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The Ashes Of Kurain

June 12, 2035, 7:00 AM

Maya stood in the ashes of her old home. Kurain village. The one that had been burnt down by the police five years ago.

She had only been released from hospital, finally, after two weeks. Some marks on her were mostly gone, with only a few still remaining, mainly on her stomach area. Kurain village was now mainly grass, with some burnt areas here and there.

It was nothing.

"I'm sorry, Maya..." She heard Phoenix speak from behind her. The wind blowed, sending Maya's hair and clothes fluttering with the wind. She closed her eyes, her back turned to Phoenix.

"This... Was all my fault... I was terrified. Terrified... To see you again. I... I hurt you. Mentally... And physically. I didn't deserve to be in your sight... And then, I heard you had left, just like me... I thought you were dead." Phoenix told Maya. She didn't know how to reply to this man.

"I had the gun in my mouth."

Maya opened her eyes, her head turned to Phoenix, but her body facing away.

"I had my finger on the trigger... And then... I see you. I had already seen you before... I watched your entire first trial on TV, and I... I was so proud of you." Phoenix admitted. Maya looked away from Phoenix.

"But then... I see a recording... One of those rioters had got into every channel, and... They were broadcasting... You... Unconscious, blood on your head, bruises... And you woke up. Then... I saw the fire, and I heard the chant... Burn the witch."

'They... Were broadcasting that..?' Maya's death could've been seen by everyone in L.A. She was sure that some were supporting her death.

"I took the gun out of my mouth at that moment... And I thought only one thing." Phoenix looked up at Maya's back.

"I have to save her."

Maya felt a twinge of... Something in her body. She opened her mouth, but closed it again, not finding the right words to say to this man.

"That last time I had thought that... Was on that entire plane ride I took to Kurain... I heard you getting attacked on the phone... And the first thing I did was leave Apollo, Athena... My daughter... Behind. To come and... Save you. And the entire time, I'm thinking of one thing..."

"I have to save her." Maya ended Phoenix's speech. She didn't turn to look at him. Not just yet.

"My daughter was accused of murder when I was in Kurain. My daughter. The girl, the only girl... That I love just as much as you. And yet... I stayed with you. I let her brother handle defence. It was because... I had nearly lost you again, Maya. I... I didn't want that to happen. Ever."

Maya didn't know how to reply. What could she say? She had nothing to match his statements whatsoever.

"Maya... I... I know I caused all of this..." Phoenix said as he looked around the burnt remains of the village. "But... I want you to... Forgive me. Please. For leaving you... For hurting you... For breaking everything... I want us to rebuild. And that starts... With forgiveness. So please, Maya..."

"Forgive me."

Maya had the choice in her hands. Forgive this man who left her for five years? The man who had drove her away from society for five years? The man that caused so much... And yet, this was the same man that had attempted to save her life seven times. And he succeeded every single time.

"This wasn't your fault, Nick."

Phoenix's eyes widened at that statement. "Huh?"

Maya finally turned around, facing Phoenix. She approached him.

"I've had a long time to think. Five years, to be exact. Although I initially blamed you for this, I realized... You weren't the one who burnt this village to the ground... You weren't the one who started those riots... You weren't the one who tried to kill me. I know you never wanted any harm to me. I know you didn't mean to hit me... And yet, I've made you out to be an asshole to everyone. I've gone cold. Every time someone wanted to speak about you... I shut them out. I didn't want them to know about... My true feelings I had for you. The only ones who knew that... Were Athena and... Kay..."

Maya shuddered, her eyes widened. In that exact moment, she knew everything. She knew why Kay took a bullet for her. It was all because of one promise...

"I'll find Phoenix. I'll make sure you two see each other again. It's what you deserve."

"She... She took it for that..."

Phoenix raised one eyebrow, slightly interested at whatever Maya just said.

"She... Promised me that she'll make us see each other again. She wanted us together again... Even if that meant taking a bullet for me... And that's what she did." Maya stuttered out. Phoenix looked down at the floor, sighing.

"I'm sorry, Maya..."

"I'm sorry as well, Nick..."

Maya felt a finger under her chin, and her head was tilted up to face Phoenix's. He slowly leant in, wanting to kiss her. Maya was about to return it, when she placed her hands on Phoenix's chest, lightly pushing him away.

