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"Darling, darling
Doesn't have a problem lying to herself
'Cause her liquor's top shelf
It's alarming, honestly, how charming she can be
Fooling everyone, telling them she's having fun

She says, "You don't want to be like me
Don't wanna see all the things I've seen"
I'm dying, I'm dying
She says, "You don't want to get this way
Famous and dumb at an early age"
Lying, I'm lying

The boys, the girls
They all like Carmen
She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes
She laughs like God
Her mind's like a diamond
Audiotune lies
She's still shining
Like lightning, woah
White lightning"

-Carmen by Lana Del Rey


"What does sex mean to you?"

Daeva leveled Sam with an unimpressed stare, fingers posed over the keyboard.

"You do not want me to answer that question."

Hmm... perhaps a little background is necessary.

Well, after the whole thing with Elena and Bonnie and then the whole weird thing with Caroline, Daeva basically decided that she was done being helpful for the day. Despite Caroline's whines and pouts, she left and immediately went back to her house to change before figuring out what she'd do for the day.

She did her regular rounds and visited and/or talked to her 11 (Previously, she'd just been lying to herself when she said that she didn't know if she cared about her slaves. Let's be real, we all know that she cares about them, she was just trying to hold off on admitting to it as much as possible. But, at a certain point that day, she was just like 'fuck it' and decided to roll with it. Jeremy, Caroline, Matt, Zoey, Sam, Angela, Sarah, Ginger, Zach, James, and Daniel. There, it's official.) before deciding to visit Sam to distract her for the day.

And, long story short, that's how she ended up in Sam's house, wearing nothing but a short and skimpy little robe at Sam's computer set up. He was sitting beside her, clothed in only a pair of pajama pants, leading her through their next lesson. (He was helping her learn how to hack into school's database.)

It was during this lesson that Sam brought up, pretty much out of the blue, the question we started with. Ahem, let's head back to that whole thing.

Sam shook his head, a look of steely determination on his face. An expression so foreign to Daeva that she couldn't help but feel at least a little impressed. Just a little.

"N-no. I want to know what sex means to you. I-It's driving me crazy." Sam's words were shaky and even stuttery at times despite his apparent growth in confidence, not necessarily unusual for the man but uncommon enough. Daeva idly found herself wondering if it was from his nervousness or from some sort of drug he'd taken while she'd been in the bathroom. Could've honestly been either. Or maybe both.

Daeva's eyes narrowed a little, the whole little lesson pretty much forgotten.

"We've been doing this for a while now and you'd heard of me by reputation prior... why do you want to know so badly all of a sudden?"

Sam quickly licked his lips before speaking, eyes unmoving from her figure as if she would lunge at him at any second.

"Sex with you is... is amazing. W-when I'm with you, I feel this high. This high no drug I've tried can recreate. It's almost painful at times but... but it's addicting. I feel comfortable saying this because I've confessed to you before about... how I feel. And I've accepted that you don't feel the same but... but I just need something. Just some kind of peek into how you work. Maybe if I see how you view sex, it can help me not feel so... confused."

Daeva's expression remained the same throughout Sam's speech even though her mind was whirling with probabilities and possibilities. But, she eventually came to a conclusion.

Turning in the rolling chair so that she was completely facing Sam, she elegantly crossed her legs before letting her hands rest in her lap. She appeared to be mulling over something in her head for a few more moments before she opened her mouth.

"Everything in the world is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power."

Daeva allowed a few moments to pass in order for it to sink in for Sam before she continued.

"Sex is about power. It is about having power over another. It... it is about manipulation. In sex... someone is always getting something, it is never selfless. A girl goes down on her boyfriend for a surprise and the girl is able to get him to open his wallet for her. A boy goes down on his virgin girlfriend in order to make her feel like he is the only man she'd ever need. Who else could make her feel so good? Sure, sex feels amazing and it gives me this high I can never put into words. But... it's nothing meaningful or deep. It is only about getting what you want and using what the other person wants to gain power over them."

Her words were simple and somewhat curt, eyes calculating as she carefully studied Sam's facial expressions.

His eyebrows were furrowed together giving a little crease between his brows, eyes lightly narrowed as he stared down at the space between them. His lips moved slightly as he wordless mumbled something to himself, his drugged mind near visibly processing everything she just said.

