dean shot him a look. "Anyway, what's up? Did you find something?"

Cas finally managed to reclaim his distracted attention, but they were interrupted once more by Crowley's arrival. "Hello, boys." He caught sight of Dean and his lips twitched in an amused smirk. "Well, well, if it isn't the Easter Squirrel. Don't you have eggs to be laying?"

"It's Easter," Dean repeated, a trifle defensively this time. The excuse sounded even flimsier when it was being offered to a cunning adversary rather than a clueless and easily-duped ally.

Crowley would have sniggered had it not been undignified for the King of Hell. Sam rolled his eyes. "What do you want?"

Crowley seemed shocked by the obvious suspicion of the presence of ulterior motives. "Can't I just drop in to say Happy Easter?"

"No," Dean replied flatly.

Crowley sighed. "Well, it seems you've finally grown a few brain cells. Fine. There's a particular thorn in my side that you two might enjoy butchering. One of my not-so-loyal subjects defected and is stealing human souls as fast as he can. Conveniently enough, he's in town. You might not want to wear those, though, darling. I don't think he'd take you seriously." With that, he vanished.

Dean yanked off his bunny ears, growling, "I ever find out who did this, there won't be enough left to salt and burn."

I guess it's a good thing he never found out, then.

Kudos to anyone who gets the Easter Squirrel reference. This chapter's for you. :)