So, I started my journey into Fanfiction with my first story, La Cantante. I had never been driven to write until I read Twilight and saw the movies (and the beauty of Robert Pattinson ~ dayum, he's one yummy guy.) Writing that first story got me through the end of my marriage and the beginning of my new life as a single woman. Now, it's almost four years since I completed that story. I'm so sorry for the delay, but I did promise you a sequel. Here it is! I would, um, suggest that you read La Cantante so you are familiar with all of the characters and the premise. I'm in the process of rereading it so I can write this. Anyhow, here's a full summary …

They met at Emerson University, fell in love and began their journey. Four years after the release of their first single, Edward and Bella Cullen are still going strong and happy with their lives. Breaking Midnight, the band that had brought them together is on top of the music charts, winning numerous accolades and awards.

Nothing can stop them.

Or so it would seem …

Ghosts from their past rear their ugly heads and will it be too much for this couple? Will their fairy tale happily ever after crumble? Only time will tell, but one thing is steadfast...

La Musica del Cuore (Music of the Heart)

Chapter One: And the Grammy Goes To …


It had been a huge night. I was sitting next to my wife of four, almost five years, gripping her hand as we were waiting for Bruno Mars to announce the winner of Song of the Year at the 2016 Grammy Awards. We'd already taken home Best Alternative Album, Best Alternative Song and Song of the Year for our sophomore album, Midnight Sun. It was a perfect mesh of Bella's lyrical soprano voice and my soulful, rough guitar playing. However, the song that was up for Song of the Year was the love ballad I'd written and performed for my wife, "La Musica del Cuore." I'd snuck it into the recording, with the help of Kellan and our record producer, Jared Silvermann.

"And Song of the Year goes to," Bruno said, smiling widely at the camera as he opened the envelope, "La Musica del Cuore' by Breaking Midnight!"

The crowd roared as I stood up, taking Bella's face into my hands. "Il Mio Cantante, beautiful," I whispered against her lips.

"Hmmmm," she replied, nipping at my mouth. "You are in so much trouble, mister."

"I can imagine," I snickered, threading my fingers with hers and walking onto the stage with Bella, Jasper, Emmett and our manager and long-time friend, Kellan Moore. I took the Grammy Award from Bruno, giving him a hug before turning to the microphone. Once the crowd's cheers had died down, I gave the camera a crooked grin. "Tonight has been a dream come true. We never believed that what started as a just a hobby, a decent college band, could turn into something like this. We'd like to thank our families for supporting us throughout the past four years during this whirlwind of performing, writing and touring. Thank you to Kellan, who has been our long-time manager, discovering us in the club near Emerson University. Also, to our family at Twilight Records, Adele, Jared and the Cliffhangers, who guided us through the first year of craziness. Finally, thank you to all of the fans. We wouldn't be standing up here without you and your support. Thank you so much!"

I turned to my beautiful wife, wrapping my arms around her slender waist and kissed her like my life depended on it. She giggled against my mouth, her foot kicking up as I dipped her. Bruno led us off the stage and into the press conference. "Congratulations, guys," Bruno smiled, giving each of us a hug. "It was well-deserved. The album was amazing and the power behind your song, 'La Musica del Cuore' … wow!"

"Thank you," Bella said, her arms around my waist. "It means so much to hear you say that."

"I mean it. If you ever want to collaborate, give me a call," Bruno said, kissing Bella's cheek and shaking my hand. "Are you guys going to the after parties?"

"Of course!" Emmett said, rubbing his hands together. "You know me! I love a party."

"A little too much," Bella grumbled under her breath. I pinched her hip, giving her an understanding look. She shook her head and walked to the press conference. We stood around, getting our pictures taken and answering questions about our upcoming album and North American tour this coming summer. For the most part, the questions were respectful and related to our Grammy wins and music, but the last question was from one of those gossip rags.

"Bella, is it true that you had an abortion because you got pregnant with Emmett's baby?" asked the snooty reporter.

