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Rosalie's fingers drummed on the table as she stared at a wall of the cafeteria.

One, two, three, four, five.


One, two, three, four, five.


One, two—

"You okay, Rose?"

Her finger hovered over the table.

"Your eyes are dark." Emmett shifted and his hands moved as though he wanted to break something to relax. "You just went to hunt yesterday. Alone. We haven't… It's been a while since," he paused, shifting again, "I've only seen you tap your fingers once before, Angel." His tone at the end was almost desperate. Almost, in the way people already defeated know not to seek hope.

Her eyes closed.

"Remember to breathe," Jasper whispered across the table.

She didn't care, knew she wouldn't care if she tried. The trivial chatter of the students felt too loud, too clear, too close. Rosalie couldn't tell if the distinct lack of Edward's voice annoyed her more or less than it actually being there, saying stupid things to "his" human. Her lip curled, but she controlled the urge to hiss.

The sound of Emmett's chair scraping the floor signaled his departure.

Disgust shot through her anew, and the self-loathing pressed against the wall she'd constructed so carefully within herself. Inevitable instinct slammed on the other side, and Rosalie felt parts of her pull in far too many directions.

She was a mess.

Jasper remained the only positive of the situation, lingering on the fringes of her emotion, unable to stay away in his concern but respecting her enough to not interfere.

It was definitely the only positive, she noted, as she drowned in the chaos within her. Logic and desire screamed in the depths of her, leaving only a pretense of composure she couldn't even maintain.

—Three, four, five.


Edward lied to the girl, doing all he could to judge her and act accordingly since he couldn't hear her thoughts. Play a victim card. Rosalie had never seen him so broody and tortured, and he was quite a dramatic person. He acted for her, for his singer, acted as though there was a divide between person and vampire, as if he could divorce himself from his nature, or deny it. Some sick beauty and the beast twist.

As if pressing for a deep relationship wasn't enough, when they hadn't even built a solid friendship to begin with, he always just dropped her and suddenly went hunting.

One, two, three, four, five.


It didn't even seem like the girl knew what she wanted with him. She could just be caught up in the vampire card Edward played beautifully. It wasn't like he gave her time to even consider her emotions. No, his charm wouldn't seem so charming if he left her to her own devices.

One, two—

"Do it."

At last, Rosalie opened her eyes, almost imperceptibly cocking her head at Alice.

A grin nearly split the short vampire's face.


"Do it."

She recognized the excited gleam in Alice's eyes. She glanced where a girl sat slightly away from her "friends."

—Three, four, five.

Alice covered her hand. "It'll work out."

"There's too many uncertainties for you to know that."

"I know you can't just sit here. Emmett will forgive you."

"It's stupid and dangerous for us. Did I mention it was stupid and pointless? Because it is. A passing nothing, nothing at all."

Jasper gawked at her for half a second, as if he might say something about what he felt from her, but he only took to spinning a pen.

"I love Edward, but he's an idiot." Alice squeezed her hand. "Rose, I love you."


"But you have to stop being afraid for her."

"I'm not afraid."

Jasper snorted.

Her gaze flicked to him. "Shut up, brother."

Alice smiled, absolutely exuding encouragement from her small frame.

Rosalie glanced over again. "She thinks I hate her."

"Semantics." The short vampire waved her free hand. "Love, hate, cookies. What's the difference?"

She almost smiled.

Jasper halfway nodded to her.

Rosalie gave Alice's hand the slightest squeeze before she stood. She felt half the students staring at her like some kind of statue coming to life as she pushed in her chair, mentally preparing herself.

It wasn't her intention to walk like a model, but between the attention and her nerves, she couldn't stop herself. Not very approachable, at all.

The pockets of silence and staring students finally dawned on Bella and she looked up from her book, pulling out her earbuds.

Rosalie absently wondered if she was even breathing.

She could still turn and go anywhere else. For every student that got curious, another lost interest, and she could simply go to the library.

Or another state.

Bella turned around and looked straight into her eyes. She frowned.

A distinct urge to investigate the weather of another continent came over her, but instead Rosalie stopped directly in front of Bella and inclined her head slightly. She immediately regretted the reflexive, refined tone coming out of her mouth. "Would you care to join me outside, Isabella?"

She stood almost instantly, hitting her hip on the table without fail, and stumbled a little extracting herself from between the table and the bench, finger still marking her progress in her book.

If Rosalie had any of her usual composure, she would've rolled her eyes. However, she barely held onto the pretense of it, so she merely followed after Bella's brisk pace out the doors.

The girl checked the sky before walking toward a beat up table shadowed by the school building and sitting atop it. "Not exactly overcast, but it's fine, right?"

Rosalie nodded, approaching.

Bella cursed, looking at her page. She shut the book and set it aside. Her fingers held the edge of the table, her leg bounced on the bench.

