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Chapter 1

Eowyn, sister-daughter of King Theoden, gave a dramatic sigh as she gazed out the window of the dining hall. It was pouring rain and her Uncle was holding a small council to discuss the situation at hand. Present at the council were Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Gimli, son of Gloin, Legolas son of Thranduil, Gandalf the White, Eomer, sister-son of Theoden and herself.

It had been a very long week, and Eowyn was exhausted. She turned to Legolas, who was sitting beside Aragorn, and smiled at him. The Elf had fallen ill during the Battle of Helm's Deep as a result of a poison that had been on an arrowtip embedded in his arm. The fever had broken several nights ago, but Legolas was still very weak.

"To Isengard I must go," began Gandalf. "And all of you must come with me."

Theoden, Eomer and Aragorn were horrified. "To Isengard?" They cried.

Gandalf nodded. "Yes. I must return to Isengard and those who will may go with me. There we may see strange things."

Eowyn glanced down at the table. Going to Isengard would mean going straight into Saruman's realm. Surely they would all be killed there! She told Gandalf this, but the King looked at her with a stern expression. "You will not be going, Eowyn." He began.

Eowyn lifted her head. "I will not? Why?" She cried in disbelief.

"Because, lady, it is a very dangerous mission. We are going straight to the homeland of Saruman." Aragorn added. "You will remain here."


"No buts, Eowyn." Theoden scowled.

Legolas eyed the fair maiden sympathetically and watched as she stood up, her lips pursed together in a tight, thin line. She turned to Eomer who nodded at her.

"You think I can not do this because I am a woman." She snapped. Aragorn opened his mouth to speak but she held up her hand and glared at him. "Answer me, Uncle. You do not believe I can do this because you think that women are weak! That is what you think, is it not?"

Theoden cleared his throat. "I did not say that."

"You implied it!" Eowyn spat. "If you'll beg my pardon, I have some KNITTING I have to do in my bedroom." She turned on her heel and stormed away, leaving the rest of the council behind. When Eowyn was out of ear shot, Aragorn burst into laughter.

"She is something else," He told Theoden, who was tapping his fingers nervously. "Now. Our plan is truly to go then?"

Theoden nodded. "Yes, Gandalf. I will go to Isengard with you, you have my word."

"Then so shall we." Said Aragorn, nodding to Legolas and Gimli. Gimli stood up, his eyes fixed on his Elvan companion.

"But Legolas-his health," The Dwarf began. "Cleary he is not well enough to ride as yet?"

Aragorn smiled gently at Gimli as Legolas broke in, "I am feeling quite well, Gimli. I will be all right."

"But you nearly passed out at supper last night," The Dwarf continued.

"Gimli." Aragorn chuckled. "We will take good care of Legolas. The healer told us that he is well enough to travel."

Legolas grimaced a little as he felt a slight wave of dizziness. He had not been quite right since the illness, and he could not stand on his feet for more than ten minutes without having to sit down. Gimli mumbled something inaudible through his beard but said no more. He secretly wished he could have gone back to Mirkwood with his father, who had been there for him for the first three horrid nights. After the decision to go to Isengard, Gandalf began to finalize the details.

"We will journey under the shadow of evening," He began. "It is as well; for it is my counsel that all our comings and goings should be as secret as may be, henceforth. But do not command many men to go with you, Theoden. We are not going their to fight."

Theoden nodded in understanding. "Very well. We will leave at first light tomorrow, am I correct?"

"Yes. As soon as possible."

Legolas let out a small yawn and apologized. "Excuse me. My goodness, I am tired." He turned to Aragorn. "I think I will go to bed early tonight. Will you prepare my horse for me in the morning?"

The ranger nodded. "Of course. Let me check your temperature just as a precaution. I do not want that fever returning again." Aragorn stood and walked over to the Elf, resting his hand against Legolas's forehead. "You feel all right. Go on then. I'll wake you first thing in the morning."

Legolas nodded. "Thank you, Aragorn. Good night, Gimli."

"Good night, laddie. Rest well." The Dwarf replied.

Theoden watched as Legolas dissapeared through the large double doors and smiled. "I am so very glad to see how well he is doing."

"Yes. He frightened all of us," Aragorn agreed. "I was so very certain that he was going to..."

"Don't say that word, Aragorn!" Gimli ordered.

"What word?" asked the ranger. "D...."

"I'm warning you."

Theoden chortled. "Thank goodness that King Thranduil arrived with the antedote, or we surely would have lost our good friend."

It still brought a tear to Aragorn's eye when he remembered how much pain the dear Elf had been through. Legolas had spent long nights shivering from chills due to a high fever and a burning sensation as a result of the wound. Aragorn had spent hours at a time sitting beside Legolas's bed, blotting the feverish skin with a damp rag and applying small amounts of herbal teas to keep in fluids.

"Thank the Valar he is well at last," Aragorn added.

"Aie." Agreed Gimli, lifting his glass of ale. "I'll drink to that."

Legolas walked down the corridor towards the room he had been staying in since he arrived, and passed by Eowyn's chambers. The woman in deed sat doing needlepoint on a cushioned armchair by the window, and the expression on her face could have soured milk.

He stood in the doorway and folded his arms. Clearly she had no idea that anyone else was there, and she continued working steadily on her project.

"Good evening, Eowyn." Legolas greeted.

"Argh!" Eowyn cried, throwing the needlepoint into the air in surprise. She clutched at her heart when she caught sight of Legolas and she let out a laugh. "Legolas! You startled me! I wish you would not do such a thing."

Legolas smiled mischeviously. "Nai hem berrenth, neth pen." He replied, much to her annoyance.

"Oooooh-do you not even have the decency to speak to me in my native tongue?"

"It meant I am sorry, young one." Legolas explained.

"Young one?" Eowyn sniggered. "Where do you get off, calling anyone young? Everyone is young to you! You're 2,391 years old!"

This reply caused Legolas to laugh. "Very true. However, you are incorrect-I am 2,392."

Eowyn let out a giggle and said "Oh, forgive me then." but then sighed. "I am so angry," Eowyn growled. "I do wish I could go to Isengard too. My Uncle treats me like I AM a child all of the time. I am perfectly capable of fighting! He has seen me with the blade several times and I do not see why..." She blew out her breath. "I am sorry, Legolas. I do not mean to whine like this."

Legolas chortled. "It is all right. I understand you are upset, but you must understand your Uncle's reasoning."

She nodded. "I know. I just-I wish for ONCE that he'd let me do what I wished to do. I hate feeling like a rat in a cage all of the time." She noticed the needlepoint lying on the rug, picked it up, and cracked it in half over her knee. Legolas's mouth opened as he watched her do so. "Why could I have not been a man?" She wailed.

"I wish I knew the answer to that one, my lady."

Eowyn smiled. "I am so glad you are feeling better, Legolas. You had all of us so worried."

"Yes-so am I, though I still am so very tired."

Eowyn nodded. "At least you will have a horse to ride. Surely that will make it easier."

"Partially. I hope I have enough strength to even get on the horse tomorrow."

Eowyn folded her arms. "You will." She walked over and put a hand on his shoulder. "Get some rest. Thank you for coming to visit me, though. At least I am not forgotten!"

Legolas laughed. "Of course not! Quel du." He added with a wink.

"Ooooooooh!" Eowyn cried, stomping her foot as he left the room. She folded her arms once he had been gone for at least two minutes before bending over to pick up the broken pieces of her needlepoint.