One of the security guards shot up and dragged the reporter out before Bella could say no comment, but the damage had been done. What was an amazing night was now ruined by the never ending lies being spewed about our personal lives. We were fiercely private and to hear such horrific lies being told upset all of us to no end.

After that question, we left the press conference and stayed behind to take pictures with the other winners from the evening. Bella was quiet and was stewing. "Beautiful," I whispered against her hair. "I know you're upset, but you and I both know it's not true."

"I know," she sighed. "It's just fucking bullshit. Number one, for me to sleep with my brother? Ewww! And number two, the fact that I'd have an abortion? Fuck. No. I mean, it's a woman's right to choose, but I'd never choose to do it. Besides, the only person I'd want to have babies with is you, Edward."

"And I can't wait until we can have those babies, beautiful," I purred, wrapping my hand in her ponytail. "Once we're done with this tour, you and me, we're making babies."

"Hmmm, I love the sound of that," she purred, her hands gliding up my navy blue tuxedo. "Perhaps, we can practice once we get home?"

"Practice makes perfect," I growled, pulling her ponytail back so I could kiss her lips roughly. She gripped the lapels of my jacket, rolling her body against mine and making my already tight pants even more uncomfortable. Pulling away, I kissed her nose. "We better behave or there will be an authentic tabloid story of us fucking each other stupid on the stage where we won our Grammys."

"It's not like we haven't done it before," she murmured seductively, taking my hand and guiding me out of the auditorium and to our waiting limo.

Her not-so-subtle innuendo brought me back to when I took her on the piano on the stage of Brandon Hall at Emerson University. It was fucking hot as I pounded into her, feeling her tight pussy all around me. I wanted her.

Right. Now.

"Get your mind out of Lustyville, Edward," she giggled. "We're riding to the after parties with Jasper, Nia, Emmett, Kellan and Alice. You can't fuck me while there are five other people in the car."

"Damn it," I grumbled, wrapping my arms around my wife's waist and attacking her neck. "Later? Can we fuck later?"

"We can fuck as much as we want, once we get home, handsome," she purred, backing her ass against my crotch. "As you said, practice makes perfect."

"And I do strive for perfection," I whispered, nipping at her ear.

I couldn't believe my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be married to the most amazing, sexy woman on the planet, having an award-winning band and touring the world with said band. The past four years had been a whirlwind of making music, touring, promoting and award shows, but so amazing. From the moment our first song was played on the radio, our lives had changed. For the most part, for the better.

Bella and I were getting ready to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary in August. Our marriage was one of mutual respect, love and a lot of raunchy sex. My quiet, demure girlfriend from five years ago was now a sex kitten and when she wanted me, she made it abundantly clear. Now, don't get me wrong, our relationship is not based on just sex. Our mutual love of music, the respect we had for one another and the adoration for each other was much more important our sex lives. We just like to make love. A lot.

Don't be hating. If you had a wife as beautiful as mine, you'd be doing it as often as we do, too.

Just saying.

Where Bella and I were thriving in the spotlight, others were floundering. Alice and Jasper, they tried to make it work as a couple, but he never got over her betrayal about being pregnant and subsequently losing the baby. He never trusted her and when they were intimate – which I did not want to hear about since Alice was still my sister, but did anyway since Jasper came to me for advice – he couldn't let go. So, after trying, unsuccessfully, for a year, they decided to break up. They still are close friends, but their relationship couldn't survive the debacle that Alice put him through when she was diagnosed with being bipolar and secretly getting pregnant, then subsequently losing the baby.

Alice is doing well, despite her demise of her relationship with Jasper. She's medicated and currently seeing a few guys casually. She's our costume designer for all of our performances and acts as Bella's and my personal assistant, coordinating our schedules. It's perfect for her type-A personality. She keeps us on the straight and narrow. She's close with Bella, thinking of her as her sister and I know that my wife feels the same.