It was silent.

"... I think I need some time... to think things through."

Eyes having wandered in the silence, those hazel eyes instantly snapped to Sam even as she remained still. He was staring at her with this... unfamiliar expression. Daeva had never seen him look that way. Ever. Her head unconsciously tilted to the right as she continued studying him, silently prodding him.

He was unable to keep eye contact for too long, looking away, eyes staring almost accusatory at the floor.

Lips quirking a little for a few moments before her expression smoothed into calm indifference, Daeva uncrossed her legs and stood. She stared at Sam for a long moment before walking past him towards the bed, bending down and picking up her discarded clothes.

Clothes and shoes in hand, she turned and walked over to where Sam sat, still stubbornly keeping his gaze to the floor. Daeva stopped beside him before slowly leaning down. She then pressed her lips to his cheek for a few seconds, feeling him shudder in return. Standing up fully once more, she allowed herself to smirk at the somewhat dazed expression on his face.

She then left.

As soon as the door closed behind her, Daeva was able to make out the sounds of breaking and crashing. However, Daeva showed no outward reaction to the commotion, instead letting her clothes fall to the floor as she shrugged out of the robe. And it was as she was getting dressed that she found herself idly wondering if he smashed one of his computer screens.

By the time she was finished with everything, the sounds had long since died down and everything was silent apart from Sam's heavy breathing as he paced in the room. But, it was of no concern of Daeva as she finished applying her lipstick using the hallway mirror. Completed, she returned the lipstick to her purse before she left Sam's house, heels clacking against the hardwood floors. Right as she closed the front door, she heard Sam jerk open his bedroom door.

She smiled.


"I honestly never thought you were one for stuff like this... celebrating a comet and all that."

Daeva glanced up from her tea, locking eyes with a sheepish looking Zoey.

The two girls were currently lounging about in the Grill, having met up sometime after Daeva left Sam's place. The first person Daeva went searching for was Caroline but she ended up bumping into Zoey and figured that she'd work out just fine.

Unfortunately, Elena and co. were also there as well. But, the two sisters were doing a good enough job ignoring each other and sticking to their own separate groups. (Although, Daeva would be lying if she said that she didn't attempt to coax over Caroline to sit with her and Zoey. Curse the blonde for being such a great friend to Elena.)

"It's not really my thing, a bit too cliché for my tastes... it supposedly being the harbinger of evil and all that." The last part was added on at Zoey's expression.

The blonde gave a silent 'ah' in understanding before continuing.

"Well, to move on from cliché... how is everything going with you and Sam? You briefly mentioned visiting him earlier?"

Daeva's lips quirked up at the memory, staying silent and instead taking a long sip of her tea.

Zoey's eyes narrowed a little in thought.

"By your expression, I'm assuming everything went well for you?"

A somewhat dark expression crossed Daeva's features before disappearing just as quickly as it came. She instead gave a telling smile.

"You could say that."

Returning her glass to the table, Daeva clasped her hands together on the table, leaning forward a little, Zoey following suit.

"How are the children? Any issues?" Despite having visiting them each briefly earlier that day, Daeva found herself wanting to check up on them once more. Best she could explain, it had to do with the strange feeling she'd felt earlier that morning. That feeling of... dread. It still lingered within her, feeling cold and heavy.

Zoey gave a knowing little smile that gave Daeva the lightest urge to wipe it off her face. But, she kept her desires to herself as Zoey proceeded to rattle off everyone's plans and updates.

"Angela is stuck with her parents for a type of 'Family Game Night' situation. I've been sending her comforting texts. Ginger and Daniel are actually having a date tonight, and they both promised to send pictures. Sarah is being dragged around to see the comet by her brother, Seth. You already see how James is spending his evening..." Zoey trailed off, eyes flickering behind her.

Daeva didn't bother turning around, taking another sip of her tea. She already knew what she'd find. After all, James did say that he has to get work, and he'd been taking extra shifts. It was really no surprise so Daeva simply waved her hand, silently telling Zoey to continue.

"Zach, however, is home sick." Left hand twitches. "He says that he'll be fine and that he'll be in school tomorrow."

