A Traditional Stakeout by Layton Colt

Jack, Sam and Daniel are asked by the NID, to go on a stakeout and their cover stories cause a little . . . tension.

Author's Notes: This story takes place sometime second season and was inspired by the movies 'Stakeout,' and 'Another Stakeout.' Richard Dreyfus and Emilo Estevez's antics in the movies reminded me greatly of Jack and Daniel . . . and then I got to thinking . . .

Jack glared at Colonel Maybourne. "You want us to WHAT?"

Maybourne gave an oily smile. "You and your team will be going on a stakeout, Colonel. To help the NID."

"You need our help?" Jack asked incredulously.

"Yes. Dr. Jackson's help to be more specific. We believe Senator Carlisle has been blackmailing Senator Kinsey for information and . . . certain items that he shouldn't have."

"Where do I come in?" Daniel asked warily.

"Some of the . . . items will require your express experience," Maybourne said carefully.

"What do these 'items' do?" Daniel asked.

". . . we aren't entirely sure."

"What?" Jack snapped. "You mean this guy -- this civilian -- has things you haven't even figured out yet?"

"I'm afraid so. We believe Dr. Jackson is our best bet at being able to figure out their purpose quickly and deciding whether or not they're safe for transport. With some help from Captain Carter if the need arises, of course."

"Do you have reason to believe it would be unsafe to transport these items?" Teal'c asked levelly.

"Good question," Jack agreed. He turned his gaze back to Maybourne so he could continue his glaring.

Maybourne sighed. "From what we've been able to 'glean' from Kinsey. Carlisle knows how the items work, he had someone -- who is as yet unidentified -- working on translating and deciphering them. He's using them as a means to protect his home."

"You can't get in," Carter spoke up. "You tried a raid on his home but you couldn't get through."

Maybourne nodded. "That is correct, Captain Carter. His home is protected by a technology we don't understand . . . and we can't get passed . . . not on unofficial channels anyway. And, of course, you understand the risks of charging the senator officially."

"And that's where we come in," Jack said bitterly. "You really think we'll be able to get through?"

Maybourne smiled. "You're going to get yourself an invitation into that home, Jack. You, along with Dr. Jackson and Captain Carter will be staying in the house next door . . . playing the happy family."

"Excuse me?" Jack asked with narrowed eyes. "A family?"

Maybourne's smile widened, but it was General Hammond who answered, hoping to soften the blow. "You and Captain Carter will be posing as a married couple, Colonel."

Daniel frowned. "Then where do I fit in?"

Hammond turned to Daniel and his gaze softened. "You'll be going as Colonel O'Neill's son."

Jack's eyes widened as coffee spewed from his mouth. He coughed as he set down the mug and Teal'c hit him helpfully on the back. "What?" he choked.

Daniel's eyes had widened as well. The two both stared at Hammond and Maybourne in disbelief.

"You'll be going as father and son," Maybourne clarified.

"Father and son?!" Daniel and Jack shouted at the same time.

Daniel and Jack turned to each other before quickly focusing their attention back on Maybourne.

"He does NOT look young enough to be my son!" Jack yelled.

Maybourne smile remained in place. "Oh, I'd say you two could pass easily for father and son. The family resemblance is quite astonishing in fact."

"Family resemblance?" Sam queried. She eyed the two speculatively. She couldn't see it. Of course, they did have the same sense of humor. And more often than not, they were fighting the way she only did with her father. And there was that thing they did, always speaking at the same time, finishing each other's sentences . . . okay, maybe there was a slight resemblance.

"This is insane!" Daniel shouted. "You actually want Jack and Sam to pass for my parents!"

"Of course not, Dr. Jackson," Maybourne said, flashing Sam a much nicer smile than the one he had directed at Jack. "Don't be ridiculous. There's no way Captain Carter could pass as your mother. She is Colonel O'Neill's new, *much* younger wife."

"And who am I to be?" Teal'c asked.

