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Justice Law Agency

May 22, 2035, 4:30 PM

Maya Fey stood at the door of the Justice Law Agency.

She held a suitcase by the handle in her left hand. It shined a dark purple, resembling her favorite color. She had purchased that suitcase years ago. It contained two things. Very important things to her. It contained her suit, and her badge.

Her attorneys badge.

She had only received it last week, but she studied hard for the bar exams, and passed it quite easily. She never knew she had it in her to be so knowledgeable on law and other such things. She probably learnt it all from...


'No, stop it, Maya! You learnt nothing from him except how to bluff, and how cross-examine a goddamn parrot! The real lawyers...' She looked up at the steel rectangle sign on the front of the wooden door, the words showing off in a sparkling fashion. Justice Law Agency. 'The real lawyers are through this door!'

The Justice Law Agency had started all the way back in 2031, and had still been standing for four years. Four long years. It started up a year after the... Incident. Maya hadn't seen the people in charge of this law agency for around five years now. Ever since that incident, she had completely isolated herself from her friends and society. She ran away from Kurain. Ran as far as she could. She got onto the nearest train to get the hell away from there. When she got on that train, she had thought everything out. She had planned her future.

'Study law. Maybe then I can...'

She didn't finish that thought. Study law was the only thing she accomplished. The other goal was erased completely.

Only a week after she ran away from Kurain, she received the local newspaper from one of her teachers, and the headlines nearly made her faint. They scared the living hell out of her. Those headlines were the ones she'd never forget...

Themis Legal Academy

March 3, 2030, 8:46 AM

"Miss Fey?"

Maya took a moment to finish her drink of grape juice, before turning her head towards the woman at the door, refusing to move her entire body to face the door. "What is it, Mrs. Bratton?"

"I just bought the local paper, and this isn't any of that Scuttlebutt bullshit. This... You have to read this." Mrs. Bratton whispered to the studying attorney. Bratton wore glasses, black as ever. Her short, straight hair was dyed a thick black, although she was naturally brunette. She had slightly Asian eyes, and was almost scary thin.

Maya put down her bottle and walked over to the door. Maya hadn't even gotten out of the long singlet she slept in the previous night, and her panties were quite clearly shown off, but she couldn't give a damn. This was another woman she was speaking too, she was sure neither of them cared. Mrs. Bratton held out the white newspaper to Maya, and she took it in her left hand. She walked back over to her grape juice bottle, and took yet another sip. Maya then raised the paper up, and read the headline.

Mrs. Bratton could only watch as Maya completely froze. "W-wh... Wha.." Maya shuddered out. She then felt the grape juice bottle drop out of her hand, and hit the floor below her. She stared at the headline in utter disbelief. She didn't want to believe it. This couldn't be real!

On the headline, in bold black text, read the words.


They were still searching for him... But why the hell did they need to burn Kurain to the ground?! Maya heard Mrs. Bratton speak yet again, sounding more and more worried. "T-turn the page..."

Maya almost didn't want to, but she knew she would have to. She grabbed the corners of the weak paper, shuddering as she flipped it over.


She didn't even need to read the text. The pictures told the full story. Villagers being taken away in stretchers, completely burnt, and they looked like they were in the worst pain in the world. Some of them looked already dead. Maya then had the sudden realisation. There was someone in that village, someone who was still there. Someone who could be in danger.

Her cousin...


Kurain Village

March 3, 2030, 12:05 PM

"Oh god... Oh god..."

Maya almost didn't want to get to the village. She had immediately put on the nearest pair of shirt and shorts, and demanded Mrs. Bratton drive her there. It was a long car ride, but Maya needed to know if Pearl was safe. Mrs. Brattons car was going as fast as legally possible, and Maya knew they were close. In a couple of minutes, they would find out if Pearl was alright. If she had no burn wounds.

If she was alive or dead...

Maya couldn't bear that horrible thoughts. Pearl was still so young, and she had never done anything bad. She doesn't deserve death. Hell, she'd probably be the one to put out the fire! 'Maybe she slapped the crap out of it... Actually, knowing how intimidating she is, she'd probably just drive it out with a glare!'

Maya slightly smirked at her thoughts. She had to think positive. Pearl wouldn't like her being all gloomy and depressed. Maya eventually saw that they were extremely close, and she braced herself for the sight, but no sort of bracing could prepare for the living hell that would come before her.

