Hi everybody! This is my first fanfic, so I am nervous about how it is. Well, I think that it will be interesting at least, and if someone get the reference of the Arcanas, yes, you will know about the Semblance of my OC. He is mostly normal, and I will explain later how he is in detail of his physical description. And English is not my mother tongue, so I say sorry to all the mistakes I made while writing this, and be grateful for those who want to help me with this.

This chapter has been rewritten to correct some mistakes.

? – Hour ¿? - ¿?

I was falling… - "Why am I falling? I was sure that I was sleeping in my bed…" - I thought, without being able to move. All I could see was darkness… then, I saw some lights surrounding me, exactly… twenty two of them. They started to compile one another, forming something like a deck of cards, and then… disappeared. – "I am sure that I will wake up soon, in my bed…" – I thought, feeling how my mind started to grow tired, and noticing how the embrace of darkness made my mind waver, and I felt unconscious once again…

Blake – 11:30 – Emerald Forest

I formed recently their partnership with Yang, following the rules of initiation, and were looking for the Forest Temple inside the Emerald Forest. The forest without a doubt, would be peaceful if not were for the occasional gunshots from the fights with the Grimm, and after fighting two Ursas, I didn´t want to think how many of Grimm should we fight before we reached their goal.

- "Ey, heard that? "– I said, getting myself prepared with my weapons, pointing the direction of the sound. Yang affirmed with a nod, preparing Ember Celica within her arms, readily to fight back. But the sound I heard wasn´t getting near them, it was almost if… - "Someone is in trouble!" – I said, looking at the scene with utmost horror. She could see some Beowulf preparing themselves to partake in eating a young man, nearly the same age as them, and without a doubt, it was a civilian how he was dressed, in his… pyjamas? It was strange, but not time to think about it this time, since Yang jumped with a battle cry, shooting some bullets with Ember Celica to the Beowulfs that were the nearest from that man.

- "Won´t have the chance to kill, monsters!" – Shouted Yang, keeping herself near the man, that was clearly unconscious… - "Was this a trial from Ozpin?" – I thought, but denied it immediately after that, the Headmaster would never put a civilian in danger like that. I grabbed my weapons, and started running to the Beowulf, shooting the blade to the Beowulf, and after that, used the recoil of the shot to make a deathly cut to the Beowulf, making it disappear. Meanwhile, Yang took care of two of them with some shoots and punches with Ember Celica, and sent a third to where I was, letting myself propel with a copy and a move after, the Beowulf was killed after a blade pierced his throat with ease.

- "What should we do about him? "– I asked, pointing at the man, unconscious. We couldn´t leave him there, that would only bring more Grimm to try to eat him, but if we took him with us, probably he would be put in danger if we had to fight more. But then, that man started to flinch, meaning that he was awakening. Yang reclined to check on him, with a worried look on her face if he was hurt or something…

¿? – 11:30 – Emerald Forest

I started to feel how I was just in the middle of nowhere… How I knew that I was like that? Because by common sense, if you slept in your bed, in your house that was in the city, you wouldn´t wake up in the middle of what it seems a forest by the sounds. But at most, what it scared me was the words of one woman… What were they going to do to him? These words meant that they surely would dispose of my body when they decided to kill me or something like that, and I didn´t want that to happen, so when I opened my eyes and started to feel the strength of my body return, without saying a word, I started running with all I have got.

- "Ey! Come back, it´s dangerous! "– Said one of these women, one with blonde hair, and what a hair, one of the longest I had seen in my life, but that it wasn´t important. I rushed between the trees, not knowing where I should run, but at least I knew that I should be away from those girls if I wanted to stay alive. But then, after running after a few seconds, I was in front of what appeared to be a bear, but was strange… it was black with some type of bone armour covering him, and the red eyes wasn´t making it better…

- "Stay away from me!" – I yelled, scared and terrified. I tried to run, but a tree branch stopped me, making me trip and falling to the ground, leaving me exposed to the attack of that beast. That beast made a roar, before starting to approach me and lifting his paw, with clear killing intention. – "Ey monster, want a punch?! "– The voice of that woman before sounded, as something like a bullet flew through the air, impacting in that bear and making it go back, standing between me the girl with blonde hair. After that, another girl appeared, having black hair and a black bow decorating it, wielding some kind of swords cutting that bear from a distance thanks to some kind of belt or chain between those swords. And for the final touch, the blonde haired girl launched herself in a charge, hitting the face of that bear and an explosion from the punch made that bear to… dissolve?

- "Ey, you okay? "– Said the blonde haired girl, approaching me and giving me her hand to help me. I grabbed her hand, expecting to be rough, but it was gentle and had strength in it, making me stand up without effort. – "Well, I am Yang, what are you doing in here? "– She presented herself, adding a question that I couldn´t answer. Her partner was looking at me with the same interrogative look, and what a look with that amber eyes. – "Well… I don´t know actually. My last memory was when I went to sleep…" - I said, trying to keep calm, and now it was easily because at least, these two girls saved my life and I should be safe being with them.

- "Amnesia? "– Her partner asked, as if reaffirming something, but I could only give an apologetic look, but she only nodded, not saying if she believed me or not. – "Blake." – She said, as saying that was her name. I nodded, as Yang smiled at me. – "Don´t dwell on it, we will take you, and sure Ozpin will know what to do. As long as you stay with us, you don´t have to worry. "– Said Yang, giving me a powerful slap in my back, making me think again that if I would be safe with those girls.

- "Alright. By the way, my name is Edward." – I said, smiling a bit. I wasn´t sure, but I knew that I was going to be in good hands, if I avoided some hits of Yang. I doubted if I would be able to resist another of those friendly hits that she made before, since one of those nearly dropped me again on the floor… Well, better be with company than alone…