Jasper, on the other hand, is dating and considering marrying Kellan's little sister, Nia. They have been dating for a little over two years. They met at one of our shows in Eclipse. Kellan was always adamant on bringing us back to our roots to make sure we remembered how far we had come. Nia was doing a college visit at Emerson University and had backstage passes, courtesy of our manager and her older brother. Jasper and Nia hit it off and suffice it to say, the rest is history. Nia started shadowing Kellan and became a valued member of our Breaking Midnight family, acting as publicist, and maintaining our Facebook page, twitter feed, Instagram, and website.

Originally, that had been Rose managing those aspects of our group, but she couldn't handle being out on the road and in the spotlight. While we were on our last tour, information about her rape was leaked out and the paparazzi attacked, making her life a living hell. She flew back to New York to spend time with her parents while we finished the tour, returning to California when we began work on our next album, Midnight Sun. However, she loved the quiet life and wanted it desperately.

Emmett, on the other hand, loved being the center of attention and lived to party, much to our chagrin. Bella even believed that Emmett had cheated on Rose on several occasions, but it was never corroborated. Jasper, Bella and I had stayed true to our beliefs, but Emmett let fame go to his head. We were concerned and tried to get him to see reason, but he didn't think that he was doing anything wrong.

His marriage was in jeopardy because of it and so was his future with Breaking Midnight, to be honest.

Settling in the stretch Hummer, we drove to the Twilight after party at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails. Emmett was texting on his phone, snickering as Nia and Jasper cuddled with each other. Alice was chatting with Kellan, discussing our look for our next tour. "Do you think Emmett is texting Rose?" Bella asked, her legs draped across mine.

"Unlikely," I snorted.

"I'm worried about my older brother, Edward," she hissed. "He's getting worse. I think that he's even dabbling in drugs. Did you see his eyes today? They were glazed over."

"I didn't, but I think we need to talk to him. We have a solid reputation of being consummate professionals and not acting like the usual rock and roll bands, trashing hotel rooms and having orgies," I deadpanned.

"If you have an orgy, Cullen, I will stick this stiletto up your ass," Bella threatened, wiggling her spiked heel in the air.

"Beautiful, the only person I want is you. No orgies for me," I said, nuzzling her neck. "And, so violent!"

"I just wanted you to remember who you belonged to," she quipped.

"I'm wearing your ring. I have a swan tattoo over my heart and your name underneath my wedding band. I think they all know that I'm yours, Bella," I said, gliding my fingers down her neck. "And need I remind you that you're marked, too?"

"Oh, I know," she said, taking my hand and moving it to our name that was tattooed under her breast. Along with that, she had the Cullen crest tattooed on her wrist and the chorus of 'La Musica del Cuore' etched onto her ribs. My sexy girl was covered with tattoos and I loved it. I wanted to lick each one. I ran my thumb along the underside of her breast, wishing I could see the tattoo, but knowing it was there was enough for me.

For now.

I'd give her all of the loving and attention once we got back from the after party. My tongue had a date with her pussy, damn it.

Arriving at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails, we all posed on the black carpet for the paparazzi. Bella was in the middle, holding my hand and her arm was around Jasper's waist. Emmett was on the other side of me, posing like a complete jackass, wearing his sunglasses at nine at night. However, we kept up the pretenses that everything was fine, but I knew that we'd have a conversation with Emmett regarding his behavior. Something had to change.

A few paparazzi asked questions about our Grammy wins and some others brought up some untrue gossip, but we ignored them, smiling for the photographers before heading into the restaurant/nightclub. We stayed together, eating some of the appetizers and drinking the signature drink for an hour. However, Nia wanted to dance with Jasper and Bella was tired from standing in her heels. We took a seat while Jasper went out on the dance floor, moving like a spastic camel. Alice was talking with one of the new artists at Twilight, flirting and teasing him. Emmett was gone, probably getting a blowjob in the bathroom, or something.

Kellan sat down next to me and Bella. "Why aren't you two dancing?" he asked.

"Have you seen the shoes Alice put me in?" Bella quipped, holding up the death traps from hell.