Every. Single. Building was burnt to a crisp. Her old house, black and destroyed. She could see some of the villagers stuck under broken, burnt logs of wood, and people crying in the front of their houses. Maya had to cover her mouth to prevent herself from being sick. What the hell did the police do?! The car eventually slowed down, and Mrs. Bratton pulled the handbrake as Maya opened the passenger side door, and ran towards the village. She slowed to a walk as she saw villagers being treated with first-aid, or crying over the loss. None of them even took notice of her. They were all too worried about their belongings and loved ones.

"What happened?" Maya asked the paramedic who was patrolling the area.

"The fuckin' pigs, that's what. They thought that attorney, Wright, was it? They thought he was here, and they were threatenin' the village with destruction if he didn't come out. The guy had twenty four hours, yet not a single goddamn sight of 'im." The paramedic explained.

'Wright... You son of a BITCH! You abandon me first, and now my village?! You really are a complete BASTARD! You should've been the one burning here, you CU-'

"You know anyone here?" The paramedic cut off Maya's thoughts. She cooled herself down, getting thoughts of that disgusting man out of her head.

"Y-yeah... Have you found anyone by the name of Pearl Fey? Her hair looks kinda like a pretzel." Maya explained. The paramedic rubbed his chin for a bit, thinking.

"I'll go ask the pigs. Hold on a sec," the paramedic said as he jogged over to the police. Maya couldn't hear their conversation, but her heart dropped when she saw the officer shake his head.


The paramedic jogged back over to Maya.

"Sorry, miss... No one of that description fits anyone alive..."

Maya's heart plummeted about two miles, and the color from her face completely vanished.


The paramedic immediately recoiled at her obviously hurt words. He gulped, sweat dripping from his hair.

"Oh, uh... I didn't mean..." He stuttered. He was then cut off by a piercing scream of joy.

"Mystic Mayaaaaaaaa!"

Maya turned her head towards the sound, and saw the young girl sprinting over to her. Her hair was still shaped its odd way, and her eyes were filled with tears, but she was smiling.

It was Pearl.

"P-Pearly! I'm so glad you're alright!" Maya said in relief as Pearl tackled her in a hug, causing Maya to fall on her backside. She smiled, feeling tears form in her eyes as she hugged Pearl back. "Mystic Maya..."

Maya held the girl tighter to her, refusing to let go. Pearl returned the tight hug, knowing Maya would be so worried about her. Pearl felt Maya's hair in her hands, and Maya wrapped her arms around Pearl completely, damn near choking the girl. Maya then felt a vibration in her pocket, and unwrapped Pearl as she reached into it. It was her phone, and someone was calling her. On the front bore the name of the caller.

Luke Triton.

'Oh god... Luke would be so worried about Pearly...'

"Who is it, Mystic Maya?" Pearl asked, chewing her thumbnail. Maya handed the phone over to Pearl.

"It's Luke... You should tell him you're okay." Maya instructed Pearl. She took the phone from Maya and tapped the answer button.

"Luke! No, Luke, it's Pearl! I'm okay, really, I'm okay... I'm still alive, Luke..."

Maya smiled at Pearls attempt to calm the boy down. He'd be panicked. It took around two minutes to even convince Luke it was Pearl, and damn near five minutes of 'I love you' and 'I'm alright' to calm Luke down! Maya couldn't help but slightly chuckle to herself.

"Hehe... I was worried about you, too... I love you, Luke... Thank you." Pearl said before hanging up. "Poor Luke... He sounded like he was crying!"

Maya slightly laughed, taking back the phone in her hands. She looked over at the burnt remains of the village, and her expression changed from joy to anger.

'You bastard... I hope you never come back... This is your fault...

Phoenix Wright...'

Justice Law Agency

May 22, 2035, 4:35 PM

'That coward...'

Maya felt her grip tighten on the suitcase she was holding in rage, and she gritted her teeth. Phoenix had almost damned near killed Pearl, the other girl he considered a daughter, because he was afraid. Afraid of seeing everyone after that incident.

'Come back, Nick! Niiiiiick!'

Maya shut out the thoughts of that incident. Just thinking about it would break her down. She didn't need that. She was supposed to be a strong woman, not a little kid who cried over past memories. Her new life started here, and it started now.

She bunched her right hand into a fist and raised it to the door. She slightly stuttered. As soon as that door opened, her plan would be in full effect. This door was the key to a new future. A new life. One without him... She eventually forced herself, and tapped her knuckles against the door four times in quick, rapid succession.

"I'll get it!" She could hear the familiar male voice call from the inside. She heard footsteps make their way towards the wooden door. She was actually nervous. How would they react after not seeing her for five years? To say they'd be surprised would be the understatement of the millennium. She saw the circular door knob turn, and the wooden door swung open to reveal a man only slightly taller than Maya. He supported two antennae like horns on his head, and had a red sleeveless waistcoat, with a nice white button up shirt under it. He stared down at Maya in complete and utter shock. He almost recoiled at the sight of her.

