It has been almost four months since they have come back from their doomed camping trip. Everyone has been in a constant foul mood, except for Korra, who invited her crew out to dinner for which she is paying because she is loaded.

The evening is going rather badly. No one wants to talk. They just want to sulk and complain and sulk and complain. Korra is very bored with these negative Nins.

She begins to talk about her plans for the company and Asami huffs. She says that she absolutely loves this job and Mako throws her a disgusted look. She expresses her gratitude that she no longer has to train with Tenzin. For that, she receives a flying bowl of rice in her face courtesy of Bolin.

She does not know how to cheer up these gloomy Gans anymore. She suggests a walk and they agree as if she is forcing them. They go to Avatar Korra Park and sit at the bank of the Katara River. They lay on the ground and look at the stars.

Bolin suddenly shoots up. "A SHOOTING STAR!" he shouts excitedly, pointing at it. He closes his eyes tightly and says in a voice full of hope, "I wish for everything to go back to normal!"


The next second a pebble makes contact with his ear. He looks around and sees that the culprit is Korra, who is holding another pebble. "YOU IDIOT! WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" She throws the other pebble at him. It hits him right in the forehead.