"Ouch. Good point," Kellan chuckled. "So, I've heard nothing but positives about your wins tonight. And your performance was spot on! Nia mentioned Jimmy Kimmel contacting you for a performance and the producers from Saturday Night Live want you, too."

"This is supposed to be the calm before the storm," I said, wrinkling my nose. "Our summer tour is going to be insane."

"Just think of it this way – it's publicity about your upcoming tour," Kellan argued. "From what I've heard, it's two appearances, with the possibility of two more. We've got almost three months before the tour starts. We're in a good place for it, planning wise."

"Did you receive the final layout for the stage?" Bella asked.

"I did. The lighting and pyrotechnics are out of this world," Kellan beamed, pulling out his cell phone. He showed us the graphic design of the stage and the lighting schematics for the whole thing. It was insane and perfect, really. "Alice is putting final touches on your costumes, working with your two albums and creating several various t-shirt designs. One is going to be a recreation of the album cover, but obviously with the publicity that 'La Musica del Cuore' has received tonight, there will be a special t-shirt just for that, too."

"I can't believe you guys snuck that onto Midnight Sun," Bella grumped. "That was my song. It was written for me, by my husband."

"Bella, you heard how much everyone loved it. It's because Edward wrote it for you that it's so popular. With actors and celebrities going through spouses like they are dirty socks, it's so special to hear a husband sing about his unending devotion to his wife," Kellan argued. "And do you know that there are stories popping up on some website about your song? I think it's called fan fiction? You two are the stars in thousands teenage girls' fantasies of what love should be."

"I don't know if I should be flattered or squicked out," Bella snickered. "Have you read these stories?"

"A few. Nia shared a particularly juicy one with me," Kellan chuckled. "Apparently, Edward, you have a ten inch long cock with a Prince Albert and Bella …"

"Yeah, I don't need to hear any more," I deadpanned. "A Prince Albert? Tattoos? Yes. Piercings? Fuck. No."

"Hypocrite," Bella said, smacking my chest.

"Do I want to know?" Kellan asked, arching a brow.

"When I got my last tattoo, I mentioned to Edward that I was toying with the idea of getting my nipple pierced," Bella shrugged. "He fucking begged me to get it done. I did and well, we both love it."

"Piercings are meant for girls," I said, shifting uncomfortably.

"I think you should pierce your nipple, Edward," Bella said, twisting my nipple. "I'd love to flick it with my tongue, just like …"

"You two are freaking porn stars," Kellan said, shaking his head.

"Meh, we have a healthy sex life," Bella smirked. "I think we even defiled your desk."

"You did what?!" Kellan screeched.

"There is no part of our studio hasn't been touched our naked asses, Kellan," I laughed. His eyes bugged out and his face turned an unnatural shade of purple. He muttered something about needing to bleach his brain, scurrying away from us. "Poor guy."

"It was time he knew the truth," Bella giggled, snuggling closer to me.

As we sat there, Kellan did eventually venture back with some other studio bigwigs, including Adele Mariani, the producer we started with and our current record producer, Jared Silvermann. Adele had decided to take a step back from the business when she decided to have children with her long-time boyfriend. She still helped out with some of our tracks, but her main focus was her two twin boys, Ralph and Walter.

A few fans were at the party and we graciously took pictures with them, signing autographs. If it weren't for the fans, we wouldn't be around today. We loved interacting with the fans and did so as often as we could. We also used most of our profits from Breaking Midnight to help fund music education around the country. We partnered up with VH1 and their Save the Music campaign, donating what we could and even performing at various schools, free of charge, to help raise money for choir tours, new instruments and renovating auditoriums.

If it weren't for the music educators in our lives, we wouldn't be where we are today. We want to pay it forward. And we did, with the blessings and support of Twilight Recording.

Around one in the morning, the party began to break up. Kellan was going to head back to his condo near the Los Angeles studio. Nia and Jasper were talking about going to an after-after party but I wanted nothing more than to go home and make love to my gorgeous wife. From the rheumy look in her eyes, she was feeling the same thing. Jasper and Nia caught an Uber, while Kellan, Bella and I waited for Alice and Emmett. My cell phone vibrated with a text from my younger, adopted sibling.

