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Chapter 1

Bella Black had always been a troublemaker on the reservation. To make matters worse, she had a type of charisma that just drew everyone in. Kids at the reservation school even likened her ability to charm to that of a cult leader, although in the best possible way. There was just something about Bella that people just had to love. With only a smile, she could get herself out of almost any kind of trouble.

Which was why, when it was clear that Bella would be the first on the reservation to shift into a wolf and therefore become Alpha at only eighteen years of age, the elders didn't know what to do. It was one of the best things that could happen, as Bella clearly had the makings of a leader and would be able to take control of any and all wolves. Yet it was also considered a nightmare, as this was Bella they were talking about. One of the biggest, most uncontrollable kids that anyone could remember, and a girl who already followed her instincts to the point that she was often chased out of certain girls' bedrooms by a shotgun wielding father or boyfriend. What would a girl whose instincts grew so much stronger become? A girl who, the elders believed, shouldn't even be able to shift in the first place?

Bella, of course, had no idea what was going on at the time that her . She had no idea about the meetings the elders held behind her back, or that her entire life and possible future was discussed behind closed doors. All she knew was that she was starting to feel sluggish, and she felt like she was on fire all the time to the point she would have stayed home and slept all day. To her surprise, Charlie, who usually would have called bullshit and kicked her ass right to her first class, was actually letting her sleep in.

However, sleeping in didn't mean she was letting any opportunities sneak by. Girls loved a usually tough badass acting all weak and vulnerable.

"Hey, where are you going?" Bella asked, grabbing Rachel Black by the wrist before she could leave as she gave the older girl her best sultry eyes. "Are you really going to leave me all alone? What happened to taking care of my body?"

Okay, anybody who didn't know would have thought two people who had the same last name should not be having any kind of sexual relations. However, while they shared the same last name, they were very, very distantly related. At least fourth cousins, distant. To top it all off, Bella was adopted. Which meant that Rachel Black was more than fair game.

"Bella," Rachel said with a roll of her eyes, knowing just what Bella's game was. Not that she wouldn't go along with it, as she had let herself be swayed by the gorgeous brunette several times, just over the last two weeks.

"Please? I need you," Bella said, tugging lightly as she stared up into Rachel's face.

"You would say that to any girl," Rachel replied, but let herself be pulled down so that she was nearly on top of the slightly younger girl. She just couldn't help it; she was drawn to Bella, and she would do quite a bit to make her happy. Rachel had felt that way since they were little kids, only when Bella had reached sixteen, it had taken a sexual turn.

Rachel hadn't been the only one who felt that way; a lot of girls and boys had. And Bella had taken advantage of that to pursue all the girls she wanted. And she still did, of course.

Yes, Rachel was only one of several girls who "played" with Bella, and she knew it. But that was fine with her, as long as Bella never lost interest in her.

"There we go, Rach," Bella murmured as Rachel cuddled up next to her, resting her head on Bella's bicep. Bella nuzzled Rachel's neck, breathing in the nice scent. Of course, Rachel's scent wasn't calming or comforting. To Bella, it just made her really, really horny. Her hand strayed to slip under Rachel's shirt; the destination, one of Rachel's breasts. Only, it was caught by none other than Rachel herself.

"You're sick. You need to rest," Rachel told Bella, who gave a sexy, almost sultry pout in response. It was enough to sway Rachel, and both Rachel and Bella knew it.

"I heard sweating is one of the best ways of getting whatever is making me sick out of my system," Bella said persuasively with a smirk, shifting as if she was about to roll on top of Rachel and start to have some fun.

God, was Bella hot, and Rachel wasn't just talking about her feverish temperature. Rachel's lips parted, probably ready to whisper her surrender. Sadly, at that moment, the door flew open, revealing a very disgusted teenage boy.

"Ew! Couldn't you put up a sign or something?" Jacob Black complained, quickly covering his eyes. "I did not want to walk in on my sister getting ready to get it on, especially with Bella of all people."

"Then maybe you should knock first?" Bella suggested dryly as Rachel struggled to cover herself, realizing that Bella had taken off her shirt and pants sometime during their little moment. How had she even done that?

"Damn it, Jake, why did you even come here?" Rachel spat, glaring at her little brother with clear anger. He had interrupted the moment after all, not to mention embarrassed the hell out of her.

"Dad told me to check up on Bella and see how she's doing," Jacob answered, still keeping his eyes covered lest he catch sight of any more nastiness. "And since Bella is a close friend of mine, I of course agreed. Although, I'd never have guessed that my sister of all people would be so much closer to her than I am."

