In a room that overlooked a long forgotten village, there was 2 sets of 12 thrones that were placed in a circle formation and were adorned with the worlds most finest materials; silk, diamonds and gold. And in those thrones sat the gods and goddesses. In the top of half of the circle sat the 12 greek gods; Zeus strong and imposing he was built for wars with long shoulder length white hair and cerulean blue eyes he was also adorned with a short scuff which many women often said that it made him look distinguished and on his right was his brother Poseidon who was of the same stature of Zeus but had eyes the colour of an angry sea, Poseidon didn't have facial hair and was often seen wearing a scowl. To Zeus left sat Hades (the oldest) was lithe but muscular and had brown eyes with dirty blonde hair that was covered with a helmet that could turn him invisible at will. Next to Poseidon and Hades sat Aphrodite, a blonde blue eyed woman with a small but curvaceous figure was the most beautiful in the realm and Athena who was dark haired and grey eyed and beautifully small figured. Next to them sat Hermes dark haired and brown eyed who was `ruggedly handsome` and Ares blonde haired and gray eyes that flashed every time he was angry. Then came Artemis raven haired and green eyed who was toned and lithe and Hestia dirty blonde hair with brown eyes she was tall & thin. Next to them sat Hera brunnette and grey eyes who was also tall next Demeter who was blonde and green eyed she was short and curvaceous. Then came Apollo dark haired and green eyed (like his sister Artemis) he was lithe.

Sitting in the bottom half of the circle on thrones a bit more plain than the Greeks sat their Egyptian sort of friends. They all bore similar facial features, all were black haired and either green eyed or brown eyed. Each could shapeshift into their respective counterparts like Anubis can shift into a lycanthrope.

"She is sick which should not be possible" Aphrodite said to the group sitting around her. They were enemies but they each have something in common; the dark illness infecting their people. It had come to them slowly, first infecting their humans (the elderly first and then children) then infecting one of their own. From Olympia Eos and from Egypt Kebechet.

"Calm down, building up a panic will not solve this situation any faster. You need to think rationally about this." Athena muttered to her beautiful younger sister, Athena was never one to show weakness but..

"However I agree with her, there is no logical explanation as to why Eos is sick we should be immune to any illness. What is causing this father?" Athena turned in her seat to face her father Zeus.

Zeus was leaning his arm on his armrest his eyes following the conversation that was taking place between his family and their guests. The way he was sitting would suggest to people who didn't know him well that he was relaxed but as his brothers would know that he was anything but relaxed. Zeus could and would electrocute anyone without batting an eyelash.

"Like you can do anything to save her. Kebechet was infected and she died… just faded away." Horus sneered, his temper rising. He hated the Greeks they all thought that they were better than them which they weren't. He liked seeing them this nervous it meant that Egypt wasn't the only one suffering.

Ares jumped up his own temper rising in response to the prospect of violence. Being the god of war meant having all of the world's rage bottled up and with Zeus banning hm from starting wars, he was spoiling for a fight.

"Enough!" Zeus and Osiris said to their respective family members. Without anyone seeing Artemis and Apollo smirked at each other.

"Now is not the time for childish behaviour. I have and idea on how to preserve Eos lifeline." Osiris suggested to Zeus.

Zeus inclined his head as if to say go on.

"She is already on her way down I can feel it and so can you" he shared a look with Hades, "What I could do is take and preserve her soul for another. However, this person would have to be pure of heart and must have lightness in her soul." Osiris said and waited for their reaction.

The 12 Greeks looked at each other having a silent conversation.

So after a few moments they looked back to their guests and waited for Zeus to answer them.

Zeus looked into Osiris eyes to see if there was a hint of deception but none so nodded.

Thousands of years later…

It was early morning on Domino, the sun not up yet. It was peaceful as everyone was asleep..well not everyone. The Queen of Domino was in labour with her husband King Oritel holding her hand.

Just as the baby came out of her mother with a loud wail the sun peaked up the sky turning lighter with reds, oranges, pinks and blues as the new Princess of Domino was born and with her the dawn of a new and old time.