I'm heading back with Adele. She said that Ralph and Walter want to see their Aunt Alice. I've got some quasi-nephews to spoil! ~ Ali

Bella was glaring at her cell phone. "Haven't heard from Emmett?" I asked.

"Nope," she sneered. "If he fucks it up with Rose …"

"He's already fucked it up with Rose, Bella," I frowned. Bella sighed, tapping into her phone. "What did you say?"

"I told him that he better not be fucking around and that he's on his own for a ride," she snapped. She tossed the phone into her purse, getting into the limo. I could tell that she was pissed at her brother and understandably so. Looking back at the entrance of the club, I tried to see Emmett, but he was nowhere to be seen. With a sigh, I followed my wife into the limo and we pulled away, dropping off Kellan at his condo first before we drove to our home in Calabasas. We made the conscious decision to live an hour outside of Los Angeles since we didn't want crazed fans on our doorstep.

Yes, we loved our fans, but we had a few nutcases over the past four years, almost five. In fact, it was one of the main reasons we had to sell our home near Emerson University. Some rabid fans found out where we lived and made it awful for us. And these were the nutcases. When we bought another home in New York, it was also in a secured location, and off the beaten path.

We found a secured neighborhood with gorgeous homes and exactly what we needed. Rose and Emmett lived across the street while Jasper had a smaller house a few blocks away. Alice was the only one who didn't live in the Calabasas community. She stayed in Los Angeles, living in the same neighborhood as Kellan in a townhouse around the corner. However, the neighborhood was quiet and secure, which was exactly what we wanted since we lived such a public life.

The limo driver pulled up to the gate and we greeted one of our favorite guards, Felipe. His daughter was a huge fan and we gave him, and all of the security guards a lot of Breaking Midnight swag as often as we could. We needed to keep them on our good side. You know?

I tipped the limo driver and we went into our house, with me carrying our four Grammy trophies. I could see a flicker in Emmett's house across the street and I knew that Rose was aware that Emmett was still out partying. I grimaced, praying that she wouldn't call Bella to bitch out her husband and Bella's brother. I wanted time alone with my wife. My dick was aching for it.

Bella took the Grammys from me and placed them into the curio cabinet that held all of our awards. "It's getting so full, Edward. We're going to have to get a bigger one," she said, slipping off her shoes. I snaked my arms around her waist, kissing just behind her ear, on another of her tattoos, an eighth note with a flourish. All of the girls had one, getting it on Alice's twenty-first birthday. "Hmmmm, I love your mouth on me, baby."

"I love my mouth on you, too," I purred, unzipping her sexy, red dress. It was reminiscent of a flapper, with sequins and tassels. I kissed down her neck and nudged the strap down her shoulder with my nose. Gliding my hands down her smooth skin, I slipped them into her dress and cupped her bare breasts. I found her nipple ring, twisting it with my fingers.

"Edward," she breathed, her arm reaching back and pulling my face to hers. I crushed my mouth, massaging her sweet lips with mine, tasting her and teasing her. She turned around, shrugging out of her dress. It fell to the ground and my nearly naked wife was in my arms, gripping my hair with a desperation that understood all too well. However, her hands moved to my jacket, shoving it off my body. I bent down, picking her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her upstairs to our bedroom. Her fingers fumbled with my shirt until I finally tore it apart.

Yeah, I started working out and I've got muscles.

It's sweet.

Bella moaned, her hands moving along my chest and scratching my torso. "I need you, baby," I growled against her mouth. "I need to taste my wife."

"Please," she begged, rolling her body in need. I grinned against her, kissing down her neck before my mouth was wrapped around her nipple. Flicking it with my tongue, I cupped the other breast with my hand and played with the nipple ring. She was writhing, moaning for more. Kissing across her chest, I took her nipple ring between my teeth and tugged on it. Bella gasped, rocking her body against my thigh. I could feel her heat and how wet she was through the wool of my pants and the sheer fabric of her nude panties. Moving my mouth down her body, I tugged her panties off, spreading her legs to display her bare and needy sex.