"M-m-m... MAYA?!"

Maya slightly smiled at the man. "Hey, Apollo."

Apollo straightened himself up, and crossed his arms. He looked as if he hadn't aged a bit. "W-well... This is... I-I don't know what to say..." Apollo felt Maya wrap one arm around him lightly, and he returned the hug, slightly smiling. "Where the hell have you been?"

Maya unwrapped Apollo, and looked at him. He looked as boyish as ever. 'He probably still gets asked for his license whenever he goes to a bar...' Maya slightly laughed, before smiling towards Apollo. "Well... It's a long story. Could I come inside?"

Apollo stepped aside for Maya. "Of course! I haven't seen you for so long! How many years has it been?" Maya stepped into the Agency and gawked at the sight that came before her. It looked so neat, much tidier than what the agency used to look like. All the magic props had been neatly placed, with some removed entirely. Maya wasn't exactly sure if she liked the new look, but it wasn't exactly the Wright Anything Agency anymore.

It was the Justice Law Agency.


"So whys it called a law agency now? I'm not sure if Trucy would be too happy with that." Maya stated as she looked around the agency. Apollo sat down in one of the sofas, slightly chuckling to himself.

"It was a fight, that's for sure, but Trucys got her own show now. She's actually on tour around the country! Can you believe it?" Apollo said. Maya gasped slightly, before smiling to herself. Trucy had certainly done well for herself.

"Speaking of Trucy, what'd she do when... He disappeared?" Maya asked, sitting down on the sofa in front of Apollo. He looked down at the floor, sighing.

"She certainly wasn't the chirpy girl we all know... I allowed her to move in with me, because she didn't have enough money to live in her dads apartment anymore. She went into my bedroom, and didn't come out for a week. I helped her of course, but I don't think I really did anything... She kept pursuing her dream though, performing at local bars and shows. Doing it all in her daddy's honor, is what she'd say. Look where she is now. Living that dream." Apollo smiled, looking out the window to his left.

Maya looked away from Apollo, disgusted. Phoenix had abandoned not only Maya, but his goddamn daughter! Did he even think about Trucy when he left?! He was goddamn lucky Trucy didn't go into depression, or kill herself... He promised her that he'd never leave like her other daddy did.

He broke that promise.

"M-Maya..? You alright?" Apollo asked. Maya straightened herself out, staring Apollo in the eye with a serious look in her face. "I'm fine, Apollo."

Apollo nodded. "Okay, now I got some questions for you," he leaned back in his sofa. "Where the heck have you been for the last five years?"

Maya sighed, before telling him everything. Well, everything the he needed to know. "I ran away from Kurain, to Themis. I've spent the last five years, well, studying. Making myself become what I want to be."

Apollo tilted his head. "What exactly did you want to be?"

"An attorney."

Apollos eyes widened, and he nearly fell out of his chair. "Y-you... You're gonna be an attorney?!" He asked, practically yelling.

Maya nodded. "That is, if you hire me."

Apollo didn't know how to react. Maya Fey was right in front of him, asking for a job at his agency. He'd never think this would happen in his entire life, but here she was. Back from dead after five years, and with more surprises.

"W-well... Have you got your badge and everything?" Apollo asked. Maya set her suitcase down on the coffee table between them, and turned it around to face Apollo.

"Everything you need is in here."

Apollo unzipped the suitcase, and opened it up. It was then that Maya noticed something on Apollos ring finger. She nearly gasped at it.

A wedding ring.

"Y-you're married..." Maya said in disbelief. Apollo smirked at Maya.

"Don't sound so surprised."

"Who's the lucky girl?" Maya asked, a smile on her face.

"Apollo? Who is it?" Maya heard a voice come from a distant office. It was female, and sounded oh so familiar.

"You're not gonna believe it! Come see for yourself!" Apollo called out, grabbing the paperwork from Maya's suitcase. Maya heard footsteps walk towards them, and then Maya saw her.

She had long orange hair, tied up, and a short yellow jacket with a white button up shirt. She also wore a yellow skirt, and had her gadget around her neck. She, too, hadn't changed a bit.


Athena gawked at Maya, Widget lighting up yellow. She simply stared at Maya, words trying to come out of her mouth, but getting pulled back in. Maya stood up, and walked over to Athena. She was around Maya's height, and she had shiny, bright blue eyes.