"Not right now... I'm sorry..." Maya whispered. Phoenix nodded.

"I understand."

"If it helps... I forgive you, Nick... Now that I've had some time to think, I know... I can forgive you, finally."

Phoenix stared at Maya, before wrapping his arms around her back, hugging her closely. She returned the hug, burying her head into his chest, listening to his heartbeat... That same, familiar heartbeat...

Interrogation Room

May 26, 2035, 7:00 PM

The light flicked on, burning Raven's eyes to the darkness they were used to. He covered them a bit with his fingerless hands, before lowering them to see the same, familiar detective.

"Badd... Can't say I'm surprised." Raven smirked out. Badd leaned over on the table between them, facing off Raven.

"So... You killed Kay, huh?" Badd growled. Raven smirked, staring Badd in the eye. He had nothing to live for now, so he couldn't care less what this detective does to him.

"I killed that whore... And I'd do it again... Over, and over, and over... I'd watch that bullet burst straight into her lung, and I'd watch that bitch hit the wall, over and over... And I'd watch," Raven leaned closer to Badd, millimetres between them.

"As her precious uncle did nothing to save her. Oh, it was quite funny. You couldn't even save the one person you love... In fact, I'd watch- GAAAAAAGH!" Raven was silenced by a burning sensation in his hand. He had then realized that Badd was actually smoking this time, and had just put out that cigarette on his hand.

"That girl was important to me... She was my family. And you took her away from me..." Badd growled. Badd grabbed Raven by the chin, and raised the somehow still lit cigarette right up to his eye.

"You wanna burn my eye? They'll all know... They'll all fire you!" Raven threatened. Badd shrugged.

"Hmph... I'll make sure you can't speak, then..." Badd said.

"What the- AAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Raven screamed as he felt the burning hot cigarette jam into his eye, before he felt Badd grab the back of his head, smashing Raven's face into the desk, jamming the cigarette further into his eye.

"Welcome to Hell... I'll be your guide." Badd growled.

Gavin Residence

June 11, 2035

"Hey, fop! Got a letter for you!"

Klavier Gavin finished the last notes of his song on his guitar, before placing it on his stand, and walking out of his room into his quite nice looking apartment. Ema Gavin, his wife, was calling for him.

"What is it, Schatz?" Klavier asked, walking down the stairs.

"We've got an invitation... To the return of Phoenix Wright celebration." Ema told her husband. Klavier's face went dead serious as he looked at his wife.

"You... You're joking..? You do know Herr Wright has been missing for five years, ja?" Klavier asked.

"I know... I was surprised myself, but... All the news stations and everything are talking about it... So, do you want to come or not, fop?" Ema asked. Klavier's expression immediately changed to a kind face.

"Of course! It'd be great to see him." Klavier accepted. Ema placed a hand on his shoulder, and kissed him on the lips.


Klavier took this opportunity to wrap one arm around Ema's waist, kissing her deeply. She placed both hands on his strong chest, and he slowly started to walk towards the stairs, kissing her the entire way. He eventually reached the bedroom, and Ema laid on the bed back first, her arms above her head, looking at the man above her with a smug face.

"Well... That was fast." Ema commented. Klavier leaned down to Ema, nibbling on her neck lightly.

"I don't take thing slow, schatz... As you'll soon find out..." Klavier spoke into her neck.

"Oh, I thought you would last a bit longer, fop." Ema teased.

"I wasn't talking about that, I was saying... Hmph... You're gonna regret saying that." Klavier whispered to her.

"Oh, really? Prove it to me with some hard evidence." Ema purred. Klavier couldn't help but chuckle.


June 12, 2035, 1:00 PM

Maya walked through the graveyard, wrapped in her thick jacket and long pants. The weather had dropped quite a bit, grey clouds overhead and wind echoing through the air. The agency were back at the Wonder Bar, setting up for the celebration. She had decided to slip out, and made her way to the place where she was at now...

Maya approached the right grave. The writing on the tomb was one she never wanted to see...

Kay Faraday

Great Thief, Great Prosecutor, Great Friend


Maya had her hands in her pocket, looking down at the grave. She sighed, kneeling down to the fresh dirt.

