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#1. Kissing


Low lights shaded the dips and dimensions of their faces and the shadows fluttered in reverence of the moon, peaking through the curtains like a voyeuring white lantern. Breaths floated in the air, their loving whispers adorned by helpless little grins. Peck, peck, peck, heated quick kisses he delivered along her jaw, his lips at her neck, diving for the grooves of her collarbone to which she sighed and giggled. Her hand surfed through his waterwall of silky dark hair, the other caressing his smooth toned arm, but then she tired of his attention focused away from the one place she really wanted him and touched the underneath of his chin. Fingers lured her lover to look at her face, instead of the rest of her body that followed his descent down towards her bra. Their eyes met.

Even in the dark, Neji could see so much love in those eyes. Pure, genuine love, the once-in-a-lifetime kind of love, the kind that proved the deep connection of every ounce of their beings, of their souls. He recognized this feeling without a shred of doubt, because he had never told nor been told by anyone that they loved him (except for one, a person long in the past) and this feeling was definitely unique. In his chest, his heart radiated a full, attractive warmth, just seeing those doe brown eyes return his gaze and pause, gods, he was so ineffably enamored with this woman. His body yearned for hers before he knew what he was doing.

There wasn't an electric shock or a show of fireworks erupting when they kissed, as this was not the first time—not by a long shot. But it was the first time in such a setting, the first time that kissing her tempted him to slide the strap of her tank top down her shoulders. He wanted to see more of her than he'd ever seen before.

Tenten was the one to deepen it. She let her back fall to the bed and clung to the soft fabric of his shirt, causing his body to fall with her. Supporting himself on his arms, Neji hovered over her, eyelids low, breathing softly, holding back a groan when she slid her hand under his loose white shirt and stroked his hard stomach. Her touch was warm and gentle, drawing a slow, deliberate path up to his neck, and she beckoned him closer below. Then, their lips graced each other again.

"Mmph," she sighed into him, pleasure thick in her moan. Her lips melded with his, an exchange of push and pull with angled moving jaws growing more needy for furthered contact. He liked hearing her moan, it sparked something rare and unfamiliar in his body that he didn't know could feel so tempting. And… unsatisfying. It wasn't enough, and he wasn't sure what more he desired from her or of himself, but he wanted to go farther. Feeling bold, Neji traced his slick tongue across her bottom lip, dyed reddish from kissing, and she shivered deliciously at the foreign new sensation. Blissful hot tidings spread from her delirious head to her curling toes; she opened herself up to him, widely embracing the feverish insistence of his lips onto hers again.

Even he couldn't withhold the heavy groan that escaped him when her tongue snuck past his lips and curled inside, lazily gliding across his own. He trembled. A dangerous desperation festered and swelled within his core, burning away every shred of coherency. Persistently, he motioned his tongue back against hers, creating a simmering hot faint pressure as their tongues lightly pushed and slid so salaciously, feverishly, and he was allowed only two short pants to breathe as he withdrew for air before she tugged on his hair and pulled him back into her lascivious orifice.

Neji hadn't ever seen Tenten like this. She was all over him, hands roaming his body everywhere she could reach, her eager tongue eliciting more labored groans from his chest. He was still not used to such intimacy, being touched by someone like this. His hips squirmed in the hold of her straddling legs around his lower half. There was that unmentionable discomfort he never cared to acknowledge straining against his boxers and for a very real moment, he felt nervous. She kissed his neck, his collarbone, and licked slow whorls on his chest. The temperature in the room must have risen fifty degrees because his body suddenly felt hot—especially that abhorrent place— and his breath left him in short hot puffs of air. Neji let his eyes fall shut and relished in her sinful adulations, concentrating on controlling that blood-engorged nuisance until he felt fingers traveling below his waist.

Her hand was sliding down his pelvis.

His eyes shot open and recoiled from her touch. "What are you doing?"

"Huhn...?" Her dazed expression could only be described as lustful and wanting, a sordid line of saliva running down the corner of her lip. "I… Oh, s—sorry!" Her entire face blazed red. With lightning speed she removed her searching hand from his groin, profusely sputtering another apology. He closed his eyes again and wordlessly removed himself from her to sit on the edge of the bed. By the sinking of the mattress he could tell that she was sitting up as well, but neither said anything.

Why had he stopped her—how could he have let himself go so far?

Over a minute must have passed and she reached out for his shoulder. "Neji, I—"

"I should go." He announced, rising from the bed. "Hiashi-sama will be suspicious if I return to the compound late."

"Oh…" The disappointment in her voice was tangible. It almost made him want to stay. "Well… alright. See you tomorrow, Neji."

She was watching him as he dressed himself, which sounded curiously dirty in his head. It was a conscious decision to not look at her directly, or else those eyes of hers might lure him back to the warmth of her mouth and the feel of her tongue, and he needed to leave as soon as possible, because…

Tenten stuttered just before he reached the door, "If—did I—If I went too far, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel…"

"It's fine."

He left her apartment in then and returned (though it felt more like a retreat) to his home, and all he could do was wonder what had gone wrong.

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