"Edward," she whimpered, grasping at my disheveled hair. "Lick my pussy, baby. I need it."

"How badly, Isabella?" I asked, rubbing my hands along her thighs.

"I want to come so hard that I cover you with my pussy juice," she said breathily, sitting up and staring at me. "I don't want to take things into my own hands." Yeah, my shy and reserved wife is now a fucking sex goddess, not holding anything back.

And what my baby wants, my baby gets.

"Your orgasms are all fucking mine, Bella," I growled, turning my head and sucking on her thigh. There was a permanent spot on her inner thigh from me sucking on her leg, where no one could see but me. It was my spot and every time we made love, had sex, fucked, I reminded her that she was mine. I'm a possessive bastard when it came to my wife. Don't get me wrong, I have my own marks from her, but this spot, only we knew about.

"Edward," she chanted, rocking and spreading her legs further apart. Her pussy was so close to my mouth but I had to finish what I was doing before I'd taste her succulent essence. It was pouring out of her, coating the bedspread. I couldn't wait to feel her arousal against my tongue, tasting her sweet tanginess. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, I ran my tongue from her asshole to her clit. She let out a startled bark, coming almost immediately. "Oh, fuck!"

I smiled against her sex, flicking her clit with my tongue as I teased her entrance with my fingers. She was rolling with each movement of my tongue, making her tits bounce and legs quake with need. Her flavor exploded in my mouth. It was perfection, so inherently her. I was addicted to it and was honestly cranky if I didn't go down on her at least once a day. I kissed her pussy like I kissed her mouth, using my teeth, tongue and lips. She was moaning, writhing on the bed. "More," she pleaded. "I need more, please! Baby!"

I slid two fingers into her core, groaning against her as her muscles clenched around me. I began pumping my hand inside of her, swirling my tongue over her sensitive bundle of nerves and toying with her ass with my other hand. Her sounds were almost feral and fucking sexy as I brought her closer to her orgasm with my mouth. My face was covered with her arousal, spilling down my chin and easily coating my hand with each thrust. Her fingers twined in my hair, tugging at it almost forcefully as she got closer and closer to orgasm. I could feel her muscles spasm around my fingers. Her thighs tightened around me as she fell back, letting out a silent scream as her body exploded with her release. Using my hand, I rubbed her clit as she drenched me, which made me incredibly happy and, not to mention, turned on as fuck, that I made her come so hard that she squirted.

I'm the shit!

Once she calmed, she collapsed on the bed. Her arms and legs sprawled akimbo. "You're going to kill me one day," she panted, looking down at me.

"Death by orgasm," I snickered, kissing her inner thigh tenderly. "I hope you're not done, Isabella. Seeing you lose yourself … I'm so fucking hard."

"I want you to feel as amazing as I did, handsome," she purred, sitting up and pulling me to her. She kissed my lips, moaning as she tasted her arousal on my mouth. "Fuck, we taste good together."

"We do," I said, rolling her so she was on my lap. She rocked her hips against mine, brushing my painful arousal with her bare sex. "Bella, I need to be inside you, beautiful."

"I need you inside me," she said, reaching for my belt buckle and making quick work of my pants. Shimmying them down, she pulled my cock out of my boxer briefs, swirling the pearl of pre-cum at the tip. I let out a strangled moan as she twisted her hand around me. Nothing compared to when she teased me with her wetness, sliding down the length of my cock. My heart swelled and the feeling of completion filled my being. We truly shared one soul, our hearts beating as one. Gripping her hair, I slammed my hardness inside of her. She whimpered, her nails scratching down my back as I pounded into her relentlessly. "Fuck, like that, Edward. Your cock is fucking big, filling my pussy."

"God damn it," I growled, dipping my head and suckling her pierced nipple into my mouth. She moaned, leaning back and meeting me, stroke for stroke. Her hand was roughly rubbing her clit as we made love. My other hand was palming her breast as I gripped her hip. She was a vision of beauty, lust and sexual desire, riding me with abandon. I was lost to her every move, seeing my dick slip through her folds. I could see her arousal around my cock, dripping down my erection and onto my thighs as she got closer and closer to another orgasm.