"Don't tell Dad," Rachel said, almost desperately, clearly without thought. She just didn't know how Billy would react to the news, and she wasn't going to handle a forced separation from Bella well.

"Oh?" Jacob asked with an evil grin as he dropped the hand covering his eyes, sensing his sister's weakness. "And why shouldn't I?" As he asked, he glanced at Bella, who seemed to be lazily unconcerned. He focused on her as he said, "So I take it you are feeling better. Seeing as you were putting the moves on my sister and all."

"Actually, no. I feel like crap," Bella replied, and she wasn't lying. Her entire body felt heavy and she was seriously feverish. It felt like a monster truck had taken its sweet time running over her again and again. And again.

"She's really hot, Jake," Rachel added once she had finished putting her clothes back on under the blanket. She was clearly worried, especially once she felt Bella's forehead. It felt like Bella's temperature had shot up ten degrees just in the last five seconds alone.

"I figured you'd see her that way, since you apparently started sleeping with her," Jake replied wryly, only to let out a yelp of pain when Rachel reached out to smack him, before pulling him over to where they were.

"I'm serious," Rachel said with a glare, forcing Jacob to put his hand on Bella's forehead. "She's way too hot."

"Holy shit," Jacob muttered, jerking his hand back automatically. Bella actually felt so hot he had expected his hand to have been burned. "We need to get you to a hospital." The one all the way out in Seattle of course, as the tribe elders made it clear that no one was going to use the one in Forks because of some stupid superstition.

"Hell no," Bella grumbled. "You know how much I hate hospitals."

"Then at least let us take you to the tribe doctor," Rachel said, already starting to try and lift Bella up. Unsuccessfully of course.

"But I hate them too," Bella complained. She'd much rather stay in bed all day and be tended to by a hot girl.

"Oh, stop being such a big baby," Rachel groused.

"Not this time," Bella shot back, sinking further into the bed. She really, really hated going to the doctor. The smells, the needles, just so much was wrong with those kind of places. Bella would rather die anywhere else.

"You know, for such a badass, you can be such a wimp sometimes," Jake muttered, which made Bella stick her tongue out at him in response. He was too worried to respond, however. Instead, he was focused on trying to figure out if he should call his dad or Bella's and get them to make her go to the doctor. But did he really want to risk Bella's wrath to save her life? Yes, but only if it was really that bad. If it wasn't, he'd get his ass handed to him for months to come.

"I'll be fine, okay? I probably just need to sleep." As Bella said this, she reached out to hook an arm around Rachel's waist, trying to pull her back into bed so she could have someone to cuddle with. However, Rachel slapped her hands away and stood up.

"Fine, you sleep," Rachel said. "But you're going to see a doctor."

"Fat chance," Bella mumbled, crossing her arms over her chest as she stared hard into Rachel.

Rachel wisely ignored her, not even daring to look Bella's way. Instead, she grabbed her little brother by the arm and started pulling him out of the room. "Let's go, Jake. We need to call Charlie."

Jake looked back one last time, just to be sure Bella wouldn't be pissed at him for following his sister's lead, but found her already asleep. Now seriously worried about Bella, he quickly followed Rachel out, thinking he needed to call Billy as well.

Both calls were made, but Bella slept uninterrupted. Not one person, even her own father, entered the house, let alone checked on Bella to see how she was doing. Not that Bella noticed, or cared, as she was sleeping like the dead.

Of course, had she cared, she would have texted someone; Rachel, Jacob, Embry, Jared, her father...hell, maybe even Quil Jr. Then she would have gotten really suspicious really fast when she learned that each and every one of them had been ordered to stay away from her until she got better. Which was a little understandable, as Bella might be contagious. But had Bella dug deeper, she would have found it strange that no one would answer why she was all but put into quarantine without anyone even mentioning the word 'hospital' to her. And if she had called any of the elders, she would have found that they sounded completely unconcerned with her sickness. If anything, they would have sounded excited, or proud.

Had Bella done any of this, she would have been so suspicious that she would have jumped out of bed and stormed over to one of the elders' houses and demanded answers. Or, at the very least, she would have attempted to be all sneaky and shit by spying on them.

However, Bella had been sleeping so soundly, and had been so groggy even when awake, that she didn't think to do anything like that. Instead, she drifted in and out of consciousness, having strange dreams filled with red eyes and howling wolves. Wolves she told to shut up quite a bit, since she just wanted to sleep soundly.