Right as Zoey finishes, Jeremy enters the Grill and makes a beeline straight towards Elena and co. after taking a brief look around. Intrigued at the somewhat frantic expression on her brother's face, Daeva dismisses Zoey with a nod, approaching the group.

"-seen Vicki?"

Of course, Vicki Donovan. Should've known, Daeva thought dryly, quick pace slowing to a meander.

"You're her stalker, you tell us." Tyler goads, Daeva rolling her eyes at the childish dig at her brother

Jeremy remains firm. "I can't find her."

"She probably found somebody else to party with. Sorry, pill pusher, guess you've been replaced."

"Fuck." Daeva curses, reaching the group and standing by Jeremy's side, hand on his wrist in silent support. His eyes flicker to her briefly before returning to the issue at hand.

And, much like Daeva expected, Elena immediately latched onto the words 'pill pusher'.

"What's with the pill pusher?" Elena demanded.

"Ask him."

"Can you stop trying to compare dicks with Jeremy, right now? There are far more important things to be worrying about, right now." Sure, Daeva didn't give a shit about Vicki but Jeremy did. So, she did as well. For now.

However, Elena seemed completely uninterested in anything else. "Are you dealing?"

Thought is was a bit obvious here but, uh, guess it wasn't for everyone.

"She's never gonna go for you." Tyler finally retorted after glaring at Daeva for a few seconds.

"She already did. Over and over and over again." Jeremy shot back, Daeva smirking a little at his side, having already known.

"Yeah, right." Tyler scoffed, but Daeva detected a little bit of uncertainty in his voice.

Caroline, however, was in disbelief, eyes flickering between Jeremy and Daeva. "You slept with Vicki Donovan? I mean, Vicki Donovan slept with you?" Caroline gave a glare to Daeva, clearly upset that she didn't know this information. Daeva gave a wink, silently promising the blonde to go into more detail later on it.

"There's no way." Tyler continued to protest.

"And I didn't even have to force her into it." Jeremy finally said, even Daeva being taken aback by that. She glanced up at Jeremy and he looked at her, silently agreeing that they'd talk about it later.

"What the hell is he talking about, Ty?" Matt demanded of Tyler, leveling his friend with a glare.

"Nothing man, just ignore him. He's a punk." Tyler tried to wave it off, although clearly still taken aback.

"You know what? How about all of you shut up and help me find my sister?" Matt finally snapped, daring any of them to protest.

"We'll check the back." Bonnie offered.

"I'll check the square." Matt said with a nod, looking visibly more relieved at having help.

"We'll come with you." Jeremy rushed to offer, unwittingly roping in Daeva as he linked his fingers with hers, keeping her by his side.

Oh, you little bastard.

"Oh, no, no, no. You are coming with me." Elena snapped, standing and dragging Jeremy away who, in turn, dragged Daeva, the siblings leaving the Grill and making it outside.

"So that's your game, now? Dealing?" Elena immediately rounded on Jeremy, apparently deciding to ignore Daeva. And while usually Daeva would be perfectly pleased with this, this time it irked her.

"I'm not dealing!" Jeremy insisted, grip tightening on Daeva's hand.

"Look, I'm sick of the tough love speech, Jer. It's clearly having no impact."

"You and Jenna, between the two of you! Enough already! I feel like Daeva is the one of the only people I can even stand at this point."

This seemed to rile Elena up even more.

"Oh, we can stop if you want. We can send both you and Daeva to a therapist where you can deal with it or to rehab where you'll sit in a group and tell some stranger how you both let your lives fall apart. Or you could talk to me."

Jeremy stared at Elena in a type of disbelief so Daeva decided to take control and speak for the both of them.

"Elena, honey? Do you really want to help Jeremy? How about you back the fuck off? He's healing his own way and you're healing your own way. You don't see either of us getting on you for breaking up with Matt or stuffing your feelings into a book or even clinging to Stefan because he makes you wet. You should not be preaching to anybody about mental health or being healthy. And you definitely should not be judging anyone, especially because of how hilariously wrong you are about pretty much everything. News flash, Elena: We don't need your approval, okay? That's for insecure people. Now go fuck yourself. Or better yet, go fuck Stefan."