"Hey, Kay... I... I got him. I got your killer... Raven Croft. I know, hard to believe... I'm... I'm sorry for all I've done... I know you don't want me to, but... I kinda blame myself for this." Maya looked down at the dirt, before slightly chuckling to herself.

"I can hear your voice now. Don't say that, you gloom! Lighten up! I... I kept my promise, right? Well... You did, Kay... You did... I remember that time. I was practically naked, and you had somehow found me... And... That night changed everything. That night... I was determined to find him... And we did find each other, eventually... I just wish you were there to see it. You would've liked that, right?"

Maya received no response.

She sighed, before reaching into her pockets. "You left a few things... I think you might like these." Maya said as she placed some important items on Kay's grave.

Little Thief, Kay's Prosecutors Badge and Yatagarasu's badge placed on Kay's grave.

Maya stood up, and she felt the wetness of her tears run down her face, hitting the soft dirt below her.

"I... I love you, Kay..."

Maya slowly turned around, and went back to Apollo and Athena's apartment.

Kay may be gone. Never to be seen in real life. She will never speak again, never make any funny remarks or solve any cases. She would never be Mr. Edgeworth's assistant again... But, she will always live on.


Through the hearts of Maya, Gumshoe, Badd and Edgeworth.

That's how.

Grand Tower

P.I.C Meeting Room

April 6, 2019, 9:44 AM

"Kay... I am returning something very important to you."

Miles reached into his jacket pocket. Kay Faraday, the girl who currently had amnesia, tilted her head, wondering what this man could be returning? Would it be something basic, like a phone or something?

'A book? What's so important about that..?'

Miles Edgeworth held out the book in front of him. On the front read three words.




The 'Promises' and 'Kay' had obvious been written on, but somehow, Kay remembered this book.

"Ah... This is...!"

Kay took the book in her hands, flipping open the pages.

"Always greet people with a smile even people you don't know... N-never cry in front of strangers..."

Kay suddenly remembered something. Something from her past. Her father...

"Look, Daddy! I wrote them all down!"

She didn't remember his response. She did remember what she said though...

"Yup! I'll be sure to follow all of our promises, and become a hero just like you, Daddy! Ah... That's right! There's one more! I forgot to write down the most important promise..."

Kay flipped the page, and stared wide eyed at a promise which had been circled multiple times.

"Promise number five... Always try your hardest to learn about things you don't understand! Eheheh... I'll be sure to remember! I'll never, ever forget them!"

"Always try your hardest... To learn about things you don't understand..." Kay's eyes widened to size of golf balls as she placed her hands on the side of her head, shaking.

"That's right... I am... "I" am..."

Everything went white for Kay, until she finally spoke.

"I am... The 'Great Thief' who steals the truth, Kay Faraday!"

Chief Prosecutors Office

June 12, 2035, 2:00 PM

Miles Edgeworth looked out the window, the grey clouds looming overhead. He was thinking back... To all the thoughts he had of Kay. Their first meeting... Desperately trying to save her from a fire... Getting her memory back... Everything he had done for her. It was all because... He cared for her. He loved her. She was so... Important to him. Franziska would be the most important woman in his life, but Kay... She would be someone he'd never forget.

Raven Croft.

He was the man who ended it all. He had pulled the trigger, and although he didn't mean to, he killed Kay. Then, he tried to cover himself up with forged evidence! He was a truly evil man... And one Edgeworth would never forgive.

Miles took a drink of his tea, before going over his desk and opening the drawer. He reached in, and grabbed something. A photo.

It was a self portrait, taken by Kay. She, Gumshoe and Edgeworth, all in one photo, and everyone looked happy.

Apart from Edgeworth.

Miles stared at the photo. This is was one of the few memories he would have of Kay physically... He held the photo to his heart.

It was so important to him.

Just like Kay was.

Wonder Bar

June 12, 2035, 6:30 PM

It had all finally been set up.

A dance floor, a stage, a bartender.

And most important, a piano. Maya, Apollo, Athena and Trucy had gone home to get changed into some nice clothes for the event.

Phoenix sat alone in the room, playing some basic tunes. He had practised piano for the past five years, as well as making his voice a bit better. Tonight would be a big night... A celebration of him...

When Phoenix returned, he expected lectures, arguments and anger. Instead, he was welcomed back. Now, everyone was celebrating him.

