She smelt him before she heard him, a familiar and all encompassing scent that overwhelmed her Wolf, made it ache to get out. Her parents had sensed it too but she had already let the cup smash from her hands before they had even turned to her. Rhydian. He was here. He was here. She heard the bolt on the back door release, felt that cool wind seep into the kitchen carrying his scent with it. Before she realised, two legs had become four and she was running. Fast, fast as she had ever run in her entire life. Fast like the wind as she followed it to him. He was stood there, him. Rhydian. Her Rhydian. Her pack. Hers. Then he howled, and she was alive again. She shuddered, with anticipation, with joy, with everything that made her Wolf blood sing. Because that howl, that howl was just for her, it was a call for her and her alone. My Rhydian. The Wolf could not contain itself, could not let that howl go unanswered. She called back, with such ferocity, with such longing, that had she been human she would surely be crying. Then her name left his lips, a whispered breath of relief, intimate and heartbreaking. How had she survived without him when the look in his yellowing eyes told her just how much she had needed him and he her? He was a Wolf and for a moment, only a moment, all she could do was stare.
'I love you,' she had said, a lifetime ago- a life ago- and she realised how foolish had been. She did not love Rhydian because it was more than that, so much more. In her Wolf form she could feel it. Could feel him. More than love, but love was the only way she could tell him. Tell him that he was more to her than anyone else, that a bond had snapped in place the moment that she had caught his scent and would never be able to be without him. But she didn't have to tell him, because he knew. He could feel it too. A moment where all she could do was stare and let that silent knowing pass between them. And then she was running. Or he was running. But they were together, after so so long, together.