"M-m-m-miss F-F-Fey...?" Athena finally stuttered out.

Maya smiled at Athena. "Long time, no see, Athena."

Athena wrapped both her arms around Maya, smiling. "It's been too long!" Maya returned the hug with one arm.

"Five years too long..."

When Athena pulled away from Maya, she noticed a wedding ring on Athenas finger. "Oh... Oh!"

Athena gave a confused look to Maya. "What is it?"

Maya slightly gasped, before launching into an ear-to-ear grin. "So you finally did it... Took you long enough Apollo!" Maya called out.

Apollo and Athena were married.

"Hey, she was the one who wanted to wait!" Apollo replied as the two girls walked towards the sofa. Maya sat down in her sofa opposite Apollo, and Athena stood behind Apollo. Athena placed her arms on Apollos shoulder, looking at the paperwork he was reading. "Whatcha looking at?"

Apollo tilted his head up, looking at Athena. "Checking out our newest member."

Athena gasped fully, looking at Maya. "Y-you're.. An attorney?!" Athena asked. Maya nodded, slightly laughing.

"Depends if your husband thinks I'm good enough." Maya said. Athena glared at the top of Apollos head.

"She better get the job, or I'll rip your balls off and shove them down your-"

"Jesus Christ, Athena! Calm down! She... Actually looks pretty damn good... You didn't waste those five years, that's for sure." Apollo said.

"Yeah... I went to Themis, by the way, Athena." Maya explained yet again to Athena.

"Ah, do they teach good in the defence course?" Athena asked. Maya nodded.

Apollo reached into the suitcase, and grabbed one last thing. A shiny, round badge with the Scales of Justice shining on it. It really did look brand new, and Apollo inspected it closely.

"Yep... Maya, I think you're all good... I just have one question for you..." Apollo asked.

"What's that?"

"If you're here after all these years, then where's Mr. Wright?"

Maya's eyes completely widened, and a panicked look appeared on her face. Hearing that name disgusted her to no end. As much as she wanted to launch into a rant that contained as much cursing as an N.W.A song, she calmed herself down, and forced out six words.

"I-I'd rather not talk about him..."

"Why not?" Apollo asked, glaring at Maya.

"B-because... I-I just don't want to..." Maya slightly whispered.

"Maya, please-"


A silence then echoed in the room, and Apollo and Athena gawked at Maya, who's face was red with rage and her hands slammed down on the coffee table in front of her.

"O-oh... Oh my god, I'm..." Maya slightly backed away from the couple, "I'm so sorry..."

"Maya, it's okay. I shouldn't have pushed you." Apollo apologized. Maya gulped, and stared at the other two.

"I-I'm sorry... I..." Maya regretted her actions immensely. She walked slowly back over to the sofa, sitting down in it, still shaking. Apollo walked over to her, placing a hand on Maya's shoulder.

"It's okay, Maya. I think you'd be pleased to hear that you're hired." Apollo said, smiling. Maya slightly shuddered as her eyes widened.


Apollo nodded, smiling. "You look like a damn fine lawyer, Maya. Welcome to the Justice Law Agency." Apollo reached out a hand. Maya stared at it, still not believing what was happening. 'Five long years... All paid off...?'

Maya slowly placed her hand in Apollos, and shook it.

"Welcome to the team."

Maya smiled, feeling tears in her eyes. Five years had paid off, and her plan was in full effect. There was just one thing she needed to do...

"Could... Could I contact Trucy in some way?"

Justice Law Agency

May 22, 2035, 5:25 PM

Calling Trucy Wright...

Maya, Apollo and Athena watched as the loading circle spun and spun, waiting for Trucy to answer. Eventually, sound came in, and the computer screen displayed a grey roof. The camera was lowered to show Trucy sitting in couch. She wore a dark blue shirt, and her top hat was taken off to show her smooth hair. Other than her hair being a bit longer than before, and having two tiny spikes of hair springing out, she still looked like the same old Trucy.

"Hey, Trucy! We've got someone you'd like to meet." Apollo explained.

"Is that so, Polly? Well, introduce this person already." Trucy said. Her voice sounded lower pitched than five years ago, but still pretty high for a 24 year old woman. A dark skinned man appeared next to Trucy, handing her a bottle of what seemed to be water. "Thanks, Keegan." Trucy said as she took a sip of the water. Maya then walked in front of the computer screen, and when Trucy saw her, she spat out the water she had, drenching the desk in front of her. She coughed for a bit, before looking up at Maya.


"Hey, Truce... It's been a while." Maya said as she sat down in front of the screen.