Having said her piece to a stunned and teary-eyed Elena, it was not Daeva who proceeded to drag Jeremy with her as they walked away from Elena.

As the siblings walked, Daeva allowed herself to calm down by taking deep breaths. Jeremy was also quiet but, after about a minute, he finally spoke.

"I don't think I've seen you that angry in... in a while, actually."

Daeva gave a small huff of a laugh, small smile on her face. "It was a long time coming, I'll tell you that."

"I could tell." Jeremy lightly teased, although he was still clearly worried about Vicki and was most likely still running Elena's words over in his head.

Knowing that, Daeva gave a small smirk before bringing their still clasped hands up to her face, pressing a small kiss to Jeremy's hand, parting with an over-dramatic 'Mwah' sound.

"Come on, Romeo. Let's go find your girl." Before tugging on a chuckling Jeremy's hand, the pair walking off in search of the druggie.


Ding Dong!

Daeva bounced lightly in place as she stood on the porch, eyes staring off as she replayed the happy expression Jeremy made once he'd found out Vicki was found. Matt had texted her, alerting her to the fact that she was found by Stefan. (Something felt a bit off about everything to Daeva but Jeremy was happy so she'd let it go. For now.) So, Jeremy and she separated after promising to talk later on. And the first place Daeva thought to go was...

The front door opened, the sight of a tired-looking older man in a doctor's white coat rubbing at his eyes, clearly having been awoken by the door. Daeva felt the smallest pull of pity but it left quickly enough. She actually liked the man, he wasn't annoying like most everyone else.

He looked both surprised and pleased to see her. "Daeva? Was not expecting you."

Daeva gave a charming half-smile. "Oh, I wasn't expecting to come here either, Dr. Williams. But, I heard that Zach was sick and just had to stop by."

He gave her a genuine smile, moving aside to let her in. "Oh, please come in! I was just, uh, taking a bit of a nap before I head back to the hospital. I'm sure Zach will be happy to see you. And please, what did I tell you about all that 'Mr' and 'Dr' stuff. You're practically family."

Daeva gave another smile and nod. "Alright, Noah. Thank you." Her head tilted a little as she studied him. "I'm guessing things have been in a bit of a mess with all of these new... animal attacks, yeah?"

The man nodded with a small sigh, frown on his face. "Yeah, the hospital is working together with the police and it's all rather... draining. Especially with it coming out of the blue and everything. Very... odd."

Yeah... it is very odd. All of this is happening right around the time...

"I see. Well, just try to get some sleep, yeah? I'll keep an eye on Zach."

"Thank you, Daeva."

"No problem, Noah." The two separated as Noah retreated to the living room and Daeva jogged up the stairs.

Reaching the 2nd floor, Daeva walked down the hall until she reached the 2nd door to her right. Stopping outside of it, she paused briefly before placing her hand on the doorknob. Readying herself, she slowly turned the knob and peeked her head in. She couldn't stop herself from smiling a little.

Zach lay sprawled over his bed loudly snoring, most of the covers and pillows either hanging onto the top of the bed by a thread or just thrown on the floor. Dark blue walls and a very light carpet littered with unidentifiable stains. A rather impressive computer system up to par with Sam's rest on the far right corner along with a small tv and multitude of video game consoles in the opposite corner. Posters with everything from star wars to harry potter to lord of the rings cover the walls. A stereotypically geeky room. But, Daeva thought that it all worked rather nicely with each other.

Stepping inside the dark room quietly, she then proceeded to loudly slam the door.

This caused Zach to jerk awake with a rather feminine sounded scream, his long limbs flailing around as if trying to attack an invincible attacker while Daeva watched on in unbidden amusement.

Once Zach realized he wasn't being attacked he paused, squinting at Daeva in the darkness of his room. "D-Daeva?" His voice squeaked, although still sounded a bit deep proving he was sick. Coughing, he blindly reached to his right, feeling around his lamp for the switch, finding it and flicking it on causing the room to be flooded with the golden light.

She gave the surprised teen a small fiddle of her fingers in greeting.

"Hello, sweetie."

