Okay guys, this chapter is basically an alternate to my one-shot "TF – MONB, Annihilation Earth During and After" but with a few small changes to match with the actual episode this is based on.

"Quickly, we're running out of time," informs LeoPrime as the Primes, 1987, 2003, and 2007 Turtles run as fast as they can to Central Park.

"Do you think those dudes made it?" Mike87 silently asks his dimensional brothers.

"Let's hope so," replies Don87.

But when they got there, they were greeted with a shocking sight.

The Black Hole Generator's timer has been destroyed, deactivating it, but that's NOT what shocked them.

It's the scene of the 2012 Turtles, April and Casey fighting against Mozar with… themselves?!

"Wait what?" gasps Don07, "How is this possible?"

"Looks like they made it," Raph87 sighs along with his dimensional brother.

The other three groups look at their pudgy counterparts in confusion. "Do you guys know something about this?" asks MikePrime.

That causes the 1987 Turtles to tense up a bit, just as more Triceratons appear behind them.

"We'll tell you guys about it later," Leo87 said as the four groups drawn their weapons, "Right now, we got Triceratons to beat."

The 1987 Turtles charge first as an indication they don't want to talk about it yet. Knowing they won't get any answers soon, the remaining three groups also charge into battle. But once they defeated a number of Triceratons, all of them are teleported back to their ship.

"Are they retreating?" asks Mike07.

"If they're anything like our Dimension's Triceratons, then they're up to something big," said Leo03.

"Alright you four, what are you hiding from us?" asks Raph03, "You know something about the second set of Square Turtles, April and Casey, now spill!"

"Raph, now's not a good time to ask," said Don03, "They did say they'll tell us later after all."

Suddenly, a blue light coming from the park got everyone's attention to see a white spaceship lifting the Black Hole Generator up. The four groups move closer to see what's going on while keeping their distance so that no one can see them.

"Oh no," gasps future Leo12, "Fugitoid's got the Generator. It's what he wanted all along!"

The spaceship then takes it leave, heading straight for the Triceraton's Mother ship.

"I… I get it now!" said future Don12 sadly, "He said the only way to destroy the Black Hole Generator is a combination of 'Fusion' and 'Dark Matter'."

"Which means?" asks future Casey nervously.

"The ship uses 'Dark Matter', and the Fugitoid is powered by a 'Fusion' core," explains future Don12.

"That's," gasps future Leo12, "That's why he wanted us off the ship. He didn't want to steal it, he's… sacrificing himself."

"No!" gasps future Mike12, "Fugitoid, don't do it!"

A bright explosion blinds everyone for a moment. When it dies down, the Triceraton's Mother ship's gone, along with the Black Hole Generator, and the spaceship containing the Fugitoid.

"We'd better go home," informs DonPrime, "Now that the battle's over, there's no reason for us to stay here."

Everyone agrees with the plan and the Donatello's are about to open the portal back to their Dimension's until,

"Look!" Mike03 points to an incoming spaceship that looks exactly like the one that was destroyed along with the Triceraton's Mother ship.

"What?" gasps future Mike12, "Fugitoid? He's back?!"

"Wait, if there are two sets of us in this universe," said future Don12, "then there would be two Fugitoid's as well!"

The spaceship lands and the hatch open up to reveal a humanoid robot standing before them.

"Hello my dear friends," greets the robot, "My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt. How would you like to go on a wondrous adventure?"

"Wow, he looks exactly like our Dimension's Fugitoid," noticed DonPrime.

"Ours too," said Don03.

The present 2012 Turtles each have different reactions to the offer before future Leo12 said, "Space is awesome guys, and if there is one guy in the universe you can trust, it's the Professor."

"Thank you Leonardo," said the Fugitoid, "Perhaps we'll all meet again, in the future."

After a quick goodbye hug to Splinter, the present 2012 Turtles, April and Casey board the ship. The future Turtles, April and Casey wave goodbye to the past selves as Splinter watch the ship leaves sadly. But that's only temporary as he remembers there's still the other group of his sons that came from the future.

"Gotta say," starts Slash, "I've seen a lot of weird days, but this is gotta be one of the weirdest."

"Have I got some stories for you pal," said Raph12.

"I would like to hear some stories as well my sons," Splinter said, looking at Leo12.

"How about first thing tomorrow sensei?" suggests Leo12, "Tonight, I need some sleep."

And with that, everyone decides to head home for some rest. As for the other Dimension Turtles, they decided to head towards the 2003 Dimension where the 1987 Turtles promise to explain everything.

/ (In space,)

"I still can't believe what happened to us earlier," admits Don12, "I mean, actually having backup from our future selves?"

"You should be grateful for the assistance Donatello," said Fugitoid, "Things would turn out a lot worse if they hadn't shown up when they did."

"Oh yeah?" asks Raph12, "Prove it."

Fugitoid didn't say anything as he moves toward the center of the ship's control room. A large screen appears before the group and images of the Triceratons War replays before them.

But in this scene, their future selves never appeared, and they witness Master Splinter's death along with the Earth's destruction before their very eyes.

"T-That's what could have happened?!" gasps April.

"The Earth… Splinter…" gasps Leo12.