"Five years, to be exact, mommy. Where have you been?" Trucy asked as she leaned back in her couch.

"Trying to get this," Maya said as she pulled out an attorneys badge. Trucy spit out yet another load of water, and leaned towards the computer screen.

"Th-that's an attorneys badge! Congratulations, mommy!" Trucy exclaimed, clapping lightly. Maya smiled, putting the badge back in the suitcase.

"Thanks, sweetie."

"Say, mommy? If you're home now," Trucys face immediately flashed a worried look, "then does that mean daddy is home, too?"

Maya felt a punch in her gut, she looked down at her feet. Her heart dropped, and she sighed sadly.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but no... Daddy isn't home..." Maya said sadly.

"Oh... O-Okay, I'd... I thought he'd be back by now..." Trucy whimpered sadly. It was heart breaking hearing Trucy like this. Maya dried some light tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Truce... I'll let you know as soon as he comes home, okay?" Maya offered.

"Please, mommy... Please tell me he's going to come home... I-I miss him so much.." Trucy whimpered, looking at the ground. Maya would've given Trucy a hug right now if there wasn't miles between them.

"I... I hope he does, sweetie... I love you."

"I love you too, mommy..."

Maya hung up, and leaned back in the sofa, wiping her face with one hand to dry her tears.

"She... She's gonna be alright..." Apollo whispered.


"I... I think we should wrap up today. C'mon, let's go home... Maya?" Athena said.


"Have... Have you got anywhere to stay? Like a home, or something?" Athena asked. Maya looked at Athena sadly.

"No... I-I'll be alright..." Maya said. Athena shook her head.

"No, no! You're not sleeping on the sidewalk! C'mon, I think Apollos apartment has somewhere for you." Athena said.

"Y... You're offering me to stay with you?"

Apollo nodded. "It's up to you, but we wouldn't mind one bit."

Maya immediately nodded, smiling. "Thank you so much! That... That means so much..." Maya sobbed.

"C'mon, Maya. Let's go home."

Justice's Apartment

May 22, 2035, 6:00 PM

Apollo reached into his pocket, searching for his apartment keys as the two women stood behind him. Maya saw the number 67 on the front of the apartment door, below it containing only two words.

Justice's Apartment.

"Justice Apartment? I'm sure you're glad for your last name, Apollo." Maya said, smirking. Apollo slightly laughed as he jammed the key into the door knob.

"Oh, and being called Mrs. Justice is the best thing ever. Makes me sound more lawyer like." Athena grinned. Maya slightly smiled. Those two were like two peas in a pod. Except one pea had its moments where it annoyed the living crap out of the other pea, and the other pea just wants that pea to calm down, and then in the end the two peas have grown more attached to each other.

'They certainly have the most interesting of relationships.'

Apollo opened the door to reveal the large apartment, with a very fancy kitchen on the right side, and the living room only a metre away, with a medium sized TV and the stack of DVD cases, ranging from Star Wars episode 7-9, to Attack On Titan season 1-4. A large hallway was present at the other end of the apartment, with a door on the left leading to the bathroom, and a far door on the right leading to a bedroom with a king sized bed that took up most of the room. At the end of the hallway was a sliding glass door that lead out onto a balcony.

A scattering of paws came from the bedroom, and a large Labrador ran down the hallway, jumping into Apollos arms.

"Hey, Lenny! Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? You are! Yes, you are!" Apollo said in his best dog voice. He reached down, hugging the dog. He gave his ears a scratch. Lenny turned to Maya, and tilted his head.

"H-hey, Lenny... How are ya, boy?" Maya kneeled down. It took less then two seconds for Lenny to jump on Maya, completely licking her face.

"Off! Lenny!" Apollo instructed. Maya was secretly loving the dogs affection, but he walked away from her. Lenny walked back over to his large dog bed in the corner of the living room, and closed his eyes.

"Cute dog." Maya commented.

"I'll make you two some drinks. What would you like?" Apollo said as he walked over to the kitchen and reached into the cupboard containing some alcoholic beverages.

"Make those world famous margaritas of yours, Apollo! Maya will love them!" Athena begged Apollo.

"Alright, tiger. I'll bring 'em out to you two in a couple of minutes." Apollo said as he prepared his drinks. Maya followed Athena down the hall to the balcony.

"Are they really that good, Athena?" Maya asked as they walked down the hall.

"Okay, I love Apollo for his personality and sexiness and all, but goddamn, That man makes good drinks!" Athena told Maya, causing her to slightly giggle.

