Uncharted Feelings

Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack On Titan (AU)

Levi finally realized his true feelings for his adoptive sister, Sasha – a feeling more than the need to protect and take care of her, a feeling so strong that it binds them both tightly together. But Jean Kirschtein comes in their way.

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"I will protect you Sasha; even if it costs my life. I will save you and I will take you away from here. Just a little more, I need a little more time and we can be finally free…together."

He caressed her face and looked intently at her auburn hair, her rose pink lips and her majestic eyelashes. He is dumbfounded by how radiant and beautiful she is. Despite everything she's gone through, she doesn't look stressed at all. Even the sleeping Sasha looks so happy and…perfect!

"Everything will be fine."

He kissed her forehead.

Chapter 1 (As Long As We're Together)

It was a lovely morning for everyone – everyone except Sasha. The sun was up and everybody made their way to school – everybody except Sasha.

"Why can't I go to school onii-san?" the tall, brunette lass groaned.

"Because you're sick, Sasha." the shor-I mean raven-haired handsome guy she treated as her brother since she's four years old, answered in deep worry and concern.

"I cannot let you get even sicker! Just stay here and rest."

"How about you? You're just gonna leave me here? With them? What if she hits me again with a hard piece of wood? What if he beats me again unconscious? Or try to chop off my fingers again?!" She frowned.

"They're not going to hurt you unless you steal food again you shitty brat." He picked up his bag and kissed her in the forehead. "I got to go potato head. I'm gonna be late for class."

"But! How come you can go to school while I can't? That's unfair! I can take care of myself; I'm a big girl now. I'm not going to get any sicker. I have Krista and Connie, not to mention I'm taller than you. Heh." She smirked.

"What does being tall do to protect you from colds? Whatever. I'm leaving."

"Won't you stay and take care of me instead?" She puckered her lips, with a small tear occupying the corners of her eyes. Sly Sasha. She knew this will hold Levi back. He turned his head towards her and found her doing that face again. Her hazel eyes were shining by the sunlight that came in through the purple curtains of the room, her lips in a pout…but in a cutesy way – begging, pleading for him to stay. The look on her face was just so…irresistible. Although he could appear cold and emotionless to others, he had a soft spot for family which of course he expresses in his own weird ways. Soft spots aside, he made sure won't be tempted this time.

'No, not today.'

He argued with his inner thoughts.

'But she's sick!'

But no…he was not going to…Damn! She was just too cute, too hard to resist – just like a 'cute little bunny in the forest' (as Sasha would say it). He failed. He just loved her too much.

"Fine." He seemed to blush but he tried to remain his stoic face.

Her eyes were filled with delight.

"But just this once."

"See? You can't just…" Sasha felt drowsy and yawned between phrases. The medicine is already doing its job gradually.

"…you can't…leave…without…me."

She fell back to the bed and fell into a deep sleep. Sasha snored softly.

"Idiot." Levi looked down on his sister and slipped through the covers beside her. He stared at her calm, sleeping face until he has also fallen asleep.

"Maybe I'll just skip school for today." He mumbled as he drifted on dreamland.

"Mama! Mama!" A little girl was crying desperately, tugging the sleeves of her mother's corpse. She felt so cold and the colors on her face have drained.

"Mama please wake up! Levi and I are home now! You said you'll wait for us and then watch the stars tonight!"

She wouldn't stop shaking the body of her dead mother while catching her breath from crying. She was in panic and shock. A little raven-haired boy stood next to her. He was crying too.

"Papa! Aren't we gonna do something? Mama is so cold. She's not breathing anymore! Papa, please help her!" Sasha's tears we're like pearls, gleaming and glistening but full of sadness and pain. She turned to face the buff, bearded man on the corner of the room but he doesn't answer, not even a word. He was just standing there…crying, depressed by the death of his wife. He walked towards the kids and hugged them tight. He just couldn't accept the fact that his beloved wife, the mother of his child, perished.

"She's dead Sasha! She's never gonna wake up. Mama's not coming back!" he cried in deep agony.

It was a nightmare for both of the children. They were too young to experience this melancholic turn of events. They were too fragile, too innocent. They only wished to wake up from this bad dream but they can't! Their nightmare even grew darker and scarier when Sasha's father remarried. Her name is Rosetta, the lady he met at the pub weeks after his wife died. She was a tall woman, with a pair of golden eyes, fair skin, freckles and long brown locks of hair which is always tied up in a bun. You can tell that she was really beautiful back in the days. Sasha's father must have had married her because of her striking resemblance to his wife not knowing that she's actually a wolf in sheep's clothing. She acts like an angel in front of him but a total bitch whenever he's not around. She always beats the crap out of them, especially the poor little girl.

