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Nervously she kept walking in circles. This had been the most stupid idea ever, why couldn't she just think straight while talking to him? Within moments it would be just the two of them. Without the comforting, yet frustrating, distance between their lacrima.

She looked up to the sky, the sun had already gone dangerously low, if they were unlucky they would miss the sunset. Erza decided to sit down in an attempt to calm her raging mind. A year ago this was the place where Jellal had been sitting. The words he said back then still echoed through her head; ''Perhaps it's for the best if I did die.''

It still hurt to think back about that time, she had never seen him lower than that. Nothing hurts more than seeing your loved one not valuing their own life.

She sighed. The possibility of him having lost the way was increasing by the minute and Erza started to lose hope in him making it in time. From the corner of her eye she glanced to her side. Next to her, she had laid down the lacrima, that she had brought just in case.

''Guess he leaves me no choice..'' She softly said as she picked up the device. After pressing the necessary buttons, she waited.

''Yes hello?'' His voice echoed through the lacrima.

''Can you say something again? The sound is odd for some reason.''

''Ehhr, hello?''

Now she heard it again. It was as if his voice echoed somehow.

''Where are you right now?'' She asked.

''At the place we would meet. I've been here for quite a while now.''

''But that can't be,'' She said in bewilderment as she stood up and looked at the place she had been sitting at. It was undoubtedly the place they had been at a year ago. ''because I'm at the place as well.''

Suddenly it hit her. She looked over the edge of the rock. ''It couldn't be.'' She whispered to herself.

Behind the rock, the hill she had climbed went downhill under a steep angle, the road they had been falling among back then... She tightly kept the lacrima to her ear. Her eyes followed to path all the way to the foot of the hill. Where a slightly open mouthed Jellal was looking up with the lacrima pressed to his ear like his life depended on it.

Her eyes widened as they met his. Without a second thought she dropped the lacrima and started to run. The hill had no path on this side and just consisted of rough rocks and bulbs of plants. She didn't care if the surface would scratch open her boots or make her trip along the way, because all that mattered now was the man in front of her.

''Erza, don't!'' He yelled out as he ran toward her as fast as possible. He leaped forward, just in time to prevent her from falling. She draped her arms around his neck to get a grip on the ground again. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight, her head resting on his chest. ''Still as reckless as ever.'''

They sat next to each other in the sand with their arms draped around their knees.

A long silence followed. As comfortable as they were talking over the lacrima, suddenly being face to face again after so long made it hard to interact.

Erza rested her head on her arms and looked at him. "Do you still think you don't deserve to be by my side?''

''I still don't know,'' He said as he stared in the distance. ''How do I know which path in life I'm walking now?''

''Don't you get it?'' Erza replied, slightly raising her voice. ''You are walking the path of light now, just like me!''

''Is that truly how you feel?'' He asked in a tone that revealed he still had doubts, facing the setting sun in front of them. Suddenly he felt her hand on his face that made him face her.

''You think of me as your light'' She smiled as she traced his tattoo with her thumb, her fingers lightly touching his bangs. Her lips started to tremble and her voice cracked, ''but the truth is that you are my light as well.''

His eyes widened and she could have sworn tears had started to gather in the corners of his eyes. ''Erza..'' He breathlessly whispered as he let his hand run through her crimson hair.

She reached further through his hair and with some slight pressure she brought his face closer to hers. Deep down she expected resistance from his side, but to her surprise he slightly tightened the grip on her hair as he leaned in. She closed her eyes just before their lips met.

Carefully he pressed his lips against hers. They stopped trembling against the calmness that came forth from his surprisingly warm lips. She felt tears streaming down her face, finding a way to the corner of her mouth where it added a bitter salt taste to this sweet kiss.

She moved to his side and swung her leg over his lap. Now face to face, she noticed she wasn't the only one who had let go of their tears. She lay her hands on both of his tear streamed cheeks and let them travel up to his hair. Erza leaned in for another kiss, which he willingly returned.

''I've been waiting for this for 15 years.'' She said as she pulled back to get some air.

''I did for 7 more.'' He smiled as he let his back hit the sandy soil beneath them.

Erza let herself roll off him and rested her head against his shoulder.

''But you know?'' He said as he turned his face to hers.

''Hm?'' She responded.

He wrapped his arms around her. ''It was all worth it.''

All these years, over a decennia of struggling, pain and patience, all these years they had been holding back these feelings. Finally they both had found peace within each other and could start to move forward. Together.

''How is your fiancé doing? Did you cancel the wedding?'' She teasingly said.

''Truth is I didn't ask her yet.''

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Fun fact: Jellal and Erza reuniting on this very beach was confirmed by the manga, crazy, isn't it? It was shown in a panel where all the couples were features in one of the last chapters. I found out about this panel months after I started writing on this chapter.

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