"Holy pepperoni…" gasps Mike12 in the verge of tears.

"In order to make sure this doesn't happen, I brought all of you with me to stop the Triceratons the same way your future selves had done today," explains Fugitoid, "But in order to do that, we have to travel six months into the past. That'll give us plenty of time to try and stop the Triceratons."

"So we have to go through what our future selves had been through?" asks Casey.

"Why yes," said Fugitoid, "But since you came into this mission expecting to succeed like they had, then you wouldn't try to stop the Triceratons as hard as your future selves had done."

"So that's why you showed us that clip of the Earth being destroyed?" asks Don12

"Exactly," said Fugitoid, "It's a simulation of the worse outcome to Earth that it can create. However, unlike your future selves, you six have knowledge going into this that they didn't have."

"Like you sacrificing yourself to defeat the Triceratons and destroy the Black Hole Generator?" asks April.

"Yes," Fugitoid said sadly.

"Well then," starts Leo12, "since we know that outcome, we'll try and find another way to destroy the Black Hole Generator without sacrificing your life."

"And if we don't find another way, don't even try to stop me from doing what I must to save the Earth," warns Fugitoid, "So, are you in on the quest to keep the Earth safe no matter what that cost?"

There's a moment of silence as the six new residence of the ship look at one another before nod in agreement as they come to a unanimous decision.

"We're in."

/ (2003 Dimension,)

After explaining their adventures with the 2012 Turtles from the future, while the present ones were facing against the giant Kraang Worms, the remaining three groups now understand why the 1987 Turtles didn't tell them before.

"Not only that, we have this letter as proof that what we said is true," finishes Leo87 as he passes the letter he got from Mike12 to LeoPrime.

LeoPrime scans through the letter along with Leo03 and Leo07. The Tall Turtle nods and said, "This is definitely us Leonardo's handwritings alright."

"So what are we going to do about the ones that just left to space?" asks RaphPrime, "I mean, their world wasn't destroyed so there's no reason as to why we should have sent the letter."

"Maybe so," said DonPrime, "but since the ones that are now on Earth already somewhat know about us, I think it's only fair the ones in space now also know about the rest of us."

"I guess that made sense," said Mike03.

Since Don07 still has the duffle bag he picked up earlier with him, the four Turtle groups set a portal to send it to the spaceship along with a newly written letter. The only thing different between the two letters is the beginning paragraph where instead of telling them they were sorry for the loss, it said that they should really focus on their mission or else they'll suffer great loss.

"There, that should do it," Don03 said, closing the portal after sending the duffle bag into space.

After saying goodbye to one another, the Prime, 1987, and 2007 Turtles head back to their respective Dimensions to rest for another day.

/ (Later that night, 2012 Dimension,)

Leo12 woke up with a start, gasping a few times to calm his rapid beating heart. Looking around, he finds that he's back in his room in the lair with his space gear neatly placed nearby as a memento from their space adventures.

"I'm home," sighs Leo12, "I'm really home."

"Indeed you are," a voice calls out, getting Leo12's attention to the source.

Standing near his room door is none other than Leo87, who's smiling at Leo12.

"Leonardo, what are you doing here?" Leo12 asks.

"My brothers and I decided to come and check on you guys," Leo87 said, sitting on the bed next to Leo12, "Since you guys already met us, we can come and visit without worry of you guys seeing us, though it's a bit restricted."

There's a moment of silence before Leo87 said, "We told the others about your adventures in space."

Leo12 gasps and look at Leo87 in shock. The pudgy Turtle then said, "It's about time we tell them anyway since they need to know what you've gone through to save your Dimension's Earth."

"You're right," Leo12 looks down at the amulet piece around his neck sadly, "it's just too bad we still can't know everything about you guys yet."

Leo87 place a reassuring hand on Leo12's shoulder and said, "I wish I could tell you what you've forgotten. Your Aniki really missed his Ototo."

That made Leo12 look even sadder, remembering how he almost loss his life by being very reckless in space had it not been for the Fugitoid quickly powering the ship to save him, and Don12 electrocuting him back to life.

"Here," Leo12 felt something placed on his lap as Leo87 got back up, "I need to head back to my Dimension."

Looking at what's on his lap, Leo12 gasps. "Wait!" But by then, Leo87's already gone.

Picking up the piece of paper on his lap, Leo12 sees a childish drawing of a humanoid turtle and a blue figure next to it in meadow-like scenery. Above the blue figure has the word "Aniki" written on it, with the word "Me" above the turtle figure. Turning the paper over, Leo12 notices there's something written behind it that said,

Thank you for this drawing you'd done after we first met Ototo. You may not remember me, but I hope that giving this drawing back would help even just a little. I hope one day we would meet again whether in person or in the Spirit Realm.

PS, I'm so proud of what you'd done to save the Earth today.

A small tear roll down Leo12's cheek as he reads the note. Placing the drawing on his bedside dresser, Leo12 goes back to sleep, and he could have sworn he heard his Aniki's voice singing him the Japanese lullaby to help him enter dreamland.

I know it's short, but I would have dragged the story a bit too much if I wrote more.

Anyway, hope you guys like this short chapter and sorry for the lack of updates.

See ya!