"You brat! You eat twice as grown people do. You're so disgusting! You have the appetite of a bear which is very inappropriate for girls like you, you shitty glutton!" the old lady scowled.

"But my Mama lets me eat so much more whenever I am still hungry! She would let me eat a lot and she cooks us delicious meals!" She protested.

"Well, too bad honey, your mama is dead and you're father is now into the woods and I hope he gets eaten by a hungry bear!"

"How could you!" Levi has had enough. He cannot stand the woman's hypocrisy and wickedness anymore. He charged into the old lady, pushing her into her ground. "You're a selfish old woman!"

Now she was furious. She pushed him off of her and pulled out her belt. She hit both of them so hard and slapped their faces. It left them bruises and red marks. Levi hugged his little sister. They were both crying.

"You there, boy! You're not even part of the family! You're just a poor little stray kid Alexander found in the woods. You're useless! How could you lay your hands on me?!" She hit him with a wooden rod and beats him down unconscious. There were blood dripping down his head.



Loud, annoying knocks were heard on the door.

"Sasha! Open up you stinky bitch! Are you trying to rebel against me?! Open the fucking door!"

It's Rosetta once again. After Sasha's father was killed by an angry bear, that's what she said, she took the children to live with her in the City of Trost. They lived there miserably with Rosetta's brother. He was a butcher, just as scary as her. Once he tried chopping off Sasha's fingers just for stealing meat from the fridge but thankfully, Levi came just in time to save her. They always receive scolds and beatings everyday but could do nothing to escape because they are the only relatives (well, if you still consider people who are trying to kill you as "relatives") left and the ones who supports their schooling. Levi however has plans for the future. He promised Sasha that they would sooner or later escape that hell hole but he has to finish college first, find a decent job and a decent house then raise her on his own. But not yet. Not just yet. They might only be eating too little, too few but at least they're not struggling and starving to death.


"Oi" Sasha poked his nose. "The witch is here. Get up! Gosh, she's so noisy."

Levi seemed to be still asleep so she elbowed him in the stomach.

"Ow!" Levi grumbled.

"Open this door this instant Sasha or I swear I'll destroy your face!"

Levi hurriedly opened the wooden door and welcomed the monstrous face of their step mother.

"What took you so long young man?" She glared at him. "Why are you even here?!"

"Sorry Madame, I was sick and –"

"I don't care if you're sick or dying Sasha!" She was scowling at both of them. If glares can kill, they're long dead. "You!" She points at Levi. "Why aren't you at school you foolish, fake son!" She slapped him hard. "Do you know how much money I spend just to send you both to school? Hell, you should even be thankful! How would you pay your debts if you don't graduate you useless shits? I raised you! Gave you clothes, gave you shelter, gave you food. Why can't you make yourselves useful?"

He clenched his fist. He's certain he could've just punched her in the face if only it weren't for Sasha. He doesn't care how many sticks and stones they throw at him. He doesn't care how many glares and blows they land at him. He needs to stay strong for Sasha. He would heartily accept them all just for her so that they can continue receiving the benefits Rosetta is giving them.

"Sorry Madame. Won't happen again" was all he said when just want to yell at her and choke her.

"Good." She mutters. "As a punishment, you will not have lunch or dinner for the rest of the day. No allowance for the week and wash all the laundries for the rest of your lives. Oh, and clean the whole house too. I don't care if you pass out of starvation." She turned back her heel and disappeared through the dark hallway.

"No….food?" Sasha's eyes widened and were filled with horror. She was frightened, not because of their evil stepmom but because they wouldn't have lunch or dinner. Levi let out a deep sigh.

"I can sneak in later at the kitchen you know; when they're already asleep as a rock." She smirked.

"No Sasha! I won't let you get beaten once again! Besides, you're sick. Stay in bed, I'll go buy us food, I still have some money left from my savings."

"Really?" Her eyes glimmered in pure joy and her heart was filled with gladness. "You would do that for me?"

He felt his cheeks heating up so he looked away.

"Of course. Now go to sleep." He gestured her unto the bed.

"Whaaaa –"

"Onii-san!" Sasha squeezed him into a tight embrace. "Thank you so much!"

He flushed then decided to hug her back.

"Tch. Sasha, what would you do without me?" he pats her head.

"It doesn't matter if we don't have food as long as we're together."

"What was that?"

"Uh… oh, nothing…Onii-san." She said smiling while he cradled her into his chest.

(End of Chapter 1)

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