Phoenix played a small song on his piano, one that went at a rather slow pace. It was one he really didn't know where he'd gotten from.

"That's... Familiar somehow."

Phoenix turned to see none other than Miles Edgeworth. He was dressed in a black tuxedo, and looked rather stylish and handsome. Phoenix hadn't of changed yet, still wearing his hoodie and slacks.

"How so?" Phoenix asked as he spun around to face Edgeworth.

"It's something... I heard when I handed Kay that promise book... I don't know where from, but... It was beautiful." Miles said.

"You want me to keep playing it?" Phoenix asked. Miles stared down at the floor, before looking up and nodding.


Justice's Apartment

June 12, 2035, 6:30 PM

"We look so good, Apollo."

Apollo and Athena Justice looked at themselves in the mirror. Apollo had worn a red waistcoat, with a black tie, and black tuxedo jacket as well as a black pair of jeans. He had his hair up in two horns like always. Athena looked absolutely beautiful, with her hair done all the way down, and her yellow dress reaching all the way to the floor. The two looked almost as they did at their wedding, this time with more color.

"You look beautiful, tiger..." Apollo commented.

"I gotta admit, you look pretty handsome yourself, Apollo." Athena smirked.

"I second that statement."

Apollo and Athena turned around to see Trucy in a blue dress that went down to her knees. She had her hair down to her neck, and her eyes glowing.

"Wow... Trucy, you look..." Apollo sputtered.

"Who do you like better, Polly? Me or Thena?" Trucy asked, both arms behind her back, slightly hopping. Both Athena and Trucy stared at him with their cutest smiles, trying to convince the man that one of them was better.

"C-c'mon, guys, don't do this to me..." Apollo scratched the back of his head.

"Apollo, I'm your wife. I'm obviously-"

"And I'm your sister!" Trucy cut off Athena. She had learnt about her brother way back in 2028, and although it shocked her at first, she had gotten used to having an older brother.

"Leave him alone."

The three turned around, and almost sprung back. Maya stood at the door of the bathroom, her face absolutely gorgeous, and the make up covering the marks of hurt. She had a long purple dress that went down to her ankles, and it made her look a lot sexier.

"I... I just picked who I like better." Apollo commented as he stared at Maya. She smiled at Apollo.

"Thanks, Apollo, but you've gotta admit. The other two are gorgeous, huh?" Maya said. Apollo didn't even notice Athena and Trucy's glare, and he slowly backed away.

"Don't... Hurt me... You're both beautiful and amazing..." Apollo stuttered out. Maya laughed.

"C'mon, guys. He's trying his best. Let's head down to the bar." Maya said. Apollo held his arm out, and Athena wrapped her arm around his.

"So... Am I at least better than Trucy?" Athena asked. Apollo sighed, his horns dropping.

"This conversation is over."

Wright Anything Agency

February 1, 2030

Phoenix finally got the last piece of clothing in his bag, finally stuffing it in as forcefully as he could.

"You reckon you'll be alright? Need me to hang onto anything?" Apollo asked as he stood in the doorway.

"Actually... I've got something for you, Apollo." Phoenix went over to his bedside table, and reached into the wooden drawer, pulling out a rather small object.

"Hang onto this for me... Until I get back. I'm afraid I'll lose it..." Phoenix said as he placed a small black box in Apollo's hand.

"Alright... See ya, Mr. Wright!" Apollo called out as Phoenix walked out the door.

"Oh, and don't show anyone that on any circumstance, got it?" Phoenix told Apollo. He nodded, clutching the object tightly in his hand.


As Phoenix closed the door, Apollo looked at the object. It was a small, black box. Apollo opened up the box, and nearly recoiled at what was inside.

Inside that black box was a silver ring with one word on it.


Wonder Bar

June 12, 2035, 7:00 PM

A small crowd of people had finally gathered at the wonder bar. Phoenix knew everyone, ranging from Pearl to Ema to Apollo... Everyone that was close to him, basically. They were all chatting amongst themselves, awaiting the celebration.