She woke up in the middle of the night with a start, disoriented and burning up. The covers weren't even on the bed and the window was wide open-something she must have done in one of her random bouts of wakefulness-and it was letting in some cool air. However, Bella felt like she was burning up to the point she was all too willing to bathe up north with the penguins. Or was it polar bears? Damn it, it didn't matter, Bella just needed to get cold, and get cold fast.

Stumbling out of bed, Bella dragged herself downstairs and out the back door to get some fresh, cold air. Still, she felt so fucking hot… Bella glanced around in case anybody was watching, and when finding no one, pulled off her shirt and tossed it aside, leaving nothing on but a sports bra-yeah, she had been stupid enough to sleep with her bra on, but she had actual plans that morning until she had gotten too sick to move. Her pants quickly followed, and so she stood outside in nothing but her underwear. Of course, this was something that the adults of La Push had yelled at her for since she was eight years old, which made the situation feel so much more freeing.

But she still felt so damn hot.

And so, despite how sick she felt, Bella just ran. She ran towards the beach, more than willing to take a nice dip in the hopefully freezing waters to get her temperature down. However, she never got very far. In fact, she hadn't made it even halfway there before the cramps started, and damn did they hurt.

Bella's first thought was a panicky, Oh no, not my period, not now.

Then she realized that she had her period only two weeks ago, and that period cramps didn't travel all the way up to her arms.

After that, she had no time for thought at all, as she fell to the ground, gritting her teeth against the pain. Her muscles rippled, feeling like they were going to rip right out of her body. And then, just like that, she exploded.

Her head hit the ground first, causing her to let out a yelp of surprise, more than pain. Then Bella realized that she had just fucking yelped and checked herself, trying to scramble to her feet and regain her balance. However, it became apparent that she no longer had two feet, but four paws, paws that were scrambling for purchase as Bella tried to get her body working. She felt like a clumsy four year old again, and while she no longer felt like she was burning or dying, she did feel a rising panic because, you know...she had just turned into a fucking animal or monster.

Never before had Bella Black felt so freaked out. She was panting in fear, struggling just to stay standing, even while she was trying to get a look at herself to make sure she hadn't turned into some fucked up chupacabra or some other crazy shit.

"Isabella, you need to calm down," a voice spoke, and while the tone was soft, it didn't help Bella with her freaked out reaction.

Instinct took over, and she whirled towards the voice with a threatening snarl that, at any other time, would have scared the crap out of her. While Bella had bared her fangs at the person who had spoken, her lips fell, covering her teeth as she realized she was staring at her dad.

Dad? What the hell is going on here? Bella thought and tried to say, but of course, since she was a fucking fang factory of some sort, words wouldn't form. Instead, out came some confused whine/grumble combination that Bella felt embarrassed making. She continued to stare down at Charlie, since she was just that big, and waited for Charlie to say something else, hopefully in explanation. After all, he didn't look too freaked out that his daughter had exploded into some kind of beast.

"I know you feel confused and scared, but I promise you, everything will be explained," Charlie said, keeping a safe distance away. He had to hide a smirk when Bella snorted, as if saying, Me? Scared? Yeah, right. "That's my girl," he said, proud of his daughter. His daughter, the next alpha. She'd be one of the best ones yet. "You're going to need to follow me." Then he turned and left without another word. The man had never been one for unnecessary chatter.

Bella did her best to follow, tripping and falling all over herself-something her father wisely didn't comment on-until she finally managed to start loping along with a natural, predatory grace as she let her more devilish nature take over. For some reason, her mind took on a similar view as when she had been going after girls in Seattle and San Francisco. Of course, Bella came to realize why. Bella was quite the carnivore and, well, predator, when it involved getting the girl she wanted, and whatever she was now was both of these things as well.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts and senses, which were all suddenly so much stronger, that she didn't realize where Charlie was leading her until they were already there. Right in front of the elders' little meeting hut. And each and every elder was waiting clearly waiting for her, somber or stern looks on their faces. They smelled pretty bad to Bella too, but she wasn't about to bring that up.

Oh, hell no. They cannot blame me for becoming whatever the fuck I became, can they? Bella thought incredulously as they continued to stare at her. Not one of them looked surprised, which meant they should have been expecting it, which meant Bella better not be taking blame for whatever was happening.

"Isabella Black," Quil Sr was the first to speak up, quite grumpily too. Then again, he had never been one of Bella's biggest fans. Something about leading his son astray with her feminine wiles, or some other bullshit. But really, the man couldn't have expected a boy as naturally mischievous as Quil would have taken the straight and narrow path, could he? "We expected you hours ago; you've kept us waiting."