Rosalie watched every motion, every muscle, wondered how pure sunlight looked on Bella's hair.

"Either you're super pissed off at me or wanna eat me or," she trailed off, rubbing her chin with a knuckle. "Maybe some combination of the two."

The blonde blinked.

"It's not like you need anything from me."

She almost twitched. It reminded Rosalie when words used to cut her, and the girl hadn't even said anything rude. The feeling calmed the wild state within her, but only slightly. "Why would I eat you?"

"Your eyes are blacker than hell."

She sighed. She really was a mess.

"Plus you hate my guts, sooooo," Bella shrugged.

Rosalie practically blurred onto the table just out of arm's reach of Bella, crossing her long legs and brushing lint off her jeans. A golden veil of perfect hair hid the smallest smile.

"Fuck! What if that dude was looking?"

She listened to Bella's raging heart for a moment. "I'm surprised you didn't fall off the table and break your wrist."

"I'm not that bad. My thinking is I might die already and I doubt you'd be the one to snap and be like 'Mmm, tasty human.'"

She snorted lightly. The girl definitely had some black humor. "I can see why he performs these idiotic stunts in front of you," Rosalie said, looking up but not making eye contact, "It's a bit thrilling. You put it so crudely, but what makes you think I won't attack you, Isabella?"

She narrowed her eyes, something like suspicion dwelling in them. "What exactly is thrilling about it?"

Rosalie finally looked at her. She shrugged a shoulder carelessly.

Bella shuddered faintly. "Uhm, you're perfect. I bet you're a fucking genius. You have looks I'm sure people literally kill for." Bella sighed irritably, running a hand through her hair. "Starting Trojan wars and shit." She waved a hand in the vampire's direction, irritation clear on her face. "You're great at everything. You're too composed and graceful to waste your time on me."

The foundation of Rosalie's wall gave out. She felt her precise and agonized labors crumble within her, brick by brick. Her features softened, and she only just refrained from reaching out.

Bella sighed again. "I'm the exact opposite of you." In the enduring silence, she glanced at the vampire. She shifted, obviously uncomfortable, and resolutely stared elsewhere. "Do you, uh, do," she made a noise as though annoyed with herself. "Do you do it on purpose? To piss me off?"

A frown creased Rosalie's brow and she uncrossed her legs. "Do what?"

"You, uhm," she jerked her shoulders in a shrug and gestured pointlessly. "You… uh." She made the noise again and whispered to herself, though Rosalie heard it clear as anything, "Really, Swan?"

Rosalie leaned forward, only partially trying to catch her eye. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, why?" Bella turned her head, flinching at the woman's proximity. She stared into eyes as dark as night, her wildly bouncing leg slowing to a stop.

"Your heart nearly sounds as though it's raging against the dying of the light."

A blush tinted Bella's face and she leaned back, away from eyes threatening to swallow her. "Well," Bella said dumbly. She ran a hand through her hair again and moved her book a little.

"What might I be doing on purpose?" Rosalie felt wild inside, and the spike in Bella's heart rate did not deter it at all. She had almost purred the words, and should probably stop while she was ahead, but the very sound of Bella's blood pumping erratically was… exquisite.

Bella halfway glared at her before looking away once more. "You smell like the most beautiful roses. Like I'll have to fucking die to smell such pure, perfect examples of them anywhere else. Like, like," she chewed her cheek, "Like a moonlit clearing surrounded by roses and Amy Lee singing in the background."

Rosalie stared.

"It pisses me off," Bella said quietly, "A lot."

She watched the girl fiddle with her book, an odd expression on Bella's face, as if troubled. For the first time in her life, Rosalie didn't know what to say, not even a general idea or concept registering in her mind as possible to articulate. She'd long ago abandoned perfumes and Emmett never once said she had such a scent. Finally, her lips moved. "Truly?"

Bella looked at her, confused. "Well, yeah." She raised her hand and dropped it with a curse.

Rosalie tilted her head.

"You seem sick," Bella explained.

She arched an eyebrow a little, then realization came over her with a tiny smile, one Bella couldn't detect. Poor girl was going to check her temperature.

Bella cleared her throat. "So are you dying or what?"

"Can we die if we do not truly exist?"

Brown eyes rolled. "Oookay, Aristotle. I'll go back to studying now. I don't know if this was more or less fun than your rude ass comments, but it's been fun all the same."

She moved to stand, but Rosalie was suddenly in front of her, face unreadable.

Bella raised her eyebrows.

"Do you enjoy Lovecraft's work?"

She blinked, glancing at the library book in her hand. "Uh, yeah. I lost my copy of his complete stuff moving here and the bookstore here is terrible so I'm stuck with this even though," she stopped, sighing, "Not like you care, Ice Queen. Go eat Mike or something as ugly."

Rosalie watched her go.

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