Athena opened the sliding door, and Maya stepped out onto the rather small balcony. She sat at one of the chairs surrounding a glass table. Athena sat at the opposite end of the table, and the two looked out to the road below them. The sun was setting, and light reflected off passing cars. Pedestrians boiled in the heat, and Maya couldn't help but feel hot herself.

"Summer isn't drawing any blows this time, that's for sure." Athena commented.

"So, how long have you and Apollo been married for?" Maya asked.

"Our fourth anniversary was just last month. He proposed to me back in 2030, and our wedding was April the next year. The entire time was spent planning the wedding, as well as the new agency. The agency actually opened up only a month after our wedding! I am so glad that man is my husband." Athena said, smiling.

"That's really nice, Athena. You two are seriously perfect." Maya said.

"Thanks... Y'know, I reckon if the boss were still around, he'd probably put a ring on your finger too." Athena said without thinking. It took her five seconds to realize what she had said before placing a hand on Maya's shoulder.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to..."

Maya forced a smile at Athena.

"It's okay. I do agree with you... I... I loved him so much..."

'Nick, please! I didn't mean any of what I said!'

'I'm sorry, Maya... You don't deserve me...'

'Nick, please come back! Niiiiiick!'

"Oh, God..." The images of that incident kept flashing in Maya's mind. She shook her head. 'Godammit, Maya, you have to get over him...'

"Maya? You okay?" Athena asked, a concerned look on her face.

"Oh, I'm... I'm okay, thank you... Just... Just thinking of him..." Maya stuttered out. Maya felt Athena wrap her arms around her, pulling her in for a hug.

"He loved you, Maya..."

"I...I loved him too..."

'W-what?! No I don't! Maya, you idiot! You don't even like him!'

Maya sat up straight in her chair, clearing her throat, trying to act professional.

"I'm okay, really. Thank you, Athena."

Maya then heard Apollo walking towards them with three small glasses in his hand.

"Three margaritas, right here!" He called out. He placed two on the table, and took one for himself.

"Thanks, Apollo!" Athena said as she took one, immediately downing a bit. Maya took one as well, and inspected it closely.

'Oh, what the heck, you're 36 now, Maya! Drinking is perfectly fine!' Maya raised the glass to her lips, and took a small drink. Her eyes widened at how good it tasted. She spoke to Mrs. Justice.



"You have married the right man."

"You're goddamn right I have."

Apollo leaned against the balcony railing, chuckling to himself.

"So, who wants to tell me how it all went down?" Maya asked.

"I guess I will," Athena said, "and believe me, it was pretty cute how he proposed."

Somewhere Near The Cosmos Space Center

April 7, 2030, 1:15 PM

"The search is still on for the missing attorney, one Mr. Phoenix Wright, who has been missing since February 15th. Police reports are showing no signs of progress, and the burning of Kurain village seemed to have no effect..."

Apollo sat with Athenas head resting on his lap, listening to the radio from his phone. He sighed at the latest news. "It's been two months, Athena..."

The two sat in a large grass field, the Cosmos Space Center a couple of kilometres away. The grass seemed to go on for miles, stretching out everywhere.

"I know... I miss him, Apollo... Until we get the agency back up, I don't know how I'm gonna live..." Athena sighed.

"Athena, have you run out of rent money?" Apollo asked. Athena shifted her eyes towards Apollo.

"How'd you guess?"

Apollo looked sadly at her blue eyes.

"You can move in with me, if you want. I still got enough to have my apartment for the next year or so..."

Widget lighted up yellow, and Athena simply stared at Apollo.

"Y-you're serous? Really?!" Athena sputtered out.

"I wouldn't abandon you, tiger."

Athena immediately sat up, and grabbed the back of Apollos head, planting her lips on his. She closed her eyes, kissing him quite forcefully. Apollo didn't mind as he planted his hand on the side of her face, kissing her deeply. She pulled him closer than he ever thought possible. Eventually, and finally, she broke, gasping for air.

"Th-thank you so much, Apollo! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Athena said, planting a million kisses on his face. He loved every single one.

'I think now would be a better time than ever...' Apollo thought. He stood up, grabbing Athenas hand and pulling her up with him. Athena gave a confused look to him. "Apollo, where are we going?"

Apollo smiled. "Nowhere, tiger. But, I have something to ask you...

Something I've needed to ask for a long time."

Athena started to think, and then realized what he was going to say.

'Is he..? No, he can't... No, he's suppose to do this to Juniper... This... Oh my god...'

In Apollos head was much more panicked, however.


Apollo got down on one knee, looking at Athena. Past her was the space center, but he focused all his attention on her.