Completely sitting up, Zach ran some fingers through his hair in an attempt to tame it, only proceeding in making it stick out more. "Daeva! I was not expecting to see you, like, at all." He then paused as he realized how it might've sounded. "I mean, it's not that I'm not happy to see you. Trust me, I am still contemplating whether or not this is just a super realistic dream, to be honest. BUT, I'm just surprised you're here because I know Zoey told you that I was sick. I mean, sure, it's only a weird throat thing but who knows? Could be contagious. The last thing I want is for you to get sick so maybe keep your distance? Not to say that I don't want you near me. Ha, I love having you near me, actually. Not to say that, of course, in a creepy way, but I mean, I just like you. Well, I actually love you. But, I mean, you already know that. I mean, at least, I think you do? I mean, I've said it before, right? Like, it's a widely known thing, right? Unless, it was a dream, of course. But, I mean, I don't think it was a-"

While Zach nervously rambled, Daeva just wandered around his room, taking in all of the small changes he'd made since the last time she'd actually been in his room. Longer than she'd like.

But, eventually Daeva wandered over the the bed where a still rambling Zach sat, waving his arms around as he spoke. Daeva sat down on the bed beside him, Zach remaining none the wiser as he was so caught up in his potential love confession. After staring at him for a moment, Daeva's left arm shot out, fingers gripping onto his chin and turning his face to her. She then quickly pressed her lips to his, shutting him up properly.

Zach was unresponsive for a few seconds before he realized what was happening. Then, his hands went to her waist as he turned to her, gripping onto her tightly. They continued kissing for another minute before Daeva pulled away, Zach still following after her with puckered lips.

"There. You're not dreaming."

Zach's eyes slowly blinked open, staring at her in confusion before his previous words dawned on him. Letting out a small 'oh' in understanding, he then ended up freezing.

"Great, so everything I just said was real. Fucking fantastic." Zach lamented with a sigh, leaning up against his headboard with an admittedly adorable pout on his face as his arms crossed over his chest. Daeva gave a small laugh, relaxing beside him, hands resting in her lap.

"It was fantastic, actually. Hilarious, to be honest. A good laugh. I needed it."

She felt Zach's eyes on her and turned her head to face him, both of their faces but a few inches apart.

"Don't you hate sick people?"

Daeva hummed in response. "I don't hate sick people. I hate whiny sick people, there's a difference."

Zach made an interested sound, clearly pleased at the clarification. "Aren't you worried about getting sick?"

Daeva scoffed. "I don't get sick."

Zach started to say something but instead paused, a thoughtful expression on his face. "That actually explains a lot."

They sat there in silence for a minute before Zach spoke again. "But, that still doesn't explain why you decided to come. You usually avoid any of us like the plague if any of us are not at 100%."

Daeva pondered how to explain and instead chose honesty. "I wanted to be sure you were okay..."

Zach stared at her with an unreadable expression, but his eyes only spoke of his adoration of her.

"... and I also wanted sex."

Zach suddenly started coughing, having apparently choked on air. Daeva watched him with a raised eyebrow, an unimpressed expression on her face.


Daeva's lips upturned and she instead said nothing, getting to her knees. She then moved so that she was straddling Zach, the teen staring up at her with wide eyes, jaw dropped.

"What? I haven't felt you inside of me in almost 2 weeks. I know you were busy and sick and all that but... a girl has needs."

Zach gulped, staring up at her with a flushed face. But, he wasn't fooling Daeva. From the hardness on her thigh, she wasn't the only one who missed them together.

"Besides, what's a better cure then about... 10 orgasms?"

Zach's eyes widened. "10?!"

Daeva gave a coy little smirk. "I really missed you. And besides, your birthday present is a little overdue, eh?"

"I honestly thought you forgot or just didn't care." Zach admitted.

Daeva leaned forward, lips brushing up against his before she spoke. "I never forget." Before pulling away to give him a truly naughty look.

"10 orgasms for every day we didn't have sex. Seems fair, I think."

Zach glanced down at his lap before looking back up at her with an honest expression. "I don't think my balls can handle that."

Daeva giggled, reaching over with her left hand for the lap.

"Hush, sweetie. Just let me take care of you." Allowing just a little of her 'Voice' to slip in.

"Y-yes, ma'am."

The room was plunged into darkness.


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