She squeezed my knees and I stopped thrusting, watching as her body slithered on me. Her movements were more sensual, but no less powerful. She was making my cock rub that spot that got my baby off every time. "You like watching me, baby?" she asked, her voice breathless and her smirk confident and touch cocky. "Seeing your cock in me, dripping with my juices. Fuck, Edward. I wish I had a mirror."

"I could record this, beautiful. Our own personal porno," I said. "Up close and personal with your pussy."

"Next time," she smiled. "I'm going to come, handsome. All over you. Do you want it?"

"Fuck, love. So bad. I'm so close and seeing you like this? Hmmmm, no words," I panted out, pressing my thumb to her clit. She shuddered. She squeezed her breasts and her head fell back, making her hair brush against my legs. The wetness between her legs increased and oozed out of her, completely coating my dick. "Just like that Bella. I'm so hard, I'm going to explode."

"Edward," she panted, giving me a desperate look. "My pussy … I'm coming!" She pushed me out, soaking my dick with her release. I encouraged her orgasm, my fingers teasing her bare folds before guiding her back to my cock so I could fill her with my own. My hips slammed against hers as my cock was milked by her body, claiming her in the most intimate of ways. She collapsed against my chest as I slowed my thrusts, feeling my cum dribble out of her as I softened. When I slipped out, I enfolded her in my arms and pressed soft, sweet kisses to her shoulder, neck, ear and finally ending with her lips. "Il mio cantante," she cooed.

"I'm partial to sex god," I snickered against her mouth.

"Hmmm, that too," she giggled, burying her head against my shoulder. "I'm boneless, baby. Carry me to the shower."

"Yes, ma'am," I laughed, picking her up and walking us to our en suite shower. We took our time washing our bodies of the sweat of evidence of our powerful coupling. Wrapping my arms around her tiny body, I kissed her tenderly. "You are my dream girl, Mrs. Cullen."

"As you are my dream boy, Mr. Cullen," she said, tracing her fingers along my swan tattoo on my chest. "I love you, so much, baby."

"I adore you, beautiful," I replied, kissing her once again. Feeling her lips against mine made my cock wake up.

"You're insatiable, Edward," she laughed.

"You say this like it's a bad thing, Bella," I scoffed. And then we had some hot shower sex. Honestly, I loved my life!

xx LMDC xx

Ring! Ring!

"Mprhg," Bella moaned, snuggling closer to my body. "Phone, baby."

Ring! Ring!

"You're closer," I argued. I tightened my arms around her waist.

"It's your phone," she retorted, patting my head. "Pick it up, handsome. Though, whoever is calling this early needs to be fucking shot. I was looking forward to doing nothing today but sleeping and sleeping!"

"It's three in the afternoon. We've slept enough," I snickered, sitting up and putting on my glasses. On the screen were many, many missed phone calls from Jasper, Nia, Alice, Rose and Bella's dad. Sliding my finger across my phone, I was inundated with pictures from the paparazzi. "Fuck."

"No, baby. My cooter is worn out from all of the fucking last night," Bella moaned, curling up in a tight little ball.

"Bella, look," I said, thrusting the phone into her hands. She scowled at me, her eyes bright red from not removing her contacts. She rubbed her face, finally looking at the pictures. Her face and body, which were pink from being wrapped in our blankets like a burrito, paled immediately.

"I'm going to fucking kill him!" she sneered, hopping out of bed, only to stumble to the floor. She regained her composure, stomping toward the door.

"Bella! Bella! Bella!" I said, stopping her and turning her around. "Don't go now."

"Why the fuck not?!" she snapped.

"You're naked," I replied, giving her a sheepish grin. She threw up her arms, walking into our closet and emerging a few moments later in a pair of yoga pants and one of my hoodies. "Before you go over to Emmett's, half-cocked, call your dad first?"