"Athena, I've known you for around three years now, and in that time, I haven't seen anyone make me smile as much as Clay did. In my darkest times, you always were there. No matter how much crap I put you through, you forgave me, something I don't think anyone could do... You've made me happy so many times, and now I'm asking you to make me happy another time. Happier than ever before..."

Athena covered her mouth with both her hands, Widget lighting up yellow. 'Is this real? Is this happening?!'

Apollo reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small black box. He held it out above him. Athena thought she was going to have a panic attack right there. Apollo opened the small black box, revealing a small, golden ring inside. The ring didn't cost that much, and it was probably better to save the money for their future, instead of blowing it on something expensive.

"Athena Cykes... Will you marry me?"

Athena still held both hands over her mouth, and Widget still lighted yellow.

'She's gonna say no, isn't she..?'

"A-Apollo... Is... Is this real..?"

Apollo nodded slightly, still holding out the golden ring.

"As real as it can be."

Athena felt tears forming in her eyes, and Widget changed to a bursting green. She smiled the biggest she had ever smiled before. She didn't even need to have time to make that decision. She had made that choice in her head two years ago.

"Oh my god... Yes! Yes, Apollo, yes! I love you so much! Yes, yes, yes!" Athena practically screamed out. Apollo felt the biggest wave of happiness flow through him, and he stood up, wrapping the girl in his arms. She felt tears of happiness flowing from her eyes, and she laughed her beautiful laugh. Apollo backed away from Athena, before grabbing her chin and pulling her in for a soft kiss. She placed a hand on his cheek, returning the kiss.

"I love you, tiger." Apollo said as he pulled away, before pulling her in for another kiss.

"I love you too, Apollo." Athena spoke into his lips. They just stood there, kissing. Never wanting to leave each other.

This was the greatest moment of their lives.


April 20, 2031, 11:30 PM

'Oh god... Oh, please don't screw up, please don't screw up...'

Apollo looked at himself in the mirror. His spikes were up, his face was clear, and he wore a black suit, with a white shirt underneath and a black tie. Safe to say, he looked pretty slick. He made sure to have everything perfect. He smelt good, looked good. He was pretty set, but he was so damn nervous!

Athena wasn't any better. She wore a simple white wedding dress, and her long orange hair had been let down to its full length. She looked absolutely beautiful, but she too was nervous. They had decided to have a midnight wedding near the beach, as they thought a church would be too simple, and Athena was always more of an outdoor person.

"Herr Forehead?" Apollo looked behind him to see his best man, Klavier Gavin. "It's about to start."

Apollo walked out from the right side, and stood under the archway. He had only Klavier Gavin standing behind him. He had planned for Clay to be his best man, but with his death, the next best choice was Mr. Gavin. At the opposite end of the arch stood Juniper Woods as the bridesmaid, with Trucy also being there as well.

Safe to say, it was a small wedding. With Phoenix, Maya and Clay missing. Most of the defendants and witnesses that didn't hate the two sat in some chairs. Apollo stood under the arch, waiting for Athena to come out. He tried to hide the sweat he had under his forehead. He started to hear some music, but completely blocked it out as he saw Athena appear at the end of the aisle.

She looked absolutely gorgeous.

Widget had been taken off for this occasion, and her long white dress was dragged behind her as she walked out, arm in arm with Simon Blackquill. Of course he'd be the one giving her away, as he was her caretaker. He actually looked happy that Athena was marrying Apollo, and Apollo couldn't feel any more relieved. He actually had to ask Blackquill for permission to marry Athena! As Athena unlinked arms with Blackquill, Simon walked behind Klavier, standing near Apollo. Athena grabbed Apollos hands, and they simply stared at each other. Candles and other lights is what shined the beach, and lighted up the wedding. Apollo and Athena could see each other perfectly, and they just loved each other.

They blocked out the officiants words, just staring at each other, smiling. Eventually, they heard the word 'vows' and Apollo realized they had to give their vows to each other. He went first, remembering the one he had thought of for a year now. 'C'mon, Apollo! You've practiced this a hundred times!'

He breathed in.

"I promise you, Athena, to always love you. To always strive, to always encourage and to always inspire you. To always laugh with you, and to always comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle. To never betray you, to never break you. Athena Cykes, I will never leave you, and I will always love you."

Apollo couldn't help but feel a little cheesy, but Athena blushed and smiled up at him.

'Looks like I didn't do too bad...'

Athena cleared her throat as she recited hers.