Well excuse me for not turning into a beast thingy fast enough, you old fart, Bella thought snarkily. It was a good thing she wasn't human right then, because she knew she would have said it out loud too, and then she'd get in a shitload of trouble for disrespecting an elder. Again.

Billy hushed Quil Sr, then turned to Charlie expectantly. "Is she not going to shift back so we can talk? We have clothes for her."

Charlie turned to me with a shrug, and I gave him the best awkward shrug I could in return. He then turned back to Harry and said, "She only turned about an hour ago, I don't think she can yet."

"Of course she can't," Quil complained. "Just what we needed as our Alpha. Not only is she a girl, which is already unheard of, but it has to be someone as incompetent as this one as well."

"You better not talk about my daughter like that," Charlie warned as I let out a low growl, daring him to say some more shit about me. "I don't know what I'll do in response."

Quil Sr wisely shut up, and Harry was the one who took over. And the first thing he did was hold up a giant mirror to Bella's face.

Bella nearly jumped back in shock, but wasn't about to give any of the old men the satisfaction. So instead, she froze herself and stared at her reflection in shock.

She wasn't actually a monster; she was a wolf. A huge, furry wolf with a mix of white, silver, and black fur. Her face alone was bigger than half of her human body. And damn, was she gorgeous.

Next time Quil speaks, all I have to do is sit on him. That's more than enough to shut him up, Bella thought in excited wonder. She started to pose, checking herself out from all angles, but reluctantly had to stop when Billy cleared his throat.

"Right then," Billy said gruffly, and without further ado, launched into an explanation of exactly what had happened to Bella. How she had some kind of Native American blood running through her veins, most likely Quileute-which Bella knew, because otherwise she wouldn't have been adopted by someone who lived on the reservation-along with being retold the same boring legends about how the Quileute ancestors turned into wolves to fight off the Cold Ones, which were actually vampires. Oh, and that obviously both the wolf thing and the vampires were real, and that the Cullens were vampires too, and that them coming back to Forks was what triggered Bella's shift. Then they made sure to detail the treaty very carefully, repeating that all out war would happen if Bella were to break it, like they expected her to break the treaty just for the hell of it. Which was seriously rude; Bella hadn't started a fight for no reason for almost a year now. She could control herself...kinda. They also told her that she'd have a much more explosive temper from now on, with Quil Sr adding a snide, "Just what we need" that made Charlie scowl at him. They also made sure to remind Bella that this whole thing was very hush-hush, don't tell anybody or else secret, which Bella thought was stupid. She apparently wasn't even allowed to tell or warn those who are about to shift, which she would now recognize due to being told they'd go through the same fever thing that she did.

Then, in came the big whopper. Now, Bella was stuck on the reservation to protect her tribe from vampires, basically until the end of time. Which really got Bella growling. How was she supposed to go after girls now? Hell, what happened to her plans for the future? Sure, she was still figuring out if she wanted to go to college or not, but she at least wanted to try being an exotic dancer for a lesbian club or something. You know, to do something freaking awesome and unusual, something the stuck up majority of the tribe would have a conniption at.

It took a few minutes, and a few reminders that she'd probably get to kick ass for a living, for her to calm down about that one. The elders were either kind enough, or smart enough, to wait for her to settle herself down, but apparently weren't smart enough to wait before delivering the next big news.

However, since Bella was the first to change, she would be the Alpha. At least until Jacob Black, that is, would be mature and willing to take over as Alpha of the pack instead.

Damn it, Bella knew Jacob Black through and through. He was one of her best friends. And as one of his best friends, Bella knew that Jacob would never, and she meant never, become mature enough for this kind of thing. Hell, he was still so immature that he giggled like a little girl when she said things like "dick" "suck it" "fart bag" and even "I'll kick you so hard up the ass that I'll give you diarrhea for a month."

Of course, Bella wasn't exactly Miss Mature either, but she was still the better option compared to Jake. Which meant this entire fucking pack thing was doomed. They were all going to die, probably without ever even catching sight of a vampire. Bella was just going to do something stupid like accidentally lead them off a cliff or some shit.

"Think about it, she'd be a pretty good Alpha. She has some natural leadership qualities, the charisma-" Billy started to say, but Bella didn't want to hear any more of it. She was done. Well, not done with everything, just done listening to them.

So she did what any mature, powerful, alpha dude would do. She ran into the forest to pout and complain like a little girl.

Or, you know, like a two to three hundred pound werewolf bitch.