He got up on stage, microphone in his hand. "Thank you all so much for coming tonight. As we all now know, Maya and I are back and kicking! Of course... Not everything is all so good. We all know... What happened to Kay Faraday. Some of you know her, others don't, but there's something I know all of you know. She... She was one of the kindest and chirpy girls you would ever meet. She became your close friend, and... She helped Edgeworth plenty of times before. I'd like to take a minute of silence for her..." Phoenix lowered the microphone, looking down at the floor. Everyone stayed silent in the bar, not moving or making the slightest sound. Just remembering Kay Faraday. Some of them hadn't even met her before, but others knew her very well. The minute lasted longer than expected. It was depressing, but eventually, Phoenix raised the microphone.

"Thank you... Just remember, as much as we're celebrating my return... We are also remembering Kay, no matter what. Thank you. Now, enjoy the night!" Phoenix finished. The rest of the crowd started talking again, and Apollo and Athena walked over to the bar to get a drink.

"Hey, isn't that Mr and Mrs Gavin?" Athena asked as she looked over at the couple. Apollo walked over to the two.

"Herr Forehead and Cykes! A pleasure to meet you!" Klavier said as he stretched out a hand to shake Apollo's. Athena walked over to hug Klavier, placing a light kiss on his cheek. Apollo also hugged Ema.

"Been a while, Justice." Ema said as she hugged Apollo.

"Yep. How's being married to the fop like?" Apollo asked. Ema twirled her hair, looking at her husband.

"It has its moments... But it isn't all that bad, surprisingly. I was actually kinda shocked when he proposed... I'm not gonna lie, I thought he was gay for you, Apollo." Ema said. Apollo's horns slumped down.

"Don't tell me you thought I returned-"

"I though you retuned those feelings." Ema cut Apollo off. Apollo slumped over fully, but Klavier was slightly chuckling.

"Well, that's kind of a problem..." Apollo said as he scratched his neck, deliberately showing off his wedding ring. Ema sighed.

"Very funny."

"I know I am, sourpuss." Apollo smirked.

"Considering this is a party celebrating Herr Wright... Where is he? I thought he'd be the guest of honor, Ja?" Klavier asked.

"Actually, now that I think about it... Where is he?" Athena asked.

"Wright, calm yourself down this instant!"

Miles and Phoenix stood backstage, Phoenix finally getting into a tuxedo that looked very similar to Edgeworth's. He was pacing back and forth.

"Well, what if I screw up, Edgeworth? What do I do then!?" Phoenix asked.

"Keep playing. I'm sure she'll love it, Wright. Now, stop this childish act this instant." Edgeworth demanded. Phoenix sucked in a deep breath, before exhaling it.

"Alright. I guess I'll go now..."

"Good luck, Wright."

Phoenix slowly stepped out onto the stage. He was met with a crowd of people all talking. When some noticed him, they started to clap and cheer. Phoenix slowly walked over to the piano.

"Well... I think I'd like to interrupt the speakers to play a bit of music myself."

Klavier, Ema, Apollo and Athena sat down at one table where Trucy and Maya were at, all watching Phoenix.

"Well... There he is." Ema commented.

Phoenix slowly placed his hands on the piano.

"Th-this... Is dedicated to... Someone special to me..."

Phoenix started.

The first few notes were almost instantly recognized by Maya. Phoenix played them perfectly. He was absolutely nailing it.

And then, he started to sing.

'Cause you're my sky, 'cause you're my sky full of stars
I'm gonna give you my heart
'Cause you're my sky, 'cause you're my sky full of stars
'Cause you light up my path

He had changed the lyrics. Not much, but it was noticeable. Maya instantly knew who he was singing for.

He was singing her her...

I don't care, go on and tear me apart
I don't care if you do, ooh
'Cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars
Maya, I saw you

'He's... Singing it... For me..?'

The whole crowd stared, some with smiles on their faces. Some looked at Maya, who was absolutely gobsmacked. Phoenix launched into the instrumental, and using only a piano, pulled it all off. His singing and piano was spot on. He didn't waste those five years of practise, that's for sure. Phoenix finished up the instrumental, continuing the song.

'Cause you're my sky, 'cause you're my sky full of stars

I wanna die in your arms

'Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark

I'm gonna give you my heart

"He's not doing to bad for his age, huh?" Athena commented. Maya didn't reply. She just sat and stared at the man, thinking only one thing.

'I love this man to goddamn bits.'