General Hammond turned to Teal'c. "You'll be sitting this one out, I'm afraid, Teal'c. You'd just be too conspicuous."

"I see," he responded darkly. He didn't sound very happy about his team going on a mission without him.

"There's no way anyone is going to believe Daniel is my son. Our cover will be blown before we even get started," O'Neill said assuredly. He seemed a little stuck on that aspect of the plan.

"Just say you had him very young," Hammond said, in the hopes of soothing his 2IC's rather large ego. "Besides, Dr. Jackson looks much younger than he actually is. I'm sure he'll be able to pass for early twenties."

This seemed to calm Jack slightly. "So, it's not that I look old.it's just that Daniel looks really young. I can live with that."

"I do not look that young!" Daniel insisted sullenly. The slightly petulant tone and wide blue eyes were not helping his case.

"Sure ya don't, Danny," Jack said.

Daniel's eyes narrowed dangerously, and General Hammond spoke up before the young archeologist could voice a rejoinder. "You'll be staying at a cabin just outside of Colorado Springs. Carlisle's cabin is close enough that you'll be able to get both video and audio surveillance."

"And I'm assuming you want us to 'make nice' with them?" Jack asked. "With all due respect, sir, this guy is probably paranoid. If he's storing these things in his home, what makes you think he'll invite us over?"

Maybourne answered, "His wife. Meredith Carlisle is something of a social butterfly. You're going to become a potential supporter of her husband, who will soon be facing reelection. You're going to be playing the part of Jonathan Michaels, a self made millionaire. You flaunt your status, and Meredith will want to win your good opinion."

"You really believe it will be that easy?" Sam asked cautiously.

Maybourne smiled again. "His wife is not known for her intelligence, Captain. It shouldn't be too hard to gain her trust."


"Well? Go get her, we can't wait here all day."

Daniel turned to glare at Jack. They were sitting in the brand new blue Mercedes given to them to further establish their cover. Jack was in the driver's seat, which was the main reason Daniel wasn't feeling particularly friendly. "She's your 'wife,'" he said smartly. "Why don't *you* go get her?"

They had spent all yesterday going over their cover stories, and making sure all the details of their new personas were in place. Daniel had been prescribed new contact lenses by Janet, because apparently his glasses made him appear 'too scholarly,' and he was supposed to be the carefree son of a millionaire.

Both Sam and Jack had been given wedding rings. Daniel hadn't missed Jack's hesitation at putting it on. Jack had lost his family, his son and his wife. It couldn't be easy to be caught up in this subterfuge, playing along and pretending to be a happy family. He didn't really appreciate having to have 'pretend parents' himself.

"Dammit, Daniel, will you get over it already? I'm the father. I get to drive."

Daniel's glare didn't alter. "Step-mother awaits," he said with false sweetness.

He wasn't going to coddle Jack over this. Jack wouldn't want attention drawn to the fact that he was having trouble with their cover. He would just be himself, and make sure Jack was too irritated to be depressed.

So far, it was working. Jack angrily got out of the car, slamming the door shut he made his way to Sam's door. He knocked once, then moved impatiently from foot to foot waiting for her to answer.

The door swung open, and Jack froze.

"My god, Carter. You're wearing pink."

Sam was wearing a pink cardigan, with a matching tank top and small white pearls hung around her neck. It was rather at odds with the scowl she wore. "Janet picked it out," she spat. "She said I needed to look like a socialite. I mean, it's not like I don't wear 'girl' clothes, occasionally. I have a skirt. But pearls! Pearls, sir!"

Jack broke out into a smile. "I think they're actually quite fitting, Samantha, my dear."

Sam glared at him and pushed past him towards the car, carrying with her one small suitcase.

Jack rolled his eyes and wondered briefly why, since the moment they'd been told to act like a family, he hadn't been able to have even one civil conversation with either of his two teammates.

to be continued . . .

I know I should be working on my other WIPs, like Painful Echoes and Happenstance. But this idea came to me.and I couldn't deny my muses.