Harry Potter has had enough. he has left the Uk and the wizarding world, changed his name and his appearance. However when someone from his past is determined to reveal his secrets, will his new friends be able to help him and how far will they go to keep him safe.

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Harry potter was currently sitting on a plane heading to a new place and a new life. A couple of days ago, he had killed the person who had murdered his parents. However, a lot had happened over the last few months and that event felt like a lifetime ago.


Harry had just woken up and found himself in the infirmary. At first, he couldn't quite remember why he was there, then suddenly all the memories of the past two days had come rushing back. Going back to Hogwarts, seeing his friends die, being ready to die by Voldemort's hand, surviving the killing curse again and then finally getting rid of the evil that tainted this world. He looked around the infirmary to see the injured people of the battle. George was to his left with his family, well most, surrounding him. Luna was to his right with Neville and Hannah sitting in chairs near her bed. she had been injured by one of the last spells fired and luckily it didn't do much harm. All around him were his injured friends and fellow members of the DA. However, as he looked around, he couldn't see his two best friends anywhere. wondering where they were, he decided to go look for them. He had walked around most of the school when he finally found them. He was under his clock and decided to sneak up on them. As he got closer he started to hear their conversation and it made him freeze with shock.

"I'm so glad the war is over. Now all we have to do is get Ginny and Potter married then we can kill the attention seeker and get his money," said Ron

"Ugh pretending to be his friend was so annoying! I can't believe you left me with him!" exclaimed Hermione.

"Well, at least, he will be gone soon. No more idiot potter getting all the attention."

Harry couldn't believe it. His two best friends were planning to kill him and they were only pretending to be his friend. He ran back to the infirmary and sat on the bed, ignoring the looks being sent his way. He needed to get away from Hogwarts and away from the traitors so he called winky and asked her to take him to 12 Grimmauld-place. After he arrived there he asked winky to gather all of his wizarding objects, while he went shopping in the muggle world. first, he realized he didn't have any muggle money, so he went to Gringotts and asked them for something like a muggle bankcard, that would work in the wizarding and muggle world. After getting his card, he went shopping.

One hundred shops and about five whole wardrobes later, Harry returned exhausted and tired. He unpacked what he brought and then went to bed. The next day harry woke early and went down to the kitchen. Standing there was Kreacher, the black family's house elf. He greeted Harry in his normal manner and then went off grumbling about mud bloods and everything else. Although Kreacher helped them win, Harry couldn't expect Kreacher to have completely changed his tune. While Harry was making breakfast there was a tapping at the window. Harry went to let the owl in and saw a copy of the daily prophet attached to his leg. Harry removed the letter and paid the owl before sitting down to read the newspaper. On the front page was a picture of Harry and Voldemort dueling, with the heading "Harry potter: Friend or Foe." After reading the title, harry threw the paper in the bin and started to decide what he needed to do next. He could harry wondered, move house. However, the wizarding world would be able to find him if he stayed inside the united kingdom so he decided about going abroad. There weren't many places to go as he could only speak English. He then remembered about the Dursleys trip to America when he was seven. They were forced to take him with them as Mrs. Figg was away someplace. He really loved America and everything about it. 'That is where he would move to.' Harry thought, 'he would go live in America.' However First he needed to make a list of what he needed to do.

First, he would need to get a one-way plane ticket, preferably first class as there is more privacy. Then he would need to pack. He decided that he would leave all of his wizarding things and would probably send them to Neville and Luna along with a note explaining everything. He would also need to change his name. After packing and writing the note for Neville and Luna, he bought his ticket and apparated to the place he needed to go to change his name and got it successfully changed. After arriving back at Grimmauld-place he decided to go to sleep. He woke up early and decided to do one last apparition to a quiet area of the airport walking other to check him and his luggage in. After checking in and his luggage being checked, he was sent to sit down as he had two hours before his flight left.

He couldn't wait. He would be leaving the wizarding forever and no one could stop him. He was excited, worried and scared all at the same time. Who knew he had so many emotions! With those happy thoughts harry entered the plane, saying goodbye from his life and home. Forever.

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