I don't care, go on and tear me apart
I don't care if you do, ooh
'Cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars
Maya, I see you
Maya, I see you

Phoenix again launched into the instrumental. Maya couldn't get over the fact this man had spent five years practising for her. He was absolutely nailing it as well. Maya wiped her face, and she realized she had a few tears streaking down them.

"Daddy..." Trucy sighed out.

'Cause you're my sky, you're my sky full of stars

You're my heavenly view

You're such a heavenly view

Phoenix continued the instrumental, finishing up the song. He faded out, and when he was done, the entire crowd cheered, clapping and whistling. Maya immediately got up out of her seat, sprinting over to Phoenix. She jumped onto the stage, and tackled the man into a hug. He fell over onto his backside, hugging the girl back.

"Oh, Nick! Thank you so much! I... I love you, Nick! I love you, I love you, I love you!" Maya sobbed happily into his chest. Phoenix hugged the girl back, smiling. Apollo got up out of his seat, and walked over to the two of them. Phoenix noticed him, and unwrapped Maya to walk over to him.

"You... Want this back?" Apollo asked as he handed Phoenix the small, black box. Phoenix took the box in his hand, hiding it from everyone.

"Thanks... Apollo." Phoenix smiled. He turned back onto the stage, where Maya stood.

"What're you two talking about?" Maya asked. Phoenix walked up the stairs on the side of the stage, and toward Maya.

"Maya... I've... Got something to say."

Edgeworth watched from behind the stage, and he couldn't help but grin.

'He's gonna say it, isn't he?'

Slowly, but surely...

Phoenix got down on one knee.

Maya's eyes went to the size of golf balls, and she placed both hands over her mouth. The entire crowd started to cheer, and Phoenix couldn't help but laugh.

"Maya... Ever since I first met you, my life has changed... Without you, I don't know how I'd been able to live through Mia's death... You have carried me through so many things, and... I've returned the favour. I've saved you from a kidnapper, crossed a burning bridge for you, kicked down an unbreakable door... And through the entirety, my love for you had started to grow... We finally started to date in 2028, and... It was great. It was amazing, even... Then, I left..."

Maya still couldn't believe what Phoenix was doing. "N-Nick..."

"I hated myself for what I did to you. I... Still do. And yet... You forgave me. And now, I'm asking one last thing..." Phoenix held out the black box, and opened it up, exposing the silver ring inside.

"Maya Fey... Will you marry me?"

Maya's eyes were wider than ever before. She didn't know what to feel. This man had disappeared for five years, came back, and two weeks later, is asking her to be his wife!? She didn't know how to respond... She didn't even know how to feel.

"N-Nick, I..."

Yes, or no? Did she want to tie the knot between them? Did she want to spend the rest of her life with the one man she had ever loved?


She finally decided on an answer.

"Y...Yes! Yes, Nick, yes! Yes, yes, I do, yes! I love you, Nick!" Maya cried happily. Phoenix felt an explosion of joy through him, and he wrapped his arms around her, tightly holding the girl to him.

"I love you, Maya..."

"I love you too, Nick..."

Everyone in the crowd cheered as Phoenix slipped the ring onto Maya's finger. Apollo and Athena clapped for the new couple, and Trucy was bouncing up and down. She ran up to the stage, hugging the two of them.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Trucy cheered. She wasn't alone in the celebrating. Pearl had also sprinted towards the stage, throwing herself into this group hug.

"I have dreamed of this day for years! Yaaaay!" Pearl cheered. Phoenix and Maya held the young woman, as well as each other. The speaker came on, continuing to play music.

Only this time, Athena recognized the song.

"Apollo... It's our wedding song!" Athena told the man.

"Huh?... Oh, it is!" Apollo noticed the first few guitar strums. Athena immediately grabbed Apollo's hand, dragging him to the dance floor.

"You still know how to dance, right?" Athena asked.

"A-Athena! That was a one time thing!" Apollo cried out.

"So, do it again!" Athena demanded as they walked into the dance floor.

Can you feel it?
Now it's coming back
We can steal it.
If we bridge this gap,
I can see you
Through the curtains of the waterfall.

Athena grabbed Apollo's hand, and put a hand on his back. "Apollo, you still remember the moves right?"

"Four years is a long time, Athena."

When I lost it,
Yeah you held my hand,
But I tossed it,
Didn't understand,
You were waiting,
As I dove into the waterfall.