"I promise to love and cherish you for the rest of your life. I will try to bring laughter to your life, and make you happy. Today I vow to be your wife for the rest of our lives. I will be with you, until the ultimate parting, and I will love you every step of the way."

Apollo loved her vow. He loved it so much. She couldn't help but blush out of embarrassment at the grin he had.

Eventually, Robin Newman bought out the rings they had purchased. It was still the same, golden rings. They had one word on each rings. One read 'Forever' and the other 'Always'. Apollo took Athenas hand, and placed the ring on her ring finger.

"With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours. It is a symbol of my eternal love, My everlasting friendship, and the promise of all my tomorrows."

Athena took her ring, and took Apollos hand, slipping the golden jewellery onto his ring finger.

"With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours. It is a symbol of my eternal love, My everlasting friendship, and the promise of all my tomorrows."

They both smiled at the new rings on their fingers. However, the bond between them would always be more than just two rings. It was something bigger than anyone could imagine. Yet, they loved the new rings on their fingers. They always would.

"Do you, Apollo Justice, take Athena Cykes to be your wife?"

Apollo smiled at Athena softly.

"I do."

"Do you, Athena Cykes, take Apollo Justice to be your husband?"

"I do."

Apollo and Athena would never forget the next part. It'd be a part that would mean so much to them. The part that tied them together forever.

"Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

They didn't wait a millisecond before Athena wrapped her arms around Apollos neck, planting her lips on his. He closed his eyes, moving his arms around her waist, returning the kiss. They could hear the sounds of applause from all over, and in the darkness that was broken by the light of a candle, they stared deeply into each other's eyes.

They now belonged to each other.

Justice's Apartment

May 22, 2035, 9:00 PM

"That is so cute! I knew you two would eventually tie the knot one day." Maya exclaimed. Apollo and Athena smiled at each other, and Apollo grabbed Athenas chin, pulling her in for a quick kiss on the lips.

"Oh, believe me, Maya. After the wedding was the best part... Especially when we reached his bed..." Athena purred.

"Okay, feel free to stop." Maya chuckled.

"Aww, really? But it's the best paaaart!" Athena moaned.

"You've had a few too many, Athena Justice." Apollo told her. She shook her head, slightly smiling.

"No I haaaven't. What are you talking about?" She slurred her words. Apollo sighed, shaking his head. "You are one of the funniest drunks I have seen."

The three stepped inside, Apollo closing the sliding door. He pulled the curtains in front of the glass door, and Maya walked over towards the living room. Lenny was still asleep in his dog bed, and not even the biggest earthquake would wake that dog up.

"I guess I'm sleeping on the couch?" Maya asked.

"Sorry, but it's the best we can do." Apollo said.

"No, it's okay! Really! It'd be good to sleep under a roof, at the very least!" Maya said. Apollo nodded, and Athena leaned her entire body on him, smiling.

"You have a goooood night, Miss Fey. I know I will." Athena whispered suggestively. Apollo shook his head, chuckling.

"Try to keep it down, please." Maya said, smirking.

"Yeah, I'll try. You reckon you can do that, tiger?" Apollo asked as he placed one arm under Athenas legs, and another under her back, picking her up and walking over to his bedroom.

"Ooh, I don't know, depends on how good you are, Mister Justice." Athena purred suggestively. Maya shook her head, chuckling.

"Sorry, Miss Fey." Apollo said, before closing the door behind him. Maya opened up one of the cupboards in a hallway, grabbing out a pillow and a thin blanket. She set a bed up on the couch. To her surprise, it was quite comfortable. She pulled the thin sheets over her, and closed her eyes.

Her life as attorney had finally started.

Maya Fey's Nightmare

Date: ? Time: ?

Maya stood in complete darkness. She looked around panicked. She had absolutely no idea where she was, and every direction she walked in lead to nowhere.


Maya turned her head to the voice. "W-who's there? Who?!"

The voice got closer to her.


Maya slowly back away from the voice.

"S-stay away from me!"

Maya then felt herself being dragged from behind her. A set of strong arms wrapped around her throat, and a hand was placed on the left side of her head. Her breath completely cut off, and she tried to breath, but the strong arms wrapped tighter and tighter around her throat.

Then, the hand placed on her head jolted, violently snapping her neck.

Maya jolted awake, and looked around the dark living room. Lenny still slept in the corner, and she could hear the soft snores of Athena.

She was having a nightmare, and what an odd one it was. She always had nightmares about her death, however. She didn't know why, and she hated it every time. Maya laid back on her pillow, and closed her eyes.

She fell asleep, and as much as she hated it, she fell asleep thinking about Phoenix.