Crash and Burn

Part 1

Author: Nyneve

Bad me. Bad bad me. Starting a new ficcie when I have one already going. Especially when I postponed another one. But this cannot wait. Not one minute. We need a good Mina-centered ficcie around here, so here it is! I think this story can just explain itself. Don't own the anime. Read on.



You can't hide forever.

That's what he said.

What did I care? He had no idea what he was talking about. No one knew any of Mina Aino's secrets. Except for Lita.

She was my best friend. Probably my only real friend. I learned when I was younger to tell the difference between the people who wanted your light and the people who really trusted you. Except for Lita, they were all the prior.

I don't know why she was different. She only attended Peacecraft Academy through a program meant to get bad kids off the streets. Before that, she was as bad as they come. A gang member, a druggie, and a convicted criminal. Now, she was nothing more than a delinquent who got in trouble all the time.

My other "friends" said I was wasting my time hanging with her. That she made me look bad. But they don't know. They don't know how bad I really look.

My dad walked out when I was a baby. Haven't seen him since then. My mom's a work-a-holic who sent me to this damn boarding school just so she could get rid of me. So I decided, if I can't be perfect, I will act like I am perfect.

I will excel at academics. I will be a champ at all sports. I will be beautiful. And I will be friends with everyone.

Except those five boys. No one could get close to them. They were untouchable. And I feared them more than anything. Because if they ever knew what I saw. If they ever found out, my walls would crumble. And I would be defeated.


That's all for the prologue. Short yes, but you must admit, it is mysterious. R+R