"Actually..." Apollo moved his hand behind Athena's back, and put another on her stomach.

"I think I just remembered one."

Athena sighed, "Not that one?"

Apollo nodded, "That one."

So say Geronimo!

Apollo immediately pushed Athena backwards as the song repeated Say Geronimo! six more times. Athena fell backward, only Apollo's hand to support her up. Apollo lifted her up, and linked one hand with hers, and put another on her waist. The two waltzed for a bit, looking into each other's eyes. Apollo spun Athena around him, before immediately pulling her in, placing his lips on hers.

Can you feel my love?

She closed her eyes, returning the deep, loving kiss.

Bombs away,
Bombs away,
Bombs away.
Can you feel my love?

"Hey, Maya?"

Maya looked over at her new husband, who reached out a hand.

"How about a dance, m'lady?"

Maya slightly giggled, before placing her hand in his. The two walked over to the stage.

"Let the masters handle this." Phoenix joked. Apollo and Athena's lips seperated, and the two walked off. "We look forward to seeing the 'masters' handle a waltz." Athena joked. Phoenix and Maya got into a dancing stance, and started to waltz, moving perfectly with each other, and loving every second.

Well we rushed it,
Moving way too fast.
That we crushed it,
But it's in the past.
We can make this leap,
Through the curtains of the waterfall.

Phoenix immediately grabbed onto Maya's waist, and prepared himself. "Nick, what are you doing?" Maya asked.

So Say Geronimo!

Phoenix lifted Maya into the air as he spun, but only did a half spin before lowering her. Maya felt an intense rush through her, and started to laugh.

Can you feel my love?

Maya inched herself closer to Phoenix until they were only millimetres away. Maya whispered to him.

"Hey, Nick... How much do you lift?"

Phoenix slightly blushed, "Well, I can bench press about-"

"No, I'm asking if you can lift me." Maya cut him off.

"Oh... Well, we'll give it a try." Phoenix laughed.

"You better keep me in the air, Nick." Maya said as she slowly started to back away from Phoenix.

Well I'm just a boy,
With a broken toy,
All lost and coy,
At the curtains of the waterfall.
So it's here I stand,
As a broken man,
But I've found my friend,
At the curtains of the waterfall.

"She's... Not gonna do what I think she's gonna do, right?" Apollo asked Athena.

"I... I think she's gonna do it." Athena replied. Apollo sighed.


Now I'm falling down,
Through the crashing sound.
And you've come around,
At the curtains of the waterfall.

Maya had fully backed herself into the corner, and looked at Phoenix, who looked ready to grab onto her.

"Keep me in the air, Nick!" Maya cried as she sprinted towards Phoenix.

And you rushed to me,
And it sets us free.
So I fall to my knees,
At the curtains of the waterfall.

So Say Geronimo!

Maya leapt up, and Phoenix grabbed onto her waist, spinning her. She laughed as Phoenix kept spinning, his hands on her waist.

"M-Maya... I'm losing balance!" Phoenix stuttered.

"Don't you dare fall!"

"Too late." Phoenix said as he felt his feet give in, and he collapsed onto his side, Maya falling to the ground and rolling a few times. Phoenix immediately rushed over to Maya.

"Maya! Are you hurt!?" Phoenix asked in panic. He was relieved when he heard her beautiful laughter.

Can you feel my love?

Phoenix put one arm under Maya's leg, and another under her back, and lifted her up. She wrapped both arms around his neck.

"Maya, I have one more question... After all this time, after five long years... Can you still love me the same way as back then?" Phoenix asked. Maya looked at Phoenix, smiling.

Maya leaned closer to Phoenix as the last words of the song rung out.

Can you feel my love?

"After all this time, Nick?" Maya finally leaned close enough, and finally placed her lips on his. After two long weeks, Phoenix had been waiting for this. She placed one hand on his cheek, kissing him deeply. She eventually, slowly, pulled away and smiled.


Maya Fey: Ace Attorney


It's finished! As sad as I am to see this story end, I hope it was a good conclusion! Thank you all so much for your support! You're all amazing!

Songs in this chapter (In Order)

The song that Edgeworth asks Phoenix to play on the piano is actually apart of the Investigations 2 OST. It is called Bonds ~ A Heart That Believes.

A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay

Geronimo - Sheppard