It was a warm summer day. Steve was walking on the block road. the blockians were fighting the mouse army from the east. Steve was going to join a massive battle between the blockians and the mousers. He was going to pick up a diamond sword and armor. He made it right outside a weapon shop. There was a small line. He got in line and he started to wait. All of a sudden, an enemy spy jumped out of the bushes and stabbed 4 guys. The spy moved like a ballerina. Her hood fell down and revealed a mouse. It was the most beautiful person Steve had ever seen. He blushed and looked away. He knew he couldn't fall in love. She was the enemy. She gave him an evil glare. But then she saw his blush. Her expression softened and she walked away. Steve grabbed his sword and left. The next day, the battle was going to happen in seconds. Steve was on the front lines. He prayed that the girl was not in the battle. The commander stepped forward, and ordered them to harge. They all rushed toward the mousers. Steve slashed left and right, keeping an eye on the mouse' faces. He didn't see the girl. He battled for hours, killing any mouse that stood in his way of victory. He made it to the mouse commander. Right next to him was the mysterious mouse girl. He thrust his blade into the commander. He stopped and looked at the girl. She smiled at him. She said "Hi i'm Angelina Ballerina. What's your name?" "Steve" he replied.

She looked at him. "Let's run away together." "Okay" said Steve. And they lived happily ever after.

The End