"What good is that going to do?" Bella asked, taking my proffered phone and scowling. I pulled on a pair of sleep pants, guiding her to the overstuffed chair in our room. "Dad is going to give me shit for not being to control him! I'm not his wife, nor his keeper!"

"I know, I know, but he's the most insistent person on there," I said, kissing her cheek.

"I'm seriously going to pummel Emmett's ass," Bella grumbled, dialing Charlie. She kept it on speaker.

"Edward, where in the hell is my daughter? I need to talk to her. Immediately," Charlie barked into the receiver.

"I'm right here, Dad," she said, exasperated. "My phone is probably in my purse in the kitchen."

"Have you seen the news? The entertainment news? There are pictures of your brother!" Charlie hissed. "He's … he's …"

"I've seen them, Charlie," she snarled. "I don't know what you want me to do. He won't listen to me. He won't listen to his wife …"

"I know, I know," Charlie grumbled. "What happened to him?"

"Fame got to his head, Dad," Bella sighed. "I love Emmett. I always will. He's my brother, but I sure as hell don't like him right now and fucking ashamed of him."

"Language, Isabella Marie," Charlie chastised half-heartedly.

"Admit it, Dad. You're just as ashamed. Breaking Midnight, we pride ourselves on holding onto our integrity, our ideals. We are never that band. And now? Emmett is ruining that reputation," Bella sniffled, leaning back in my arms.

"We're going to have a chat with Emmett, but once we find him," I said, wrinkling my nose. "He's still not home yet, according to the texts we've received from Rose, Jasper and Nia. Oh, here's one from Alice saying that Emmett is crashed on her couch."

"Let me know what happens, Bella," Charlie sighed. "Sorry for being such an ass. It's just that … seeing my son's naked ass …"

"We know," Bella and I both responded, shuddering. "I love you, Dad," Bella added.

"Love you, too," he replied, ending the call.

Bella looked at me. "What are we going to do?" she asked. "I mean, he's my brother."

"I know, beautiful," I said, running my fingers down her cheek. "Why don't you take out your contacts and we'll figure out what we need to do."

"I know what we need to do," she huffed, getting up off my lap and walking to the bathroom. I heard her cursing before she trudged back to me, wearing her own glasses. "We need to call Emmett."

"I think our best bet is to call Alice," I replied, dialing my sister. She had sent a text explaining that Emmett had arrived around four, drunk off his ass.

"Hello?" Alice replied.

"Is Emmett still at your townhouse?" I asked.

"Dear God, YES! He's snoring like a freight train," she groaned. "I'm hiding in my bedroom while he's using my chenille pillows to collect his drool. I can't believe him."

"Why did you let him in?" Bella asked, her voice hard.

"Because he wouldn't stop pounding on my door and my neighbors were getting pissed. He was too drunk to go anywhere else," Alice said. "Do you want me to wake him?"

"Yes," Bella replied. "And when he's hungover like this, you'll have to essentially wake the dead. Start with twisting his nipple."

"Ewwww, no! There's stripper glitter on it," Alice whined. "That shit is all over my couch!"

"Then, grab some lids from your kitchen and bang them together, right in his ear," Bella snickered. "Then, pour water on his face."

"That is doable. I'm so grateful my living room is tiled," Alice snickered. We heard her searching through drawers and getting the water. There was a dull thud, presumably Alice putting the phone down. Then, the most obnoxious noise filtered through the tinny speakers of my phone. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Alice screamed, slamming the pan covers together. There was a splash and a booming stream of expletives. Once things quieted down, Alice said sweetly, "Bella wants to talk to you."

"Fuck," Emmett groaned. "I'm so dead."

"You have no idea," Bella screamed. "Though, I'm going to be small potatoes compared to your wife!" He groaned even louder, disconnecting the call. "I think he gets it."

"I hope so. Let me send a text out. Band meeting," I sighed.

"Can't we go back to bed?" Bella whimpered.

"Tempting, beautiful. Very tempting," I frowned.

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