Inuyasha sat on the branch, gazing into the horizon that was slowly being lit by a flame of orange. He breathed in the air-Kagome was awake. Yet he didn't bother to looked down, he only plucked another apple and began to widdle at it. (I mean widdle as in
"Inuyasha.......?" Kagome called from below-directly below his branch.

"Hai?" he answered, still not looking down.

"Is there something wrong?"


"Are you sure?"

"Feh..I'm sure."



"Mind if I come up there then?" This time, he looked down-down into her chocoloate-colored orbs-down into her windows to her soul.
He lept down from the tree, and landed right beside her, dropping the apple.

"I take that as a yEes." she squealed as he picked her up and lept back up into the tree.

"Feh." He landed back in his branch.

"Inuyasha, you can put me down now."

"Feh....." he said, but he put her down anyways. "You might want to stay close to the trunk for balance then."

"No, I'm .......EEP!" she said as she began to slip and grabbed Inuyaasha's waste causing him to blush, but yet he pulled her back up.

"Arigatou Inuyasha..." Kagome said looking up, and noticed his blushing visage, then, she realized why he was blushing. She quickly let him go. "Gomen."
"Don't appologize." he said, ''Who knows, I might have even liked it." 'Oh Kami-sama! Did I say that outloud? I DID!' His eyes grew large.

Kagome was now the one blushing, and badly.


'Nani? She's not going to tell me to sit or anything?'

"Kagome, are you okay?" he asked, fighting back the blush.

She nodded and he sat down against the trunk. "Sit, you might find it alot easier to balance."

She sat as he told, but it did nothing for her balance, so he walked up to her, picked her up, and sat back down against the trunk, with her sitting between his legs.

They both blushed, but Inuyasha tried to ignore it. "Um...why did you want to come sit up here?"

"The sunrise is beautiful, and I still think something is wrong, so I want to know what it is."

He sighed. He had been tricked. "Feh."

"Inuyasha, please tell me?" she asked, looking at him pleadingly.

"Feh." he said, but he couldn't hold out much longer-something was going to break-the tree limb.



"AAAAHHHHHIIIIEEE!" Kagome shouted, waking the rest of the group up as they landed with a thud.

"That didn't hurt." Kagome said, examiniing her scratchless arms.
"Look who's talking?"
"Oh, gomen!" she said jumping off of Inuyasha and he quickly lept upright.
"What were you two doing up there?" Shippo asked.

"I think I know..." Miroku winked at Inuyasha.


"Hentai!" Sango said, smacking him with her boomerang.



To be continued.